Turley Blog Selected As A Top 100 Legal Blog — Now We Need Your Vote!

The ABA Journal has released its list of the top 100 legal blogs in the world and we are once again in this august group of blogs. Congratulations to all of our regulars contributors and weekend bloggers. This blog’s success is due entirely to the consistently high level of commentary among our readers and, I believe, our commitment to civil and substantive (if at times passionate) dialogue on the legal and political issues of our day. We are again placed in the “opinion” category and facing two of the top five most popular blogs. You can vote at You can vote at this site by clicking on the “opinion” category and we need your vote. A quick registration is needed to prevent cheating in the competition.

We are up against two very popular sites: Ann Althouse and Volokh Conspiracy. Both are conservative legal sites and are highly regarded. The latter is a site founded by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh and is run by 19 conservative law professors, including my colleague Orin Kerr. While I often disagree with their conclusions, I have always found it very substantive and thought-provoking. Ann Althouse is one of the oldest legal sites with a very large audience placing her in the top three most visited legal sites in the world — a remarkable achievement.

I must confess that maintaining this site and my day job does not leave me much time to visit other sites. However, this competition highlights the remarkable array of top sites available to readers, including those in the opinion category. Other categories include sites that I have always found insightful and provocative like Scotusblog, BLT, Simple Justice, How Appealing, Sentencing Law and Policy, and TaxLaw Prof. I recommend, however, that you look at the other sites — including many appearing for the first time.

Our blog is described as follows:

Maybe it’s our journalism bias, but we like when D.C.-based constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley opines on the news of the day and isn’t always satisfied with the version recounted in media reports. In February, he went straight to the source to tease out the sequence of events that cost an Indiana deputy attorney general his job. Of course, we also get a kick out of the occasional random, off-topic posts, especially the penguin videos he shared after his son Ben pointed them out.

Benjamin was thrilled by the reference to his penguin selection.

This is always a fun competition, win or lose. Last year, the competition turned ugly with a misinformation campaign by a regular from one of the other competing sites (again among the opinion blogs this year) that told pro-gun sites that I am a leading anti-gun advocate — and encouraged all gun owners to vote against our blog in defense of gun ownership. It spoiled an otherwise friendly contest among blogs. All blogs should be rightfully proud of their accomplishments and common purpose — and intense loyalty of their regulars contributors.

Good luck to all of the blogs this year and thank you ABA Journal. Now go and vote!

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  1. Jon wish you luck with all the bloggers out there today it is quite an honor to be choosen out of them, alone. Not to mention having the chance to be named the best. Your Voice and real approach is what draws me to your blog, which is shared around the office. so win or lose keep pumping out the blogs and we’ll keep reading em!

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