ISIS Bans The Use Of The Plus Sign As Christian Symbol

UnknownFlag_of_the_Islamic_State.svgSome things just don’t add up, but that has never bothered the Islamic extremists in ISIS. In Raqqa, schools have been taken over by ISIS which has reduced classes on such things as science and mathematics in favor of Sharia and the calling of the jihad. When kids do math, they also have to do without the plus sign, which has been declared as too close to a Christian cross (+) and thus a corrupting influence. Instead the kids use the letter “z”.

ISIS has made course of Sharia mandatory and teachers are told to repent and “purify their minds.” Islamic manners are taught in school and the Tawhid (or the fundamentals of Islamic doctrine) as were as the Arabic language. Music is gone. History classes cannot discussed voting or democracy. Interaction between girls and boys are forbidden.

170px-Persian_KhwarazmiThen there is the plus sign which has been deemed a Christian symbol that imitated the infidels. It does not seem to matter that the sign is actually the result of the abbreviation of the word “et,” meaning “and” in Latin. Instead of writing “et” astronomer Nicole d’Oresme in the middle of the fourteenth century simply put a slightly crocked plus sign. It does not seem to matter that early mathematics can be claimed by the Middle East as one of the great achievements of the Bablyonian and later the “Golden Age of Islam.” It was Persian mathematicians such as Al-Khwarismi (right), Omar Khayyam and Sharaf al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī that fostered such studies. Of course, Al-Khwarismi would be likely beheaded today by ISIS for simply being a Shia, let alone someone with an intellectual bent.

Of course, this is all assuming a level of interesting the truth from fanatics who blow up ancient sites and take sledgehammers to art. After all, ISIS is really known for subtraction rather than addition: subtracting people from populations; art from museums; books from libraries. The minus sign could be the very symbol of the new Caliphate.

Source: Newsweek

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  1. Olly: What logic? There are always varying views on every subject, so persuasion is key in reaching a consensus and then crafting and enacting legislation. How that translates to “no government” I’m not sure. Laws (and rights) like everything else are invented and amended and abandoned. It takes time and trail and error. Pretending these notions were cemented in ancient nonsense contains that arrogance.

    Theocrats rely on religious bunk as if handed down from some sky authority: as if those texts are absolute in their moral objectivity. Meanwhile, we humans are solely responsible for creating stable societies. It’s on us to make government, and an effective one at that. It’s on us alone.

  2. Dave,
    Bonkers is believing that society will govern itself best if left to their own self-interests. Using your logic there should be no laws and of course no government. As Paul pointed out that would take us back outside the gates of civil society to fend for ourselves. I don’t care if you don’t value ancient texts for whatever reason. There are many “ancient texts” that provide a reflection of human nature and how it has responded to any manner of circumstances. To ignore them is arrogant and a recipe for repeating mistakes that brought down other civil societies.

  3. Paul: Relativism based on consensus is called governing. Moral objectivity doesn’t exist: because whose version therefore is truly morally objective? The answer of course is no one’s, precisely because it’s relative.

    Pointing toward some ancient text and then pretending an interpretation of that text is morally absolute, is bonkers.

    1. Dave – each person has a moral compass. Some work better than others. Consensus requires we ALL agree on what is morally correct. However, you and I know that cannot happen. For example, I believe that all abortions, regardless of cause, are murder. Both the abortionist and the mother should imprisoned. The father should be, if he paid for it. Other people clearly do not agree. In fact, there is a grey spectrum of points on the compass from my point to abortion on demand. There is no consensus.

  4. Nick and Karen: so there’s what, absolute, objective morality? And who’s version exactly? Islamic State’s? Poop Francis’? Yours?

    Anyone who claims moral objectivity is inherently dangerous. Only tyranny comes forth.

    Relativism must build consensus. Best we can do.

    1. Dave – relativism based on consensus is anarchy. It’s always a moving target. Let’s just take the BAC based on relativism. Now, I think anyone who blows above 0.5 should be ticketed. You probably don’t agree. Consensus requires that we all agree. Never going to happen.

  5. Karen, Great comments. And yes, moral relativism is used by intellectually dishonest liberals. I know, redundant.

  6. Moral relativism is false logic.

    There is no comparison with extremists throwing gay men off of buildings, and modern Christian churches. One of our local churches is organizing a task force to combat sexual trafficking that has crossed our borders, trying to rescue modern day slaves. And there are those who think they are just as bad as ISIS? That takes twisted logic.

  7. Nick – so true. We would all be under Sharia Law if it weren’t for the Crusades that fought the Muslim expansion, and the enslavement of Christians. Yes, they were fought under the mores of the times, before the Geneva convention, as it was hundreds of years ago.

    But I’m really glad we’re not all under ISIS rule right now, so thank goodness they were beaten back before they ruled the world. The extremists are getting restless again, though.

    Give me the moderates, the reformers, and the abused, but not the extremists. We should put an impenetrable dome around extremist regions to stop them from creating any more carnage outside their borders. Sneak out the poets, the dissidents, apparently anyone who understands math, and all the abused women.

  8. Well, Hollywood loves sequels and apparently so do Muslims. Crusades 2, coming to a city near you.

  9. Yes, Olly. Without religion there can be no morality. It’s why the Middle East is peaceful and a bastion of freedom.

    Compare that with Scandinavian countries with low rates of religiosity, that have high education, gender equality, low crime and murder rates, etc. How plainly terrible.

    If brown-nosing a manmade deity is essential to understanding right from wrong, we’re a doomed species indeed.

    And if you can’t figure out right from wrong without ancient nonsense, it speaks quite little of your character.

  10. Only I hate to tell you but relgion and theocrats are dangerous to humans. When a man say I know what God wants, I say run as fast as you can.

  11. Stupid s is as stupid doesn. Unfortunately these stupid people also kill in the name of God and get big checks from the Saudis!

  12. for heaven’s sake, don’t these unhinged freaks realize that ‘z’ could stand for the Greek god Zeus!!??? Whoever thought up that substitution will likkely be the next religious imbecile subtracted from the ranks of the daesh math club.

  13. Geez Dave, the absence of religion has proven to provide similar results. Try human nature, it is the common denominator for all the evil in the world. Nice try though.

  14. Additional ISIS symbols:

    ≠ Inequality
    ! logical negation

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