Afghan Mob Burns Woman Alive For Burning A Copy Of The Koran in Kabul [UPDATED]

220px-Mosque_of_the_King_of_Two_SwordsWe have another story of a Muslim mob murdering a person for offending Islam. A woman named Farkhunda, 32, in Kabul had reportedly burned a copy of the Koran inside a riverside shrine. She was then set upon by a huge mob that burned her alive and then threw her into the Kabul river. This was deemed the moral response to an immoral act by the crowd. [Update: It turns out that the accusations against Farkhunda may be untrue and that she was actually defending what she viewed as the degrading act of selling amulets in a mosque when she was attacked]

Four people have been arrested by the crowd watching and encouraging this despicable act was so large that they broke the railing of the shrine itself in pushing forward for a better look.

The murder occurred in the very capital of Afghanistan at the Shah-Do Shamshira mosque.

Source: La Times

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  2. Happy
    I like your last post. It is well organized, separated by double spacing, and each paragraph deals with its own topic. It does help to clarify your point.

    I am not being patronizing, just saying this because I am guilty of unclear arguments as well when I am rushing to write (which is always).. Often it is because I have to leave or deal with other stuff but want to respond to someone.

    1. Po I thank you for your considerate and kind comment.

      I feel so much better that you wrote back to me. I try very hard to see all sides. Like you, I have my own thoughts about the issues and I try to be clear with them before I make the paste and I was very proud of that paste because I thought you would agree with it and it was so insightful

      I see the religions of the world like ourobous – the snake eating it’s own tail and that is why I think it is so important for people to reach out and try to love each other. I don’t care that Squeeky has an animus towards gay people because it’s because of fear of disease. Her problem with the African Americans is because sh works with poor people and wants to see them succeed without the victim mentality. That is her. I also care for Max-1 because of his sensitivity and Paul and Nick are kinder than you know, they say things just to keep the ball rolling. Everyone is a piece of the pie and if we could all just try a little harder it would be so much better myself included of course. I come in here sometimes and It just freaks me out. You have been much calmer lately I have noticed. I have not. 😉

  3. happy, I know you’re not plagiarizing, but if you did, you could still be VP like Uncle Joe Biden. Then there’s education fraud, claiming to have degrees that you don’t. That has gotten people in heaps of trouble. Plagiarism, Joe Biden, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Fareed Zakaria, Mike Barnicle, and many others have recovered from plagiarism. But, education fraud is not excused. Just sayn’.

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    “Those were not my own words. I referenced them right out of the article. I am tired of people on here not owning up to research.”
    And Happy, I know of no other commenter here on RIL who uses other’s words without attribution. Again, researching things is GREAT, quoting whole paragraphs from the article without attribution is plagiarism at worst and sloppy at best.

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    in spite of some of the people you associate with here, I feel like I can communicate with you 😉

  7. Happy, I did not respond because your post confused me. You started out with your own words then added someone else’s words, then talked about yourself, then Erdogan and Qatar and Israel and challenged me to share some information about where I live and why I should be able to attack some people.
    All of which in response to something I said about Hamas.
    My non-response was not an act of cowardice, nor was it due to my being wrong, it was out of goodwill, out of not wanting to challenge the myriad of problems in your post.

    1. Po

      Those were not my own words. I referenced them right out of the article. I am tired of people on here not owning up to research. Every time you tell me my research can be improved upon. I listen to you. Just because I argue with you does not mean I don’t listen to you. Read the report. It is a brilliant synopsis of the situation. I think you will agree. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy. I am weary of the attitude that I am not intellectually endowed. You have no idea how my mind races. If anything, I have to slow down and wait for everything to catch up to get the full picture and I always do. Lately I have been studying the horrible disaster zone that is Yemen, and that is to say since February intensively and most people don’t even know what is going on with that at all.

  8. Inga – The link was in the comment above. It gets tiresome doing it over and over and over again because you will not read what I put down as I put down part of it the first time. Po did not respond because he knows what I said is true and I hit a nerve. I would never do anything as ridiculous as take credit for the Hudson Institutes comments. That was a brilliant article.


    Happy, when you lift entire paragraphs from articles online you really need to give atribution to the author, lest someone accuse you of plagarism. The link I provided above is to the article that some of your comments, word for word to Po are from. I don’t know if you are being careless or not, but you need to provide links or at least quotation marks when you use other’s words in entire paragraphs from their published articles, in your comments.

  10. ‘The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms yesterday’s attack on a Palestinian taxi in the West Bank,’ said State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

    Hmmmm. How odd that they don’t mention the perpetual violence near Ashkelon, not against individuals in a taxi by idiot settlers, but against random people not hurting anyone by the alleged leaders of Gaza….that place Israel evacuated by force the Israelis who were there previously….and handed over control to Hamas.

    No, not really, I do get it.

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