ISIS “Cleanses” Gay Man Of Sins By Stoning Him And Then Throwing Him Off Top Of Building

4_572e274de08b7ISIS claimed to have cleansed a man of the sin of homosexuality in the name of Islam by stoning him and then throwing him blindfolded off the top of a building in Manbij city in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo. It is the latest atrocity committed under Islamic Sharia “law.”

The man was accused of sodomy and arrested and subjected to the medieval system of Sharia law. Citizens were called to a building under construction for the execution. The Sharia faux-court explained that “Throwing gays this way will cleanse their sins.”

The execution was filmed by ISIS and released to supporters around the world under the banner “Do not reach Allah’s boundaries.” It is clear that such grotesque signs turn the stomachs of most people, including many Muslims, but appeal to some Muslims who are the targets for ISIS recruitment.

We have previously discussed this technique of tossing gays people from the tops of buildings. It is a religious version of a thrill kill and ISIS clearly believes that it is a major recruiting tool given the production of this new video.

Of course, just to keep the record straight, our closest allies like Saudi Arabia mete out Sharia punishment and criminalize homosexuality. Indeed, Saudi prosecutors are reportedly seeking the death penalty for dozens of people who admit that they are homosexuals.

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  1. Killing condemns the killer in God’s eyes. Why don’t you think Jesus did not kill? People wanted Jesus to be dead. ISIS people have everything ass backwards.

  2. It is not unreasonable to conclude that many (most?) of those in the U.S. who preach hate and propose and pass discriminatory hate-based laws (i.e., Christian Conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpsters) would act exactly as these ISIS murderers if they, too, could so easily get away with it.

  3. Paul – I know a lot of moms who are so pissed they are boycotting Target. They didn’t think through the bathroom rule. Already, changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms are preferred hunting grounds for sexual assaults. Anywhere a woman would be helpless.

    And we just made it so much easier for them. Now men don’t have to dress like a woman, look like they’re on hormones, or have female mannerisms. They don’t need to show a single outward sign that they feel like a woman on the inside. They can dress like a biker dude and stroll into the women’s restroom after a woman goes in there alone. They can access women’s shelters where abused women have fled to their last hope of safety. They can stare at a woman showering and there’s not a single thing she can do about it.

    They just made it so much easier for women to be abused.

    Transgenders already use the women’s restrooms. All they had to do was “pass” or be close enough to passing. Now this allows all guys access. Hey, this just made it easier for men to go beat up a transgender woman who went into the women’s restroom.

    There are already many news stories about men taking advantage of this new access to women’s spaces.

    Liberals…seriously…stop “helping.” You’re hurting a lot of people, and it doesn’t matter how good your intentions are if you enabled a sexual predator.

  4. That poor, poor man.

    This has been pointed out before, but Saudi Arabia, and pretty much the entire ME region, also views homosexuality as a capital offense. This is not a fringe belief in the ME. But it’s one of the hallmarks of extremism.

    Extremists have strange supporters in Liberals. While conservatives (both Republican and Democrat) argue we must keep the extremists out so women and gays won’t be harmed, the ultra Left says we should just let everyone in and it’s completely racist to be concerned. I don’t get it. I thought ultra Left was supposed to be fighting the war on women and protecting gay rights. What do they think an open border means?

    Give me the abused, not the abusers.

  5. Meanwhile, our fearless leaders are more concerned about who uses which bathroom or locker room.

    Speaking of bathrooms and locker rooms, can someone explain why the right to privacy that the SCOTUS applied in Roe v. Wade does not apply to girls in the aforementioned facilities?

  6. Kerry wants no borders so that can be coming here. The Rainbow Revolution is coming to an end. Actually, I think Target is going to take the biggest hit on this.

  7. Time for an “international” Bill of Rights enforced by Interpol and the International Criminal Court?

    We have NATO partners, why not an international defender of human rights?

  8. Thou Shalt Not Kill.

    That phrase applies to you Americans who kill in the name of God and government. How many did Texas kill in the past ten years? There is no exception from the Sixth Commandment. “Y’all Can”?

    Oil Can Boyd was killed for such conduct.

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