Dallas Safari Club To Auction Off Right To Shoot An Endangered Black Rhino

220px-Sniperscope300px-Doué_21_06_2010_14_Diceros_bicornisThe Dallas Safari Club has come up with its own version of the Gourmet Club featured in the hilarious comedy The Freshman. However, rather than pay to eat one of the last animals of an endangered species, the Dallas Safari Club is auctioning off the right to shoot one of the most endangered animals in the world: a black rhino. The auction is being done in conjunction with the Republic of Namibia to sacrifice one of 5,055 remaining rhinos to raise money. Thus, ostensibly to raise money to protect the rhinos from continued illegal hunting, Namibia and the Club are advertising the thrill of shooting of an endangered rhino.

Ben Carter, the executive director of the Dallas Safari Club, insisted “First and foremost, this is about saving the black rhino.” It is the same logic of destroying a village to save it. Here is Carter’s logic:

“There is a biological reason for this hunt, and it’s based on a fundamental premise of modern wildlife management: populations matter; individuals don’t. By removing counterproductive individuals from a herd, rhino populations can actually grow.”

However, even if you accept the concept of killing animals to save them, the draw appears a basic one: be one of the few people who can claim that they killed an endangered rhino. That right could go as high as $1 million.

It is not clear why Carter’s approach is not also used for orphans or art preservation. Be the only person to shoot up a Monet with all of the money going to the Lovre Museum.

If the desire is to preserve the rhino population, why not just give money to preserve the population?

Notably, the Humane Society is circulating a petition to try to prevent the hunter from being able to bring back the carcass of the kill. The desire to help the rhino population might decline a bit if there is no trophy of the kill.

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  1. pete:

    there are no black RINO’s that I know of. Plenty of white RINO’s though.

    Carson for President 2016
    Cain Secretary of Commerce
    West for Sec Def
    Rice for Sec State
    Keyes Ambassador to the UN

    I am pretty sure the Tea Party would be in agreement, I know I would love to see that line up in Washington.

  2. Pete, 🙂

    You might be on to something though, it is after all a BLACK rhino. Just say’n.

  3. I looked at the board of directors of this outfit. I remember being in one of the director’s homes for a school or sports team function. The whole place was filled with enough animal remains to keep a taxidermist in business for a long time. I am not against hunting but trophy hunting… yuck. It is very popular in north Dallas. Go figure….

  4. So Patsy,

    You’re telling me that the Namibians have no level of blame for this because they’re starving? Alright, so it’s okay that they’re offering up a Black Rhino to be auctioned, but these hunters are the bad guys because they’re performing the auction, right?

    Okay, so get rid of these hunters, and a Chinese/Russian/nameyourcountry organization comes along and does the same thing… they’re now the bad guy. At what point does the peddler of this evil delicacy get blamed in your mind?

    Just because someone is down on their luck doesn’t make them innocent of a crime just because you don’t like the fence they sell stolen goods to (or pick your metaphor there really). Or is it taboo to pick on the poor starving people because they just “can’t help themselves” or something? Wrong is wrong.

  5. Namibians are starving to death!

    Texans are just havin fun! For God’s sake! Guns good, PETA bad. “Gun grabbers” waited too long for Texas! They should have started at a younger age. You can’t change the Texas paradym, boots kicking, rodeo ridin, rootin tootin, gun slingin, cowboy dancin is just so appealing to the rest of the country. We are all jealous of the fun ideas you come up with! Right?

  6. I remember those cowboy cops with the hats on when Lee Harvey Oswald got shot. Things do not change much in Dallas. Which is why all my ex es live in Texas.

  7. anarmyofficer:

    skeet and trap is great fun.

    Gun grabbers ought to try it out before they start confiscating, they might change their minds.

  8. Unless I missed something, the Namibian government is the controlling entity here. Why are the hunters the only ones villified in this forum?

    It seems to me that the government is just as much to blame in this situation… Or does everyone consider them not worth discussing? These hunters wouldn’t have anything to auction off if the Namibian government didn’t agree.

    And as Bron alluded to, there is no mention of the condition of the animal, or how the hunt would be conducted. Is the animal to be stalked? Does the hunter get to pick? is it sitting in a pen because it’s terminal? Perhaps this IS humane, and perhaps not.

    Not all of these hunters are sadistic and evil people. As it has been stated, many are conservation minded, etc. And no, I’m not a hunter, nor would I want to kill any animals. Not because I abhor killing animals, I just don’t like to eat game. I admit I want to take my trap gun out and bag at least 1 duck in my life though. The clay ones have already tasted my ire.

  9. Bron, while I agree that many of the ELF and PITA crowd are a bit out there…
    there are a LOT of conservation groups who have done a LOT to help
    animals and save many from extinction…..

    and I’m sorry, but somebody paying for the right to kill an ENDANGERED animal is just WRONG… and IN NO WAY would I call that person a hunter….

    What next…. paying for the RIGHT to kill a human being????

    Put this Rhino in a ZOO….. that is a perfect way to CULL it….

  10. AY:

    Why wouldnt they be good people? Most people are good people. Just because you are a hunter doesnt mean you are bad. Most hunters I know really care about habitat and conservation and wildlife management to preserve the sport they love. They also put their time and money where their mouths are. By donations of money and work to improve habitat. They also buy large tracts of land to keep wild for hunting and fishing.

    Most of the PETA and ELF types just destroy, they dont engage in positive action to actually do some good. When was the last time either bought 10,000 acres and created a wildlife refuge?

  11. I’m with the ‘sell licences to shoot the hunters’ crowd here. This hunt is just wrong on every level.

    While the Professor was being sarcastic about the orphans and paintings, and contrary to the MASkeptic’s justification regarding the artwork, yes, it has been done. I first read about this in Ceramics Monthly (or one of my other art related periodicals) a long time ago and the article I read didn’t know if originals or reproductions were being used but the story dropped off the radar, I don’t know if there were any follow-up’s. It’s pretty well accepted now that he has been using originals.


    Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn:

  12. Aren’t Rino’s part of the Obama administration….. I know DInos’ are part of the GOP caucus….

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