Hour of Power [Grab]: Robert Schuller Thrown Out Of Crystal Ministries

The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, 84, has been voted off the board for Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which he founded over 50 years ago. This follows an earlier move to oust his son, Robert A. Schuller. The ministry is in debt and rife with family divisions, including one over a required anti-gay marriage pledge demanded by his daughters.

The church has filed for bankruptcy and “owes about $7.5 million to unsecured creditors, many of whom are vendors for the cathedral’s ‘Glory of Christmas’ pageant.”
The demise of the church follows a long-standing fight with his daughters — another bizarre case of a religious institution run like a family business. In this case, Schuller found himself at odds with his daughters who seem to have created a modern King Lear for the televangelist world. “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is To have a thankless child!” (King Lear, 1.4.312)

While Schuller designated his son to take over the church, the son was tossed out by his sisters and Sheila Schuller Coleman took control of the ministry. One of the issues was the son’s opposition to changing the church’s format and Coleman’s insistence that choir members sign a covenant acknowledging Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Her father opposed the pledge and has long been welcoming to all in the church. Schuller’s daughter, Carol Schuller Milner, supported her sister and they forced removal of her father.

As was said in King Lear: “Ingratitude, thou marble-hearted fiend, More hideous, when thou show’st thee in a child,Than the sea-monster.”

Source: OC Register

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  2. Hello Christine. Thank you for your reply. You have found your path and i have found mine. I already had great personal experiences with Jesus whom I have great love for, However I have found my path and it will lead me to God. I have had experiences with God and i am satisfied beyond doubt I have found my path. I will not change for anyone, only if God asked informed me that I need to change religion, so far God has not done so. I have listen to many Christains and they all fight with each other claiming theirs is the only way and that their Bible has the right translation. Maybe if you all come together as ONE then maybe it will be an example for the whole world to follow. How can you ever find peace when you do not have it amongst yourselves Christians. If i ever had to change religion it would be Bhuddism. Be happy in your believe and leave the rest of us to believe in what we believe that is one way of tolerance. In a group discussion with four different christain groups once, it was a verbal war. I had to step outside for a breath of fresh air. The energy was so intense I thought they were going to injure each other. The amazing thing is that they say they have found Christ and have got salvation yet don’t seem to have found peace. When you can see God in everyone and everything then that is the day you are saved. I have never been happier, I look, feel, touch, hear, taste and breath at God everyday, i see him all around me and in me. What else is there. There is only God, nothing else exists but God, what you do not experience as God is just an illusion and your own ego.
    Jesus clearly explained why I experience things different to those people like yourself that has not yet got it. I am more than satisfield I have found my path. Thank you for your email.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKxAd_XBF9Y&feature=related Greetings Deena Naidu in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate where you are coming from as a Hindu believer. I have in the past, in my search for the Truth, taken the time to study various eastern religions, so I do understand some of what you are saying. I eventually came to the end of my search some 34yrs ago when I accepted Jesus’s forgiveness of my sins and His free gift of salvation, a decision I am thankful I made every day of my life. I have posted a youtube link that explains the way to a relationship with the Almighty God, our Lord Jesus,it is very simple God made it that way, so that even a little child can understand. I would in love encourage you to have a look, it will only take a few moments of your time, but it’s effects will last an eternity. Blessings to you!

  4. Jesus also taught tolerance. That tolerance and acceptance of people “where they are, and how they are” is the basis of Love. Without Love, what is the point of even experiencing life.

    Dr. Schuller, I am so sorry you are having to go thru this. You deserve so much more.


  5. If a Hindu can listen to Robert Schuller for years and remain a Hindu, then I would say that Robert Schuller never preached the true Gospel of Christ, Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father (God) except through me’

    1. Hello Christine Brooks, having a connection with God has got nothing to do with the type of religion you belong to, it is about you as a person. Changing your heart for the better is the way to God, it is not the religion you belong to. I know of many non believers of God who are better behaved, more tolerant, giving, forgiving and compassionate than many so called Christians, Hindus, Moslems. 

      When Lord Jesus said, ( if those were His words and this I would seriously question) “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one gets to the Father but by Me.” what was he saying? Think deeply about it. The human being is made up of three major parts namely body, mind and spirit. The IAM that Lord Jesus was referring to is God. Only God is Truth, God is life in each human being. There is only one way to God and that is through God Self. So this must be read “God is the Way, Truth and the Life. No one will get to God but by only God. 

      The I in the Human being is the personality, the individual characteristics  and the ego. When Lord Jesus spoke about Himself, He was not referring to His ego or His personality. This is because Jesus was not the body or the mind. The body and mind is used for this third dimensional plane of existance. Simple we cannot live in this Earth plane without a physical body and mind.  There is so much misinterpretation about the Lord’s Word that no one knows the Truth about anything anymore. Most are guesses and piles and piles of interpretations. Also much is lost in translations. 

       Hinduism goes back 40,000 years. Christianity is 2000 years. So tell me what happened to those who lived all those years prior to the coming of Lord Jesus. Are they all in Hell. I do not see that anywhere in the Holy Bible which I have a great respect for. Jesus has mentioned in the Bible that we must not Judge. 

      Early Christians believed the Earth was Flat, when Hindus knew thousands of years before it was round. Hindus believed that Rock and plants have life. It is only now through science we discovered that rock has life. Hindus always believed in Karma, now the modern religions are latching on to it as something that works. A major part of the Hindus religion is meditation, only now it is becoming wide spread and used to cure people of major illnesses.

      I could go on enlightening you but I know it is a waste of energy. How can one understand university Maths if one only understand primary school Maths. One has to firstly pass basic maths, then learn high school Maths before one can advance to university Maths. In the same way we need to discover ourselves before ywe understand God and what He really said. 

      Hindus see God in Everything, that is the reason why they proclaim God is omnipresent. We have been laughed at for praying before statues. What Our critics do not understand is that we know that the omnipresent God is in the statue. In science we have now discovered that beyond the subatomic particles is just energy. That energy is God and God is in everything. This is what we mean by omnipresent.  God is contained in the subatomic particles and beyond.

      Hindus say God is omnipotent. This is because we believe as written in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘For Thine is the Power’ God is All powerful and there is no other power greater or more powerful than God. Hindus also believe that God is omniscient which means God is contained in every atom, subatomic particle and beyond. This is what makes God all knowing. 

      Coming back to your comment about not converting to Christainity, why would I shift to something new when I have something that is 40000 years old in tradition, had made me to respect all religions, love God with all my heart, mind and strength and works. I liked Dr Shuller for his positive messages and what is important at no time did he tell me to become a Christian. Dr Shuller also said recently that he believes that there are many ways to God not only through Christianity.

      Lord Jesus spent 13 years of his life in India, those are the missing years of Jesus and the Bible has no record of the missing years of Jesus. It remains a mystery because it will tumble the cart of Christianity if it was openly exposed. Jesus’s uncle was a camel trader that used to travel India to trade. When Jesus was in his early teens he asked Mary, Jesus mother if he could take Jesus on his travels to India. She allowed him to take Jesus. It is in Bible, read it. Jesus spent a lot time with Yogis in the Himalayas. There are records of Jesus in India living amongst the Yogis.  As you sow so shall you reap is karma.

        There is a lot we all have to learn from each other as long as we are prepared to listen or you will have to come back many lifetimes to learn. Take time and see the reincarnation stories on Utube. Also there is much more to this life than what meets the eye. If believe that only Christians go to God then I believe this life time has been wasted. 

  6. Well said, I could not agree more. Bring back Dr Robert Schuller and his son. What also surprises me is the level of intelligence of the board. What are they thinking is the greatest mystery. Prayers won’t help if we have boofheads making silly decisions. I refrain from insults but I am so upset with what they have done to this God sent of a man. Lord Jesus was betrayed by one man and denied by the others so it does not surprise me that close family betrays the father and the board denies Dr Schuller. Imagine what would they have done to Jesus if He came back.

  7. It was truly a shame to take the church from Dr. Schuler. I have faithfully watched this church since 2001 and received much strength and encouragement from this man and his son, Robert A. Robert A also filled the church and provided much guidance in faith. Now the church might have a chance to return to full strength with the help of Bobby Schuler. I hope the powers that be are not foolish and remove his presence. Try to bring Robert A back and watch the church grow even more. My prayers are with you Dr. Schiuller and Arvella. God will reward you and find a way to ease the pain of thje betrayal of your daughters.

  8. God has created all that is including laws. God should not be included in this which has been created by egoist, power hungry women. Dr Schuller was an innocent man with good intentions.

  9. I would love to see Rev. Robert Schuller and his son back in the ministry. We need some positive messages back, the world needs it. People of every religious group, Hindu, Bhuddist, Islam, Jewish, etc listen to his messages not only Christian. He was a people’s teacher. He made a difference to the world. When are those on the board going to open their eyes? They say it is worse to be spiritually blind than physically blind. I am waiting for the day of his return. We miss you Rev. Schuller.

  10. Dr Robert Schuller and your son are missed but glad to see your grandson preaching sermons at the crystal Cathedral shame on your daughters on what they did pushing you out of the ministries you should push them out of your life too no childern should treat there parents like that after all they were brought up though the church hope to see you Dr Schuller preach one day again in the pulput at the crystal cathedral as a guest preacher regard to you and your wife as well Dr robert jnr too

  11. I am a Hindu and I loved Dr Robert Schuller and his son. I live in Australia and for years would get up at 5 am and listen with an open mind. His messages were from the heart and I sincerely believed that he was a messenger of God. Listening to him on a Sunday morning brightened my entire week. He is going to be missed. Was it not Eve who was the first to deceive God and convinced Adam to eat of the apple? They say behind every successful man there is a women which I totally disagree with, i think behind every major failure is a power hungry and greedy woman. I may be completely wrong but from what i read, These daughters according to what i have read, of Dr. Schuller brought down a good caring ministry. They thought they could do better and it did not last. The messages from his daughter was boring, meaningless, and felt like something that has gone back to old times of uninteresting sermons. According to a spiritual leader I heard, Most women are not leaders they are mothers and wives who should faithfully stand behind men by supporting them, not take on a leadership role because it is not written anywhere, not even in spiritual books of any denomination, religious belief or spiritual order to be spiritual leaders. Why has Lord Jesus chooses 12 men as disciples and not women. What frustrates me is that a good leader and his son gone to ruins. Someone that gave us hope, promise of a better life through the teaching in the Bible, is now no more. I cannot imagine the sadness that surrounds this beautiful man and his son. I think of the hard work that he has put into a dream that has been shuttered by egos and power hungry people. Well as a Hindu I believe in Karma and we will all be alive to see the workings of God return.

  12. My husband, our grown children and I love Dr. Schuller, his wife and sons. We are so saddened for the family. As Christians, we need to pray for them because that if our responsibility. God knows exactly what as happened. We are not to be judgemental as we don’t know the facts. God knows the family members hearts. Thank you Dr. Schuller and may God heal your family. You have been such an important and faithful servant to our Heavenly FAther and to your church family. We were blessed to have met you and your son in Sarasota, Fl. Your words and prayers have helped our family through countless struggles. Thank You.

  13. Bring back Robert A. Schuller (the son), and you will bring back thousands of us who have enjoyed the Hour of Power for many years. This would be a simple way of undoing all the damage brought by the Schuller women. APW

    1. Wrong bring Back Dr. Robert h. Schuller, I have know Dr schuller for many years, nothing is wrong withhis mind, spirit, positive thinking. You all have done a horribledisjustice to a wonderal man. I also know arvella, a finer woman. I love these people and I am in distress myself.

      Carrol Jeanne ogden

  14. Dr. Schiller
    I feel your pain as I also have 2 sons that are or have deserted from me their mother, my other child, a daughter died @ age 40. I have kept my sons in my heart but dismissed them from my mind. You have helped me over the years and I love and thank you for that. I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and arvella..
    God loves you and so do i

    Carrol Jeanne ogden

  15. I reread my comments, my only daughter died, along with my husband being killed in auto accident.
    My heart and love goes out to you and arvella. You are the greatest man I know next to my father. Life is certinaly not fair but god is good.

    Carrol Jeanne hark er ogdenO

  16. Carrol jeanne ogdnDr. Schiller
    I am so sorry for all of your problems, it must be the worst thing that can happen.. I met you, my dream came true in 1992. I fell your pain and arvella, I have a broken family and my only daughter did, also my husband was killed in auto accident, that was all in the same year.
    I have watched you for many years and you are truly wonderful.
    Tell arvella I said hello, I made her craft things and I live in Indiana.
    May God be with you and hang in there.
    God loves you and so I.
    Carrol Jeanne Barker ogden

  17. Too bad the girls in the family too over the ministry. It was a big mistake
    when they hired the music director – that is when their music changed..
    I loved Dr. Schuller and his son Robert. I wish he could have stayed.

  18. Dr Schuller, you are a great, great man. My soul weeps for the pain you must feel.

    God has a special place in heaven for people like you. God Bless you Sir.

  19. When Moses was standing before God on the mount and asked God, “Who shall I say sent me,” God said to Moses, say that ‘I AM’ sent you. “I AM THAT I AM HAS SENT YOU.” So, any time we say I am sick, or I am tired, or I am happy, we are actually saying God Is. So I can truly say that I AM truly saddened by the ousting fof Robert Schuller.

    What an incredible loss for all of humanity. He literally saved my life and countless others with his ministry. May God have mercy on the people who insltigated this outrage.

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