Creationist Finds 60 Million Year Old Fossils In His Basement But Maintains That It Proves Nothing

imrs.phpWe have previously discussed the struggle that creationists have with the daily disclosures of scientific research, particularly the discovery of fossils and other items that are dates in the millions rather than thousands of years. It is hard to maintain that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old given the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. However, Canadian Edgar Nernberg has shown just how easy it is to live in denial. Nernberg was not just confronted with a fossil from over 60 million years ago, but he actually found it in his basement. However, Nernberg does not think God is trying to tell him something. He maintains that “There’s no dates stamped on these things” and it proves nothing if you just reject isotopic dating and basic geology.

The University of Calgary will unveil the five fossils this week and the results of the dating process. These fish lived just after the dinosaurs were wiped out on Earth and are important evidence of the explosion of new species in the aftermath.

Nernberg to this credit recognized the find right away and preserved the fossils. Indeed, he is seeking cast of one of the fish so he can put it on display at the creationist museum.

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  4. Carbon dating is non linear… and useless in the extreme. When God created the plants that live on earth, do you really think that all the trees just had one annual ring on their trunk? Extrapolation has its limits.

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    1. The Great Stanton wrote: “the catholic Church is not opposed to science and it’s contribution on answering this question, provided they acknowledge that God was the architect of “that” process…”

      If a scientist acknowledges that God was the architect of that process, then that scientist is a creationist. Most scientists do not acknowledge that there ever was any Creator. Their a priori assumption is that there was not a Creator.

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  12. Bettykath,

    Very interesting link. It’s the first time that I read about how someone actually came to the conclusion of the Earth being less than 7k years old.

    As the article concludes (due to more scientific evidence and omissions from his research), Ussher, and those claiming a 7k year old Earth, greatly misinterpreted the Bible. Ussher verification process and timeline of events omitted significant timelines of events in the Old Testament. But at least he tried ‘based on the info and his understanding of the Bible that he had in his day’?

  13. Dave, I don’t support the platform of Chardin theologically, he was sanctioned and censured by his Jesuit Superior and the Pope in Rome for disseminating heresy, as his teachings were nutty, to say the least, I read the “Divine Milieu” years ago and was not impressed, I much prefer to read the writings of Chesterton , or Ludwig Ott. Wouldn’t say that Chardin was in on the “hoax” of Piltdown man, because I don’t think he consciously trying to trick or pull the wool over the communities eyes, like some carnival barker…Chardin was a brilliant man, with a cogent mind, and should have pursued geology and paleontology full-time, as this seemed to be his true calling/vocation in life, he was a failed Priest, as evidenced by the controversy that swirled about him….sadly these very types are ripe for the devils seduction. That’s how “liberation theology” and other heresies emerge, when so-called great thinkers, need to find some new and potentially injurious way, to spend idle time, which could be used constructively cultivating a healthy hobby or praying the rosary. I was a little hard on you, by referring to you as a jw, or mormom…maybe you’re not, and have had no history with these cults, in any event, I apologize for any detraction…

  14. I read this contentious, but civil, thread and give thanks. Two years ago there would have been bile spewed by the power people here @ religious folks. DavidM endured the most vicious attaacks, and always remained dignified, just as he is now.

  15. The bible doesn’t say that earth is only 4-6,000 years old. Where did you get that idea professor??

  16. Pogo

    Stories such as my connection with my god is more true than yours, so, off with your head, give me your daughter, etc. Those stories.

  17. For anyone who is truly serious about the relationship between science and theology, I would recommend ignoring writers like Philip Johnson and his intelligent design brethren. As an alternative, I suggest the writings of Teilhard de Chardin, the late Jesuit scientist and theologian, and his notion of cosmic evolution.

    1. Mike Appleton wrote: “As an alternative, I suggest the writings of Teilhard de Chardin, the late Jesuit scientist and theologian, and his notion of cosmic evolution.”

      Hmmm, so now you want to censor what creationist literature is read? You do know, don’t you, that Teilhard de Chardin was involved in the Piltdown Man hoax. He was the one who found the lower canine tooth. Among scientists, Teilhard de Chardin is not viewed well at all.

  18. The mass is more important than the sun…the sun only supports temporal life …the mass supports eternal life…the single most important event that takes place in the universe is the holy sacrifice of the mass…

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