Misogyny Meet Irony: Saudi Arabia Elected To United Nation’s Women’s Rights Commission

If you like your misogyny with a heavy serving of irony, you could do no better than the United Nations this week after Saudi Arabia was elected to a  2018-2022 term on the Commission on the Status of Women, the U.N. agency that, according to its website, is “exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.”  As with Iran being put on the Commission, the irony would be humorous if there were not millions of victims over decades of abuse by these countries.  Previously, Saudi Arabia taking over the top spot on the Human Rights Commission was viewed as unbelievable, but the entry on the Commission on the Status of Women sets a level of irony that may be unsurpassable.

Notably, various groups demanded to know what countries voted for the inclusion.  Only 7 of 54 ECOSOC states opposed the inclusion and many want the EU countries to reveal their votes. It is absurd that such votes should be taken on secret ballots.

Now that Saudi Arabia is a protector of women’s rights, it may want to immediately call for an investigation of the country responsible for:

Barring women from being able to travel without the permission of men;

Flogging women for driving;

Jailing a man for protesting the treatment of women;

Arresting women for ripped jeans or “Western haircuts“;

Stoning a woman to death (while just giving her male love flogging) for sex outside of marriage;

Sentencing human right activists to death;

Persecuting lawyers who help rape victims; 

Flogging rape victims;

Permitting child bride arranged marriages;

Closing Women’z health clubs as UnIslamic;

Arresting women without head coverings;

Arresting even foreign women who sit next to unrelated men in public places;

Flogging women over use of bad language; 

Enforcing the right to beat wives; and

Barring women from a Women’s Rights Conference.

That is only a partial list for the new Saudi Commissioner and it does not even require going outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

38 thoughts on “Misogyny Meet Irony: Saudi Arabia Elected To United Nation’s Women’s Rights Commission”

  1. The only Middle Eastern country that treats women equally and with respect is Israel. Yet, the UN constantly passes resolutions hostile to Israel. Never does the UN pass a resolution hostile to the numerous countries with human rights violations, and that long list includes many Middle Eastern countries. Yes, the UN is a farce, and the US should withdraw all financial support.

    1. The US has a president that freely grabs women by their genitalia with no repercussions.

      1. No repercussions because only a small minority of women would go to the trouble of filing a lawsuit because someone was fresh to them and because the number of partisan Democrats willing to say a stranger they may or may not have ever met grabbed at them exceeds the number of women-in-general to whom this actually did happen.

        1. Desperate–Seems like an awfully long sentence to say absolutely nothing!

      2. Whose genitalia did he grab and when did it occur? No answer, Francesca? OK, case closed!

  2. Does anyone have any idea as to WHY Saudi Arabia wanted to be on this commission?

  3. News flash: the UN is a great manufactory of humbug. There are perhaps three-dozen international agencies which are not, by all appearances, ornamental, obnoxious, or officious (unless you need a loan). Only a couple of these require UN membership as a condition of joining. We can replicate the work of these two with our extant bilateral agencies. Set up missions in New York, Paris, and Geneva to belong to useful international agencies, leave the UN, and tell that pus they have a year to get out of New York.

    1. But it was Obama’s favorite ‘go to’ place. Doesn’t that give it street cred?

  4. Well, in Saudi Arabia women are not drinking themselves silly, smoking dope and taking drugs in large numbers, popping anti-depressants like crazy, tatting and piercing themselves up, lezzing off, whoring around, divorcing their husbands and kids like crazy, and having to treat those funny little bumps, rashes, and bleeding sores “down there” to the tune of about 50%.

    Sooo, maybe we are the strange ones to be on a women’s rights commission.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. I don’t think the REAL Squeeky Fromm could possibly spout comments as outrageously ridiculous as what you just posted!

      1. Then I suspect that you will really howl about this:


        FWIW, I noticed someone above made a snarky comment about Saudi Arabia being on the Human Rights Commission. But maybe the Saudis have some better notions about “human rights” than we do. For example, they execute about 200 or so drug dealers per year, and the West gets its panties in a wad. How dare they be that barbabric as to actually decapitate drug dealers!!! Yet, just in the United States we have about 24,000 drug overdose deaths per year, and it is getting worse.

        Sooo, who really cares about people the most? The country that executes 200 drug dealers, or the country that doesn’t execute drug dealers and lets at least 24,000 people per year die in the process.


        It looks to me like many of the notions we laud in the West just end up making people miserable, or dead.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. No, they are made to live restricted lives. You would have to get permission to type. You really think SAUDI Arabia is a good place to be a woman? You wouldn’t last a minute.

      As to your description of American women, you must not know many.

      1. Heck, I know a lot of American women, and in fact, am one myself. I also help my BFF do a lot of divorces for the “un-restricted” American women, and let me tell you, I am ashamed to be an American woman. I never thought I would feel that way, but facts are just facts.

        Those “restricted” Saudi women have husbands and children an grandchildren. They will not die alone, and broke, in some Home For Aging American Whores & Harlots. You will not see those Saudi women tatting themselves up, and leaving their husbands and children to spend a life taking in meth head drug dealing men just to have a bed partner. Or, living hand to mouth in a used FEMA trailer with 12 cats and a funky ammonia-like odor about them.

        The June Cleaver Generation of women is slowly dying off, and say what you will about pushing around a Sherman Tank of a Hoover or Electrolux, while wearing pearls and high heels, that generation of broads is a lot better off than the ones who are coming up after them.

        IMHO, the term “hot messes” doesn’t apply to the ones over there in the desert.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  5. We should leave the UN and force them to leave NY. And pay their traffic tickets to NYC as they are leaving.

  6. The U.N. loses credibility each time appointments such as this occur.

  7. Add to that the secular version we got rid of to some extent worshipping their foreign ideology.. But to the point a University I forget which but call it Snow flake U. decided to advise it’s students not to use this new gobble de gook language nor make remarks about womens rights as a speaker from the Middle East – a woman – is going to give a presentation from behind a mask.

    Some will not doubt take it seriously and not pay attention to the hypocrisy when zero protestors show up. So what’s with the women victimizers of women brigade going to do sit it out?.

  8. And the US continues to embrace Saudi Arabia and others just like it and now our own group of religious fanatics is in charge here. It is chilling.

    1. Trump counts as a ‘religious fanatic’ only in the addled mind of someone too disoriented to be taken seriously on any question.

  9. I have read that the single largest voting bloc at the UN is Islamic nations. 57 I think..? And they all seem to be becoming radicalised, extremist.

    I found out recently that in addition to all the other Saudi regulations against women and hte range of permitted offences against women, ANY man may put hands on, berate, any woman he sees in public not acting correctly. I saw film of two men, separate incidents, pushing women to the ground for, in one case, being (or appearing to be) unaccompanied in a Western type of supermarket. The second a man pushed a woman to the street. In some way or other he felt she was not covered up enough. I suppose a stray tendril or something.

    A few years ago a friend, headed to their Palm Springs home stopped off at a market on Sunrise to stock up. In came 6 or 8 totally covered women, in the Saudi style, only eyes, even black gloves and covered beyond the ankle. 2 large men were with them. Much more guards than anything else.

    We’ve made such a mistake to let them in.

    1. The Islamification of the West was the plan all along. US should get out of the UN. Until then Trump is right to cut UN funding.

      1. no argument here…. I read VS Naipaul’s “Among the Believers” back when it came out. Chilling. They plotted, planned, read our laws and Constitution (not only ours) and… here we are. We now have very little girls in California schools, all wrapped up by about 7 or 8.

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