Canadian Company Kills 100 Sled Dogs Due To Dip in Business

Officials are investigating a Canadian man’s claim of post-traumatic stress disorder after he was awarded compensation for stress from his job with Outdoor Adventures Whistler near Vancouver. The man says that he was ordered to kill 100 healthy sled dogs by his employer due to the dip in business after the Olympics.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler reportedly had 300 dogs and wanted 100 killed. The company tried to arrange for a veterinarian to put the dogs down but he refused to kill healthy dogs. This led to the unnamed employee shooting each dog. Given the large number of dogs, he said that he eventually began to slit their throats. He says that he initially took the dogs one by one to the forest but began to kill them in front of the other dogs. He says that he could tell the stress caused to the dogs in watching the slaughter.

Tourism Whistler yesterday suspended reservations for dog sledding at Outdoor Adventures Whistler, which is owned by Joey Houssian. He is the son of the founder of Intrawest Corp., Joe Houssian.

Company spokesman Graham Aldcroft does not deny ordering the dogs to be killed but insisted that they wanted it done in a humane manner.

The employee’s claim details how he had to kill Suzie, the mother of his family’s pet dog, Bumble, and how she escaped wounded with a large wound. He had to kill her with a scope and rifle. Notably, the other dogs attacked him when he tried to retrieve her body.
The BC SPCA is investigating and will likely recommend charges.

What will be interesting is if the worker, who received compensation for his stress, would be included in any charges since he could have refused the order.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler still advertises dog-sled trips:

Our world famous backcountry Dogsled Tours in the beautiful Soo Valley qualify as a once in a lifetime experience. Behind your team of energetic and loveable Alaskan Racing Huskies, get ready for an unforgettable journey and a thrilling introduction to this classic Canadian sport. Mush your own team, or have a professional guide lead the way. We are Whistler’s original dogsled operator with over 63 years of experience ( in dog years that is…).

There is now a mass grave of those “energetic and loveable Alaskan Racing Huskies” that you can see after the trip.

Source: Globe and Mail

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  3. Hello to all who read this.
    I do not normally remark on blogs but I am compelled to leave a message which I hope may be duly noted;
    The news in this web review does not in any way reflect Canada.
    This was an appalling act by one unethical and inhumane person.
    I have a Siberian husky and I, like all other dog owners, am disgusted. Let’s all agree that the person/people get their comeuppance. Let’s also not allow the craftiness of an article title lead us to ill bred conclusions. Simply because ‘Canadian’ has been juxtaposed with ‘Kills 100 Sled Dogs’ the reviews here seem to indicate many objections to Canada (and other races) as a whole. While all opinions are valid. I implore that this seemingly biased article is not used to pass judgment on an entire country.
    I write this with all due respect to all parties involved.
    Thank you for reading.

  4. This evil man needs to be thrown in prison – I cried for these dogs – this was a sensless act and how sick is this person for this crime. I hope all these dogs come back and haunt him until he dies.

  5. I am not sure what PETA could do that would cause more action. I have no doubt they will get involved if the results are unacceptable.

  6. Where is PETA They were all over Mike Vic I dont understand this PETA Used Mike Vick for a spring board and they should be punished for it period.

  7. KILL THE BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It appears that the person most guilty for this crime of unnecessary caniside is the employee who received the workers compensation. It appears that he alone made the decision that the only way to cut costs was to whack 100 pups.

    As a person who has lived with a dog for ten and a half years I consider his actions to be mass murder. Dogs are not just dogs, they are perople and should be as entitled to human rights as any member of species homo not so sapiens.

    This counterpunch article has the details.

  9. Of additional interest should be the outcome of the animal cruelty action versus workers compensation fraud. The shooter is now claiming the statements made on his workers compensation case do not accurately reflect the truth. While he digs himself out of animal cruelty charges he plummets into fraud charges. Currently the stories are changing of the employer and shooter. The workers compensation claim by the shooter and the acceptance of the claim by the employer pretty much set the facts. Additionally, the shooter talked his head off in an internet forum for post traumatic stress disorders. All the while the Shooter was vice president of an organization that set standards for the industry. Can’t wait for the movie.

    PS. The workers comp reviewer was aware of a crime and did nothing.

  10. Gyges,

    Of course I value your advice. You are a person of sound mind and good character. And you have excellent taste and judgment in many areas. Those are all the marks of advice worth not only listening to, but valuing.

  11. Buddha,

    “While I’ve long time ceased to be amazed at the inhuman behavior mankind is capable of”

    Nice to see somebody values my advice.

  12. Michaelb,

    Copy that on the updates. Good job. They put me off my lunch, but good job. While I’ve long time ceased to be amazed at the inhuman behavior mankind is capable of, the only way to discourage such behavior is by education against it. Thanks for your assistance in the continuing education of our species.

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