Rush to Judgment: Limbaugh Suggests Gulf Spill May Have Been Caused By “Envionmental Wackos”

As the government deals with what may prove the worst oil disaster in the history of the country in the Gulf of Mexico, oceanographer and chemical engineer Rush Limbaugh has gone public with his theory that “enviornmental wackos” may be responsible and that pouring oil into the ocean is something that the ocean can handle naturally with intervention by the government. He also insisted that oil spills are natural and should not cause undo concern.

Limbaugh noted “The carbon tax bill, cap and trade, that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day” and “hardcore environmentalist wackos” were looking for ways to oppose Obama’s plans for more nuclear power and offshore drilling: “What better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I’m just, I’m just noting the timing here.” So here is a glimpse into the mind of Rush Limbaugh: environmentalists fear an oil spill on the coast so, to avoid such spills, they blow up a rig to cause a spill on the coast.

Limbaugh also encouraged the public to stop fearing oil spills and learn to embrace them as natural as the ocean water they pollute: “The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

Presumably, Limbaugh made these statements from Costa Rica where he promised to go if the health care bill was passed, here.

In the meantime, Bill Kristol told Fox News that the problem is that we are not drilling close enough to shore, here.

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153 thoughts on “Rush to Judgment: Limbaugh Suggests Gulf Spill May Have Been Caused By “Envionmental Wackos””

  1. Tommy can you hear me?


    Apparently we do need three parachutes and allowing the oil industry to self-regulate on safety matters was a big mistake. And are you against corporate welfare in the form of allowing companies to pollute. Put another way, can I start a trash collection business and cut costs by dumping garbage in your back yard?

  2. I’m back Dr. Slarti, what ever you do don’t call me Tommy.

  3. Slarti:

    I am definitely against corporate welfare. I have stated many times above that BP/TransOcean should pay for the clean-up and any lost wages for economic injury suffered as a result of the spill.

    I heard on the radio today and have not verified it yet so I don’t know if it is true. The host was saying that BP (maybe any oil company?) only has a 75 million dollar liability for clean-up per agreement with US government. I may have gotten the figure wrong it could be 75 billion. So if this agreement actually exists and the host has it correct you and I are already on the hook for clean-up.

    I would think 75 million wouldn’t go very far when dealing with stuff like this.

    As far as the switch goes, if it works why not. It would be a triple redundancy as they already have a dead man switch if the drill string is disconnected. But if there is a chance it might save lives and prevent something like this then why not. Personally if I owned a big drilling company I would pay the additional money for the switch if it actually might do something. You have rig tenders anyway and I would think you could have one or 2 ships that went around to rigs during critical procedures and just stand by.

    The cost would be additional insurance and at a relatively small cost. But then I am a little conservative and these oil guys are risk takers. But do you really need 3 parachutes?

  4. maybe rush wants the oil to wash up around his house. if it kills the sea turtles that are nesting there then he can keep his lights on all night. also as a proponent of tort reform he can sue bp.

  5. Blouise,

    Don’t give him any ideas – I don’t want to have to debunk some massive conspiracy theory about how the Illuminati planted Barack Obama’s birth announcement, killed Kennedy, faked the moon landing, engineered the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and arranged for the North Koreans to torpedo the Deepwater Horizon as part of a Voodoo spell to relocate the Bermuda Triangle and bring about a socialist one-world government. Why don’t you just go and work on breeding a mini-mammoth with anti-freeze for blood… 😉

  6. Bdaman has failed to mention conjecturable relocation of the Bermuda Triangle and possible migration of voodoo spells from New Orleans as elements in the conspiracy.

  7. Byron,

    The problem with your argument is the cost of pollution – the cost is not paid by the industry and thus amounts to a hidden subsidy. I thought you were against corporate welfare.

  8. Byron,

    I don’t think your posts were confusing, but addition clarity doesn’t hurt. As far as drilling in the gulf, do you think that requiring the acoustic switches that Brazil and Norway do is economically unfeasible? Why wasn’t it done already if industry is so good at regulating itself? After all, economically it certainly would have given BP a chance to save billions of dollars ($14 Billion was one figure I saw on the news today). That doesn’t include a decade of bad PR. (if you have the choice of two gas stations with identical prices are you going to the BP station or the other one?)

  9. Noted alternative comedian Rush Limbaugh “weighs in” on the worst disater of its kind in my lifetime.
    This guy just kills me

  10. FFLEO:

    I thought it was pretty apparent what my personal opinions are/were. I also have posted the references when they are not my personal thoughts.

    One doesn’t have to have an advanced degree to engage in speculation based on things they have read and thought about.

    As I posted above about the economic implications of shutting down off shore drilling in the Gulf. I don’t have to be John Kenneth Galbraith or Ludwig Von Mises to call that one. It is self evident based on certain economic principles that I have learned from reading various economists.

  11. Gyges,

    I was just doing my impression of Nelson from the Simpsons – i.e. pointing at Tom Carey/Bdaman and saying, ‘Ha Ha!’

  12. FFLEO,

    I know. My personal policy is to treat every different pseudonym as a different poster and to judge arguments on their quality rather than the number of adherents that they seem to have. I just thought that Bdaman’s gaffe was funny so I pointed it out. 😉 Thanks for the description of blockquote and quote. Some other commands that can be used with the

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    b – bold

    i – italics

    strong – pretty much the same as bold

    There are a bunch more, but blockquote, bold and italics seem to me to be the most useful for clarity in your posts (if you happen to be writing 5,000 word posts in which you quote other posters and other websites frequently they come in handy…).

  13. Slart, FFLEO,

    You mean an obvious troll is obviously a troll? Next you’re going to tell me that somebody with a record of dishonesty is lying.

  14. Slartibartfast,

    Very obvious about the ‘name’ and that happens frequently within the ‘birfer’ thread and elsewhere here. It should be outlawed.

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  16. Bdaman,

    Re: post by ‘Tom Carey’ at 4:05 pm

    Did you just forget to change your pseudonym back after posting as a sock puppet?

  17. Sorry Dr. Slarti, I’ll be back, have an errand I forgot to run. back n a bit.

  18. Bdaman,

    You’re comparing apples to oranges and avoiding my question.

  19. Bdaman, I can tell you enjoy dropping crap in the toilet. I’ll say this, the scenario seems highly unlikely but you’ve raised my suspicion about the incident.

  20. OK …I will admit this…I don’t waste my time with the fathead…just the headline is enough for me…so I did not finish reading what the amazing super duper man with a microphone might have to say about the oil spill…maybe he will get lucky and the “chocolate milk ” will wash up on the shoreline of his Florida house…then he won’t have to pay for the stuff, that makes him so cozy with the girls….I have no idea what I just said , but I do know this, I broke my “no Rush head rule”….damm

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