OMG U R F! Egyptian Clerics Issue Fatwa Banning Online Chats Between The Sexes

thumb_at_computer_silloetteEgyptDar Al Ifta, Egypt’s official body in charge of advising Muslims on spiritual matters, has shown that Egypt is not going to simply give up in the race back to the Stone Age between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Muslim cleric have issued a fatwa prohibiting online chats between unrelated men and women. How they are going to monitor that fatwa is a bit unclear but it appears that even sending text messages to a person of the other sex is an affront to Islam. Clerics issued the fatwa with the warning that social media is “one of the tools of the devil and a way for spreading discord and corruption.”

What is interesting is that people on social media seem far less obsessed with sex as do these Muslim clerics.

Abdul Hamid Al Attrash, a senior Sunni cleric at Al Azhar, Egypt’s prestigious institution of Sunni Islam, insisted that “[f]rom the religious point of view, this fatwa is sound.” Of course from a sanity point of view, not so much.

Abdul Hamid Al Attrash insisted that “Chats between a boy and a girl who are strange to each other is prohibited because this opens the door to the devil and leads to illicit relations that are harmful to society. It is necessary to comply with this fatwa.”

Some people are turning to social media to object to the Fatwa on social media. One remarked “Chat is un-Islamic? Dar Al Ifta left everything illegal in the country and shifted its sights to online chats instead.”

That pretty sums it up.

Source: Gulf News

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  1. I love it… “Being attacked does not give a person the right to violate the civility rules….. ”

    Playing the game where you get the other to foul and then call the ref… Is a childish game played by school yard bullies…

  2. As I said TL… Nit pickings the game.. Just enough to get you to go off on them so they can take to Jon as being uncivil… Truth escapes them as much as reality… Just sayin…

  3. TL,

    As you can see I have no been a part if the blog for a bit. You are correct, if you post anything with substance it will get as you say, shouted out. And you see if I respond in kind, I get post deleted and a sanctimonious lecture for not being civil when I didn’t start the dang thing.

    There is very little of substance here if late, all hat… It’s sad to watch a blog go down in quality. Since the owner has not the ability to send the troubled souls off… He’s stuck with the results.

    There’s a difference between disagreement and nit picking…

    I do expect this post to be reported and deleted as there are three on his that are good for showing these to Jon…. Then again, I have been turning it back on them and Jon deleted 15 of Pauls attacks in various folks.

  4. I guess you are right, Anon Y. Still, one can try & not fall into the pit of emotional enmity that seems to consume a lot of people on this blog. Fast fingers and repeated comments do not necessarilly go hand in hand with reason or logic. The noisy ones on these blogs take them over without adding much. That comment by Vixpix above, for example is quite lucid, but if this blog had continued it would have been shouted out by Nick and the gang.

  5. TL,

    Sometimes it’s difficult to reason with folks that are emotionally stuck in an infantile state. Regardless you can’t reason, because they know what the target is and they go for it.

  6. One wonders which definition of Atheist is being used here. All is material, or don’t believe in the big G God. A vast difference, especially since many non big G God believers can be a whole lot more spiritual than the others. Most Christians appear to have the laughable notion that they began as a spirit in their mother’s womb. No, scratch that, far too spiritual for most Christians: they are the BODY and it came with a soul! (which began in the womb….blah, blah, blah) Truth is you are a spirit and YOU have a body. You also have a piss poor memory and don.t remember going to Sunday School last lifetime too!

  7. Nick — I’m not denying that communists killed a terrible lot of people, and what you say about zealots is absolutely true. People who feel they have THE truth all too often feel they are justified to kill in its name. But communists kill in the name of communism, not in the name of atheism. I am a lifelong atheist, and I’ve killed anyone. Okay, I did go duck hunting once, and I shot a mud hen, but she had it coming.

  8. PaulCS — if your numbers are correct, and professors, reporters and judges are largely liberal, that would tend to indicate that more highly educated people are liberal, a finding substantiated by numerous studies. But you keep trying to make the point that atheists are forcing their values on you, and that’s not true. Of course, like everybody else, we fight for our values, but in America at least, we are for the choice to live freely. If any atheists knock on your door and demand that you have an abortion, just tell them that Vixpix1 will vouch for the fact that you’re not pregnant.

    As for Berkeley, my friends and I were too busy inventing sex, drugs and rock and roll to busy ourselves with matters theological.

    1. Vixpix1 – I have a hard time believing that you and your friends were inventing sex, drugs and rock and roll. You would have to be older than Joan Rivers.

  9. PaulCS — please refer me to your sources on the percent of atheists in the professions you named. I get the feeling that anybody who doesn’t agree with you is an atheist. I’m particularly dubious that the majority of judges, many of whom are political appointees, are atheists. I went to college and graduate school, at U.C. Berkeley no less, and not a single professor ever expressed any beliefs that were remotely atheistic.
    Several recent studies show that what the majority of citizens believe has zero influence on governmental policy, while what the rich individuals and corporations push for is what gets done, and I seriously doubt that these corporate movers and shakers are atheists.

    1. Vixpix1 – you went to Berkeley and found no atheists? What??? Were you in the theology department?

    1. rafflaw – over 90% of college professors claim to be liberal, reporters vote Democratic and endorse Democratic candidates at least 80% of the time. And the federal court is riddled with liberal judges. Just look at the Ninth Circuit and the entire state bench of California.

  10. Nick,
    Please give us some evidence of the wild claim that the majority of professors and judges and reporters are atheists.

  11. Vix, You seem like someone who is worthy of response. The Russian Orthodox Church is flourishing. Putin is a Communist in that he is hardcore KGB. They were not the ideologues. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about religion, atheism. They were about POWER. But historically, you know Communists have killed exponentially more than any religion. You just are having a hard time conceding those numbers. Look it up on Wikipedia. Understand, I am not a fan of organized religion. I have a deep faith in God but I do not preach. I do not attend church. The point I have made on many threads is that it is not religion that is the problem. It is zealotry. And, atheist Commies were as zealot as they come. But, ISIS could be worse if not nipped in the bud.

    I’m looking for intellectual honesty from you, Vix. I hope it’s there.

  12. Nick — PaulCS and I were talking about America, where atheists are such a minority that they are not responsible for any of the changes that Paul was talking about. Not merely communism but socialism tend to be anti-religious, because if you believe that crazy shit about talking snakes and pregnant virgins, you’re not likely to bring a progressive, better world into being. Last I heard, the Russian Orthodox Church was alive and well under Putin; Pussy Riot was jailed for offending it. If you look at history, bet you could find twenty murderers with blood dripping off their crucifix for every blood soaked Commie.

  13. Yeah, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, North Korea’s cult, they can’t enforce anything on anybody. Putin is a Communist, he’s no biggie. One of the core tenets of Communism is atheism.

  14. Atheists are such a small percentage of the population, they can’t enforce anything on anybody. The excellent changes you refer to are the product of normal and beneficial social evolution. If you think that women having control of their bodies, and gays having the freedoms given to everyone else are bad things, you deserve to feel uncomfortable, at the very least.

    1. Vixpix1 – it is not the number of atheists but where they are placed in society. They make of the majority of university professors and a majority of judges and the majority of reporters. Although small in number, their influence outweighs their numbers.

  15. PaulCS — as a card carrying atheist, I wish I could take credit for all the wonderful changes you refer to, but we atheists are such a small percentage of the population that there is no way we could enforce anything on anybody. You seem uncomfortable with the way the world is changing and you’re looking for someone to blame, but atheists are no more to blame for this than for your thinning hair or your inability to run as fast as you once could.
    As for abortion “on demand”, that means someone who wants to have this constitutionally approved procedure can have one. You may wish to deny women control of their own body, but you don’t get to. This is a good thing.
    Same sex marriage is a recognition that some people were born with different feelings than you, but that does not give you the right to deny them common human rituals. The Catholic Church is strongly opposed to it, but they are the only group in the history of the planet to organize the sexual abuse of children, so who cares what they think.
    The other items you mention are examples of the religious majority cramming it’s crap down the throats of religious minorities. How would you feel if there were a festively lit Ramadan tree in front of City Hall, or the teachings of Scientology on the courthouse lawn.
    All the things you’re talking about have to do with people forcing other people to conform to their beliefs, and the world will be a better place without them.

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