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  1. Mike,

    I tend to agree with you and HenMan about Jeb except to the degree of Obama’s vulnerability. Outside of the blog, the democrats I am with on a regular basis are all fairly content with Obama and independents aren’t ready for another Bush and will swing to Obama or stay home. I don’t think they’ll waste Jeb on a 2012 run. They’ll give it to Romney the way they gave it to Dole in the 90’s and McCain in ’08 and not expect a win but will concentrate on more wins in State contests.

    Jeb will be their boy in 2016 … big time.

  2. Sw Mom-

    You are spending way too much time on the Republican primaries. It will drive you nuts. There are 13 months ’till the general election. In that time there will be a dozen front runners who will appear out of nowhere and return to nowhere before you can learn their names. Herman Cain won’t be the nominee- 2/3 of the Republicans would stay home or demand to see his birth certificate. The other 1/3 of the GOP bigots will stay home if Romney is the nominee. Aside from the “Mormon problem”, Mitt is hauling around a lot of baggage. At one time or another, he has been for everything and against everything. Michele Bachmann is down, but not out. Sarah Palin says she is out, but she can’t stand to be upstaged and may be back. On the other hand, if she couldn’t serve a full term as Gov. of Alaska, how would she endure four years of decisions that are a bit more difficult than “what should I wear to opening day of Caribou Season?” Huntsman is the only one of the back markers who doesn’t need a straight jacket, but that seems to be a negative in Republicanland. The near-term future of that party is Jeb Bush. Unless Obama looks very weak, Jeb will wait for 2016 and no Dem. incumbent- if ,indeed,he ever wants to run- a very big “if”.

    Keep watching the baseball. Get outside and watch the leaves turn. Watch some Buster Keaton Sunday night on TCM. It will wash the political craziness out of your brain. For a while anyway. Enjoy!

    1. HenMan,

      You stole my thunder in every respect except that I think Jeb will run in 2012. I think he will run because of all the cogent reasons you gave about the others and that In the end the people that really run the GOP will
      Insist on it. Since I think The Bush Crime Family are part of the GOP Elite they will have Jeb annointed and they believe Obama is vulnerable. Even if Jeb loses in 2012 he will be the standard bearer in 2016.

  3. I wonder if they are trying to position Cain for the VP spot on Romney’s ticket.

  4. rafflaw,

    The banker behind Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan
    By Kim Geiger
    October 12, 2011
    LA Times

    Herman Cain has so far been willing to name just one advisor who helped him craft his catchy 9-9-9 tax plan.

    “One of my experts that helped me to develop this is a gentleman by the name of Rich Lowrie out of Cleveland, Ohio,” Cain said at Tuesday’s Washington Post-Bloomberg debate. “He is an economist, and he has worked in the business of wealth creation most of his career.”

    But according to Lowrie’s LinkedIn page, “economist” might be a bit of a stretch.

    Lowrie holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Case Western Reserve University and spent much of his career working in the investment banking industry. He now leads a wealth management group of Wells Fargo Advisors in Cleveland.

    From 2005 through 2008, Lowrie served on the board of advisors of Americans for Prosperity, a nonprofit advocacy group with ties to the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

  5. AY,
    The 999 plan gives him away. Tax the food that the poor and middle class buy in order to give another tax break to the wealthy and when asked how will the poor buy food h replied, “used food”!

  6. SwM,

    I know some people who are getting ready here in Ohio. They’ve bought small shops in small towns and opened “roll your own” tobacco. I guess much of licensing, storage laws, etc. are the same. As soon as it’s voted in, they are set to go.

    ps I would love to have Pelosi back.

  7. louise, Peyote reminds me of Carlos Casteneda. No medical marijuana in Texas either but it is everywhere in Boulder. You see it growing in the windows of the shops that sell it.

  8. Mention peyote and all the partyers show up … back in the day, my friends, we could have had some good times …. speaking of weed(s)

    A couple weeks ago a friend, a jazz drummer (every female should have one drummer in her life), now retired and living in a small house on the beach in Oregon, came to town for a visit and we went out to dinner and a jazz club.

    During the course of our conversation he joked (I’m sure you’ll all get the reference), “Out in Oregon I’m a patient; here, in Ohio, I’d be a felon. This country is seriously fucked up.”

  9. “My friends used to call me “The Old Tripper”, but it’s unclear if that was for my Psychedelic proclivities or my innate clumbsiness.” -Mike S.

    Welcome back and thanks for the chuckle…

    1. Anon Nurse,

      You are beautiful….even when I confuse you…..I have a sense for such things…Buttons are good things….

  10. Anonymously Yours 1, October 13, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Anon Nurse,

    What is wrong with Peyote? From what I recall it is suppose to be good stuff……Not that I’d know….wink….I hear some people did acid and it changed their lives remarkably…I don’t know….I never tried it….

    I’ve been working, AY, so I’m here in short bursts.. What did I say that made you ask me the above question?

    Not a thing, not a thing… is my answer 😉 …not that I would know…

    (Did you watch to the Phil Jackson clip?)

  11. Mike,

    Sir, I do know that….I have one…but I switched to the Galaxy2….So far I am liking it better….It is easier to use….at least this one….I like the word edit choices a lot better than the Iphone….it gives you a list of the possible words…rather than high light them….

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