Study: Chinese Pollution Contributing To Intense Weather Changes In The United States

220px-Factory_in_China220px-Dszpics1Various countries, including the United States, have been choking under China’s air pollution which is circling the globe. While China has steadily diminished the health of its own people with a disastrous priority on production at any cost, it is now affecting not just the pollution levels of other countries but, according to a new report, weather in the United States. New data released on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that Chinese pollution is altering weather patterns in North America and causing the recently intense weather patterns from cyclones, heavy rains, and other erratic weather events.

The computer models tracked the interaction of clouds and fine airborne particles known as aerosols. Much of this pollution came from Chinese vehicles and coal-fired power plants. While the authoritarian government is just now moving to make the environment “a priority,” it has stood by and watched its people die from soaring environmental related illness for decades.

While the government insists that it is now going green, I have my doubts. Over a decade ago, I participated in a conference on those environmental hazards in Beijing. While Chinese academics were well aware and alarmed by the statistics, I found the government officials to be dismissive and adamant that they only cared about production and economic growth. With China showing the lowest growth in years, the Chinese politburo is facing unrest over both jobs and pollution. I have always viewed China as an economic house of cards. People are forced to retire around 50 in the country. This means a huge population of pensioners sustained by the government. When production falls, the costs can skyrocket. With the increased pollution, medical costs skyrocket. The result could be very destabilizing for the regime — as well as the increasingly jarring appearance of the class of super-rich within the self-described Communist nation.

In the meantime, little has changed. China continues to arrest environmental activists and dissidents. This week, a court threw out a lawsuit from residents in Lanzhou who sought to recover for damages caused by the release of the carcinogenic chemical benzene were detected into the water supply. In my paper published in China ten years ago, I argued that such private lawsuits would be essential for China in deterring environmental abuses. [“Siren Zong Jianchaguan Zai Huanjing Fa Zhixing Guocheng Zhong de Zuoyong” (The Role of the Private Attorney General in the Enforcement of Environmental Law) Chinese publication 2009.]

The effect of Chinese pollution on the United States foreshadows potential international conflicts as the regime’s ruinous policies begin to impact other nations — causing killer storm and both economic and infrastructure damage. This is a new externality being shifted to other nations as China cashes in on high production industries. Moreover, for cities (particularly in California) to meet ambient air quality standards, they may have to tighten controls on U.S. companies even further to address Chinese pollution. Ironically, that could lead to a downward spiral as companies move to avoid the tighter abatement costs to countries like China that then increase the pollution moving over to the United States — leading to tighter controls and so on and so forth.

Source: Guardian

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    1. A four year old Senate minority committee report chaired by none other than the honorable Senator Inhofe Tea Party-OK. Inhofe believes only Divine Powers can have an affect on Climate Change. And you have the audacity to diminish because of some lose connection to Al Gore?

      I can well imagine how objective and honest Inhofe was in accepting witnesses and documents for his committee’s report. I mean this is the man who traveled to Uganda to support their President in what Inhofe described as “a Jesus thing.” A Jesus thing being the government sponsored murder of gays….yeah, that’s a Jesus thing alright. Seriously, do you expect me to take this report seriously when is was chaired by someone like Inhofe? Inhofe is a joke, along the lines of Darrell Issa of the Benghazi fame.

      Let’s see, we’ve tarnished Michael Mann to the point where I expect he will be linked to the man behind the grassy knoll in Dallas. George Soros has naturally been brought up as he is a well-liked ‘talking point’ by denialists, along with their favorite punching bag Al Gore. Be careful with George Soros, he sends me a monthly check so I have to be nice to him.

  1. Gee, I wonder is climate has changed previously. Bryce Canyon shows rock strata when Utah was ocean, jungle, forest, desert and semi arid. Maybe that’s just southern Utah??

  2. Paul Schulte

    Dredd – science is science. Tree-ring data bears me out.
    Somebody contact the IPCC and the 97% of scientists and tell them about Paul’s tree rings.

    1. Dredd – we already know that Dr. Mann played with or ignored the tree ring data, or manipulated it to fit his needs. Paleoclimalogists make up a very small incestial group which both accepts and then peer-reviews each others papers.
      This is just the latest paper in that group.

      1. Paul,

        …”we already know that Dr. Mann played with or ignored the tree ring data, or manipulated it to fit his needs.”

        Who is “we” Fox News? What references can you supply to document your claim against Michael Mann? If it is the email controversy then please note this myth has been debunked and refuted.

        May I quote from a reputable source of scientific information about climate change—realclimateorg—emphasizing that this is a reputable source and not a blogger in his mother’s basement:

        “One test of whether that discussion is more political than scientific will be the extent to which people acknowledge the progress that has been made. Repetitions of tired and oft-debunked one-liners will be telling!”

        1. Wegnam Report and several others points out the errors that Mann and his associates made.

          1. Paul,

            The Wegman Report was done at the behest of Joe Barton Tea Party-Texas. Mr. Barton is also against the use of Wind Energy as he feels that harnessing wind would cause the winds to decrease thus allowing the temperature to rise. And people actually vote for him??

            The Wegman Report was reviewed by the National Resource Council which found no evidence of data manipulation by Mann.

            1. Wayne – Does not matter whose behest it was done at, the concern is the results. Since Mann refuses to release his data to anyone so they can duplicate his numbers, it would be very hard for the National Resource Council to decide there was no evidence of data manipulation. That is unless they decided that since Mann would not give them the data, they could not see it.
              There is another report that tried to get published in I think Science mag where they could not make Mann’s figures work and wanted to write a short article regarding that. McKittrick I think is one of the authors. Their tale of being slowly iced out by Science magazine is eye-opening.

        2. Monday, July 06, 2009

          The Truth about
 is assumed by those who do not know any better to be an “objective” source on climate change. It features activist scientists with degrees in Geology, Geosciences, Mathematics, Oceanography and Physics who are all self proclaimed “climatologists”. Yet skeptical scientists with equivalent credentials are not (probably because they have not proclaimed it). Essentially the site exists to promote global warming alarm-ism and attack anyone who does not agree with their declaration of doomsday (proven of course by their own computer climate models) and the need for government intervention against the life supporting, atmospheric trace gas, carbon dioxide. Standard operating procedure is to post “rebuttals” to everything they disagree with and then declare victory, making sure to censor comments challenging their position. It doesn’t matter if they actual rebutted any of the science or facts just so long as they provide the existence of a criticism. This gives their fanboys “ammunition” to further promote alarmist propaganda across the Internet (and of course declare victory). Their resident propagandist William Connolley’s job is to edit dissent and smear skeptical scientists on Wikipedia. In the world of global warming alarmist “science” pretending you win is apparently all that matters because in real debates they lose. The truth is that is an environmentalist shill site directly connected to an eco-activist group, Environmental Media Services and Al Gore but they don’t want you to know that.

          1. The truth and premise about is that the contributing authors submit papers, without being paid, in such a manner that non-scientitsts can understand. You then go about describing the highly educated scientists in denigrating terms such as “activists.” You make the claim that skeptical scientists are not given a fair chance on this site. So give me a name of one such scientist. Please give me a name, and credentials, of one scientist, skeptical of climate change, who has in any way shape or form been denied a fair hearing at Real Just one !

            You don’t agree with the world-wide consensus about climate change so you go about attacking the scientists, or in this case a website whose purpose is to disseminate scientific information on climate change. This site is connected to Al Gore so you automatically classify it as a shill for global warming alarmists. As if being alarmed by global warming is somehow bad…..? You make the claim that this site does not want one to know it is indirectly connected to Al Gore. Heck I knew it, you obviously know this, so what exactly is this website hiding?

            1. Wayne – I did not personally attack anyone. I gave you articles that pointed out the bias of Realclimate.

  3. Is there any chance that we could send all the global warming scientists and chem trail folks to China

    1. I have a few I would be willing to volunteer. I think the entire IPCC group should move there.

  4. Paul Schulte

    Annie – jobs are leaving China for cheaper labor places. As for droughts, they are cyclical. I agree they are problematic, here in the Southwest a major long-term drought caused the end of at least four civilizations. Still, there was no air pollution at the time.
    Somebody kill somebody long time ago … killin’ is normal … chill.

    1. Annie – jobs are leaving China for cheaper labor places. As for droughts, they are cyclical. I agree they are problematic, here in the Southwest a major long-term drought caused the end of at least four civilizations. Still, there was no air pollution at the time.

  5. During the very hot summer of 2012 we had a pretty serious drought in the Midwest. If climate change manifests itself in more droughts in the Midwest, corn and other crops would skyrocket in price. Farmers would be killing livestock because they don’t have the grain to feed them. Meat prices would soar.

  6. Years ago, when the U.S. was crying that we had too much pollution, jobs were sent overseas, mostly to China. Now China contributes to most of pollution, so they should send their jobs to Africa then that continent can produce most of the pollution. It’s a vicious circle! Maybe we should ALL stop consuming so much stuff and do our part to drive less, stay home more, consume less, and enjoy each day the Lord has made.

  7. Numerous tornados or a drought would also decrease the mosquito population. I’m fairly certain the midwest wouldn’t be immune from global climate changes due to the heating of our earth due to pollution.

    1. Annie – there is some thought that the midwest would actually prosper with more heating. It would make for a longer growing season and allow for an additional crop cycle. During the Medieval Warming Period, which was warmer than today, there was an abundance of crops and growing.
      Where I live we used to be known as the Alfalfa Capital of the World. Lots still grown here, in fact some across the street. The average alfalfa farmer here can get three crops a year on his land, if he wants. Most do two and then rotate in another crop to renew the nitrogen in the soil.

      1. Paul,
        That is very true, climate change will see agricultural growing areas moving northward. I don’t know if benefit is the correct word, but those living in Montana (my lovely State), North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin will do better than other parts of our Nation.

        The San Joaquin Valley in California, basically from Sacramento southward to Fresno and Bakersfield, will be hit very hard with climate change. That Valley once the wealthiest agricultural region in the world is an irrigated desert. Their water supply is rapidly diminishing which will have a serious impact on the residents and agri-business.

        1. Wayne – there are some sections of Montana, North and South Dakota, etc. that could use some extra heat.

  8. My son in law, whom I love dearly, is one of those American manufacturers that make their products in China. A while back my daughter and son in law threw out toys that were unsafe from China. They don’t buy any rawhide chew toys from China for their dog. My grandchildren play outside in their lovely backyard enjoying our relatively clean Wisconsin air. In a discussion with my son in law and daughter about China and air pollution, I asked what would happen if China’s pollution affected us here in the states. Unfortunately, that scenario was not one that my daughter and son in law could envision seriously. Beautiful homes on beautiful Wisconsin lakes won’t be immune.

    1. Annie – two points
      1) Pollution from LA causes much of the haze that is currently seen in the Grand Canyon.
      2) If serious pollution comes to Wisconsin, it could kill those nasty mosquitoes.

  9. Pollution of China’s ongoing scale was never seen in the U.S. even at the worst in the 1960s and 1970s. Los Angeles never approached the fine particulate readings seen on a regular basis in China. The build up of toxins and the damage they do is cummulative. Moreover, China has painted itself into a wretched corner because shutting off the pollution means shutting off growth.

    Economies of scale amplify the misery, and now those tentacles are spreading. And what is desired these days in China? More material goods, especially cars.

  10. If you lived in LA how could you tell whose pollution it was? I was watching NCIS: LA the other night and the pollution is the background was horrible. It was almost ground fog.

  11. It’s China plus the rest of the world. The world consumes 89 million barrels of crude oil each and every day—if placed side by side these would circle the equator 1.5X. ( ) That is 89,000,000 barrels of oil burned into our fragile atmosphere each and every day. Nope…mankind can’t possibly be responsible for any fraction of climate change—it’s all a hoax from librul scientists.

    Don’t the 1% in China also breathe the same air as everyone else? Even with 1.25 Billion People don’t the 1% in China need a healthy workforce to maintain their elitism and power?

  12. what are you, some kind of commie job killer? We all KNOW that an regulation simply stifles the job creators. The only way we can prevent our great overlords from going galt is to let them have their way with us and the planet, anything else is just socialistic communism. Now breath deep and shut up.

  13. What goes around comes around when you live on a globe.

    This is the fault of librul scientists:

    Once upon a time the Earth was flat, causing the stars and planets to orbit around it, because it was also the center of the universe.

    Weather on the flat Earth was stable, in that, it was always either winter, summer, fall, or spring at the same time on the vast flatness.

    Then the Earth was changed into a globe by librul scientists.

    So, all those planets went into orbit around stars like our Sun, and now even the stars are no longer orbiting the Earth.

    Additionally, ever since the Earth became no longer flat, instead becoming a globe orbiting the Sun, there has been both summer and winter at the same time on Earth.

    For example, now as we speak “it” has been threating to become 122 deg. F. (50 deg. C) in Australia, while “it” is super cold at the very same time in the flat lands in the U.S. Midwest.

    Libruls have made it difficult for some to “get it” now, because “it” is summer near Antarctica and “it” is winter in Kansas at the same time.

    (The Damaged Global Climate System).

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