Teachers Refuse to Rescue Boy in Tree and Then Call Police When Passing Mother Get Him Down

English are quickly replacing the Russians for mindless bureaucracy. Here is the latest. The teachers at Manor School in Melksham, Wiltshire found a child had climbed a 20 foot tree. However, health and school policy barred them from rescuing the child so, under the policy, they retreated to inside the school to observe. When Kim Barrett, 38, (a mother with a six-year-old child at a different school) passed by, she immediately rescued the child. The teachers then promptly called police to have her charged with trespass.

The child had been up in the tree for 45 minutes before being rescued. What is astonishing is that the policy requires withdrawal instead of, at a minimum, standing below the tree to speak with the children and possibly catch him if he falls.

The school insists that she “approached the school in an inappropriate way” and they asked her to leave the premise. She argued with them, noting that there was a boy up in a 20 foot tree. She had words with the teacher before taking it upon herself to rescue the boy.

The school also insisted “The safety of our pupils is our priority and we would like to make it clear that this child was being observed at all times during this very short incident.” They would have seen the entire fall and be able to call the hospital immediately.

Both the police and the school insist that it was Barrett who was in the wrong.

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31 thoughts on “Teachers Refuse to Rescue Boy in Tree and Then Call Police When Passing Mother Get Him Down”

  1. Duh,

    No, unfortunately I prefer order WAY too much to be a good anarchist. I pay my taxes, my vehicle is registered and properly insured, and I *almost* always vote. My lawn is even mowed. I think the new Census form is a little far reaching, if that counts. πŸ˜‰

    I just believe that laws, like the elected officials that create them, should have integrity. Law for law sake or rules for rules sake is unworthy of our great nation. Our Constitution was a great contract, between the governed and their new government. It was an agreement that said if you follow me, if you live by the rules set herein, I will GUARANTEE you these freedoms and fairness under the law. There was a TRADE OFF. Now, it seems, laws are created only as MEANS for elected officials, bureaucrats and corporate interests to preserve their power and financial interests.

    And, yes, I do come on the blawg to play and learn, and listen to others who have differing opinions than mine.

  2. This is ridiculous. I can’t imagine why the school is doing such thing. I would not send my kid to such school if they have such policy. What would you feel if that kid was your son!

  3. Tootie,

    If our government wasn’t a corporation, I would have to disagree. Unfortunately, with our government having become a corporation, the whole thing has become so convoluted, that one is led to believe that up is down and down is up. πŸ™‚

  4. Duh, I guess it would be more precise to say the blind, thoughtless appeal to authority is really what gets things going in a fascist direction.

    I work in the health care industry. The well educated “suits” which manage the industry have no problem surrendering their private businesses up to government control. If you mention to them that this is what fascism entails, their eyes glaze over.

    They glaze over because it never occurs to them that what they may be doing is wrong because they perceive themselves to be decent folks who are “just following orders”.

    I imagine that that is how the educators above perceived themselves.

  5. Tootie,

    I’m not sure about the “immoral” part, but I agree with you on the “illegal” part.

  6. Duh,

    Even our military permits soldiers to violate an order if it is immoral or illegal.

    This appeal to authority is what causes fascism.

  7. George,

    Are you an anarchist? (Or do you just play on on a blog? πŸ™‚

    Most societies accept violations of law when such violations are used to save the life or limb of another.

  8. Well, I got schooled over the weekend by Duh on the Taser story. I learned that no matter what police or officials do, if they are enforcing a rule or a law, we must comply ABSOLUTELY. Our only recourse, once the law is in place, is to follow blindly or get a citizen’s committee together to lobby the legislature to change the law.

    Obviously, this passing mother is trouble with no respect for society or it’s rules. She should be a locked away for a long, long time. I mean what would you do if you were a teacher and saw this barbarian scaling the tree? I’d call the cops too. πŸ˜‰

    Without law and rules, we’d just be running around killing each other and robbing convenience stores for food.

  9. “She argued with them, noting that there was a boy up in a 20 foot tree.”


  10. Hanging over the pavement over a wall. Sounds visible to me maybe even audible too.

  11. Who did they call before the mother rescued him…. when the boy was in the tree for 45 minutes?


    Close the school, there’s clearly nothing to learn there.

  12. rafflaw,

    We modeled our behavior up on the contemporary’s of the time. We are not the first in a lot of things and stupidity is not one of them….

  13. Rules are rules I tell you! What would happen if everybody suddenly would use common sense? The world as we know it would cease to exist.

  14. Ah, who to believe: the good Samaritan who risked her safety to save a child she doesn’t know out of her sense of common decency, or the faceless bureaucracy caught in an impossible story spun to save its own petard. Sad that choice will be hard for some judges.

  15. Seems she is telling the truth that they could not see the boy. She took him all the way to the front door, and they did not confront her prior to that.

  16. Whoops! Did we forget someone?? Kind of scary to think that the authorities that you count on as a parent would “lose” your child and would then lie about it. England is fast becoming an European Texas.(sorry AY)

  17. From the article:

    “The school says he was being watched but that’s impossible because there is no line of sight from the school building to the tree.

    ‘I am a mother myself and I find it a bit ridiculous that the school’s policy is to leave a child up a tree. I would be very angry if this happened to my child.

    ‘I think this is a big cover up and that the school obviously had no idea he was there. When I took him in they had no idea he was missing.’

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