Gallup: 54 Percent Of Americans Would Vote For Atheist For President

sisteen chapel ceilingThere is good news and bad news in the latest Gallup poll on atheist politicians. For the second time in less than a year, Gallup reports that a majority of Americans would vote for an atheist for president. However, the 54 percent who would vote for an atheist are offset by 43 percent who said they would not vote for an atheist even if she or he was well-qualified.

The 54 percent polled is a remarkable advance since in 1958 only 18 percent said they could vote for a nonbeliever. Not unexpectedly, the highest opposition became from Republicans (58 percent).

For those who argue for faith-based politics, the poll is likely to fuel their warnings of a secular conspiracy. However, for those of us who believe in a high wall of separation, the poll shows that people could be finally moving away from the use of faith by politicians to secure votes and to obscure their record. This is not a trend to reject faith. This remains a deeply faithful country. Rather, it is a slow recognition that civic leadership does not depend on leaders necessarily believing in your God or any God. Notably, there are also many secular leaders who are deeply religious but believe in strong separation of church and state principles. We have many leaders of faith who are deserving of support and this poll suggests that more Americans are willing to consider leaders who are agnostic or atheist rather than impose a religious litmus test. Yet, with 43 percent still saying that they will vote on the basis of religious prejudice, there remains work to be done.

Source: USA Today

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  1. Thank you for making the spelling correction. I will be able to sleep tonight.

    As for who could be elected president, I think the only disqualification is having any trait that hints at ethics.

  2. My counterintuitive thought would be to have plumbers, electricians, school crossing guards, cab drivers, delivery guys, save our world before attorneys.

  3. bettykath: Tony, Lawyers saving the world? LOL

    I am pretty much in the business of counterintuitive solutions, bettykath. Because in science, all the intuitive solutions have been known forever. If you want to make any progress, you have to think outside the box and invent something non-intuitive or counter-intuitive. I believe the same is true for politics. Petitions, donations, voting, marches, protests, outrage, phone calls, all seem to me like complete wastes of people’s time and money. I repeat: Seem to me.

    Because when it comes to legislation that would restrain or jail the rich, or interfere with a mega-corporation’s ability to earn a profit, I see essentially nothing in the legislation that ever helps. 90% of citizens can be in favor of criminal background checks; virtually everybody except the criminals themselves, and nothing happens. Zero.

    We get thrown table scraps, like repealing DADT in the military, or health care that perpetuates the corporation’s ability to hold us hostage and rob us blind. A petition or call to your Senator isn’t ever going to change that, there is far too much money at stake.

  4. The community of Beverly Hills elected a muslim mayor. Lots of jews in B.H. Los Angeles elected an idiot. lots of idiots in L.A.

  5. How about a story on racial profiling by Connecticut courts???


  6. Andy, On being able to give an opinion on any topic: anyone here can do that and most of us don’t need a drink 🙂

    Tony, Lawyers saving the world? LOL See, Andy?

    Given the mood these days, I’m sure an atheist would be elected over a Muslim.

  7. Well. There ’tis. Hard to argue with a majority, esp. in the United States Sen—

    oh wait…

  8. Gene: Wow, who’d a thunk?

    I really did see a poll a few years ago that put atheists on the rung below convicted felons when asked about trustworthiness. I wonder how that paradox can be reconciled?

    Actually, I am waist deep into thinking about an alternative route to liberalism, in which lawyers will save the world. Buckle up!

  9. Ask Dr. George how to spull Gallup. It is one of those polls that rides up on ya.

  10. Ask not what your Christian can do for you. Ask what your Christian will do for your country.

    How does that good Christian candidate for President stand on the Ten Commandments? How does Mitt Romney stand on the Sixth Commandment of Thou Shalt Not Kill? Where is Ricky Boy Perry on that one? As Governor of Texas he was out hobknobing with the Christians on the Sunday electoral party circuit and a guy on death row had his name come up for pardon. Ricky was too busy with his Christian pals and caused the guy to die on death row. A human being killed by The People of The State of Texas. It turned out he was innocent.

    The stand a candidate takes on The Sixth Commandment is a test. If the schmuck says he is a good Christian then ask him what his position is on the death penalty. If he says he is for the death penalty then he is not a Christian but a poser. If she says she is agin it then she is a real Christian in that aspect. I went thru the Ten Commandments and could not find one on same sex marriage so skip that one and go to the question for the candidate on fornicating with animals.

  11. Far too often religious belief is idolatrous in nature. The priest, cleric, minister, pastor, rabbi are often lifted by the members of their congregation to the point that their dictates are never questioned but followed as if coming directly from their deity which is pure idolatrous behavior on the part of the congregants. Thus, a highly religious commitment to a belief/personage often leads to a weaker commitment to democratic institutions which eventually leads to political intolerance which stands at odds to the tolerance that is necessary for the democratic process to work.

    Although this latest Gallup poll shows the continued movement in acceptance (toleration) of the atheist, 58% up from 18% the year the poll was first conducted, that progress could be stopped in its tracks by another Jerry Falwell, highly motivated Pope, radicalized Cleric, or an instigating Rabbi.

    The intolerance of the highly religious for each other and has been well documented throughout history which is why it is so necessary to maintain our separation of Church and State.

  12. Good news. Is there not an argument against the term “Atheist” because it presupposes a Divine Being as an actual possibility? Count me in that crowd.

  13. Why not?

    We have been electing Pontius Pilots for a long time now, but that is not our fault, it is their fault.

    With our luck, just after inauguration he or she would “find Cheesus.”

  14. Please be advised that the opinion survey organization spells the name GALLUP. The spelling of the family name changed sometime in the 18th century. Although I am connected to the family, but not the survey, I can offer independent opinion on almost anything a lot cheaper, ask anyone who has served me a drink.

  15. Would any God do for these purposes, or would it have to be one of the Christian interpretations of God?

    For example, a person might look favorably on a politician that believed in a loving cuddly God, but not on one who believed in a venegful Jehovah who was in the habit of smiting people for the tiniest transgression.
    The two extremes might be expected to result in very different faith-based politics.
    Should the poll not cater for cuddly/vengeful aka loving/toughloving?

    What about an American Indian politician who was not a Christian?
    Native cultures embody spirituality but AFAIK do not center on a Deity.

  16. LoL In Illinois they voted for a guy that didn’t campaign, was in a mental hospital, and was awaiting criminal charges.

    After he won, he resigned, and they had another election….

    It is really pretty embarrassing that voters are so ignorant. And then we wonder why politicians have us in the mess we’re in.

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