Twelve-Year-Old Girl Seeks Divorce From Eighty-Year-Old Man in Saudi Arabia

State-sanctioned child abuse continues in Saudi Arabia. This month, a 12-year-old girl is trying to secure a divorce from her 80-year-old husband in Saudi Arabia. Not only was the marriage consummated but the man is a family member on her father’s side. Both the girl and mother opposed the marriage.

In the United States, the man would have been given a lengthy sentence for child rape and the father and other facilitators would have received jail time for their involvement. In Saudi Arabia, the primary controversy is whether the girl is entitled to a divorce. The father received 85,000 riyals (£14,500) to turn over his daughter to his cousin who is an obvious pedophile.

The Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia is giving the girl legal support in her effort to secure a divorce.

Such marriages are often defended on the basis of Mohammad’s marriage to 6-year-old Aisha, a marriage that was consummated when she was 9.

At 80 the man was a spring chicken in compared to what girls in other countries have faced, here, under this medieval and repugnant practice.

While there are those calls for passage of a new law barring child brides, the government has thus far refused to prohibit the practice, even after the controversy of a marriage of a 47-year-old man and an eight year old girl.

These cases often involve daughters being sold to settle debts. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Shaikh has defended such marriages.

Courts will sometimes order that there should be no consummation until after a girl reached puberty. Since girls can reach puberty as early as nine, this reform means that men can have sex with nine and ten year old girls under reforms guaranteed to avoid abuse.

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  1. No shit, she looks like she has two black eyes and has been crying for a week.

    And @anti-propaganda, get a fucking life. I have seen videos from Saudi that say women in Denmark marry donkeys and dogs with the help of the government and that 51% of all children are born to women who have no idea who their babies father even is (quote: it could be the taxi driver, the doorman, the cashier) PROPAGANDA? THAT is propaganda, and all lies. THIS SHIT IS REAL. What’s the matter, TRUTH FUCKING HURT?

  2. a-p,

    Assuming you can read, you’d know the Professor also continually posts stories about idiots from other religious traditions making both fundamentalist and extremist fools of themselves as well. In fact, you didn’t even have to leave the first page of the blog to find more than one about Christians behaving badly. Here are some idiots in the Christian tradition:

    That’s not even mentioning the ridiculous Faith Healing thread.

    While input is always appreciated, the preference is for “informed input”, even from the trolls. If you want the blog to have less stories about Muslim extremists, I suggest you should work to make the world contain less Muslim extremists as a practical matter.

    And you mistake the function of this blog.

    See, the Prof doesn’t make the news. He is not a reporter. He just reflects upon published stories of the day from a variety of sources and then various peoples chime in on the commentary. Cause and effect. You complain about the the effect when there is no control over the cause as time flows in one direction. Horses leave burning barns.

    If you seek to repress stories about Muslim extremists in general, in itself the act of an extremist, you are again aiming at the wrong target. Take it up with the MSM. The Professor (like the posters here) is free to criticize any religion or practice he sees fit to criticize. Just as you are free to form a rebuttal or a baseless accusation or throw a hissy fit if you so desire. However, if your God is so feeble as not to be able to handle the criticism of His followers by a law professor, the He is not much of a God. Most certainly not of the quality of character I’d want in a being in control of gravity.

    However, your criticism of this forum is completely off base. The Prof takes to task stupidity from ALL religious traditions. If that’s a problem for your Muslim-ness, I suggest it is your problem.

  3. Assuming you have a research assistant help out with the blog, have you noticed he/she continually post stories about Arab and Muslim extremists?

  4. Jericho 1, February 9, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Most shocking fact of the entire article: there’s a Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia….

    You’d think anyone who wants to be a member of that commission would be immediately stoned to death, no?

    And it headed by Yoo, Bybee, Bush, Libby and Rove. Makes one warm and fuzzy deep inside does it?

  5. Most shocking fact of the entire article: there’s a Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia….

    You’d think anyone who wants to be a member of that commission would be immediately stoned to death, no?

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