Exporting Smog and Surveillance: China Continues To Remake The World In Its Own Image

220px-Factory_in_China250px-Surveillance_quevaalA new report from the World Health Organization details how 7 million people are dying from air pollution every year and 40 percent of those are dying from China’s pollution. Too often, politicians treat pollution as just some trade off for jobs, but it has a more lethal cost that most people do not appreciate. China is the nightmare scenario of that environmental meltdown as we have previously discussed. At the same time, China is exported its surveillance technology to help nations like Ethiopia suppressed dissent and free speech.

According to the WHO, air pollution now causes more deaths worldwide than AIDS, diabetes and road injuries combined.

Chinese air pollution is now degrading the air of other countries and radically increasing the death toll.

The air is now so bad that there is a new market of bottles of fresh air for tourists; Of course, now that Chinese can see sunsets on huge screens you can enjoy your canned air while watching your projected sunset.

Of course, the United States has lost the ability to object to surveillance abuses after the wholesale attack on privacy by President Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush. However, China is now exporting its surveillance technology to other authoritarian governments or despot wannabes. Ethiopia’s government is deploying Chinese cyber and phone surveillance technologies from China to crackdown on dissent. Here is one of the poorest nations on Earth but it is accepting food aid while spending money to suppress dissent. The technology is from Chinese telecom giant ZTE and allows for monitoring of social media, phone, and Internet communications. Other nations like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are following suit with the creation of surveillance states.

Ironically, the two exports of China, smog and surveillance, have proven incompatible elements for the China. The surveillance services are complaining that the smog is preventing their surveillance of citizens. However, it has been sold as a protection against spying by other countries who cannot penetrate the lethal levels of smog. Of course, under the shroud, Chinese are dying in the worker’s paradise.

It would be wonderful if the United States could actually take the lead in criticism of this trend but we have been silenced by our own towering hypocrisy. That is what the last two presidents have frittered away: not just our rights but our credibility.

Likewise, the Chinese are citing Australia’s reversal on climate change pollutants (and here) under the conservative Abbott administration as justification to back off its own limited promises to curtail those pollutants. Even though Abbott (who once called climate change theories “absolute crap”) was reversed by the legislature, he can take credit for giving the Chinese an excuse for not imposing needed measures like a pollution tax.

Source: Bloomberg and CS Monitor

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  1. Not much logic in your statement, Dredd. Polution made in China is still polution made in China, even if the goods are for the USA. That’s another issue.

  2. The propaganda engines working to deceive should not be supported by blogs:

    America’s emissions are not falling, as suggested by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The two main reasons are offshored goods and services and fracked natural gas. The EIA does two things that obscure reality when evaluating emissions. One is that it counts only emissions made in the United States. All those goods and services made in China or other developing nations don’t count against US emissions.

    (US Falling Emissions a Mirage: Offshoring and Fracking).

  3. Nice find, Dredd.

    Then there is also the evils of GMO food production in the US, the foundation of which is based on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Mosanto’s Roundup, which is banned for food production in virtually every other nation on earth. Even worse, the government-corporate conspiracy that is preventing listing of GMO on food labels.

    As if the high-protein US diet isn’t toxic enough on kidneys, then there is this:

    Dramatic Increase in Kidney Disease in the US and Abroad Linked To


  4. “There are 14 industrial facilities around Mossville [Louisiana], a community that’s just five square miles in area. A 1998 EPA study found chemical toxins in the hamlet’s air 100 times higher than the national standard. Another study found that 84 percent of residents had some sort of central nervous system disorder. Its residents at one point appealed to an international court, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, on the grounds that the continued pollution of the neighborhood constituted environmental racism. (That appeal is ongoing.) The community was also featured in a 2002 documentary, Blue Vinyl, on the toxic consequences of manufacturing building materials.” (Kos)

  5. Yeah, so don’t forget to congratulate China for saving millions of lives with the one child policy. When I was a kid they were dropping like flies from starvation. It good that they are moving to 2 children now & of course the pollution is a bloody disgrace to be addressed again and again until its handled. I’m not gonna beat them up on not having a democracy cos ours is a farce!

  6. samantha

    What do you expect from globalists whose growth in profits depends on growth in population?


    China has been attempting to curb growth in its population for years. That’s why the country instituted its “One Child Policy” over thirty years ago. I heard that the country recently announced an end to that policy.

  7. It’s a cruel fact of physiology: kids are the hardest-hit victims of air pollution. Pound for pound, children breathe more than adults, receiving a relatively bigger toxic dose delivered to their developing bodies. And the smaller the child, the bigger the impact. What makes an 8-year-old cough could make an infant stop breathing.

    That science takes on particular significance in Washington, where 126 day cares are located beside major roads and where rules about where new facilities can open are not enforced. Researchers say air pollution from vehicle traffic can aggravate asthma, reduce lung function and boost school absenteeism, as well as promote cancer later in life and harm developing immune systems.

    An additional 439 day cares sit within 500 feet of the state’s heaviest truck routes, a new analysis by InvestigateWest shows. The diesel fuel that powers these trucks can spew 100 to 200 times more soot than gasoline engines, and the exhaust is so toxic that the World Health Organization classifies it as a carcinogen.


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