Kiana Firouz: Give Her Asylum!

Iranian lesbian activist Kiana Firouz has released a breakthrough film at risk to her own life — detailing her struggle as a lesbian in Iran. She is now fighting for asylum in England and the world’s community should be heard in support of the petition.

With its lesbian sex scenes and admissions, Firouz would be subject to the death penalty in Iran. We have already seen how gleeful Iranian Sharia courts are in dispatching homosexuals, here and here.

The trailer of the film is below and it would make a trial in Iran a relatively short affair. However, when Firouz applied for refugee status in the UK, she was rejected.

For the Facebook site supporting asylum, click here

To sign a petition asking for asylum in the UK endorsed by Firouz herself, click here.

You can also send a letter in support of amnesty for Firouz here:

Minister of State (Borders and Immigration) –
Home Office, 2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
Fax: +44 870 336 9034

Secretary of State for the Home Department –

Home Office, 2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
Fax: +44 20 7035 0900

29 thoughts on “Kiana Firouz: Give Her Asylum!”

  1. Gyges,
    I agree with your take on Tootie. This Iranian woman is one of the bravest people I have read about in a long time. Good luck to her in her struggle.

  2. Mike Appleton,

    “The Merry Minuet” by Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof)and made popular by The Kingston Trio.

    “They’re rioting in Africa. They’re starving in Spain. There’s hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain.
    The whole world is festering with unhappy souls. The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles.
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch. And I don’t like anybody very much!
    But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud, for man’s been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud.
    And we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off… and we will all be blown away.
    They’re rioting in Africa. There’s strife in Iran. What nature doesn’t do to us… will be done by our fellow man.”

  3. Tootie 1, May 21, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    “The question is what is this woman’s opinion of Mohammad?

    Does she still advocate Islam? If so,it would be a shame to bring her to the west.

    Maybe a third world country could take her. No more Muslims.”
    Tootie, wow. I’d have thought you’d have more compassion for this woman being victimized by application of sharia law in her country by timestop fundamentalist robots.

    But then I recognized them in you….

  4. Gyges, you’re right, of course. The truth is that I am somewhat fascinated by Tootie because one seldom encounters a person who is so openly and unashamedly bigoted. In any event, I signed the petition. The poor guy who created the site has some issues with the English language, but the point should certainly get across to the appropriate people.

  5. BTW, I could think of no greater disservice to Kiana Firouz than letting this evolving into yet another discussion about Tootie’s beliefs. Tootie is already getting all the fodder for her ability to feel like a victim that she needs in other places, let’s save this conversation for talking about someone who really is being oppressed.

    So, what’s everyone number on that petition?

  6. Tootie displays such a classic and immoral view of those outside of her ethnic clique that I find it almost, but not quite, impossible to believe that she is truly speaking her mind. “No more Muslims”=no more Jews=no more Catholics=no more Negros=no more Chinese=no more hated group du jour. I am reminded of part of the lines to a song whose title I don’t recall: “The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Dutch, and I don’t like anybody very much.” This simply emphasizes what I previously wrote about her views on the “Arizona Utility Commissioner” thread.

  7. Gyges:

    I hear you, and I applaud your efforts – but me thinks you’d have an easier time, and a more intelligent discussion, with a brick wall.


  8. VLF,

    Sometimes one needs to speak out against bigotry, even when it’s of a predictable nature.

  9. Gyges:

    Remember, this is Tooty-Fruity, a card-carrying member of the Aryan Nation.

    He/she/it is just displaying her “brilliance” and “christianity”, thus, the comment shouldn’t surprise you at all.

  10. Tootie,

    That might just be the most callous and heartless thing I’ve read in a long time.

    This woman risked her life not just for what she believed in, but so that attention and (hopefully) aid might be drawn to a people living under the worst sort of tyranny, and you think she’s not good enough for “the west” because of her religion?

    So rather than judge her on her actions, you’re judging her based on her religion. That is the very definition of Bigot.

  11. The question is what is this woman’s opinion of Mohammad?

    Does she still advocate Islam? If so,it would be a shame to bring her to the west.

    Maybe a third world country could take her. No more Muslims.

  12. paul, could you please explain your comment about the “discretion test”? thanks

  13. Thanks Jonathan. It’s amazing to me, UK based LGBT asylum campaigner, to see how far her story is reaching.

    The ‘discretion test’ is the rub here and we are hopeful that a UK Supreme Court test case which just happened which turn out well. Our new government has also made a gesture to reform, we hope this can be translated into real change so Kiana’s is the last such case of this type.

  14. The granting of asylum should be an absolute no-brainer in this case, unless one has bought into Ahmadinejad’s assurances that there are no gays in Iran. Or perhaps those remarks were intended to be merely an expression of a long-term goal of the government.

  15. Article 237. (1) First degree murder shall be proven by testimony of two just men; (2) Evidence for second-degree murder or manslaughter shall consist in the testimony of two just men, or that of one just man and two just women, or the testimony of one just man and the sworn testimony of the accuser.

    Article 209. If a Muslim man commits first-degree murder against a Muslim woman, the penalty of retribution shall apply. The victim’s next of kin, however, shall pay to the culprit half of his blood money before the act of retribution is carried out.

    Article 102. The stoning of an adulterer or adulteress shall be carried out while each is placed in a hole and covered with soil, he up to his waist and she up to a line above her breasts.

    Article 84. Old married adulterers and adulteresses shall be flogged before being stoned.

    ….let’s do keep this place on the earth [USA]free from the above^

  16. Petition duly signed, (No 28274).

    About 20 years back one of my best mates married an Iranian woman so that she would not be deported. This would not work these days and was really a rare case of an unfair loophole in the law being used for a good cause.

    You see the thing was that this woman is an Iranian Jew – if there is one thing more dangerous than being an Iranian lesbian then this is it. She had no shortage of tales to tell about friends and family getting a knock on the door in the dead of night before being carted off and never seen again.

    Things have not changed in Iran.

    They have since divorced as the marriage had served its purpose and the woman now works in Paris and is doing very well.

    I wish Kiana Firouz the best of luck and hope that the new government here will offer her sanctuary and allow her to continue her noble work of exposing religeous bigotry.

  17. Well what is it about the Women’s rights forum that Iran is a member of at the present time?

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