As U.S. Continues To Spend Fortune In Afghanistan, Karzai Turns To China

225px-hamid_karzai_2004-06-14Afghan President Hamid Karzai has spent years denouncing the United States as we have continued to pour hundreds of billions into this country (and his corrupt family and government). Now, Karzai has called on China to come in and guarantee security in the country as he continues to call on the United States to get out. Despite these consistent attacks on the U.S. and Americans as “demons”, the Obama Administration continues to put our soldiers in harms way and spend money that is badly needed at home in this country. So, while the Administration is cutting back on FAA towers and slowing air travel, we will continue to spend wildly in a country seeking to replace us with China. Brilliant.

This week, Karzai praised China as the world’s emerging dominant superpower and largest economy. He described his country as the “graveyard of empires” which apparently is meant to include the United States. Karzai wants China to come into the country to stabilize security and wants the U.S. out, particularly after a series of operations led to high levels of civilian deaths.

Our insistence on continuing to dump money and manpower into this country is baffling. The situation is worsening on the ground and anti-American sentiments continue to be high. Yet, our own economic crisis does not cause any reexamination of these foreign operations. Neither party wants to be blamed for a failure in Afghanistan so we continue to pump money and men into operations into the country — even after reports showing huge amounts of aid disappearing into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Of course, the abuses of China’s security services and denial of basic rights matters little to Karzai. They are simply the next deep pocket for the government to seek in its reliance on foreign aid.

Source: Presstv

28 thoughts on “As U.S. Continues To Spend Fortune In Afghanistan, Karzai Turns To China”

  1. The large question is whether we and the world were better off when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan. I say yes. We were dumb to try to get them kicked out. We supported the Muslim Brotherhood and guys like The Doctor, whose name was al Zawari. So now we got al qaedda entrenched when Soviets with their tanks were trying to let women go to med school there. Jimmy Carter was a problem starter. I thnk that we need to employ the old bumper sticker from the Vietnam War and change a name. So its:
    Obama, Pull Out Now, Like Your Father Should Have.

    Perhaps we could pay the Russians to invade Afghanistan again. There is such a thing as Zones of Interest. That is their Zone, its not my job to keep the muslims from killing everyone and denying women the right to go to med school. We would not want the Russians in Mexico trying to stop the drug trade. Zones of interest matter.

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  3. Karzai is another Castro.
    He is done using us. Maybe we should leave, and I am becoming convinced it’s not a bad idea, Let China spend tons of money there, but then again they have very strict opinions on corrupt leaders and deal with them with extreme predjudice . Karzai may be sorry to get his wish. China wouldn’t be worried about civilian or military casualties or political ones for that matter.
    But then we know this is all about oil. Build the Keystone pipeline, and let the middle east nations who hold us hostage over oil, pound sand..
    China sure as hell can’t feed these countries, they aren’t able to adequately feed their own people.
    We should have tied the price of food to these countries to the price they charge us for oil long ago. We would be a lot better off financially than we are.

    1. I agree, let them have their honeymoon with China. That relationship would soon sour, as China does not have a nice guy reputation to protect like the US.
      Of what I know about China, and its dealings with other countries, it would be a basturd, would not take any sht, and properly bully the bully that Karzai is, as well as his country.
      I suspect after the first few IEDs blew up their soldiers, the velvet glove would come off, reveal a mailed fist. I would like to see how that empire deals with the black hole that Afghanistan is.

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