Lieberman Predicts Victory in War With Iran With A Prayer For “Regime Change”

This week the public continued to get signals from our leaders that we may be in for yet another war. This time it would be Iran. In an interview this week, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) uttered the words that many peace advocates fear: “regime change.” In response to public moves by Israel to attack Iran “before the U.S. elections,” Lieberman took to the air to assure the public that “we” can defeat Iran and “hope and pray” for a regime change. Sounds tragically familiar.

Many of us have been watching with rising concern the moves toward a war with Iran, including the reported desire of the Netanyahu government to secure the approval of a leading Rabbi. There seems a concerted effort to prepare Americans for such a war. Israel is counting on the current presidential campaign to dampen down opposition to its launching an attack and is clearly confident that we will eventually hand over the billions that it will want to replace weapons and help pay for the war. More importantly, the chances that we could get pulled into the war are high since an Israeli attack could easily provoke Iran into attacking U.S. personnel or assets.

Lieberman told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty this week that he thinks the chances are “high” that there will be a war with Iran and stressed “I think we have the capability either to eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons program or to disable it in a way that it will be delayed for enough years that we may hope and pray that there will be a regime change and that there will be a more democratic and friendly regime.”

Of course, Lieberman can be suggesting that we could attack Iran and not call it a “war” — a tactic used by the Obama Administration in the Libyan war.

Of course, the decision for the war will not be made by Americans and the American people will once again be given a fait accompli that we must support our allies and our own troops now that a war has started. Thus, as Camden is now moving to eliminate its police force for lack of money, we will likely be sending billions again to another war abroad with U.S. troops likely to follow.

Source: Thinkprogress