Just Two Days Left In The ABA Competition: We Need Your Vote!

Just as Henry V rallied the thin, tired troops on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt, it is time to make that final call for votes in this year’s competition for the top opinion blog by the American Bar Association. There are now just two days left and, while we have pulled ahead in the last week, the contest remains very close with one of the top five largest legal blogs. If you like our blog, it is time to pony up and vote.

You can vote at this site by clicking on the “opinion” category and we need your vote. A quick registration is needed to prevent cheating in the competition.

Please spread the word and let’s see if we can put the blog over the top. For those who say this war is over, think of how the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and do the right thing:

FLOG THE BLOG: Have you voted yet for the top legal opinion blog? WE NEED YOUR VOTE! You can vote at HERE by clicking on the “opinion” category. Voting ends December 30, 2011.

18 thoughts on “Just Two Days Left In The ABA Competition: We Need Your Vote!”

  1. Hear, hear, mespo.

    Possibly the single greatest thing Chaplin ever did and no truer words ever spoken.

  2. Here’s a wonderful little video featuring perhaps the finest actor our society has ever produced. This scene from “The Great Dictator” seems especially timely and, if I may say so, crystalizes why blogs like Professor Turley’s provide such a valuable service to us all: They remind us we exist as much for others as for ourselves and that humanity always trumps the cleverness and greed of “machine men”:

  3. SwM,

    I’m not going to agree with your kids because … well … I hang out with crazy people like you 😉

    My grandkids read this blog all the time and I keep forgetting to ask them if they’ve voted.

  4. My husband voted too, Blouise. The kids would not vote. They think I am crazy for going on blogs. Considering some of the things that have happened, they are probably right.

  5. “the last week of voting they keep the running totals secret.” -OS

    Thanks, OS.

  6. anon nurse, the last week of voting they keep the running totals secret. Just before they put the totals behind the firewall, JT was ahead about 330 to 275 or so. That probably has changed, but we will know when they announce in about a week or so.

    Get your friends and family to vote, because the numbers are small enough that every vote counts.

  7. What’s the count? I’m seeing question marks where the counts should be on the ABA site…

  8. I thought Chicago style was they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in a deep dish pizza, but I may be confused.

  9. Frankly, they won’t let you vote Chicago style.

    I flogged the vote a bit over on the Great Orange Satan this morning, and will try again this evening. I don’t think vote pimping for the VC crew would go over very well over there.

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