Alleged Terrorist “Deplanes” After Blowing Hole Through Side of Airbus in Somalia

Daallo-AirlinesThe Wall Street Journal is reporting a relatively happy ending to a terrorist attack. Officials reportedly believe that the man who died after being sucked out of a Somali passenger jet in midair on Monday was the man who set off the explosion. He succeeded only in blowing himself out of the plane. Problem solved.

The man apparently was able to get through security by using a wheelchair, a ploy that most airports have special procedures to avoid.

Passenger Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh, 55, has been named by officials from Daallo Airlines as the passenger who died. He was reportedly engulfed in flames as he was sucked through the opening. He “landed” in the town of Balad – about 20 miles away from Mogadishu. He is suspected of carrying out the attack for the Somalia-based terror group Al Shabaab.

The hero of the day was the captain who landed the plane with a gaping hole in the side at the airport in Mogadishu. Thankfully, only two people were injured.

24 thoughts on “Alleged Terrorist “Deplanes” After Blowing Hole Through Side of Airbus in Somalia”

  1. Alleged terrorist. Can they go get his body and do a DNA and get his passport? And then drop his body out of a plane over Somalia or from where ever he hailed?

  2. All great replies about the 60 virgins. I am envisioning Caitlyn Jenner and a band of merry transexuals.

  3. I love a story with a happy ending.

    Does he still get the 60 virgins?

    Yes. And they are all Irish Catholic nuns with big hefty….rulers.


  4. I’m becoming annoyed by so many articles, not just here, which say, “The hero of the day was the captain…” rather than “The heroes of the day were the pilots…” There are two of them, both fully qualified, who coordinate their activities to ensure all safe landings.

    OK, I feel better now.

  5. Now that’s karma for you.

    Thank God the pilot and copilot landed the plane safely. They are heroes, as well as any airline attendants who helped keep everyone calm.

    This brings up a concern about airport security when airlines that originate overseas do not have good security. How do we maintain security when they land here?

    Joane – I have been hearing about a new proposed system that would allow people who have undergone extremely rigorous background checks and other security measures to go through a more streamlined security check at the airport. It weeds out low security risks from the general population. Such a check as you described would have prevented Borleh from boarding, assuming the explosives were detected. The problem was the originating airline does not have such security measures, and Somalia is infamous for violence, terrorism, and even slavery.

  6. Screw “prechecks”. If you are crippled and do not like having your bags searched and your pants scrutinized then take a boat to china or where ever you go. Not a plane. It it is too much trouble for you then its too much trouble for security services. Stay in Mobile and remain immobile.

  7. Hildegard,
    If you are so off-put by typos that you cannot understand the substance of the post then you are welcome to go start your own legal blog. When you become known as a typo whiner then you better not make a mistake yourself. Enjoy the scrutiny. 😉

  8. Wheelchairs as ploys? Great! It’s already a nightmare to travel US airports in need of mobility assistance! FYI: I’m TSA precheck & at many US airports, they want me with the wheelchair to go through the regular line, requiring removal of shoes, laptop, etc even tho I’m precheck. TSA has not made precheck ADA friendly. I got assistance from on high at TSA & bec currently I can stand to walk through the screening [tsa has their own “approved” canes we can borrow for doing so while personal canes go through screening], the airport/airline approved chair & pusher go around to another bank for screening.

    Please, Prof Turley, don’t make it worse by adding suspicion of ppl with disabilities! A new profiling system won’t make us safer & will make it even tougher for those of us with disabilities who travel alone.

  9. While we all laugh about this dirtbag getting his due, the most critical issue is, of course, being ignored, as we rejoice at the bomber’s demise or high five one another over the pilot’s ability to successfully land a plane with a gaping hole in its side. The most troubling issue is, of course, that Abdullahi was capable of getting past airport security with a bomb–no easy task. That’s what this article should explore–how this Muslim sack of crap was able to successfully board a plane, with a bomb, in 2016? It was only by the grace of God that all of the passengers didn’t die that day. Either this was an inside job or the world’s airports are still woefully ill equipped to protect us from these savages. Very little to celebrate. Yes, the passengers somehow, someway, managed to survive, but the sad truth is that airports still don’t have a handle on adequately protecting or shielding passengers from such occurrences.

  10. A magnificent performance. If he and his wheelchair landed in a large chimney, 50 points for artistic expression! Ernst Blofeld would be proud.

  11. Nick – Yes, but they are all 80 yr old men.

    When I first saw the blog all I could think is “Isn’t instant karma wonderful”. 🙂

  12. Is it not more accurate to say he was “blown” out of the plane by the plane’s positive air pressure vs. high velocity air rushing outside the plane? I don’t know. Maybe saying “sucked” outside is the same difference.

  13. C’mon you guy! Twice in one day? Alleged TERROR deplanes? You mean TERRORIST right? Do you need a proofreader? I thought you guys were literate. Wake up!!!

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