Yemeni Child Bride Bleeds To Death

There is a new report of an outrage involving a child bride in the Middle East. A 12-year-old Yemeni bride Elham Mahdi Shuee has reportedly died after bleeding caused by sexual intercourse.

Elham died three days after her marriage to a man in his late 20s. She was admitted to the hospital with a
womb rupture. She was married as part of a swap marriage where, instead of paying a dowry, the husband’s family agreed to marry off a girl the same age to Elham’s brother.

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  5. Forty years ago, we gave some pregnant girls room and board in our upper midwest home, in exchange for some baby-sitting. We were a block from the bus that took them to their special school near downtown. Our next door neighbor was a retired pediatrician who was able to make sure everything was okay. He donated his time. The oldest was twelve. All were from apparently good homes with no abuse from either parent. None had any sex education. Abortion was yet to be legal, so the girls had their kids. All gave them up.
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