Saudi Arabian Couple Allegedly Implant 24 Nails and a Needle in the Feet and Forehead of Maid

There has been a large number of stories about the abuse of maids and household staff in Saudi Arabia, particularly among foreign workers. However, doctors were still shocked to examine Mrs. L.T. Ariyawathi, 49, a mother of three. She was less than five months in Saudi Arabia and returned with 24 nails in her foot and a needle implanted in her forehead. Punishments by her employers.

The husband allegedly hammered the nails into her foot as punishment. She was able to get word to her family who was able to get Sri Lankan embassy officials to intervene and arrange for her return.

The punishment reportedly began when she dropped some glass items. The wife allegedly held her as the husband implanted hot iron nails in her foot. Later the wife implanted the needle.

This is an example where civil liability would serve an important function in the clear absence of criminal enforcement by the Saudi authorities.

Source: Sri Lanka Guardian

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  2. Scott B in DC 1, August 27, 2010 at 10:46 am

    So why are we still doing business with these people. Oh… I forgot… they have the oil and the damned GOBP (the GOP as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP and other oil companies) does not want to vote on an energy bill that would wean the country off the oil that we have to buy from schmucks like these.
    this may be a tad OT but I got a political geography lesson last night from a lawyer from Peru who says that Brazil is now become a force and power to contend with BECAUSE they have weaned themselves , succesfully, from the oil cartels. Is this true? If so, why are we not following that example?

  3. UPDATE:Arrests made in maid’s nail torture, Sri Lankan officials say

    “A Saudi employer and his wife, who are accused of torturing a Sri Lankan housemaid by hammering nails into her body, have been arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, officials at the Sri Lankan External Affairs Ministry said Monday.

    Saudi Arabian authorities could not be reached immediately for verification. No further details were available.

    The two suspects have not been named.”

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    So much for patriotic fluff phrases.

    As far as our shameful involvement in Viet Nam goes, the left did more to win that war for the North than any one group. They hung our troops out to dry and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Go listen to or read any interview by General Giap, he was beaten and badly after Tet but had victory handed to him by those great “generals” Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather and their minions-Jane Fonda and the Weathermen, et. al.

    The right has a good deal to answer for but the venality and banality of the left is nonpareil.

  5. Jeepers Creepers:
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  6. there are no comparisons, one war (WWII) was fought as total war the other (Iraq and Afghanistan) has been fought as a police action or at least with limited application of force.

    The Marshall Plan has nothing to do with how a war should be fought. And anyway it was Truman’s idea. But I shouldn’t fault you for not knowing that.

    Pray tell why do you think no response was necessary to the destruction of the World Trade Center and a portion of the Pentagon and over 3,000 people? Peace at any price? Shall I call you Neville?

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