Eight-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Dies After Forced Sex With 40-Year-Old Husband

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenThe plight of women and children in traditional Muslim areas has long been a focus of our blog. While most shock our conscience, this story reaches a new low for the sanctioned pedophilia that occurs in arranged marriages. An eight-year-old girl named Rawan died in Hardh, Kuwait after an arranged marriage with a 40-year-old man and forced sex with a husband who was five times her age. She died of internal bleeding resulting from what would be considered rape in most nations on Earth.

Public advocates have called for the arrest of the girl’s husband as well as her family.

While most Muslims are appalled by such marriages, some clerics remain adamant that such child brides are sanctioned in the Koran.Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Shaikh has defended such marriages. Mohammad was known to have married 6-year-old Aisha, which was consummated when she was 9.

Courts will sometimes order that there should be no consummation until after a girl reached puberty. Since girls can reach puberty as early as nine, this reform means that men can have sex with nine and ten year old girls under reforms guaranteed to avoid abuse.

The willingness of families to effectively sell their children to pedophiles is obviously greater in impoverished areas. What is distressing is that Kuwait is a wealthy country. Yet, this type of outrage continues. It will continue until the girl’s family as well as the husband are arrested.

Source: Gulf News

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  1. All in the name of Religion. These are sick people. Jail the girls parents.

  2. The 76 virgins (you say 72, anyway, 70 something) came from the original Assassin (hash-hash-een) plans of the old man on the mountain, basically a warlord in the Turkey area who controlled the kings & leaders of the area around 900 AD by having his thugs drug a young man with hashish & take him to a mocked up ‘paradise’ with beautiful women for the taking. After getting him hooked on this incredibly beautiful place, he was told this was indeed Paradise but he still had a life back on earth & would have to return…. HOWEVER, he could come back if he obeyed orders for a future assassination. In this way, no leader in the region was safe if they did not follow the orders of the old man. He let them lead but could order a herd of animals or a troupe of dancing girls & have them wherever he wanted them the next morning. Of course, this came after the Koran & Mohamed which probably has a lot to say about it & made it believable. But its funny how few know about this true story in this era of religious suicide. I suppose the western authorities prefer not to remind us that someone else other than today’s Illuminati used this religious conviction for their own ends, just like today’s presidential edicts, surveilance & Homeland Security frisks rob your freedom to ‘protect you from Moslem fanatics’.

  3. Mack : “Now Obama, our Sunni president, is plotting to overthrow the Shia Assad, ”
    Dude, get a grip. Sunni president, LOL.


    doglover: “The primary purpose of any religion with a male god and misogynistic mythology is to legitimize misogyny.”
    It sure seems to work out that way no matter the actual motive/purpose. The problem with ascribing such a singular purpose is that it seems to ignore the other discriminatory and oppressive effects of religion.

  4. This horrible story comes on the heels of a new study released by the UN about rape by Asian men. Copied and pasted (sorry, I don’t know how to include a link). Read and tell me you’re not disgusted by it. I consider these men to be vile predators. This is why I think that there ought to be a special place in hell for women who support conservative politicians and religious leaders who try to limit a woman’s life and potential in any way. While they may be spared the abuse, they do, perhaps unwittingly, undermine the rights of other women. Here’s the article which can easily be found by a google search:

    A new UN survey looking into the roots of rape revealed one in four men from various Asian countries have sexually assaulted at least one person in their lifetime.

    Ten thousand men from six nations in Asia participated in the study, which not only considered the socioeconomic and cultural reasons for rape, but also asked why people committed such acts of sexual violence.

    The report, published in the medical journal The Lancet, was conducted by the Partners of Prevention – a handful of UN agencies asked men from Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka whether they’d ever raped someone.

    Subjects were asked if they had “forced a woman who was not [a] wife or girlfriend at the time to have sex,” and if they’d “had sex with a woman who was too drunk or drugged to indicate whether she wanted it.”

    According to the study, about one in four of the people surveyed reported they’d raped someone – Papua New Guinea had the highest proportion of admitted rape, with a whopping 60.7 percent.

    Compare that with Bangladesh’s 11.1 percent, Cambodia’s 20.8 percent, China with 22.7 percent and Indonesia at 31.9 percent of men saying they’d forced a partner to have sex.

    But women were not the only victims – 6.2 percent of the men said they raped a man or men, and 30.2 percent reported having assaulted a man or woman in a group setting, CNN reported.

    The study found that the earlier the perpetrator first raped, the more likely they were to commit another sexual assault later in life. More than half of the men interviewed raped a person who was not their partner between the ages of 14 and 19.

    According to the authors of the study, this “reinforces the need for early rape prevention if one is to intervene before the first rape is committed.”

    When asked why they committed rape, 73.3 percent of respondents cited sexual entitlement. Author Dr. Emma Fulu defined this term as men believing “they had the right to have sex with the woman regardless of consent.”

    The second most common justification for rape was “for fun, or because they were bored.” At 37.9 percent, the following reason for sexual acts of aggression were punishment-based, if the man became aggravated. Alcohol was the least-cited reason for rape, at 27 percent.

    With this information, the authors of the study concludee this high level of rape in Asian countries must be dealt with early on, and also must be considered in a cultural context.

    “Interventions must focus on childhood and adolescence, and address culturally rooted male gender socialization and power relations, abuse in childhood and poverty,” the report stated.

  5. There is just nothing left to say…but I guess I found something…..I have been so protected in America against such brutality. I am lucky. My parents divorced when I was young and I was pretty much on my own. Several times there were situations when I was moved on by men of dubious means but there were honorable men who protected my innocents. I know they are out there…and I am proud of men with honor…nothing better to have…for women too! I remember several years back I was in a Las Vegas elevator at the Belagio with my husband and there was a woman dressed in a burka and I said peek a boo in a light hearted way. The man she was with went crazy mad… I thought my husband was going to have to fight him. I was shocked at the level of anger he possessed! Later that week I related the story to a group in a class I was taking and I was surprised by how many thought I was Very Disrepectful. My conclusion was “lighten up!” In closing, let me get this straight….Muslim men feel they have the right to control women and young girls in every way, even to killing them if they step out of line. This is their right as men and if they kill others anywhere in the world who do not believe as they do then Alla God will be pleased and they will be presented with 72 virgins! Why 72? Why not 172? For me this begs the question is there a heaven for woman?

    I must admit I am ignorant when it comes to Muslims and what they believe. All I know is what the news tells me and it is up to me me to educate my self but may I wisper…I’d rather watch football or read a good book!

  6. what do you do with information like this…the feeling of helpless fury/anguish is overwhelming. I know, I know, we can do something, I suppose…passive acceptance grants power, allows injustice to continue…people can cause meaningful change, and all that…but this, this,t feels like something so, so difficult to do anything about..
    anyway…just my thoughts…I struggle with words sufficient to express my absolute horror and disgust and sadness. and US provides plenty of assistance to Kuwait- military/defense of course.

  7. The primary purpose of any religion with a male god and misogynistic mythology is to legitimize misogyny. To respect religion is to respect misogyny.

  8. Yemen. The most pristine Pirate Territory. Do not go in by land or near shore by sea. If you must fly over then please flush.

  9. Mack: “Obama, our Sunni president”? Just what kind of bullshit is that? What does he have to do to convince people like you that he is NOT and never has been Muslim? There’s probably no way he can do it, because you’re just going to go on believing whatever you want to believe…*sigh*

    And then you defend Saddam Hussein in a backhanded way. Yeesh.

    Anyway. Again, the enemy here is not Islam, but fundamentalist clerics, not all that different from those in Christianity and other religions, who think the oppression of women and girls is dictated by their beliefs. Horrible.

  10. Don’t forget the thousands of Western children kidnapped to be sold as sex slaves to wealthy Arabs such as the US “ally” the House of Saud..

  11. Saddam was just the sort of ruthless thug who, while personally monstrously evil along with his sons, was able to keep order among these “Ishmaelites.”
    “this [Ishmael] shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against all men, and the hands of all men shall be against him; and he shall set (his) tabernacles even against all his brethren (and he shall be at odds with all of his kinsmen).” — Genesis 16:12 Wycliffe
    Now Obama, our Sunni president, is plotting to overthrow the Shia Assad, another ruffian who has kept order among a majority Sunni population.

  12. That is what it is really about: pedophilia, and child selling to enable these rapists. The lecherous clergy that sanctions this is pretty low. What a poor reflection of some parts of their society. That a woman cannot show her hair or be with a strange man in the same room but men can go out and rape children and it is supported by religious leaders.

  13. It turns out Saddam Hussein was just what these animals needed. All the more reason we should stay the hell out of the Middle East, and let them rot in their barbarity.

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