Abu Dhabi Moves To Impose Severe Criminal Punishment on Sorcerers

220px-Saluzzo-Castello_della_Manta-magoAbu Dhabi is taking a step back in following other Muslim countries criminalizing “sorcery.” We have seen countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia pursue witches and sorcerers under Sharia laws. Abu Dhabi currently treats sorcerers as a form of fraud but now wants heavier criminal penalty as a form of blasphemy.

Sorcery is a form of free speech, though it can amount to fraud in some cases. Thus, the 1983 law in Abu Dhabi comes closer to the mark in treating the matter as a matter of fraudulent conduct, though it is wrong to prohibit consenting adults to participate in such associations as a categorical matter. However, the Koran speaks of sorcerers and genies as unIslamic.

Hadeya Al Hammad, an Emirati lawyer in Abu Dhabi, insisted that while this should be viewed as a scam it is also a form of blasphemy under Sharia law and should warrant higher punishments.

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  1. Abu Dabhi and NYU have embarked on a huge and controversial expansion of the university over there. I would think that this could prove embarassing to NYU.

  2. Anyone who doesnt abide by the rules of the hierarchy is a quack, conspiracy theorist,, terrorist, etc. its how they keep a iron clad hand on everything. any scientist who has tried to tell the people about certain cures ex hiv, cancer. etc are demonized and publicly destroyed..ex hulda clark…. its exactly what those 3 letter agencies that we arent supposed to know about are all about.

    the biggest terrorist we have are right here on our own land running our country.. the sloppiness they display now in their tactics and attacks would be funny except for the fact that much to many people still believe in them no matter what kind of proof they are shown…. they cant buy bloggers free lancers like they did all the lame stream media like they did 50 years ago..

    There is no religion except theirs as far as they are concerned… they infiltrated all of them centuries ago…. history is what they tell us it is.. not what the truth is..

    They never intended to separate church and state.. if they had the pope wouldnt have so much influence and the catholic church wouldnt be so powerful……

  3. What Annie said. This kind of mixing of religion and government would have severe consequences for the US and the Constitution.

  4. There are sorcerers everywhere!!!! Ernest Angsley was arrested in Germany for practicing medicine without a license. (1984)


    Flamboyant American television faith-healers Ernest Angley and W.V. Grant Jr., both of whom have been portrayed in an unflattering light before, are being sharply derided as “quacks“ and “conjurers“ worthy of sideshow status in traveling carnivals.

    The attack comes in a shrill and sweeping “expose“ published in the just-released issue of Free Inquiry, the quarterly journal of the Council for Democratic and Secular Humanism.

    …… In a separate examination of evangelist Angley, who presides over Grace Cathedral in Akron, Ohio, the magazine detailed what it described as the faith-healer`s “curious antics“ and “incomprehensible“ sermons. It recalled his 1984 arrest and imprisonment in Munich, West Germany, on charges of practicing medicine without a license, an action taken by German authorities after a Swiss woman named Anna Berner reportedly died of a heart attack at one of Angley`s services in Munich.

  5. Mike, I have watched a couple of videos of the elder Cruz preaching and going on about the anointed Kings and the Kings being RIGHTOUS in redistributing the wealth of the sinful to the Priests. Scary stuff. Dominionism and government.

  6. “If this nation were to succumb to Pastor Cruz and his son’s influences, could we be looking at similar legislation? Yes it’s laughable, but never say never.”


    That is absolutely true. Were certain elements to gain control in this country the actions such as this in Islamic countries would seem comparable. If one listens to the speeches of Christian Dominionists and reads their writing, they want the same level of intolerance and muting of speech, only from a Christian point of view which is no less repressive.

  7. Didn’t Sarah Palin have a Pastor from an African country, who engaged in real witch hunts, pray over her in her fundamentalist church? If this nation were to succumb to Pastor Cruz and his son’s influences, could we be looking at similar legislation? Yes it’s laughable, but never say never.

  8. What is a sorcerer to some is not to others….. I’d need to see the specific claimed definition…..

  9. These Pirate Territories are almost as bad as England which is prosecuting a guy for transporting the Snowden Papers, which are no different than the Pentagon Papers. Boycott the Pirate Territories and England. Don’t call England something like “Great Britain” There is nothing Great about the place.

  10. It would be funny if these governments were not exerting tremendous pressure to incorporate blasphemy into international law and to justify trying foreigners in absentia for blasphemy. The impact on free speech of wandering “religious” police enforcing blasphemy laws is chilling at best.

  11. I’m guessing Amazon doesn’t sell many Harry Potter books in that region.

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