Taliban Goes To School and Shoots Young Girl Who Blogged About The Abuse of Women In Pakistan

We have another despicable crime committed by fanatics in the name of religion. Malala Yousufzai, 14, is an incredibly brave girl who wrote about the atrocities against women and girls under Taliban rule — writing about conditions and crimes in the area. She was honored internationally for her advocacy. A Taliban gunman walked on to her bus as it was leaving her school and asked for her by name. Another girl pointed her out but Malala denied being the girl so the gunman shot both girls in the name of Allah.

Malala was shot in the head and neck but amazingly survived as did the other girl. The Taliban expressed nothing but pride over the crime. Calling her writings “obscenity,” Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan proclaimed “this was a new chapter of obscenity, and we have to finish this chapter. We have carried out this attack.” It truly shows how warped some can become in their twisted view of faith. Here is an organization proudly proclaiming that they shot two little girls as a morally correct act.

Malala and her family had long been threatened by the Taliban ever since she started writing her blog — initially under a pseudonym for the BBC. She went public when the Taliban was pushed out of the Swat Valley. Her writings have a particularly prophetic quality now:

I was getting ready for school and about to wear my uniform when I remembered that our principal had told us not to wear uniforms – and come to school wearing normal clothes instead. So I decided to wear my favourite pink dress. Other girls in school were also wearing colourful dresses and the school presented a homely look.

Swat has been a centre of militant activity
My friend came to me and said, ‘for God’s sake, answer me honestly, is our school going to be attacked by the Taleban?’ During the morning assembly we were told not to wear colourful clothes as the Taleban would object to it.

During their time in the valley, the Taliban burned down schools and abused any girls who wanted to be educated.

While this atrocity was being investigated, the Pakistani court system was dealing with a case where seven girls were traded in barter to settle a feud in a tribal area. The trade was ordered by the local tribal council.

These are the same true believers that our ally Hamid Karzai says that he wished he had joined rather than work with the United States.

Source: CBS

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  2. Woosty,
    The compliments were genuine, not meant to grease you up. A mild bonding try perhaps but that must be regarded between us as number 29 from my side. 😉

  3. Woosty,

    My take was that he said: “suppose that I was a judge, this is what I would do……”.

    But hypotheticals are hard to detect at times. As GeneH. He puts up strict formal linguistic requirements to be fulfilled before he will admit they are that.

    Now supposing the rest of the world, including Hymee and I, and maybe even you do not qualify for fulfilling all such requirement, particularly when not writing for a job application or other life-important task, you just might not fulfill those requirements. Then you, I and Hymee are deported to GeneH’s hell.

    I trust that you as the extremely sensitive and empathetic person that you are, will understand this quite easily.

    If not, do offer your rebuttal. I would be honored to receive it.

  4. Hymee
    1, October 11, 2012 at 1:27 am
    Otteray Scribes comment is right on. If this was my neck of the woods and some Taliban schmucks came into my village and killed this girl then I would have my mob go find their kids and get revenge.
    did you say on another thread that you are a Judge?

  5. AY,

    Like the ones posted for the killers of black civil righters, and other generally uppity ones??? Effective! In fairness, what was your point?

  6. Idealist says that: Culture conquers all.
    It would be very good to pass out devices for the reception of internet, shortwavie radio and to bombard the Stans with culture from the rest of the world. A little Sesame Street and Big Bird could not hurt.
    When I was a kid, the US was the proponent of free airwaves, and we broadcast Radio Free Europe and Voice of America to win hearts and minds. The Soviets would jam the airwaves and we would scream about it. Now our government is keen on doling out segments of the broadband to various ownership interests of the One Percent. The U.S. has the Egyptian who produced the Prophets a Pedophile utube video in jail. The Russians have a music group called Pussy Footers or sumsuch name in jail for similar deeds. Years ago some historian predicted that there would be some “convergence” between the paths taken by the U.S. and the Soviets.
    I guess that is why Red China has gone capitalists. Meanwhile some schmuck running for the U.S. Senate out in Mizzoura thinks like a Taliban when it comes to birthin babies (with a “legitimate” rape the victim’s body shuts down and no pregnancy results). If that dumb Todd loses and Romneyh wins, they can make Todd Ambassador to Russia. Good fit.

  7. We seem here to be slowly finding our way to leaving Afghans to their own mess.

    Actually we don’t care about their mess, it is only the “recently discovered minerals” and its geographic position that interests us.
    We would leave tomorrow if we had a reliable local “controller” to use as our front there. That is what we hoped Karzai or his successor would be.

    We have of course the propaganda defeat that our leaving will be called a defeat.

    Why does the propaganda loss hurt so much. Because it matters to us for reasons easily explainable, but primarily because it makes us lees susceptible to going to war again, and it makes us less willing to support the propaganda of the military/industrial/security complex.
    And that endangers the complex. When will we clearly see them for what they are. I know, they are job creators you say, BUT they are also job-destroyers in a congressional district whose congressman does not support them on non-local issues of interest to them.

    That is why the job payoff is so nationally evenly spread, in proportion to the number of House rep. seats.

    We have been eating their propaganda to the point that we believe what is said and have internalized it, as Chomsky points out. as being necessary to active participation in the system.

    There is nuch more to be said. I am overwhelmed by the sight of the thousands of pages that remain to be written.

    As long as there is no evidentiary qualified proof offered of impending threat, then no armament nor war.

    As long as our children and we lack the basic necessities the no more taxes to the MIS-complex.

    As long as universal free health care and free education is not available then raise corporate taxes by 25 percent.

    If islamic dictators can do these good things, why can’t we?

  8. Jeez, the bugs are coming out of the wallpaper now.

    Zara, you don’t vaporize (the right term) people unless you want NYC to go the same way.

    Hymee, their kids are safe at home, just like our soldiers’ kid sre. This is a hardship tour for them in Swat Valley no families to be revenged upon.

    Dream again guys.

  9. jongrif,

    What base do we have at White Sands? Is a conversion of the old rocket site, or of the NASA LEM motor test facility? I worked at the latter.

  10. Jill,

    I said yesterday that this is truly a defining moment—-literally.

    Obama has been re-defined from terrible choice to best choice.

  11. “The Spanish Inquisition ran its course, just as the pogroms of France in the terror ran its course….OS”

    Appropriate, although am not sure that the Inquisition could be regarded as anchored in the population. Nor can the terror really be called pogroms. The Jesuits and their enablers could have been made short work of if the power of ikings did not back them up.

    Similarly, the aristocrats of France and the priests there were technically minority “populations”, they were hardly powerless.

    Wikipedia says that several hundred peasant revolts occurred between 15?? and 1718 all prior to the terror.

    Things don’t always run their course.

    My solutiion is to “bomb” the Afghans with satellite radio, CD players, and american dubbed DVDs and CDs. Culture conquers all.

  12. A parallel between the Talibans and our one percent ruling us.

    We live under a nominallly fine framewoek, as do the many followers of islam, as the advances under secular rule in Egypt and Saddams Iraq offer proof that women suppression does not necessarily follow. (relatively!).

    The Taliban also in their eyes strive after a more persect society.

    Their state of mind does not permit other states of mind and they persecute ruthlessly dissidents.
    Does not our one percent do also that?

    Let me close with asserting that the one percents control of us is equally effective and more forming than that of the Taliban. There, the people are still aware of their being persecuted. And have direct means and the will to resist. Propaganda and direct societal pressure has taken away our ability to fight the one percent.

  13. I am pleased to see this blog, as I suggested it on the corrections thread. I’m sure that JT was already working on it.

    I think the Swat Valley and its conquest by the Talibans shows how dangerous they are to women and progress.

    Able to pass the shibboleth test or by simple force of arms, they have pursued a power tekeover through selective assassination of mayors, police chiers, and ordinary “obscene” citizens. They have had effective control of the valley for over 2 years.
    All assertions of their expulsion by the Pakistani Army, acting in response to our pressure are false, at least for more that momentary effect.

    Karsai is aware that the Northern Allaince, long before him, defeated the Taliban in his own oountry. So perhaps he would hope to, more likely he would share with them, At any rate, Karzai is not only outraged at our deeds but by our intransigence. He is losing his domestic PR-war.

    Time to admit defeat, I believe.

  14. P Smith.

    I don’t agree that Jerry Falwell is a murderer. He is many things objectionable but a killer he is not. Let’s not cheapen the evil of these killers in Pakistan by comparing them with people who are not murderers.

  15. Otteray Scribes comment is right on. If this was my neck of the woods and some Taliban schmucks came into my village and killed this girl then I would have my mob go find their kids and get revenge. This is the lowest of the lowdown dirty worms on earth and dealing with them in kind is the kindest way to stop this. Someone needs to beg the Russians to come back into these Stan territories (none dare dub them “countries”) and take over. The dumbest thing America has done since WWII was push the Soviets out of Afghanistan. Maybe Nam was dumber.

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