Merry Christmas To All

Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.

Last night, I made our traditional Cioppino soup — a tradition started by my late father, Jack Turley. I hated the soup as a kid so fate has left this tradition to me. I am now as addicted to the soup as my father was. On Christmas Eve, we then went to Midnight mass at St. Mary’s of the Lake to hear my 84 year old mother sing in the choir. Today, I am cooking the beef as well as the Yorkshire pudding, horseradish. and gravy. We will have the entire family clan over to the house.

Waiting For Santa were notes from the kids and homemade cookies with milk. Below is the note from my son Aidan. Not surprisingly, Santa was won over by the note and delivered many of the requested items.

Dear Santa:

How’s your reindeer doing? Well don’t answer right now. Have some cookies and milk. By the way, how was your trip? And was I good this year? I’ve got so many questions. But I know you’re running late and can’t answer many. But right now please relax. I know how much work you’ve done.

Nice meeting you.

Sincerely Aidan

P.S. I ‘m a big fan.

Christmas List

Raindow maker
3rd Book in my series
Science Kit
Leather boots
New Violin Book/Rosin
Squishy toy
Square pixleized clock

For her part, Madie (6) added on her note that “the cookies are only for you” and then added “P.S.: I am scared of you. From Madie to Santa Claus.”

The Turley family wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday. I will be toasting our blog family tonight and give thanks for the wonderful community we have created at this site.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Turley

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  1. SwM, blessings to your friend and may her passing be peaceful surrounded by those she loves and who love her.

    And a hug to you for your support on the vigil. Some holidays are supposed to be bright and merry, but end up being just the opposite through the fault of no one.

  2. O.S. The priest at mass last night said to remember those that are suffering at Christmas along with those that are celebrating. I visited a friend in ICU yesterday. She was diagnosed with possible ALS a year ago but the symptoms were limited. Had not seen her for about two months until the hospital visit. She has become very crippled and is suffering from severe dementia. She is only 58. She developed sepsis from wounds and nearly died. I hope you find peace along with your grief. Merry Christmas to all.

    1. I don’t know what to say. I never do. Because you want to help. You want to find those magic words that will somehow soothe the tortured soul. but they don’t exist.
      I know deep loss. I lost my brother when I was 17 (he was 35). I never recovered the “me” that I was before.
      We just found out that my oldest Daughter (20) has several Follicular lesions on her Thyroid and the Presence of Hurthle cells make it almost a certainty that it either is malignant or soon will be.
      For the past three years it seems like every time I turn around it’s another case of Cancer or some other illness. I could go on but it gets tedious at best to tell all.
      I guess I am trying to say that even if it feels like you are alone; know that you are not.
      I don’t know what i will do if the worst happens to my daughter. I hope I don’t find out but just the worry and the knowledge that she is ill and there is nothing I can do has driven me to tears on more than one occasion.
      So I will be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope you find Peace. I hope we all do. I wish life was less painful. It seems like just when you think it’s good; it turns sour………again. i’m out of words(believe it or not) so I will just say I’m very sorry for your loss

  3. A Merry Merry and a Happy Happy to everyone.

    OS, I don’t know your situation but it doesn’t really matter. I wish you Peace and Strength………………………and Wasselberry Pudding for everyone.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Prof. Turley!

    Thanks for the wonderful blog, your insightful commentary, and sharing updates on your family.


  5. A Joyous Christmas to all and may peace, love and joy follow this day into the future.

  6. Peace and Grace to All

    This may be over the top, but I think Linus does it best —

    BTW, among the classics my family will watch today, we have added The Milagro Beanfield War. I can’t explain it, but the movie seems to resonate on this day. It definitely has the oppressed Jews against the mighty Romans feel to it, as well as the very unlikely “savior” – admired by some and opposed by others of his own.

  7. Around the time of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, Pastafarians celebrate “Holiday”. Holiday does not take place on “a specific date so much as it is the Holiday season, itself”. Because Pastafarians reject dogma and formalism, there are no specific requirements for Holiday. Pastafarians celebrate Holiday however they please

    Happy Holiday to you all & may 2012 be everything 2011 was supposed to be & better.

  8. Thanks, Blouise and Professor Turley

    I hope everyone has a good day and a good year to come. At our house, it has been a time of deep reflection. We all appreciate the kind thoughts that have come from every direction.

    May everyone have a blessed and happy day with their families.

  9. Merry Christmas to all and especially to OS and his family who are lovingly in all our thoughts.

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