Poll: One-Third of Texans Believe Men Once Co-Existed With Dinosaurs and Over One-Third Believe That Man Was Created by God 10,000 Years Ago Without Evolution

A University of Texas and Texas Tribune poll has found that roughly one in three Texans believe that humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time and more than half reject the theory of evolution. According to the poll, 38 percent agreed with the statement “God created human beings pretty much in their present form about 10,000 years ago.”

Another 38 percent said human beings developed over millions of years with God guiding the process while another 12 percent said that development happened without God having any part of the process.

An amazing 51 percent disagreed with the statement, “human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.” Only thirty-five percent agreed with that statement.

The Texas school system has called for greater Bible reading in schools, here.

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115 thoughts on “Poll: One-Third of Texans Believe Men Once Co-Existed With Dinosaurs and Over One-Third Believe That Man Was Created by God 10,000 Years Ago Without Evolution”

  1. Byron–

    Intelligent Design or Creation teaching aids that instruct children using rhyme as a mnemonic device? Great idea! I’ll get to work on that right now! Here are two rough drafts:

    On the seventh day God said: “I did my best.
    Now I’m going to take a rest!
    I labored hard for six long days.
    Now write me a hymn of thanks and praise.”

    A Rah Rah Rhyme for Creationist Cheerleaders
    Evolution? Nay! Nay! Nay!
    Creationism? Yay! Yay! Yay!
    Genesis tells us all we need to know.
    Our world was created six thousand years ago.
    Darwin got his science facts mangled and twisted.
    Humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

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    Dry yet shameless. Not many folks can pull that off.

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  4. BIL,
    Chocolate cake time???? So not fair, I am procrastinating my trip to the gym so that my 18 yo trainer can cause me pain for the next 2 days!!! I would much rather be eating chocolate cake…preferably in front of a crackling fireplace!

  5. Byron,

    No. That book is on my To Read list though. Ray is a sharp guy. Makes a dandy keyboard too.


    I’ve been busy. But now is chocolate cake time. Then more busy. Moving may be such sweet sorrow, but more than once in two months simply sucks.

  6. Hey Green Fat One…..What’s up? The professor said that there were some funny folks on here. Where ya been?

  7. bUDDHA:

    thank you, that was interesting. Have you read his book about living long enough to live forever?

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