Tagging Tut: Tourist Defaces Luxor Temple Wall

pyb4w0xA tourist returning from Egypt posted this picture on Reddit and says that a Chinese kid had carved his name on the wall of the 3000 year old Luxor Temple in Egypt. As a history nut, such acts fill me with rage. If true, I fail to see how the parents or guardians or friends would not have seen such an act of vandalism.

In the very least, this is a kid who was never taught to respect the culture, let alone the property, of others. Perhaps one of our Chinese speakers can make out what is says if it is indeed Chinese.

16 thoughts on “Tagging Tut: Tourist Defaces Luxor Temple Wall”

  1. yes, he was shown the error of his ways. then they made him drink a potion of rhino horn and baby whale blood.

  2. Looks like the punk had a lot of time to do his artwork. The Egyptians can afford to put more guards on guard. I blame Morsi or Mursi or however ya spull it.

  3. Junctionshamus,

    Did you mean caining therapy? As was prescribed as sentence for the kid that vandalized a Mercedes in Singapore a couple of decades ago.

  4. From my grandfather who slept with a squirrel (See: “Canine Therapy”): “Fools’ names, like fools’ faces, are often seen in public places.”

  5. 14-15 year old kids frequently have to active brain functions for judgement. Doesn’t make their bad deeds right.

  6. This behavior is outrageous. It only takes one of these riff raffs to ruin it for everyone. Damaging something so historic and ancient in my view if he was an adult I would not object to a lengthy prison sentence.

  7. If it weren’t in Chinese many folks would think that perp was an American since American tourists have been doing this for years. Read The Innocents Abroad by Twain where he records similar predations by his fellow travellers. Though they were smarter since they only took parts of the treasures and did not leave their names.

  8. He has been tracked down, a 14-15 year old teen from Nanking. It’s his name tag al a “Kilroy was here” thing. I think the Chinese authorities have shown him the errors of his ways, according to news reports.

  9. It says, “I’m a narcissistic teen who is going to hell for this travesty.”

  10. Any chance a picture of the vandal was taken? Maybe he could then receive a lifetime ban from Egypt and any other place with priceless treasures. I wouldn’t want him near our Constitution, although he couldn’t damage it much more than Obama already has.
    I’m assuming this kid is the offspring of the new mega-rich in China. Maybe his parents can be forced to pay for the plexiglass.

  11. The vandal in question isn’t the first to do this, carving names into sites was common among the first Egyptologists a century ago. Unlike then, today most people know better, though there will always be idiots with no sense of respect.


    I have no patience for religious twaddle, but I wouldn’t write “PS wuz heer” on a first edition Gutenberg buybull for the same reason I wouldn’t touch the Apple I computers auctioned last week, and wouldn’t touch the walls in the Temple at Luxor: I understand their historical significance, and that they are irreplaceable.

    Egypt’s historians will probably have to close down those sites to the public, or put up plexiglass barriers to prevent people from touching them. I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

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