Saudi Arabian Couple Allegedly Implant 24 Nails and a Needle in the Feet and Forehead of Maid

There has been a large number of stories about the abuse of maids and household staff in Saudi Arabia, particularly among foreign workers. However, doctors were still shocked to examine Mrs. L.T. Ariyawathi, 49, a mother of three. She was less than five months in Saudi Arabia and returned with 24 nails in her foot and a needle implanted in her forehead. Punishments by her employers.

The husband allegedly hammered the nails into her foot as punishment. She was able to get word to her family who was able to get Sri Lankan embassy officials to intervene and arrange for her return.

The punishment reportedly began when she dropped some glass items. The wife allegedly held her as the husband implanted hot iron nails in her foot. Later the wife implanted the needle.

This is an example where civil liability would serve an important function in the clear absence of criminal enforcement by the Saudi authorities.

Source: Sri Lanka Guardian

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  1. Jeepers Creepers, you’ve got it wrong again. The cultures and values of the countries of Europe and the nation of Japan are entirely different from those in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is why analogies to the Marshall Plan in the context of the Middle East make no sense whatsoever. If you are instead referring to the actual waging of war, rather than dealing with its aftermath, pray tell what comparisons have you drawn between World War II and Iraq and Afghanistan? This should be good.

  2. Jeepers Creepers, your comments about “losing” in Iraq and Afghanistan are truly nonsensical. Losing what, exactly? I’ve run out of patience with all of the phony apologists for those two wars. What would you propose to do? Occupy both countries for generations? Wars are supposed to be fought for a reason. Waging war to prove that we can destroy a government is not a reason. For all of the tough talk from all of the neocons for the past ten years, the fact is that the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives we have expended in those two countries has accomplished exactly nothing of enduring significance. And anyone with half a brain and at least a passing knowledge of the history of that part of the world should have known that the invasions would prove to be useless.

  3. Reports of similar atrocities have been commonplace for years here in Central Florida. Members of the Saudi royal family who vacation here routinely bring servants with them who are essentially slaves. There have been instances of severe beatings of servants, but the perpetrators are typically not prosecuted, usually for diplomatic reasons. Saudi Arabia is an example of a country with whom we should have no relations whatsoever.

  4. If we did we wouldn’t be losing in both Iraq and Afghanistan, problem is too many people like you who want to apologize for America and are unwilling to kill to protect yourself when someone attacks you. A person or country that mortally attacks another deserves what they get and a person or country so attacked has a right to protect itself by any means necessary.

  5. “Too bad we don’t have the same resolve against radical Islam.”

    Yeah, too bad we don’t have the same resolve to commit virtual genocide like they did back in the “Good Old Days” (TM, Patent Pending).

  6. MK:

    the Muslim cabbie was against the Mosque and the white passenger was for the Mosque. Go figure.

    As far as Indians go, they gave as good as they got. We just won that war. Too bad we don’t have the same resolve against radical Islam.

  7. yet not a peep against human right abuses in saudia is ever uttered by the administration… god borbids this happened in some strategically located muslim or poor country in africa or asia (by poor I mean the people are poor) and then everyone will be up in arms democratizing the shiet out of the poor and freeing their abused women..

  8. Still not as bad as our forefathers. You know, the white people collectively wiped out a race and took their land and then kidnapped people and enslaved them.

    Yes, that is America. Where people still debate the building of religious centers and stab Muslim cabbies for being Muslim.

  9. but it is a crime if they abuse their servents while in the U.S.

    i believe self abuse is unlawful in Araboa

  10. One question is whether or not torturing servants is actually a crime in Saudi Araboa.

  11. So why are we still doing business with these people. Oh… I forgot… they have the oil and the damned GOBP (the GOP as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP and other oil companies) does not want to vote on an energy bill that would wean the country off the oil that we have to buy from schmucks like these.

  12. “…absence of criminal enforcement by the Saudi authorities.”

    I think criminal laws are enforced by Saudi authorities…but there seems to be a difficulty enforcing them over a certain economic line.

    Sounds a lot like the current and even more like the future U.S.of A.

  13. Where is the justice, Eye for Eye, seem to be their favorite, let
    the mullahs order the ordeal done to the couple !! Now

  14. I live near McLean, VA which is a “mecca” pardon the pun for Saudi princes and princesses. They rent the top two or three floors of the Ritz Carlton. I recently heard of a family of 7 Saudi royalty coming to McLean with a support staff of 50. Masseurs, doctors, psychiatrists, hairdressers, drivers, body guards, etc. The women like McLean because there are lots of plastic surgeons and the high end malls are terrific.

    There are also a lot of Saudis who have pieds a terre here. Bad incidents have happened. One princess threw her maid down the stairs. They are famous for abusing their servants.

  15. Unbelievable crude and evil.
    May Allah damn their soles.
    Maybe time for an application of “eye for eye” Sharia punishment?

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