Canadian Company Kills 100 Sled Dogs Due To Dip in Business

Officials are investigating a Canadian man’s claim of post-traumatic stress disorder after he was awarded compensation for stress from his job with Outdoor Adventures Whistler near Vancouver. The man says that he was ordered to kill 100 healthy sled dogs by his employer due to the dip in business after the Olympics.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler reportedly had 300 dogs and wanted 100 killed. The company tried to arrange for a veterinarian to put the dogs down but he refused to kill healthy dogs. This led to the unnamed employee shooting each dog. Given the large number of dogs, he said that he eventually began to slit their throats. He says that he initially took the dogs one by one to the forest but began to kill them in front of the other dogs. He says that he could tell the stress caused to the dogs in watching the slaughter.

Tourism Whistler yesterday suspended reservations for dog sledding at Outdoor Adventures Whistler, which is owned by Joey Houssian. He is the son of the founder of Intrawest Corp., Joe Houssian.

Company spokesman Graham Aldcroft does not deny ordering the dogs to be killed but insisted that they wanted it done in a humane manner.

The employee’s claim details how he had to kill Suzie, the mother of his family’s pet dog, Bumble, and how she escaped wounded with a large wound. He had to kill her with a scope and rifle. Notably, the other dogs attacked him when he tried to retrieve her body.
The BC SPCA is investigating and will likely recommend charges.

What will be interesting is if the worker, who received compensation for his stress, would be included in any charges since he could have refused the order.

Outdoor Adventures Whistler still advertises dog-sled trips:

Our world famous backcountry Dogsled Tours in the beautiful Soo Valley qualify as a once in a lifetime experience. Behind your team of energetic and loveable Alaskan Racing Huskies, get ready for an unforgettable journey and a thrilling introduction to this classic Canadian sport. Mush your own team, or have a professional guide lead the way. We are Whistler’s original dogsled operator with over 63 years of experience ( in dog years that is…).

There is now a mass grave of those “energetic and loveable Alaskan Racing Huskies” that you can see after the trip.

Source: Globe and Mail

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  1. We cannot eliminate all evil in the world, but we can and should do our best to minimize the suffering it causes (Matthew 5:7, Acts 20:35, Matthew 25:31-46, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Ephesians 4:32, 1 John 3:17-18).

  2. Mike O

    Are you referring to:
    “There is big money from the company owners family. Time to watch justice gurgle in the slime of corruption, Canadian style.”

    Never compared Canada to the US. Ratchet your defensiveness down a notch. Canada has a horrible animal welfare record.( spends more on defending the seal industry than it makes ) The US does some terrible things also. The courts in Canada have their own style of corruption as do other countries’ courts. (including US) I was referring to style not better or worse.

    Don’t read anything into it that is not there.

    Now, shall we observe how the justice system deals with this POS?

  3. Hell is not hot enough, nor eternity long enough to punish these people. Sickening.

  4. She has chosen the most hateful and mean-spirited way to come up with some money. It’s totally unnecessary.

    Rep. Steven Daglas, Republican from Illinois, went through Arizona’s budget and came up with 26 ways to fund the program that would be painless. He and his suggestions were blown-off. Jan Brewer is a despicable person IMO.

    The list of 26 ways to fund the shortage:

  5. Michaelb, just want to let you know your smugness is unwarranted. If you dislike Canada don’t visit, we don’t want your brand of idiot up here. We don’t particularly care about your chest-thumping “it would never happen here” garbage. Your country’s track record for abuse goes way further than animal cruelty. No one takes you seriously because your comments are dripping with contempt that you have no right to offer.

  6. One day, perhaps after the last human has murdered the next to last human, humanity will be free of the attribution errors that will drive humanity to non-existence.

    I would be astonished by the conbloberation of scientific blunders in treating symptoms as cause which abound.

    This curious lunacy has been around for a long time. Slowly, people who blame the person for events over which the person had no actual control will give me a map of the brain disconnect and I may be able to model the brain repair mechanism in decently effective detail.

    So, please continue to generate data derived from forked tongue speech, it is very useful, though arduous to process.

    Been going through Nemeth, “Litigation, Pleadings, and Arbitration” again. Yes, it is over twenty years old. What else to expect when buying law books for a dollar per grocery bag at the Friends of the Door County Library members’ book sale?

    A lawyer pays, say, $100 for a book, and ten years or so later, I pay ten cents, and the law that interests me has scarcely changed. That really helps with my research resources budget.

    Nemeth, op cit, page 5, “Litigation is truly a form of combat.”

    Combat is curious. All I need to do to win a judgment for relief entitlement is to have a claim of irrebuttable fact against which no defense is possible, by having a “force” without weaknesses as my weapon.

    “a ‘force’ without weakness as my weapon? The weapon is combat that is perfectly without combat or violence.

    While I have found the five weaknesses of all adversariality weapons, I have yet to find, or find anyone else who can find, even one weakness in my weapon of choice.

    Those who oppose me do not know my weapon of choice, for they claim to know it does not exist, and that will be their ultimate strategic catastrophe.

    What is time within a singularity?

    Dance, dance, wherever you may be. And the dance goes on.

  7. correction on the title of this post

    Canadian Company Kills 100 Sled Dogs Due To Dipshit In Business

  8. When I read the story about the guy that killed several sled dogs and still after that got a “reward” I could not believe. Long time ago I used to think Canada would be an interesting place to go, but then I found out what some canadian do with the seal, how they kill those poor animals that can not defend themselves, and on the top of that now I heard the new about the sled dogs. Why these people hate animals, they do not see that they act as coward by killing God’s creatures as they do.
    I don’t want go to Canada even for free, in the past I would but what they do with animals is too terrible.

  9. 🙁

    how can I sleep tonight after reading that hellish drecht….

    those poor dogs…and he SAW the anxiety he was causing them and continued…..

    he couldn’t say no?

    As a nurse I dealt pretty well with the pain and anxiety in my patients and can even say that I was well gifted in helping to alleviate it….but children and animals, they don’t have words to show their fear and pain, they are dependant on our ability to recognize their response and protect them, and when their behavior is ignored, well that is to me the definition of terrorism.

  10. Found this on the NPR site:

    Dog Killer

    This confirms employee conversations that the dog killer is Bob Fawcett. He owned and operated Whistler Dogsledding (aka Howling Dog Tours) under contract for OAW and these were his dogs – he bought them, bread them, (his kids even named them as puppies) and then he killed them. From all accounts he was a dirtbag to work for; mean to his staff and disgustingly cruel to his dogs. He lives (or lived) in Pemberton with his wife Katherine at 8687 Pemberton Meadows Road. At some point he was also living at the kennel located just off the highway between Whistler and Pemberton. Katherine is a writer and believe it or not, wrote a book called “Mushkid: A Tale of Dogsledding, Friendship and Drool”. Help ensure this business is stopped and criminal charges are laid against all involved. It is hard to believe that Bob Fawcett acted alone, but by all credible accounts, he is the one responsible. You may be able to contact this scumbag by emailing

  11. He never called the humane society for help. That would hardly represent itself as doing reasonable due diligence to re-home the dogs. Would an American insurance company pay benefits to a person suffering because of committing a crime of his own plan?

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