Indonesian Woman Caned for Having “Affectionate Contact”

45px-Rattan_caneWe have another example of the grotesque Sharia legal system this week. A 20-year-old Indonesian woman was hospitalized after being publicly caned for violating Sharia law in having affectionate contact with a man who was not her husband. The chilling scene was magnified by cheering crowds who watched as students Nur Elita and Wahyudi Saputra were caned outside a mosque in Banda Aceh.

Banda Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that operates under Sharia law.

Elita received five strokes along with Saputra, 23, and had to be carried to an ambulance as Banda Aceh Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin proclaimed “Take these punishments as a lesson. What has been done by these convicts should not be taken as an example.”

Four men were caned for gambling on the same day.

The disturbing scene is available here

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  1. All ya all…what do we have besides a mess? We literally got five days to sunday to get out if it. Do we sell our souls and hope for the best ? No . we be pragmatic…trump for what he’$ worth is barking that tree. Sellout ryan…needs to go back to h i use breaking lessons. The fix is simple….imagine a world realistically attainble you want your kids to live in. If you dont want them under the sword of sharia….trumps your man. If you want. Everyone gstes equal despite modern slaves to make it equ a l bernie is your man. Its a mess but this time we clean it up…..for if we dont it will be mess e sir.

    1. Thanks, Nick. As cold as it may be up there, I wish I were celebrating this evening by closing Wolski’s and hitting Ma Fischer’s for breakfast in the wee hours. I miss those days.

      Best regards and a prosperous New Year to you.

  2. Nick writes, “I don’t think Obama is a socialist. I don’t know how you came to bring that up? I think he is a corrupt Chicago Dem Machine politician who has dishonored the Constitution. Have you read the latest NSA spying he had done? Despicable.”

    I agree, although the word “corrupt” may be too strong. It’s time to call American capitalism what it really is – a gross failure if we don’t turn a blind eye.

    I think Obama is being told what to do by his handlers, and because he doesn’t know what to do himself, he takes that advice and acts on it. It’s still American capitalism surviving solely on a war economy rather than sucking it up and making a genuine economic adjustment.

    And I have no doubt the rest of the pack on both sides of the aisle running for commander-in-chief will continue making the same mistakes Obama has because to do otherwise would put his or her name up in lights for eternity as the president who let the economy fend for itself knowing in advance that it would fail.

  3. Nick writes, “Funny how defensive some atheists are of communism, and then try and convince people that Stalin wasn’t a communist??? ”

    Stalin wasn’t a communist. He chose violent, expedient coup d’tat rather than change through legal political means. He was a socialist along with Lenin and Trotsky, both of whom continued to be socialists until their deaths. Socialism and communism (the same thing with the exception of the how the transition will be made) are not about government ownership and control as McCarthy and his bosses made you and your group believe. It’s about transitioning from a capitalist economy to a private economy in which all persons employed by a company are its only shareholders and owns the exact same interest in the company. That’s it in a nutshell.

    Stalin was in on that plan until he took power, which he then kept for himself through totalitarianism rather than transitioning from what effectively endured during and after his life as state capitalism to a socialist economy. And the only difference between Stalinism and our American capitalism is that the former requires complete governmental control over the economy as opposed to the wealthy controlling it through a corporate state.

    And, as we’ve all seen, the only manner of at least temporarily sustaining this corporate state is a war economy which reduces the value of human life to fluctuations in market price.

    Think about it, Nick. Then, eat a few cheese curds and think about it again. And again.

  4. Tyger, You’re a good man. I truly do empathize w/ atheists who are vilified. I think it’s a vicious circle. A-hole religious people vilifying, creating a chip on the shoulder of atheists. I DESPISE evangelical people. I had one in my family and I had to get nasty to stop the evangelizing. My faith is quiet and I do not believe in organized religion. Remember, I live in the city of the Freedom From Religion. They actually evangelize atheism, a somewhat natural reaction I suppose.

  5. Yeah, Nick, I agree with you that there are evil atheists and evil religious people.

    The point I try to make is that although “Atheist” is usually capitalized the same as the terms used to label the adherents of various religions, such as Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, and so on, it is really a term only to describe someone with a LACK of a belief in a god or deity of some sort. That’s all it means.

    There is NO church (or synagogue, or temple, or mosque, or monastery) where an organized non-belief system is taught and where people gather to worship a non-existent god. While an atheist may discuss or argue or debate whether a god exists or not, or try to educate people to convince them there is no scientific basis for a belief in a god, no atheist is likely to form or join an army for the purpose of annihilating any or all religions. Atheism is not such a core purpose for their existence.

    And while there have been wars between the believers of different religions, most wars today are fought by organized governments for control of populations, territories, or natural resources. In contrast, terrorism is a tactic often used by extreme religious groups without any official government support. Their purposes are to scare the population, and to influence the government in order to more often get their way on how their society should be run.

    And finally, while there have been military and government leaders who are atheists, I doubt the armies who carry out their attacks and kill thousands or millions for them are all (100%) or even predominantly atheist. Atheists are a small percentage of the population, and likely an even smaller percentage of any given army. And even if there were armies that were predominantly atheistic, they would still more likely be used for political purposes of influence and control by their leaders. Religious beliefs or lack of them would help establish the supposed values of the military and justify prosecuting a political war, but they would not be the sole purpose of the army.

    All too often, atheists are vilified for their lack of belief in a god, but that factor alone will not determine whether their behavior will ultimately be for the cause of good or evil. I would bet there are a lot more “good” atheists than “evil” ones.

  6. I don’t think Obama is a socialist. I don’t know how you came to bring that up? I think he is a corrupt Chicago Dem Machine politician who has dishonored the Constitution. Have you read the latest NSA spying he had done? Despicable.

  7. Hopefully flyboy doesn’t read this thread and come over and pontificate on the greatness of communism. At least the Commie attorney has a sense of humor and a personality.

  8. And Tyger, Please tell the families of religious people killed by communist leaders because of their faith in God, that the atheist tenant of communism was “irrelevant.”

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