Woman Reportedly Beheaded In Afghan Market For Shopping Without Husband

260px-Flag_of_Taliban.svgAs Afghanistan continues to reach accommodations with Taliban forces, another case illustrates vividly the extremist Islamic values advanced by the group.  In the village in the Northern province of Sar-e pul, a 30-year-old woman was reportedly beheaded in the market by Taliban fighters.  Her crime?  She “went to the city alone without her husband.”  Of course, as we discussed in another story today, our long-time ally Saudi Arabia continues to maintain the same medieval Islamic abuses in the treatment of women.


The woman’s husband was in Iran and the couple has no children.  The women decided to go to the market on her own, which was deemed an offense to Islam.  She was reportedly  beheaded with a bayonet attached to an AK-47″ after arguing with Taliban in the market.

To these Islamic extremists, beheading the woman was a victory for Sharia law and Islamic values.  Yet, U.S. officials have reportedly supported efforts to reach a settlement with the Taliban and allow them back into power.    If that is the case, it seems a fair question to ask what so many Americans died for in Afghanistan and why we spent trillions in this war.  Women will still be denied basic human rights, Sharia law will continue to impose abusive religious edicts on citizens, and the Taliban will continue to crank out extremists who believe beheading women in market places is the ultimate expression of Islamic morality.

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  1. OTOH, no husband in Afghanistan ever has to come home from tending goats to hear his fat bob-bon eating wifey-poo say, “Guess how much money I saved today on the Home Shopping Network?”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. THE Squeak of Reason has returned!!!!!! It’s a great way to start the New Year!

  2. But, that said, in the comment above: I like Trump and am now glad that we will have him and not Hillary.

    1. I do too and I think there are a lot more people in this country who are thrilled that Trump won, but the media, the Democrats, the leftists do all they can to make the country believe the opposite is true. I do not underestimate how arrogantly misguided and petty Obama truly is. I am counting the days until Trump takes office and know it will not be an easy ride for Trump. Obama, the Coddled One, is doing everything he can to make sure of it.

      1. Keep in mind that the destruction of America was always Obama’s goal. And he’s still got three weeks to do as much damage as he can get away with.

        1. I just learned checking the bank account the military retiree’s COLA came to .001 or $3.23. If it was higher it was applied to Medicare part B which is mandatory in order to receive military retirement pay. That means they think from1988 to 2016 cost of living has doubled. Somehow I doubt that I’m pretty sure in 28 years not counting the devaluation of the dollar it’s been a bit more than that.

          My original statement on this was the Obama Administration method of paying for his national debt increase used inflation = devaluation plus debt repudidation and the debt was the true COLA.

          In other words he attacked the elderly and retirees but then he got a 16% retirement pay increase so figure the difference. 15.098%

          I am so glad that POS is 21 days from gone forever and that goes for the congress too. Shame we couldn’t bag all of them during the Nov 8th hunting season.

          1. the actual pay increase was 2.1% that indicates Medicare is going up two percent plus. Unless they scew over the civilians even more than the military and retirees.

        2. The questions is: How far will Obama go to punish America for not electing Crooked Hillary?

          1. Some on this blog talk about the 3 Stooges, now let’s talk about the college stoner, raised by Communists, who destroyed his own party, and his Sec’y of State Kerry with his lizard-like tongue flicking in and out of his mouth as he speaks. Ted Cruz called them ‘bitter clingers: “Like bitter clingers, President Obama and Secretary Kerry are spending every last minute of this administration wreaking havoc domestically and abroad. With their last breath in office, they have struck at Israel through the United Nations and through today’s disgraceful speech.”

            I hope Trump defunds the UN.

            1. Visitor…
              – It’s actually only one on this blog who uses the “three stooges” bit; it’s been used hundreds of times here, but by the same person.😉

            2. Madelyn Payne Dunham (vp at the Bank of Hawaii, escrow-account maven), Stanley Armour Dunham (furniture salesman turned insurance agent), Lolo Soetero (oil company cartographer), and Ann Dunham (Ford Foundation functionary) were ‘Communists’? The faculty and staff at the Punahou School were pinkos too? I’m sure Ann Dunham’s worldview was basically foolish but how did the rest of these bourgeois get dragged into the Red corral? If you’re referring to Frank Marshall Davis, he did not raise BO and its a reasonable wager he’d long since gone native living on Oahu. He was earning a living running a small paper distributorship during the years he was a hookah-smoking checker-playing pal of Stanley Dunham.

              1. Yes, they were Commies. CPUSA. Barry was a Red-diaper-baby. Family moved to Seattle to attend the Little Red Church on The Hill. Frank was Barry’s mentor. Took him to hooker bars when he was 11 and 12. Well documented.

                1. “Well documented”, where?

                  Stanley Dunham sold furniture for a living. His wife worked in a bank. Stanley Dunham attended a Unitarian congregation, about which he putatively said, “you get five religions for the price of one!”. Neither had a college degree, though Stanley Dunham had GI Bill benefits and they had proximate relations who did have degrees (there’s at least one PhD among Madelyn’s 2d degree relations). There was nothing exotic about this pair.

                  Frank Marshall Davis was a personal friend of Stanley Dunham’s. He ran a paper distributorship. He’d lived in Hawaii for a quarter century when BO met him in 1971. He hadn’t been employed by the Longshoremen’s Union for over 20 years. People go native readily in Hawaii. It’s a reasonable wager the source which had FMD taking the 11 year old Barry to Korean bars is about as reliable as the one who sold you on the idea that the boisterous furniture salesman was a crypto-Commie.

                  1. What are your sources?

                    At this point noone really knows the truth. Researchers have documented the mentoring relationship with FMD and that he was under FBI surveillance for years because of his ties to CPUSA. Barry talks often about “Frank” in his book but he never identifies him by his full name. The audio version released later and narrated by Barry himself mysteriously removes every reference to “Frank” that was included in the first printing of the book. Seems you find it a mere coincidence that every legal document with information about his birth or citizenship is either missing, sealed, or likely altered? Don’t you wonder when he legally changed his name from Barry Soetero, the name he used while enrolled at Occidental, to Barack Hussein Obama Jr, the name he used to run for office? Or is all that just ‘fake news’? Former federal agents, investigators, researchers have all looked extensively into Obama’s family background and come up with more questions than answers on all fronts from social security numbers to marriage licenses, to aliases, you name it. And the media had no interest in pursuing any of it never did never will. If you don’t think something is still rotten in the state of Denmark, then I’d like to know what your sources of truth are that turned you into some kind of true believer.

                    1. No question that Frank Marshall Davis was a Communist Party member in 1946, wrote for party newspapers, and worked for the Longshoreman’s Union in Hawaii. BO did not meet him until 1971. The Communist Party lost over 85% of its membership between 1947 and 1972 and Davis hadn’t worked as a union organizer in decades at the point Stanley Dunham introduced him to his 11 year old grandson. FMD’s listed in the Polk directory for 1961 as a ‘salesman’. Strange as it may seem to you, quondam Communists have personal friends who are not quondam Communists.

                      I have news for you: people’s birth certificates and passport files are not public information. Yours are not, his are not. You cannot just walk into the Department of Health in Hawaii and look at anyone’s birth certificate. Because there was public controversy about this, the commissioner of Health and the registrar of vital statistics went into the archives and had a look at his long-form certificate, issued in 1961.

                      The notion that the chap who appears in the Punahou yearbook for 1979 under the caption ‘Barry Obama’ enrolled at Occidental under his sister’s surname (while his mother and Lolo Soetoro were estranged) is indubitably fake news.

                    2. DSS – I’m interested to know your factually accurate sources if you would share?

                1. Michael Aarethun – well, the Clintons walked out the door with US Govt property.

                  1. True. Except for the China. That’s the real reason Hitlery ran for office.

              1. That’s what the help is for. BO can snorkel and golf to his heart’s delight and dine out to applause at NOBU in Honolulu and all the petty details of packing and moving will be taken care of….it’s good to be the Boy King…..

                1. Boy King etc is fine as long as he does abdicate. Since he doesn’t control the military that’s pretty much a given. BUT he then becomes another Carter. You rmember him. Major screw up then went from White House to Media and is still trying to act like he did something, anything, what ever. Oboy and Michelle Antoinette will become Clinton Rich off the left while the rest of us say in equal amoujnts “Oh Please.” or “STFU.” Best thing is to ‘ignore them including the media just ignore them. Not like their real people after all.

                  1. Michael Aarethun – I did read that Obama is going to be helping the Democrats save Obamacare. He has a legacy to worry about. Since the election he has 19000 pages of regulations that have been signed into law. He has done a permanent ocean grab in the Arctic and a land grab in Utah and Nevada. They are trying to fill as many empty jobs as they can before Trump is hired so they can control the bureaucracy.

                    1. How many of those required approval of congress but didn’t get it. How many have a period of qualification to become permanent? How many require a security clearance – the easiest thing in the world to revoke? As for the regulations how many can be rescinded the same way they were approved? I’m quite sure the Trump Team is keeping track of many of those. Judicial appointments for example at the highest levels require Senate approval. like the phony treat he signed with Iran ;or signed in China they are easily scrapped just be scrapping them. It will waste time but that is a management function. Weed out the list and send them all home the same day. Valentines Day would be appropriate. The day a dictatorship was massacred. With a bit of evidence it’s easy to say ‘ I have no trust in you. You are relieved pending completion of investigation – salary suspended.) The unions will of course raise unholy hell. But rules are rules. In the meantime they are replaced. As is Kyoto, Iran Nuclear, and judicial appointments not approved by the Senate. He loses nothing as the left has already declared a similar war Give up like Obama? Or use the tools at hand to counter attack. Not the least of which is the bully pulpit. As for the media half the country doesn’t believe them anyway.

        3. True and he said it openly and bluntly. So how come he was voted in a second time? The rot of progressivism is where I point the finger and that rotten disease knows no party boundaries.

  3. It is possible that the U.S. will decide to nuke some places in the world which deserve it. I can see N. Korea and some others which might need some population reduction. The Donald will have his finger on the trigger. If you live in DC it would be good to move away. There will be retaliation.

    1. Anwar Sadat, who received a Nobel Peace Prize for making peace with Israel, was assassinated by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      As I understand it, though the mainstream media were tight lipped about it, President Morsi of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, allegedly planned to give Egypt a Sharia-compliant Constitution, which would have meant removing the prohibitions about slavery in the former Egyptian Constitution. Whether he would have gone so far against modern norms, I do not know. I have not been able to verify this allegation. However, there is no question Morsi’s followers were crucifying Christians in the Sinai and raping women protestors against Morsi. (Punishment, up to crucifixion for Christians is Sharia Compliant) Current President Al-Sisi visited a hospital and kissed the hand of one of the rape victims. Yeah, he may be cracking down on comedians and journalists, but he also challenged leading clerics to reform Islam.

  4. These people are truly scum of the earth and have no place on this planet.

  5. All this and we are letting the Taliban back in power? That was the sword held over the populace all this time. Don’t help the Americans because the Taliban will be back and they will kill you and your family.

    My heart breaks for this poor woman, her family, and all women suffering under extremist Islam. Thank God the Crusades pushed back the Muslim Expansion into Europe or this would be the reality for all us women.

      1. You forgot ‘fraud’. Obama is a fraud. So is his birth certificate. But the media deems that ‘fake news.’

        1. His birth certificate isn’t a fraud.

          Sheriff Arpaio’s marks are numerous on these boards.

          1. How do you know that? When two court-certified forensic document specialists say their findings show it is a fraudulent, multi-layered computer generated forged document, I tend to believe them. If nothing else, then it certainly registers a healthy dose of doubt in my mind so I’d like to know how you come to such certainty that it is not a fraud?

            1. One of the two ‘experts’ is a graphologist. Why would Arpaio seek the opinion of a graphologist to make this sort of argument? It’s chaff, what Dan Rather did in putting Macel Matley and Mr. Gannon the typewriter repairman on his program. Neither could from their expertise answer the complaints against Rather and Mapes’ thesis. They could, however, fill air time and distract people.

              As for the others, they supposedly demonstrate the fraudulence of a computer-generated image. They did not examine any originals. Why would BO’s minions generate a fraudulent image? The implication here is that there is no long-form sitting in the archives of the Hawaii Department of Health. Now, how does that comport with what we know? How does this esoteric opinion about electronic images nestle with other evidence?

              Here’s your thesis:

              1. BO’s minions issue a fraudulent computer generated image for s***s and giggles.

              2. The Department of Health lost the form

              3. BO was born elsewhere.

              To which the answers are:

              1. Whatever for?

              2. Then why bother generating a phony digital image? No one had any standing to compel the Department of Health to release the long form. If BO inquired and discovered they couldn’t locate it, it’s on them. He was never the custodian. He could have continued to ignore them. (And spare me the urban legends about the DNC spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ‘attorney’s fees’ to prevent the release of a document no 3d party has a right to).

              3a. If Ann Dunham was in Seattle when BO was born (as is plausible, she having lived there from 1955 to 1960 and again from September 1961 to June 1962), what purpose was served by Stanley Dunham maintaining the fiction that his grandson was born in Honolulu? There’s a birth notice that week in the Honolulu papers which has BO born in Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu. I’ve known of small town hospitals who issued these notices, but I assume that Stanley Dunham placed the ad. Neither Stanley Dunham or Kapiolani Hospital had any discernable motive for pretending a child born in Seattle was born in Honolulu.

              3b. The usual fantasy is that Obama was born in Kenya. Here you have two impecunious college students, living on a mix of stipends, what they can cadge from p/t and seasonal wage labor, and what the Dunhams will give them out of their earnings. Foreign travel was exceedingly unusual for even quite affluent people in 1961 bar in the context of military service. Stanley Dunham was a furniture salesman and Madelyn had just started at a local bank working on escrow accounts.

              3c. What would be the purpose of two people, one of them nearly 7 months pregnant, traveling to Kenya? To introduce Ann Dunham to BO Sr.’s lawful wife? To introduce Ann Dunham to that family patriarch who’d told BO Sr. not to marry her? To avail themselves of the marvels of Kenyan obstetric care?

              3d. We know she was in Seattle in September 1961. We know she was in Honolulu in May 1961. Any foreign travel would have been ‘twixt those dates. Ancestry.com has been busily digitizing records of border crossings, passenger manifests, &c for over a decade. Their work is far from comprehensive. The thing is, the raw material is available for them to work with to produce digital files for their subscribers. (I located a record of my grandfather crossing the Canadian border in 1949 with a simple search).. Even if it’s proprietary information, why doesn’t Arpaio call up Ancestry and offer them a consulting fee if they assist an archivist he’s put on staff? Give us guidance as to how to obtain and search the material you’ve been working on for the 100 day period in question. Where is the record of Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham returning to the United States in the summer of 1961?


              Here you have two residents of Honolulu with limited incomes. Where on Earth would you expect their child to be born but Honolulu? Where is there the slightest direct evidence that child of theirs was born anywhere else? What’s going on here?

              This is what’s going on: confused people taking something straightforward and turning it into something complicated in order to amuse themselves or to play the inside dopester; it’s an onanistic exercise, and one you see again and again. We have another set of numbnutzes purporting to demonstrate that the digital image of the birth certificate of Eleanor Darragh (mother of Ted Cruz) is a phony (ergo Ted Cruz cannot claim natural-born citizenship via jus sanguinis). Of course, there’s gobs of documentary evidence of Ted Cruz maternal-side relations living in Delaware at the time (starting with census returns, his grandparents’ marriage certificate, &c), but no matter. It was absolutely predictable that someone would attempt to sell that argument re Cruz, and Ann Coulter predicted that once the long-form certificate was released, you’d have Obama birthers retreating to another contrived objection. It’s the culture, not the documentation, which drives it.

              1. DesperatelySeekingSusan – NO ONE can get the original. The State of Hawaii will not allow anyone access to the original. So, all we have is what the Obama WH says is a copy of the original. You really need to get with the program. 😉

                1. So what? It’s a confidential document. No one else’s original is available to random 3d parties, either.

                  1. DSS – you are complaining about something that cannot be done. That is just silly.

                    1. What? People are citing these characters as having demonstrated that the digital image of BO’s long form is phony. I’m pointing out they haven’t examined the original and their judgments should not be seen as definitive.

                      Personally, this whole mess reminds me of the acoustical evidence which supposedly proved there was a second gunman in Dealy Plaza on 22 November 1963. David Belin of the Warren Commission pointed out that this was an argument based on esoteric information that simply did not fit with the other pieces of evidence. You’re all quite willing to accept the judgments of a black box without considering whether the whole argument makes any sense at all. It took less than three years to demonstrate that the acoustical evidence was nothing of the kind.

                    2. DesperatelySeekingSusan – the problem is evident when you see the demonstration.

                    3. Neither of us are in a position to evaluate the argument technically and the technical argument is in support of a thesis that makes no sense.

                    4. The original said ‘reportedly’ That means ‘unverified’ That is your start point. It has enough background to souind good but is it true? Much like eight years ago when people said Obama is going to screw things up big time or now the same about Trump. But now we KNOW OBama is a screwup but we don’t KNOW
                      that about Trump since much of what has been said is false hoods unlike Obama who demonstrated it and is still doing so. SO………are their any facts on this story:? I used ObeyMe as an example that’s been self demonstrated so it’s an easy one for all but the delusional. Much as I would suspect the other story to be true the only report says’ reportedly. which casts a huge doubt.

                      First things first. What else does the original article poster have to offer? The facts are not in evidence, it is not common knowledge and both common and uncommon sense state – no voting guilty without facts in evidence. We are not after all, all of us taken in by this crap they pulled in replacing probable cause with ‘suspicion of.’

                    5. Michael, Dr. Cheyome Fukino, who was then Commissioner of Health (appointed by Gov. Linda Lingle) shlepped down to the archives with the state registrar of vital statistics and inspected the hard-copy long-form birth certificate. You’ve got three alternatives: Dr. Fukino is lying or there’s a real certificate there and BO’s minions manufactured a fraudulent digital image for some strange reason or the consultants Sheriff Arpaio hired are wrong.

                    6. DesperatelySeekingSusan – the question is: is the long form submitted by Obama a forgery, not if there is a long form in the Vital Statistics.

                    7. What is the point of manufacturing a phony digital image when the President’s long form is sitting there in the files? Do you think they’re doing it to troll Sheriff Arpaio?

              2. I don’t know why it would be forged – and maybe it’s not, but I have doubts about it. Maybe it has to do with the father’s name? Maybe it has to do with place of birth? Maybe it has to do with his legal birth name? Who knows. Why are most of BO’s documents sealed? Why so much mystery? The facts surrounding BO’s background and family history are so out of the ordinary and difficult to confirm that one has to wonder what is the actual truth? There are far too many questions, inconsistencies, and discrepancies surrounding BO’s history that I cannot help but be skeptical to the point that any story about BO’s background may as well begin with, “Legend has it…”

                1. What differentiates BO from John Kerry and George W Bush and Albert Gore is that Columbia University (unlike Yale and Harvard) took seriously its obligation to maintain the confidentiality of his records. I’m willing to wager that what happened was that an administrator within the organization signed out the microfilm with his transcripts on it and locked it in a safe in his office. In the case of Bush, I’d wager that an administrator leaked his transcript. In the case of Gore and Kerry, I’d wager that checkbook journalism was at work, perhaps through a work-study employee or a member of the hourly staff. John McCain was quite public about his horrid academic record. As far as I’m aware, the others did not reveal theirs (Gore and Kerry had wretched transcripts and GW Bush’s were not much better than wretched; since BO graduated from law school with honors, we know that his law school transcripts were adequate).

                  His ‘legal birth name’? You fancy BO Sr. is a straw daddy for Frank Marshall Davis? BO Jr was conceived in October 1960, when the Dunhams had lived in Honolulu for all of four months. Who’s a more plausible sire, another student at the University of Hawaii (who was in at least one of Ann Dunham’s classes), or the 55 year old owner of a paper distributorship who lived 15 miles away from the Dunhams?

              3. The other big question in my mind has to do with this narrative from the White House website: “His story is the American story — values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.”

                Really? Sorry, but I’m not buying into it like you. BO grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. If you have ever been to Hawaii you know that there is very little about it that resembles growing up anywhere on the mainland of America. There is very little in BO’s background that resembles anything like “the American story.” His mother gave birth to him at 18 and died at 52. She bounced around between Hawaii, Seattle, Indonesia, and Pakistan. If you choose to believe the ‘story’ being sold to the American people, then have at it. All of it raises more questions than it answers in my book. I was just pointing out the recent news that forensic document specialists declared Obama’s BC a forgery and that got my attention even though the MSM found it unnewsworthy.

                1. I would agree. There is nothing ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ or particularly ‘American’ about little Barry’s made up story.

                  1. What made up story? He went from Honolulu, to Indonesia, to Honolulu, to Los Angeles, to New York, to Boston, to Chicago, to Washington. The gloss he puts on that or his PR people put on that may be stupid, but the dry biographical points are what they are. His connection to the black American population was that he married into it. For all that his history has its peculiar aspects, he himself is a banal man. His marriage is a puzzle, but he is otherwise uninteresting.

                2. There’s PR horsepucky on the White House website? Say it ain’t so.

                  The penchant BO and his minions have for humbug is repellent, but you don’t expect him to offer a full and frank assessment of his mother and father on a company website, do you? The following are reasonable inferences:

                  1. Ann Dunham was an only child conscious of her ability to jerk around her mother and father.

                  2. Ann Dunham was an unattractive woman looking for some male attention.

                  3. Ann Dunham was an intellectualoid who fancied herself special (or aspired to be special).

                  4. Ann Dunham lacked sisters and lacked a stable circle of friends. Her father never resided in any one place longer than five years during the period running from 1940 to 1960. It was when his wife displaced him as the primary earner that they finally stayed put (though age may have had something to do with that). Their move in 1960 likely disrupted Ann Dunham’s plans and her relations with whatever social network she had. Residents of Honolulu are wont to crack jokes at the expense of their local state school. Residents of Seattle are not. Where did she go in September 1961?

                  5. Barack Obama Sr. fancied himself a member of Kenya’s elite in waiting and had a self-centered sense of entitlement to go with that.

                  6. Barack Obama Sr. was looking for a shag.

                  7. Barack Obama Sr. faced potential problems with immigration authorities, with his financial sponsors, and with his peers (e.g. Neil Abercrombie) if he tried to shuck off his pregnant shag. The amount of time he actually spent cohabiting with Ann Dunham would appear to be eight months on the outside, and perhaps as little as two months.

                  Obama’s grandparents were awfully good sports about it, and awfully good sports about cleaning up after their daughter for the next 20 years. Keep in mind, though, that they had no other children. Now, while Ann Dunham was dying of cancer in Honolulu, where was her son? He took that time to attend a parody protest called the Million Man March. I doubt he cared much about her on a visceral level. For Ann Dunham, those were the wages of having been vigilantly self-centered for decades-long stretches of time. BO Jr. is a man who seems to have little investment in anyone or anything.

                  If you have ever been to Hawaii you know that there is very little about it that resembles growing up anywhere on the mainland of America.

                  I had relatives there for 50 years. Hawaii’s it’s own place. So’s West Virginia. BO doesn’t carry around with him any obvious local signatures. BO’s a recognizable bourgeois type, and holds no views that would be unconventional for a deputy dean of students to hold. He might as well have grown up in Boston.

                  1. The following is a reasonable take on BO: Poseur, fraud, the ultimate political con artist. A man utterly lacking in qualifications to run anything but his mouth (as long as he has a teleprompter), who for eight years has lied to the American people and gotten away with it because the MSM covers for him and his radical pro-Marxist, anti-American past. The man was never vetted by the press and is a fraud any way you slice it. Is his long form BC a fraud? Probably. Is BO himself a fraud? Absolutely.

                    1. Marxist? There is no indication that BO has had much command of social theory. Stanley Kurtz did discover he was affiliated with Michael Harrington’s outfit, but Harrington landed in the old Socialist Party by way of the Catholic Worker movement. Max Schactman was the Socialist grandee most conversant with Marxism, but Schactman’s acolytes tended toward the Henry Jackson set in the Democratic Party.

                  2. “BO’s a recognizable bourgeois type, and holds no views that would be unconventional for a deputy dean of students to hold. He might as well have grown up in Boston.”

                    Yes, but my point is that BO did not grow up in America per se. He promotes his story is the American story and it is not. Growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia is not remotely like growing up in the suburbs of Boston or Detroit or any other American city.

                    1. He spent 5 years in Indonesia. The man’s 55. He gave a speech at an Indonesian school about five years ago. The speech was 5 minutes long. He attempted about 40 seconds worth of phrases in the Malay dialect they use as a lingua franca there. Place really made an impression on him.

                      Honolulu’s an American city. It’s atypical in a number of respects. It’s ticky-tacky, most of the population is Oriental, hardly any blacks live there, the affluent commonly prefer high-rise condos to detached housing, and the hotel and restaurant business is the principal industry. It’s closest kin might be Miami or Las Vegas. It has more servicemen and fewer gangsters, though.

                    2. DSS – it wouldn’t let me reply to your comment so I am posting here. One last thing before I leave BO behind is a question that I have wanted to ask: what is a “structural feminist”? Does anyone know? And if Obama was ever asked this question, I’m willing to bet he would not have an answer. From his book: “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” – BO (Dreams of My Father)

                    3. DSS – posting here again…..

                      “Marxist? There is no indication that BO has had much command of social theory.”

                      Yes, Marxist. Though I would agree, there is little indication that BO has much command of anything but his use of the Marxist rhetoric that has been written for him.

                    4. DSS – you said “Honolulu is an American city” but it wasn’t until it rec’d statehood in 1959, just before BO was born. The culture there is Polynesian which can hardly be called American. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just making the point that it was not a typical “American” city – or upbringing for BO as he claims it was. It’s pure propaganda on his part.

                    5. but his use of the Marxist rhetoric that has been written for him.

                      He does not use Marxist rhetoric and it’s extremely doubtful that his pr staff (Marie Harf, &c) is more erudite than he is.

                    6. but it wasn’t until it rec’d statehood in 1959, just before BO was born. The culture there is Polynesian which can hardly be called American. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just making the point that it was not a typical “American” city – or upbringing for BO as he claims it was. It’s pure propaganda on his part.

                      Hawaii was annexed in 1898 and it’s people were granted American citizenship in 1900. The population is entirely English-speaking. Polynesians make up about 11% of the population and most of them have other strands in their ancestry. The largest ethic group there is Japanese, followed by haolies followed by Filipinos. Four of the last eight governors were born on the mainland.

                    7. “He does not use Marxist rhetoric…” Really? How about: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Or, “…folks at the top were taking advantage of their position and not following the same rules as everybody else and keeping other folks down.” etc…

                      “…and it’s extremely doubtful that his pr staff (Marie Harf, &c) is more erudite than he is.” Uh, there is NO doubt about Marie Harf, etc. I would not call BO erudite.

                      btw, the Obama admin spends $500 million annually on public relations spinners, in addition to $100 million per year spent on private-sector spinmeisters and $800 million spent annually on advertising.

                      “The White House said Thursday that President Obama’s costly addition of hundreds of public relations specialists to the government payroll was necessary to tell the public about the president’s achievements. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration “has made it a priority to interact with the public and interact with the press corps and to be as transparent as possible.” -The Washington Times, Oct. 2016

                    8. “The White House said Thursday that President Obama’s costly addition of hundreds of public relations specialists to the government payroll was necessary to tell the public about the president’s achievements.”

                      ie….this is called Propaganda, people.

                    9. DSS – “White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration “has made it a priority to interact with the public and interact with the press corps and to be as transparent as possible.”

                      AND…at the same time the AP and others show just how false this assertion is: “The AP published the damning results of its new analysis using federal data that finds the Obama administration not just to have failed to be “the most transparent administration in history,” but to in fact be less transparent than any recent administration. Data from the last two years also shows despite the repeated complaints from journalists and news outlets, the administration “has made few meaningful improvements” to its opaque M.O.”

                      There should be a required course in all of our schools: “How to recognize Propaganda.”

                    10. Summing it up again: Barack Obama is: a poseur, a fraud, and the ultimate political con artist. A man utterly lacking in qualifications to run anything but his mouth (as long as he has a teleprompter). The election of Trump proved just how smart the voters actually are. So, yes, Michelle O, we do still have “hope.” Why? Because on January 21, 2017, your husband is no longer in power. The best hope for the Democrats in 2018 is that BO tames his ego, lays low and keeps quiet for a good, long while.

                    11. “He does not use Marxist rhetoric…” Really? How about: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Or, “…folks at the top were taking advantage of their position and not following the same rules as everybody else and keeping other folks down.” etc…

                      Bob, that is not a Marxist statement. It has no signature of Marxist historiography or sociology.

                      The Executive Office of the President has a budget of about $400 millon. About 1/4 of that is the appropriation for the Office of Management and Budget. Another 20% is appropriated to the Trade Representative’s staff. About 1/4 is devoted to the plant & equipment budget for the White House staff. Dribs and drabs go to maintain the residential quarters, to the Council on Economic Advisers, the National Security Council &c. I have no clue where you got the idea they are spending $500 million on ‘public relations spinners’. Various departments and agencies have pr staffs, some of whom may be political appointees, but that’s not a novelty of this administration (and the staffs of those agencies have an institutional mission apart from the Administration in office).

                    12. Uh, there is NO doubt about Marie Harf, etc. I would not call BO erudite.

                      Neither would I. Neither Marie Harf nor Barack Obama are erudite. Marie Harf is a familiar type. She’s not encoding subliminal Marxist propaganda in the President’s utterances. She’d hardly know how to do that if she wanted to do that.

                    13. None of which proves the original report is true and not fake news. Ducking the question you might point out to the detractor or larding it over with more and more uncheckable BS is a really poor use of radical reasoning. Why do I say ducking? Instead of Evading? It gives yiou a chance to distill your repartee to a very simple “Quack Quack Quack.” The same one used on politicians wh duck questions and evade answering. There really is no reason to radical reasoining is precisely the point.

                    14. None of which proves the original report is true and not fake news. Ducking the question you might point out to the detractor or larding it over with more and more uncheckable BS is a really poor use of radical reasoning. Why do I say ducking?

                      No clue what you fancy you’re referring to.

    1. Karen S

      This comment, that I am about to make, is in no way intended to make light of this poor, unfortunate woman’s untimely and unspeakable death. So, now that I have that out of the way, here is my sincere and genuine question–why would an adult woman, who must, by circumstance, live and survive in a barbaric and savage society, such as the one found in this Afghan village, even dare to think about venturing outside of her home, unaccompanied by an adult, male relative, if she, undoubtedly, knew the possible severe and deadly consequences for doing so? This type of severe punishment, for failing to comply with such prohibitions, could not have been a surprise for her. Acknowledging that fact doesn’t justify the rules or the practices. No, this is in no way blaming the victim. No, this is in no way diminishing the barbaric or savage nature of the crime. It must, however, be asked–if one knows, with a certainty, that possible harm or death awaits anyone who fails to conform to these societal rules and regulations, why would a person–in his or her right mind–risk life and limb to merely go, unaccompanied–to the market for some lamb and a few kilos of rice? While the husband may have been out of the country, other male, family members could have, I assume, accompanied her. The husband, I assume, would not have left her without the ability to survive and deprived of substitute male relatives who were assigned to accompany her during his absence.

      1. She was testing the boundaries, blazing a trail, shining a spotlight of attention on the barbary. She died a hero of sorts in my view. Hopefully change will come to their society….as they say, insha’Allah.

      2. It’s possible she was emboldened because they had more freedom when our military was there. It could be the Taliban hadn’t been so active in that area. Maybe she’d done it before without getting caught. I don’t think you’re blaming the victim. We’ve wondered why women take the risks. But out of millions of people, some of them will try to get around such repressive rules. Otherwise the Taliban wouldn’t have anyone to murder.

        I feel so bad for the women in such extremist, anti-woman regions. No help for her anywhere. Geez, this is the place of bacha bazi, the “boy play” euphemism for pedophile rape, which is culturally accepted.

        We need to step up efforts to get those who helped us, and their families, out of Afghanistan. The interpreters who assisted our military are great examples, and we should have the ability to vet them. It’s very dangerous for them if the Taliban are getting the red carpet, and all our infrastructure which we built, to enjoy in subjugating the Afghani people.

        I knew an Afghan man. He said it used to be a more family friendly place, relatively, before the Taliban took over. Families used to take walks in Kabul.

        1. Good statement you will recall we abandoned the Vietnamese who helped the effort and wanted a new and democratic republic style of government. BUT we saved many of the scum from the corrupt South Vietnamese Government instead. A decade plus ago we railed against ‘MEXICANS’ for repudiating the Tesabono and ended up paying it off ourselves.

          HOWEVER most of the pay off went to organizations and people in and of the USA. Goldman Sachs was reputed to have up to a 40% share in that pay off. (and that is found by a simple google search) It was probably less BUT the Secretary of Treasury Ruben was the former CEO of G-S, did not recuse himself, was not taken to the court of public opinion or even congressional opinion much less the opinion of the current President. The money did come from raiding the then solven Social Security Fund and several others such as the Railroad Retirement Trust Fund, Ruben did go back to Goldman Sachs where he had shares and did retire as a multi millionaire.

          so it’s much like the comments above and the comments of the beheading. Where and what are the facts and who is involved and to what extent. Our Fat Cats already hung a Sergeant int he military for saving a young boy from being screwed by the local chief Nazi in Syria and that was backed up by our soon to be not present administration. Abandoning good for bad seems to be a foregone conclusion when the war mongers of the left sweep, for a price, their mistakes under the rug.

          JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obeyme included but it’s not limited to them.

          So while that society is ‘truly scum of the earth’ they are too often aided and abetted by our own home grown version.

  6. DavidM, Yes indeed. And Obama is expelling Russians after getting busted for lying about actually pushing the UN resolution on Israel. Distract and divert! Obama is also sweating like a whore in church as he’s pressed to provide proof on the “leaked” intelligence that Russia caused the Dems humiliating defeat. Of course, Obama has been Prez over the worst decline in Dem elections in history. Blame Russia, can’t himself or Hillary.

      1. Brooklin Bridge – I have never seen a political party spent so much time pretending it was not at fault for losing. They have blamed everything except Global Warming for Trump’s win.

        1. No, they did blame Global Warming as having increased aggression and anger and therefor Trump’s win.

        2. Paul that’s for sure. I would just like to know who will write, and how the final narrative will read on what has happened over this election and what happened today. It’s gone way beyond the scope of what they ventured in “Wag the Dog.”

          I think it shows how truly unfit the Democratic party is to lead.

    1. Nick – that’s Obama in a nutshell alright. In an existential crisis one should turn introspective but he’s chosen displacement instead.

    2. Don’t forget Obama arrogantly said that if he had run against Trump he would have won. Uh, no, he would have lost. Obama simply ignores the fact that he presided over the destruction of the Democrat party from top to bottom.

    3. Whether the Russians usurped the election or not the real issue is that the administration no longer has any credibility–which was weak at best for years–with the assertions it makes. It has done everything possible to ruin any goodwill it might have formerly possessed and has only itself to blame. So, any accusations it makes, even if true, will not be believed. The best method it should practice for the next eighteen days should be to hide out and not look any more ridiculous than it is.

      We hear so often in the sycophant news that President Obama is working hard to preserve his legacy by making radical, last minute changes and executive orders. I propose his legacy will be quite intact…a legacy of failure and that of damaging America–which I believe was his intent from the beginning. His legacy was as much a disgrace as was the anointing of him as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate without provenance or merit. Many wanted him to be the shining star of the United States. So much that they abandoned any sense of objectivity and when matters went awry over the years they refused to acknowledge the bad because they could not lose face by announcing the emperor has no clothes.

      The Russians electioneered Hillary’s defeat? Bah! the filmmaker that caused the Benghazi embassy attack was who elected Trump. Don’t you know?

      Nearly everything the left claims to either support or object to was in complete opposition to the very essence and soul of Hillary Clinton (that is, if she even has a soul). Yet, so many of them were in lockstep with the same illusions and delusions they embraced with President Obama. At least with Bernie Sanders supporters they sought someone genuine. That was until he endorsed Hillary Clinton’s Tammany Hall Redux at the end of the Democrat’s convention despite all the malfeasance and sleaze the party and Hillary slung against him to guarantee his political demise. In my view he too succumbed to the illusion that the Democrat party in its present form espouses. He too lost credibility with more than a few. But those who were truly screwed over was the Sanders supporters who were completely disenfranchised by the party elites despite having shown that he was a legitimate candidate who had a large following of the electorate of ordinary people. I say let the marketplace of ideas dictate who wins under our present election system, not the plutocracy of any political party.

  7. I like to use cultural customs, particularly involving food, to evaluate and predict the future. About 1/3 of the world eats w/ chopsticks; 1/3 w/ fork and knives, and 1/3 w/ their hands. Those hand eaters are the most likely to bring life on this planet to an end.

    These atrocities occur daily in Muslimland and the vapid US feminists fret about what words we use in speaking of women.

    1. Nick

      I doubt that forcing these primitive throwbacks to eat with a fork and a knife, seated at a table, would make any discernible difference in changing their views regarding humanity. Dress one of their representatives, seated at the UN in a $5000 suit, and one has accomplished no more than simply putting lipstick on a pig.

      1. bam, You are probably right. Just looking at it from a different angle. That’s all.

  8. We failed in the Middle East the moment we let those Harvard lawyers draft constitutions making Iraq and Afghanistan Islamic Republics.

    1. In your imagination. The Iraqi constitution was written by an elected constituent assembly. The money quote is here

      “Article 2: First: Islam is the official religion of the State and is a foundation source of legislation: A. No law may be enacted that contradicts the established provisions of Islam B. No law may be enacted that contradicts the principles of democracy. C. No law may be enacted that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms stipulated in this Constitution. Second: This Constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people and guarantees the full religious rights to freedom of religious belief and practice of all individua ls such as Christians, Yazidis, and Mande an Sabeans.”

      Variations on ‘Islam is the religion of the state’ are bog standard in Arab constitutions, no matter what the political orientation of the regime is. You’ll notice the wording is such that it’s much more aspirational than an enforceable set of precepts.

  9. Of course, as we discussed in another story today, our long-time ally Saudi Arabia continues to maintain the same medieval Islamic abuses in the treatment of women.

    Saudi Arabia passes out capital sentences for homicide, terrorism, and drug trafficking. There are some other black-letter penalties which are seldom applied. I doubt you could find an example in the last generation of a Saudi court passing down a capital sentence for going to market without accompaniment.

    1. My father witnessed the beheading of two gay men in Chop Chop square. Jews are forbidden to step foot in the country. Plus women are forbidden by law from driving. Saudi Arabia is not a chic cosmopolitan destination.

      1. No it isn’t, and sodomy is a capital offense in Saudi Arabia. The question is not whether Saudi Arabia is ‘cosmopolitan’, but whether they execute women for appearing at the market without accompaniment. The number of executions in Saudi Arabia does not exceed the number of murders, and the country has a low murder rate. The number varies from year to year. The median over the last 8 years has been 82 executions per year.

        1. The fact remains that there are not many degrees of separation between ISIS and the UAE. ISIS throws gay men off buildings, while Saudi Arabia beheads them. Men area allowed to confine women to their homes, or even “women’s rooms”, permanently, if they choose, in Saudi Arabia. (Look up the plight of the Saudi princesses who have been on house arrest for years for being too Westernized.) ISIS and the Taliban tend to act like a mob, while the UAE uses institutionalized violence against women. A woman who broke the law to drive a car was sentenced to disfiguring flogging. Insult Islam and you can get 1,000 lashes, which would remove the skin from your bones and would essentially be a death sentence, even when divided into smaller amounts given at a time.

          Yes, it is possible for a Western woman to be a tourist if she is very, very careful and has a male guardian, which she would never dare to do in ISIS controlled territory. But she would still be in danger if she made a misstep or even accidentally insulted Islam or the Prophet. Also, ISIS wants to bring about End Times and world Islamic domination, while the UAE seems content to stay within its borders and merely fund terrorism.

          Most differences are minor and the Kingdom lies on the extremist scale.



          1. The fact remains that there are not many degrees of separation between ISIS and the UAE.

            You cannot recognize the distinction of a society in a state of civil peace and a state of war dominated by bloodthirsty brigands. You cannot recognize the difference between daily butchery and a country (the UAE) which executes a median of 1 person per year. Karen, I cannot help you.

  10. Several Bush years, 8 Obama years, $3 billion dollars pissed away each and every week of it…and cui bono?

    1. Damn Good Point. With Bush representing the right wing OF the left and Obeyme representing the left and the RINOs not caving to the left but as good little leftists doing as they were told upon command what else would one expect.? Two answers.

      One NEVER use left wing definitions instead think of it and yourself this way.

      In what is a representative democracy at the grass roots level with the direct vote AND recall and a Constitutional Republic over that the center IS the Constitution which guarantees both those necessary levels and recognizes the citizen as the ultimate authority.

      The Center IS NOT the center of the left.

      Left then has one major item in common. They RINOs and DINOs and Sick Frogs up to Nazis and Communists alike believe in Government Over citizens. Notice National Socialism was put in it’s proper place shoulder to shoulder even steven and very close to the secular progressives. .

      The Right traditionally the place of divine or ulitmate power was given over to the voting citizen the only source of supreme ultimate power with their belief of Citizen Over government.

      If you want an extremist right it’s the opposite of totalitarian which is complete absence of government – Hermits and waaaaaayyyyy out there anarchists fit as well as anything.

      For the last century we’ve had the left wing experiment trying to change that among other things and failing. They are besides the pro slavery and anti civil rights party also the hands down war mongers.

      Think about it PC and the leftist definitions do NOT work. to the point I made up my own which does work.

      Another example is liberals and conservtives. When I hear that I never know what they are talking about until I find the definition for that day.

      The two worlds are no longer useful. And like the fault definitions of party placement from left to right they need to be ignored especially if used by the media and press. That group uses a fictionary not a dictionary.

      Having;down that do a little research using factual sources, and adjust the above recipe to suit. .

      With that in mind think about the power of local votes where all these politicians get their start. You don’tg have to have a Democrat or Republican Party. You could have something different. How about Constitutional Republic Party or Representative Democracy Party both with one foot firmly in the center of the national and State Constitutions. And don’t forget recall and initiatives as a political weapon.

      Six words….

      Stop Enabling
      Take Control
      Make Changes

      That gets you through the elections of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

      It also works to help ‘steer’ the direction of the one major party and keep it lined up on the true center.

      As for the extremists. Vote to get rid of even more of them in the elections of the next four years

      Citizens are only the ultimate source of the power if they do what they did Nov 8th. The Democrats were crushed, the Reublicans were smashed and the true power of the country held five aces. Those taking credit were those demolished NOT the wrecking ball. Ditto Thrice for the media.

      It’s your democratic principles and your constitutional republic – if you can keep it.

      What’s that got to do with that woman in Afghanistan? Do you really want the likes of Kerry making treaties in your name, Secret Side Deals and all? It takes citizen control not rewarding political scum with applause and thoughts of running for President. The Republicans learned the hard way where their bread is buttered. that just leaves the media and Socialists.

      Good Job on Nov 8th when you got up keep it up.

      Oh and the other reason is you really people like the two or three inept agents of the left we have here getting into office again? Think about it.

    1. “Religion of peace.”?

      “She was reportedly beheaded with a bayonet attached to an AK-47″ after arguing with Taliban in the market.”

      It suspect it worked; the Taliban got their peace. Will it take them a millennia to also discover equality? Even then it won’t come immediately, but at least they’d be on the right path.

  11. ‘U.S. Officials’ implies the USA which implicates the citizens of the USA. Those officials do not speak for at least half the population the ones that just voted to get rid of that type of US Officials and their habit of treating with the enemy. Yet their soon to be ousted Master continued to send troops to a war he was already determined to lose for what will be in three weeks eight non stop solid years.

    With that kind of mixed signals and the selection of two highly incompetent and untrustworthy Secretaries of State and two incompetent and untrustworthy if not themselves criminals Secretaries of the Justice Department etc. etc. etc. it is not wonder the counter revolution to reinstate the Constitutional Republic by free, independent and thinking citizens from all corners of the country did so well.

    Of course one has to give major credit to the opposition campaign proof positive a collective doesn’t have the brain power nor the moral values to be trusted with the reins of government. But these dregs of society if one can indeed count them as ‘of society’ – as they certainly have broken with the social contract of a representative democracy as the base for Constitutional Republic – have gone beyond the pale.

    The antics and I mean that in the sense of a clowns, fools, and estupidos would serve the country best by going elsewhere but granting them citizenship again? I think not. We need the room for hard working Mexicanos far more than the collective autocracy of the fascist left.

    One only has to look at some or the people (using the term loosely) and look no further for all the evidence. Enouogh to satisfy the most demanding objectivist and going far beyond probable cause. They made their bed when they started the aborted regressive secular progressive revolution against the country. They lost. I say document the illegals and ejectively reject the sec. progs, their socialist autocracy and their blood strained war at any cost policies. .

    1. The social contract that formed the basis of our democracy has been under attack by the Republicans for years. Ronald Reagan started the final unraveling and now it is in taters. Corporations run rough show over workers and poison the air, the water and the soil with little fear of accountability or consequences.

      As to Afganistan, the dirty little war was started by Bush II because he couldn’t bring himself to attack his buddies the Saudis. It was and is a pit into which we have poured our treasure and our blood. Our involve the in the Middle East has been wrong headed and counter productive, we need to let the people of the Middle East resolve their won probes…no money and no arms.

      Our leaders need to remember their obligations are to the humans who live in this country.

  12. According to Po, they should not be doing this since it is war against civilians.

        1. If you changed your name to “Their Country, Their Laws”, I’m fairly certain everyone would still know it was you. 😉

          1. Olly – the phrase only works in certain circumstances. Don’t want to wear it out. 😉

          2. Olly – I already have a common copyright on it, but do you think I should trademark it?

            1. Hey Paul. Barbaric would work but then the Tallywhackers would think it a compliment……Hows was Christmas?

              1. Michael Aarethun – got an Echo Dot which I am training and learning to operate. Actually, the one I have was for my wife but she would never appreciate it so I absconded with it. Once I learn how to use it properly, we will get her one and maybe a Harmony Hub to run the media center.

                1. I thought about it but with a boat cabin nine by seven feet I have to get real lazy to not want to take one step in any direction. When i’m out running the boat though I just put on one of the 500 gbyte HD’s that goes to the FM radio which runs it through the speakers. The rest of the money went for a new dinghy. Santa was very nice to me this year.

                  1. Michael Aarethun – it is your weather station, radio station, can read books, connects to dictionaries and Wikipedia. It is also an alarm clock, can be a stop watch. Tons of stuff. You have to give it specific commands though.

    1. Well Paul it’s our job as citizens and as such part of the ultimate authority in the country to do a bit more than push for change. First chance other than the usual is the local grass roots representative democracy level 2017. If the Repo’s start up that business as usual crap start the recalls and vote against them. Sooner or later if we drive out enough Rinos and Dinos something better will emerge. The fat lady isn’t gargling and doing warmup scales yet.

      1. Michael Aarethun – one of my RINOs has 6 years to go (unless he dies in office) and the other has 4. It is a long wait for me. I will continue to call their offices and annoy their staffs, but that is the best I can do.

        1. Referring to the former Republican nominee for President as a ‘RINO’ is just silly. What do you call the 44% of Republican primary voters who cast a ballot for him? How about the 42% who cast ballots for Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney (two other politicians despised by people who throw around the ‘RINO’ epithet?).

          While we’re at it, the American Conservative Union reports that Mr. Flake’s lifetime mean score is at the 45th percentile of the Senate Republican caucus, so I guess nearly half of all Republican senators are Republicans-in-Name-Only too.

          1. DesperatelySeekingSusan – I am so far to the right that I want to restore the monarchy. McCain and Flake are RINOs.

            1. No, they’re not RINOs. They’re authentic Republicans. You’re something else.

              1. DeperatelySeekingSusan – I am an Independent. I get to observe the RINOs and actually Republicans.

                1. Paul, what in your view constitutes a RINO? How does a RINO differ from an authentic Republican?

                  1. This is a two fer Paul is probably sleeping. A RINO is someone who claims to be a Republican usually because of the make up of his or her home district but votes with and supports the left. In reality they are the right wing OF the left. Those times they caved? Not really they were just following orders from their real party headquarters. A DINO is someone who claims to be democratic but is actually more of a fascist socialist. This year they had some many they publicly asked to be called Socialists. The common link is they believe in Government OVER Citizens.

                    Paul will give you a different version I just say it like it is.

                    1. A RINO is someone who claims to be a Republican usually because of the make up of his or her home district but votes with and supports the left.

                      About 20% of the Congressional Republican caucus has career ratings from the American Conservative Union below 70%. All of them receive better scores than any member of the Senate Democratic caucus and better scores than all but one member of the House Democratic caucus. About 1/2 of these people are from New England or the New York – Washington corridor and about 30% are from the Rustbelt. You have small clusters of 2-4 members each from south Florida (w/ another from Tampa Bay), the mountain and desert west, the west coast, the Plains, and greater Chicago. Only one is a Southerner.

                    2. You mean to say it only takes less than 20% of them to cave or more accurately act the puppy dogs of the left. I would have thought given the non Rinos were around 15 to 25. Define Conservative. Many of them are left wing oriented, too damn many and vote against the Constitution. The vote on extending and broadening the abrogration of civil rights last Dec 31st was on it’s own 85 senators with 15 all non Rinos voting No. They support the budget busting bills and wink at the direct violations of the law by Obama. Why do you think so many of us started out and finished up voting against them? Republican Party members and none Republican Party members. I’m not buying that warmed over left wing propaganda Once a puppy Chow .they are just another Reid blowing in the wind.

                      For sure they are too far left to satisfy this moderate centrist supporter of the Constitution.

              2. I have to side with Paul on this one. The amount in the Senate prior to the next group being sworn in is only 15 at best that aren’t Rinos. There playing all good Constitutionalists now until the dust settles then for many it will be right wing of the left business as usual. They are already lining up to do a tap dance shuffle ball change and try to screw us again The only answer is kill the party and replace it locally as the goal for 2017, Kill it in Congress in 2018 and do the same to all layers of the fascist left Democrats every year. In between do a bunch of recalls and initiatives if for no other reason than to drain their coffers. Gotta slap them up alonside the head on a regular basis else they start thinking they are some thing and some body.

                1. Want to be rid of the RINOs? Then support the formation of a new organization I am calling V.O.T.E.R., Voters Organized To Extirpate Rinos (or substitute Republicans, if you prefer)

                    1. Republican In Name Only = Democrat registered as a Republican

                      Democrat in Name Only = Socialist or Secular Progressive

                2. The amount in the Senate prior to the next group being sworn in is only 15 at best that aren’t Rinos.

                  Again, this is a nonsense statement.

          2. You mean Trump? I don’t consider him to be Republican. Neither did the Republicans when they cut him loose in the middle of the campaign. My vote went for one purpose. Crush the Republicans, Slaughter the Democrats and Eviscerate the Clintons. two and a half out of three isn’t bad. I had no idea that concept would get that much milage. As for the RINOs left two choice. They have two or four years left to change or give them the same treatment. They are still to cozy with their position as right wing of the left for my taste.

            Check out that lady Rep. from hawaii that Squeakie likes. I’d like to get some more opionion on that one but so far she seems to be at worst a Democrat and not a DINO. In the meantime the RINOs didn’t win they had it handed to them compliments of the Clintons etc. Just hope the Socialists Stay Stupid!

    2. Paul

      Bush created the situation which was historically proven to be an impossible one to maintain and/or bring to fruition. Obama did nothing to worsen something that has been going on for thousands of years. The area is one of tribal and religious extremes. The British learned this the hard way. The Soviets learned this the hard way. And now most Americans, the ones who can think beyond their political rivalries are learning this. The only change in Afghanistan and the rest of these backward countries such as Iraq, Iran, SA, etc will only come from within. The more outsiders criticize the deeper they dig in their heels. Obama has been spot on with his policies in these medieval cesspools. Given the hypocrisy and lies that DDT has spewed thus far it is impossible to predict what DDT will do.

      Regarding the soldiers that died and were maimed there as well as those who came home with their demons, the crimes committed were by the three stooges. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld should never be forgotten as the most incompetent and destructive mutts that have come along. Obama wasn’t perfect and in his situation there was absolutely nothing that could have been done that would have escaped criticism by the mindless opposition. Drift back through the newspapers over the past eight years for a graphic example of hypocrisy at its stinkiest. No one tops the Republicans when it comes to hypocrisy.

      1. Except EyeZack. You don’t have to copycat Po Boy no matter what instructions Soros and Lykoff charged you $19.95 to acquire. To think and use reason requires individual freedom. Not collective programming. Why did i say that? Because you sound exactly like all the others.

        1. Michael Aarethun – Alexander the Great learned the hard way you cannot conquer Afghanistan.

        2. Michael Aarethun

          History has illustrated most clearly that the incompetence that was the Bush administration, regardless of whose fault it was from the inside out, the two handlers or the idiot, caused the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq. You can argue that it was necessary to involve this colonial power called the US of A but you cannot argue that the three stooges didn’t screw things up. They were told to go in with twice the troops and went for shock and awe. They were told to have an end game but ignored those who had experienced Vietnam. If there ever was incompetence it was with the three stooges: Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. They even managed to eclipse the mutts working with Reagan. Now, that is something.

          Obama has added next to no more to the mess he inherited. Obama has listened to the American people when they said that they did not want Americans to fight foreign wars and he brought home the troops all but for those necessary to aid the locals to do the job. The only criticism is on how well he did a yeoman’s job. The three stooges were a disaster. There is a difference between creating a disaster and not cleaning it up fast enough for the traitors complaining from the sidelines. America’s problems are mostly centered around the truth of perception. You can argue until the cows come home but the three stooges caused the mess and Obama is criticized primarily for not cleaning it up fast enough. Big difference for those with their heads pulled out of where the sun don’t shine.

          1. At the risk of being castigated for adhominems I might point out that one cannot commit that unless the supposed target is anthropromorphic. Keep that in mind as I state that your entire contrived sequence is more descriptive of an anthroprophagic humanoid a term useful in describing not only some (meaning one to infinity and usually only the one stating it) but the entire group of whatever size. Suffice to say it’s a very tight and compelling argument in favor of my stated position that you are a very valuable individual in acquiring more votes against some which brings us back to what I call in non pedantic terms the bloodthirsty war mongers of the left ergo sum anthroprophagics but not anthropromorphic. To avoid the charge of adhominem I shall present that as an entire collective minus those who are useful. or Total minus two perhaps three in the case of this discussion. The actual formula is Pythagorean in nature.

          2. Please spare us all the fanfare on how great a president you believe Obama has been. Wake up and look at reality. Obama has done plenty of his own damage here and abroad. He has destroyed the Democrat party. The media has propped him up in order to not let the first half-black president fail. Is he brilliant? Hardly. Was he a great president? No. He’s an ineffective weakling on the world stage. He’s a misguided screwball ideologically. Deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize? Not in the least. Brilliant, erudite? Far from it. Smartest man in the room? No way. Is there anything exceptional about Obama besides the color of his skin? No. He is psychologically and intellectually inferior to other world leaders. He’s not even on the same level. He looks down on all the rural and working class voters who elected Trump and don’t think we don’t know it. We do. But Obama is so arrogant and dense that he does not get the message. His vision, his policies, his legacy – it has all been rejected by the people, the very voters Obama looks down on. I’m not talking about popular vote. Look at the losses for the Democrats from local and state level on up. He is a farce, a fraud, an anti-American sham and the people know it. The popularity numbers the media keeps touting? I give those numbers as much weight as all the fake poll numbers that said Hillary would win in a landslide. In other words those numbers are wrong, fabricated, inaccurate. Mark my words, Obama is not nearly as popular as the fake polls suggest. For eight years the man has been protected and propped up by the media. And that is the reality. As you can see I am no fan of this fraud and am counting the day.

            1. The Democratic Party has lost ground in state legislatures and (to a lesser degree) in Congress. It’s not ‘destroyed’. Like the Terminator, they’ll be back.

              Obama’s problem is not that he’s ‘intellectually and psychologically inferior’. It’s that he’s unserious and never took much interest in anything (as Valerie Jarrett has admitted). He had no history as an executive prior to 2009 and he’s not a natural in such positions. He lacks the experience, savvy, and people skills to be a satisfactory negotiator. None of this has much to do with being intellectually and psychologically inferior. The real problem with Obama is that he never found his vocation and a mess of sycophantic sorts were giving him positive feedback for non-performance in the positions he did acquire.

              Had Obama led an authentic existence, he might have continued on the vector he started on in 1983 – settled in New York and worked for a publishing house as a line editor or a belly editor, or worked in journalism, or worked in corporate communications. Had he been fortunate, he’d have married someone very like Michelle Robinson, just less of a Material Girl addicted to credit cards.

              1. True, the Democrats were not ‘destroyed’ – they were trounced. True, Obama is ‘unserious’ and ‘never took much interest in anything’ which makes him a lazy, entitled, PINO (prez in name only). Though, you could insert POS here as well. True, Obama has been surrounded by ‘sycophantic sorts giving him positive feedback for non-performance’ (ie the MSM). True, Obama is a good ‘community organizer’ because that job requires stirring up agitation and mobilizing victims which is not the same as ‘leadership.’ Obama just gave the country eight years of intensified division – racial, class, religious, political, and otherwise. Obama’s ‘community organizing’ skills do not translate to executive leadership and negotiation skills needed to manage, direct and oversee large organizations and bureaucracies. Obama spent his time building resentments and talking about giving us ‘hope’; Trump will build relationships and give us results. Trump will show Obama how it’s done. And THAT, Michelle O, is what I call “hope” – not the baloney you and your husband have been talking about for eight years. I’m counting the days. 1/21/17.

                1. Pretty soon one fo the psycophants will complaimn we are off topic. Well not really just marking time waiting for the explanation of ‘reportedly’ meaning ‘unverified’ to be answered by a valid source.

                  In the meantime we’ve touched on a number of subjects. Obama Birth Certificate…at this point does it matter? Only if it can be proven and so far that hasn’t been accomplished sufficient to probable cause although under the terrorism laws only ‘suspicion’ is needed. But either way I suppose former Prexy or not the espionage laws as a foreign agent might work. And the plight of the also ran wannabe’s Nothing new there except ABC is pimping for Brazile to remain as head of DNC. Something along with keeping Pelosillynni, Schtumer and Bernie the triple turncoat to be devoutly wished for as it further erodes and destroys the left. Time for a new topic or two or three.

                  By the way what haopened to the Trump organization? It’s still in place and has replaced much of the old RINO driven nationwide organization in part or at least one is supporting the other WHILE the Demo’s are still floundering frozen in skating rink of their own choosing. yuck yuck yuck.

                  With people like Pelosillyni Schtumer and Brazilnut how could we possibly lose? By not continuing doing what we did already. Once you got it up keep it up and once the other side is down for the count kick ’em in the other cheeks. They have dibs on the left one.

              2. “like Michelle Robinson, just less of a Material Girl addicted to credit cards.”

                You forgot to mention ‘addicted to whining and complaining’ about how hard it has been for her not being able to open car windows or bedroom windows in the ‘prison’ that is the White House or how she doesn’t get paid for the work she does for the American people as First Lady or…or….or….my God, the perks she has enjoyed have been plenty and then some. I have no patience for another second of this kind of whining and complaining from the First Lady — especially today as they return to Washington DC today from their last taxpayer subsidized luxury Hawaiian vacation. Remember Obama saying he would give up vacations and luxuries like that? Yeah, right. He says something and always does the opposite.


                Yeah, no vacations for the Obama’s. Grand total of luxury vacations and world travel has reached over $85 million. Like I said, I’m counting the days.

                1. The woman has real personal shortcomings. Saying she was looking forward to opening the windows in some new residence is not one of them.

              3. No, I don’t believe that Obama would have married Michelle if he had not needed a genuine African-American wife to support his political aspirations in South Chicago. She’s really not his type. I can see him with a woman of a more international background, probably raised in a Muslim environment, like him, but well educated and somewhat of a jet-setter sophisticate and agnostic. Now that I think of it, Huma Abadeen would be the perfect type for him. And I hear that she’ll soon be available……hmmmmmmm.

      2. issac – I am going to say this straight to your face. Obama has had the two worst Secretaries of State in the history of the United States. Obama’s foreign policy is fickle and misguided. There is no hand on the tiller. Obama and Kerry are currently trying to bully Israel, which will not work. Now they have tossed 35 Russians out of the US even though they know it wasn’t the Russians who were giving the emails to Wikileaks.

        It is going to take most of Trump’s first few years just to undo the damage that Obama and his minions have done worldwide. Should be interesting.

            1. Paul Schulte,
              -The “three stooges” bit has been used maybe a couple of hundred times or so by the same person, to exonerate any failures of the Obama administration.
              I find it as fresh and compelling as the first time I saw it used.😉
              Just as “DDT” will never
              lose its effectiveness or grow stale.😒

                    1. I thought they quit making winkies did someone buy Hostess? Which reminds me of the story of renaming the two parties in the Congress. The list was too long and they had to add the Greens, Libs and some others So here’s the list. See if you can figure out which goes with which former political party name.

                      Ding Dongs, Hi Ho’s Twinkies, Snow Flakes, Zingers, and Donettes.

                      I wondere how much Hostess paid for naming rights?

              1. He is our Canadian Rainman..definitely 3 Stooges, definitely. He does buy his underwear @ Kmart.

        1. Just to interject a suggestion. Minions might be replaced by second even third handers as an apt description of the whole administration – and that’s being kind. Obeyme thinks he could take three in a row? He’s retreated to Fairly Tail Land where saying is the same as doing. At this rate some P-Shrink is going to get rich.

          1. Michael Aarethun – I am not sure that Hillary won states where Obama shilled for her. I know that states that went for Obama went for Trump.

      3. Isaac probably had a huge stack of “it’s all Bush’s fault, or Reagan’s fault,” prepared to cover any mistakes of a Hillary administration.
        It’s a shame that his inventory can not be used by him, since he won’t be making the same “it’s all Bush’s fault” inventory to cover for mistakes Trump makes.

        1. T-Nash it all starts with a mirror. Isaac like most left wing extremists use a mirror to get a descriptionth en change the name as a matter of – coarse and the spellings are correct. Crude would work. But you nailed it that’s exactly what they do. I doubt Isaac did the original writing though. That took some one like Lykoff or Carville. The rest are all pre programmed copy cats.

          Second mistakes are not needed. If the target wakes up and breathes the hit squads are on it like shite on shinola.

          Thinking has nothing to do with it.

        2. It’s all George Washington’s fault.

          Now, can the left move on to current issues?

          1. can the left moveondotaaaarrrggghhhhh. Not according to todays headlines and articles. That is not a bad thing that is a good thing. One article predicted DNC would spend 2017 playing stupid and lose even more votes in 2018. They are way behind and running backwards to stay away from the swamp drains. Fun to watch though. For the rest of us it’s back to scholarly considered and literate discussions on important issues.

            So a suggestion on Schumer’s new buzzword of vehement. Chuckee Poo turn red in the face all you want. Turn blue for all I care. But the way to manage their attempt to block a nomination majority vote from prevailing is keep nominating the same individual. Another way is for the majority in congress to declare a one day or even over the weekend recess when the President can legally make appointments. which means the nominee gets the job until a vote IS taken.

            Never state a problem without a suggested the solution. In this case a plea for the continued insanity of the left is the best one I can think of and it’s not my official NY Resolution.

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