144 thoughts on “End of the Road?”

  1. Mike S.,

    I was thinking of you….Bob Esq chanted in on the Maple thread….I hope you are doing well sir…

  2. Peyote can be great but you need to remember to remove the strychnine. LSD good too, but the psychotic breaks are a bitch. My friends used to call me “The Old Tripper”, but it’s unclear if that was for my Psychedelic proclivities or my innate clumbsiness.

    The older I get, the more I listen to LC.

  3. eniobob….

    Damn…..that was a well written letter at age 101…..the penmanship or for those thinking I am sexist penwomanship…..or just plan hand writing…is legible…give me 15 minutes….and well.. I am like what did I write……give it a year…..and you might as well be decrypting….ancient writing Egyptian heliograph… …as you could have a better chance at solving that, than my writing….

    Back to the main intent….There is a lot to be said….

  4. Anon Nurse,

    What is wrong with Peyote? From what I recall it is suppose to be good stuff……Not that I’d know….wink….I hear some people did acid and it changed their lives remarkably…I don’t know….I never tried it….

  5. HenMan,

    🙂 Thanks for that…

    Given the relative chaos with the spunky Bobs, I hope you aren’t thinking about “new” rugs… two more, to be precise… Consider sending them to New York for a few days — it might be good for all of us… I’ll could vaccinate them while they’re here.


    When you’re free (the sooner the better), I’ll swing by for a few good pulls on the pipe…

  6. SwM, here is a great song that seems appropriate under the circumstances:

  7. HenMan,

    I always listen to the shamus unless the rattlesnakes are worked up and making loud raspy buzzes. At which point I tune everything out and take a long draw on the peyote pipe. I get you.

  8. God way to start the day, OS Love Leonard Cohen and the song. Saw him perform the song a couple of years ago when he started touring again.

  9. Blouise-

    A shamus I know tells me that “Jill” is not the original Jill. This gumshoe says that the original Jill, who had plenty of moxie, may have met with foul play at the hands of a two-bit chisler from nowheresville. He says that this phony Jill is strictly from hunger and will slip you a Mickey as soon as your back is turned. The shamus says she runs a three-card monte game in the sticks and rolls guys for their poke, so lay off, he says. Get me?

  10. anon nurse-

    The bobcats are totally out of control. After the attack on the mailman and the shredding of my Social Security check, I tried to give Bob the Ripper and Treacherous Bob rabies shots. The vile felines ate the syringes and spit out the serum on my expensive bobcat-skin rug. That’s gratitude for you! Not to mention the blatant chutzpah! (pronounced “shoots-paw” according to Michele Bachmann).

  11. I am intellectually dishonest. But, Why Does It Seem No One is on My Side — Not Even God?

    By Tim Wesemann
    Guest Writer

    CBN.com – Ever feel there’s no one on your side—that even God has turned his back to you? Have loneliness, frustration, and fear taken control of your thoughts? And maybe you feel your prayers have gone unanswered, that your pain is too much to bear, or even that you’re undeserving of God’s love for you.

    It’s difficult, but very important, to distinguish between feelings and reality. It’s true that people will let you down, hurt your feelings, and even turn against you. That’s because you live in an imperfect, sinful world. Although you may perceive God has turned his back to you too, that’s impossible. His true Word, the Bible, holds this promise, “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” (Deuteronomy 31:8) And God cannot lie (you’ll find that truth in Titus 1:2 and Hebrews 6:18).

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