Israel Arrests Activists Yelling Insults at Rahm Emanuel

Two Israeli activists were arrested for shouting insults at White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in Israel this week. The activists spotted Emanuel in Jerusalem’s Old City with his family and shouted “Jerusalem is not for sale.” Heck, Rahm Emanuel is known to say worse stuff in a shower, here. That would be protected speech in the United States, but it appears that you can be arrested for shouting at celebrities and high-ranking officials in Israel.

Emanuel is in Israel to celebrate his son’s bar mitzvah. He was also called an anti-semite by the ultranationalist activists for his work in the Administration — viewed as hostile to Israel.

6 thoughts on “Israel Arrests Activists Yelling Insults at Rahm Emanuel”

  1. Those right wing nut cases who refer to the Zionist Occupation Government or ZOG are not entirely wrong.

    The Australian government also is captured by the Israeli lobby and never makes a squeak of criticism as Israel proceeds with the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. I have no doubt when Israel finally bites the bullet and implements its final solution to the Palestinian question neither government will dare to criticize.

  2. It is good to see people criticizing Rahm Emmanuel even when it is for the wrong reasons.

  3. “Jerusalem is not for sale.” is fairly mild … Rahm Emanuel says far worse even when he’s sound asleep

  4. Yes, you can be arrested for protesting here in the US. They call it disorderly conduct or interference with official police business. I and a few other folks were threatened in the 80’s by the Security detail when Ronnie and Bush appeared in Austin at the same time. The were on top of a Hotel and we were on top of our office building. It appears that they did not like that.

    Texas has a history, a bad history when both the sitting President and Vice President appear at the same time in Texas. I don’t know what they could have been worried about, its not like Ronnie had a clue of where he was….. or even what he was doing….

  5. That’s funny. Many Americans consider Emanuel as hostile to American interests as well. He’s a really good argument for why people with dual citizenship shouldn’t be allowed to hold office, appointed or otherwise. One cannot play for both the Yankees and the Dodgers and not sell at least one of them out. In Rahm’s case, he’s opted for selling out everyone not Rahm Emanuel.

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