Perry Outdoes Opponents and Appears To Suggest the Re-Invasion of Iraq

Even with Ron Paul shredding Newt Gingrich as a “chickenhawk,” Rick Perry outdid a field of candidates who appear to be running on promises to invade or bomb other countries. However Perry is the only guy who is not only eager to start another war but willing to restart a prior war. Top that Newt.

Perry proclaimed that he would not “allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country.” Perry added that our premature departure is due to Obama’s “kowtow[ing] to his liberal, leftist base and move out those men and women.” His aides were quick to take issue with the re-invade spin of critics, insisting that “Perry wants to establish a strategic presence in Iraq like we have in hot spots around the world. That’s not an invasion, that’s common sense.” Unfortunately, the campaign is correct. That is indeed an example of the common sense of the GOP candidates in this primary.

The reason of the confusion as to Perry’s suggestion is that the Iraqis demanded that we leave their country and refused efforts of the Obama Administration to stay. The citizens, or at least the government, of a country generally has a say as to whether we place large numbers of troops in their country. Otherwise, it is an involuntary act commonly called an invasion. In fairness to Perry, I do not think he was suggesting a re-invasion. However, the statement is shocking for many Americans who oppose the war and its costs to our nation. It is the very embodiment of the American unilateralism criticized both here and abroad where the wishes and rights of other countries seem virtually immaterial to the creation and implementation of policy.

For those who found Bush simply too intellectual, Perry appears your man. He added his view of the new found ability of Iranians to act outside of the limitations of conventional physics, noting “We’re going to see Iran in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light.” We will obviously have to stay until Iraqis evolve into a faster form of life but Perry is on record questioning the basis for evolution.

Source: Politico

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  1. Elaine and Blouise,
    I think you responded to Guaman properly. These same candidates can’t stop trying to outcrazy each other and the posters here are considered puerile and sophmoric?

  2. Elaine M.,

    I am so glad to learn Julia is doing well. Isn’t it a wonderful time?! Tell me about her first Christmas.

    All mine are just fine and maturing into fine young adults. I love their individuality and am quite proud of each of them.

    The three year old is wonderful. This Christmas was one of the best we’ve all had and much of it was due to experiencing the wonder of the season through her eyes. The five older ones relived their own memories as they played with her and almost every night during the week before Christmas one of them would stop by her house to take her for a ride to see the lights. We even experienced some baby Jesus time at her Pre-school (Lutheran).

  3. Blouise,

    Julia is a joy to take care of. She always wakes up smiling. She is growing by leaps and bounds and is the 90th percentile for length.

    I’m adapting to my new life–living half the week with my daughter and son-in-law.

    BTW, how are your grandchildren?

  4. Blouise,

    Sophomoric and puerile? Appropriate adjectives to describe the behavior of some of the Republican candidates, don’t you think?

  5. Guaman,

    Sorry dude … Perry inspires ridicule. Want an intelligent discussion … give us an intelligent candidate … otherwise, get used to the snickers.

  6. Hmm, I thought a big league lawyer blog would draw some intellectually stimulating comments. Ooops, my mistake. Sophomoric, puerile, personal animosity with no facts, analysis or even a mild form of logic is exhibited.

  7. In the late 60s politicians campaigned on getting us out of Vietnam. Now Republicans are falling all over themselves arguing who can get us into a new war the fastest. If the draft were brought back, this sort of talk would quite quickly fade to a whisper.

  8. rick perry

    the only person who could make “w” look intelligent.

    (i’m one to talk, i had to use spellcheck for intelligent)

  9. Gene,
    Thanks as always in keeping the math simple for simple minded folks like myself. I agree that quarter wits might be a more accurate label!

  10. raff,

    I’m going to have to go with AMS here and say that compounded fractional wits are a mathematical (I know, I know) operation of multiplication instead of addition. Bush and Perry together – as half-wits – make a quarter-wit (1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4), but if as perhaps Elaine rightfully suggests they started off as quarter-wits, the two of them together would make a one-sixteenth wit (1/4 * 1/4 = 1/16). I will omit discussing AWS concurrent compounding factor as they are indeed serial morons, not parallel, in an effort to minimize the math requirements for this blog (at your request).

  11. OT:

    “There goes another chief of staff. Bill Daley, who has directed Obama’s White House since January of 2011, handed in his resignation last week, senior administration officials tell The Chicago Tribune. Daley’s stated reason is to spend more time in his hometown of Chicago. Current budget director Jack Lew is set to take over the role at the end of the month. Though the administration was heading into a tough election year, the sources say Daley wasn’t pushed out and that his resignation caught the president by surprise. Daley replaced original chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who left for a successful run at Chicago’s mayorship.”

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