Trump Down To 34 Percent Popularity

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedstock-149421_128045 is now at 34.  President Donald Trump has hit a new low in popularity according to the Gallup poll.  Gallup’s latest poll is 34 percent with a disapproval rate at a staggering 61 percent.  Yet, there is no indication of any change in the President’s continued use of Twitter or his unscripted comments like the damaging comments on Venezuela that led Maduro critics to denounce the United States.  The concern among GOP members and operatives is that Trump is being given tailored news in a daily positive portfolio.  Yet, he is also an avid news watcher so he clearly can see the continued decline in support not just among the public but GOP members.

These polls however are often difficult to place in the context of other leaders. As previously discussed, Bill Clinton had the same polling numbers and popular international figures like French President Emmanuel Macron has the same polling numbers.  

Polling across the board is showing the same low popularity numbers. The latest polling is one point lower than the 35 percent approval in March.   Regardless of how you read the poll, these numbers are not good and show a hardening opposition to Trump.  More importantly, things are not improving as Trump heads into a September that could be brutal in moving his legislative agenda.

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  1. @enigmainblackcom

    You asked:

    “I wonder how many more posts Turley will make without mentioning Charlottesville? He mentions Venezuela as a contributing factor but forgets Nazis and White Supremacists? Maybe he missed it in the news?” (August 15, 2017 at 6:11 AM)

    Posted yesterday to “The Hill”, but not here on his blog (as you may already know):

    OPINION | With Charlottesville, Jeff Sessions boldly moves on terrorism


    1. This is the 5th time Elaine Magliaro has posted JT’s op-ed in The Hill. She thinks she’s still a grammar school teacher, in charge of the classroom. She is trying to take over JT’s blog after having almost driven it into the ground as a weekend blogger.

        1. The obsessive liberal links is one tell. The condescending,didactic nature of the comments and links. The double teaming w/ her buddy, SWM err, frankly is another. There are others that I am keeping to myself. It’s her. And frankly is SWM. I guess they’re ashamed of commenting here so one uses an alias, and another an alias of an alias.

          I always love the rap sheets I get where the sh!tbird has numerous aliases. I used to keep track. I had one w/ I think, 47 aliases.

  2. F the polls he has 3+ years to go then a second term, ya know why all you nay sayer weenies love the shape of your 401k. NOK has just backed off, the market is up let’s see if Tiny Tears Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Maxine and Bernie will do as well. Hell they’ll find ways to take it away and “fair share” it.

  3. There has been a lot of questions about war with North Korea and potential nuclear missiles heading towards Guam. Then there is talk of popularity polls. Where does a voice actually count? Certainly not in a poll, but in reality.

    North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat WSJ

    I’d say that poll of one person is of far greater importance than the Gallop Poll.

    1. Olly, first Mr. T has to have done something TO be removed. Seems the left air bags don’t have anything going but their made up ‘Trump & Russia’ connection, which so far has produced not a bit of evidence. That after a year of searching for a crime that they have yet to connect to any broken laws. All the cry baby NWO controlled left has is this witch hunt.

      How about ‘Hillary, the Dimm party & Russia’? There is already a ton of evidence for that real connection. Same for Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS targeting conservative groups, rigging the Dimm primary in Hilldabeast’s favor, the pay for play Clinton money laundering ‘foundation…on we could go.

      The Dimm ‘platform’ is based on duplicity & false narratives. That is all they have shown for a long time. Then there is Muledeer being like an old time German SS officer loading up his team with HRC supporters for a biased one sided ‘search’ for a crime so they can attempt to frame Mr. T.


  4. Oh yes you progressive left wingers love them polls.
    This is the one I like from CNN, you did too.
    “Poll: Most see a Hillary Clinton victory and a fair count ahead of Trump”

      1. Frankly-LOL, you keep thinking that way, by the way please insist that Elizabeth Warren be your next presidential candidate, please.

        1. Numbers bear that out. Trump did end up firing Comey. He should have done it his first day in office.

      2. frankly, I don’t think that thing of Comey influenced the election. What would have influenced the election would have been…

        Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Transmission of Classified Information and Clinton Foundation Donors Receiving Special Treatment from Clinton State Department
        AUGUST 02, 2017

        (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 1,606 pages of documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing repeated use of unsecured communications for classified information and numerous examples of Clinton Foundation donors receiving special favors from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff.

        The documents, containing emails from the unsecure, non-government account of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s then-deputy chief of staff, also show Clinton or her staff expressing interest in visiting Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and North Korean dictator Kim Jung II.

        The documents included 91 Clinton email exchanges not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 530 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department, and further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails had been turned over to the State Department.

        The rest including summaries of emails

          1. Oh yes and Adolf is living in a retirement community in SW Florida. He was spotted last week playing a tambourine while Elvis played Chopin Sonata No.3.

          2. frankly, Leftists have killed many multiples of what the Nazi’s have killed in this country. I abhor the Nazi’s and other violent groups both on the left and on the right. You applaud violent groups when they act to silence the speech of the fight.

            It seems you don’t promote live and let live rather you promote silencing any opinions opposed to yours or the left’s. That doesn’t make one a good person.

            I was thinking maybe you could provide a list of suspected killings by Nazi’s and we could compare that list to suspected killings by the Clintons. The Nazi’s will seem like pikers.

            1. Let me add, frankly, that that release is just from Huma’s computer and there are many other computers out there. That you don’t care about Clinton’s lies about these emails and the national security implications doesn’t surprise me because you have demonstrated that you do not believe in a free government. You only believe in a government that reflects a Liberal voice. That type of government is authoritarian.

            2. You people just eat up Pravda Faux News and this “The Clintons ate my homework” trope.

              this is to “fooled again” allan

              1. What can I say to the assistant file clerk Mark. You are a product of a poor school system that never taught you how to read or how to use logic. That is why you resort to meaningless responses that shouldn’t be considered satisfactory on an elementary school level.

                On earlier postings it seems you tried to make yourself appear as if you had the education of a lawyer when your intellect has barely reached third grade.

                To Mark, the Great Pretender and assistant file clerk to a law office.

          3. frankly, that’s because the Nazis fascists are the ones BEHIND the attempt to destroy emails & hide THEIR collusion with Russia. Soros paid Nazis many of them are. “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ’em like bacon!” ring any bells?


      3. “Clinton was ahead until Comey did his thing.”

        Actually, she was ahead until 7PM on election night.

    1. Exactly. His obsession with completely fabricated polls is the one thing that makes me question JT’s intellectual honesty.

      1. “completely fabricated”?

        What evidence do you have for that, Mr. intellectual honesty?

  5. “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.”

    What does that mean compared to the poll discussed by Turley. Absolutely nothing! Trump is President and he will continue to be President no matter how the news media portrays the events of the day. The number of unemployed is down and wages are up. Some like to look at the stock market and it has been up, up and up.

    Then we have the crazies like Google that fired a genius because he spoke the truth which wasn’t anti anything other than the need for diversity, but the Google diversity head fired him. Everyone should read his memo and then compare it to the total misquotes in the media that can’t seem to quote correctly. That fired Google individual was an asset to the nation and Google. After reading that one realizes that according to the left up is down and down is up. The white supremacists (Charlottesville Va) couldn’t even raise a decent number of people to protest, that means they are insignificant (a good thing), but the left could raise their own “army” (a bad thing) so that the two could fight it out in the streets with weaons while the cops mostly stayed on the sidelines as if this were Roman theater where people kill one another and others watch. I don’t know where the activist mayor of Charlottesville was at the time. He probably had a box seat where he could watch the horror.

    …and JT you are talking about meaningless polls?

    1. Rasmussen is a rolling poll and the weekend’s events were barely included.

    2. allan

      Trump plays to fools. Unemployment goes up and down slowly over time as a result of many small factors. The Trump Presidency is still the results of the Obama Presidency and will be for a few more months. Wages started rising well before the end of the Obama Presidency and will continue to rise as unemployment falls and the economy stabilizes. The damage done by the Bush Presidency was held in check and reversed by the Obama Presidency. One can agree or disagree with other issues but that is a fact. Wall Street has virtually nothing to do with the economy other than reflecting the results of rising wages and unemployment and stability; all products of the Obama Presidency.

      Trump has had some effect on the economy as would any one who promises big and delivers to some small degree. The fact of the matter is that as per Trump, America was going down the toilet until he got elected and within a month or two, America was saved by himself and himself only. A lot of people came along at the right time for this shyster.

      As an American and a glass half full sort, I wish only the best for the US and if Trump delivers then so be it. We will have to take the bad with the good. The next President can undo much if not all of the damage being done by Trump. It will, however, put us back a generation, behind social evolution in general. America, and the world, is strong enough and stable enough to handle this imbecile, regardless of the carnival over which he is presiding. If there is a working brain under that rug, please show yourself.

      1. Fools should lean how to read economic reports. Example the first 6 months of U 6:
        Obama(2016) 9.9 to 9.6
        Trump (2017) 9.4 to 8.6
        Obama’s improvement was .3 while Trumps was at .8 almost 3 times as good.

        Similar occurances are being seen all over the economy. You use insult and generalities. I merely provide you with data that perhaps you don’t understand, but demonstrates a reversal from performance of our economy to good performance.

        There was no place for the economy to go but up when Obama assumed the Presidency. Obama’s actions made things worse and slowed things down. They increased the debt tremendously without placing the money where it should have been placed. Add to that the PPACA that was constructed knowing it would fail and one of his lead architects saying that they couldn’t tell the American people the truth or the bill wouldn’t have passed.

        Gruber said: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

        Gruber and the Obama administration was counting on people like you, “stupidity of the American voter”

        Keep up with the garbage issacc. Don’t bother with the facts, They might tax your brain.

        “put us back a generation, behind social evolution in general.”

        Your evolutionary change is for leftists using weapons to control freedom of speech.
        Your evolutionary change is for a brilliant employee at Google to be fired because he mentioned diversity and included biological facts. What he didn’t do was suck up to specific interests and say some animals are more equal than others (Orwell).

        Issac you can keep looking backwards while Trump moves us forward.

  6. US government demands details [your IP address] on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website

    The US government is seeking to unmask every person who visited an anti-Trump website in what privacy advocates say is an unconstitutional “fishing expedition” for political dissidents.

    The warrant appears to be an escalation of the department of justice’s campaign against anti-Trump activities, including the harsh prosecution of inauguration day protesters. On 17 July, the department of justice served a website-hosting company, DreamHost, with a search warrant for every piece of information it possessed that was related to a website that was used to coordinate protests during Donald Trump’s inauguration. The warrant covers the people who own and operate the site, but also seeks to get the IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited it, as well as the date and time of their visit and information about what browser or operating system they used.

  7. There are several layers to this. The first is the paint job which is revealing itself to be, more and more, tarnished, peeling, and having been put on without a base coat or primer. The second is the body which is a boat with fins and lots of chrome, but little else. The next is the engine, a yuge 600 hp monster that gets 5 mph and leaks oil and pollution. Roaring down the highway, lots of heads turn to look and think about what America was. However, anyone with half a brain would not buy one except as a lark. Those that actually believed that Trump could or was going to do anything to make America great, are fast disappearing. Those that keep waiting for a tune up, will keep waiting. This doesn’t look to be Neil Young’s Lincoln.

  8. I wonder how many more posts Turley will make without mentioning Charlottesville? He mentions Venezuela as a contributing factor but forgets Nazis and White Supremacists? Maybe he missed it in the news?

      1. Let’s call “the group” you defend by their proper names shall we. Neo-Nazis, White-Supremacists, right wing militias, armed and violent thugs and yes peaceful white nationalists who are merely racist. The other group had permits too.

        1. Saying that a group had a legal permit to protest is not the same as approving of that group.

          enigma, are you once again playing the race card?

          The groups on the left as far as I know were legal as well, but they came with weapons. Both parties carried the weapons and it seems both parties had the intention of violence so both parties should be blamed along with the activist Democratic mayor that didn’t see to it that the police prevented the mayhem.

          Stop playing the racist card.

            1. enigma, Who are you saying is a racist. I blamed both sides for the violence because both sides were armed and appeared intent upon fighting. You only choose to support one side, the side where your race is included no matter the violence they perpetrate. Both sides are bad, but that you select white people to be racists while absolving any blacks involved means you are a racist.

              Just so it is clear to you in future conversations I abhor the KKK and white supremacist movement and would put them in jail at the drop of a hat. You should start thinking in the same fashion about the violence in your own group.

              1. I have absolved no one. I disagree with the view that “both sides are bad” which seems to equate them when they are not. The Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and Right Wing Militia Groups are not the same as “the other side” which was mostly white, mostly students, included the groups BLM and ANTIFA which some are trying to claim represent what the other side looked like. I am biased by the footage I’ve seen and the websites I’ve read where the “Unite the Right” group encouraged people to bring whatever they needed to “protect themselves” and I saw many of them with helmets, shields (with a lovely cross btw) sticks and guns. I’ve heard of people on the other side who were armed but I confess I haven’t seen one picture or video and in no way consider them to be the same. This never was black vs. white. I see it as white terrorists against mostly white people against terrorists that didn’t want them in their community or frankly to exist.
                Despite how you and others try to portray me. I don’t walk around calling people racists although I have named a few who the evidence I believe says they are. The list is relatively short, Fred Trump, Donald Trump and his two eldest sons, Jeff Sessions, Squeeky, and if you ask me I would definitely include the Klan, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists and may or may not have said so in the past.
                I can accept people having a variety of opinions differing than mine including their views about race without calling them, racists. I judge people by their words, actions, and history. Unless you’ve done something to bring attention to yourself I likely don’t judge you at all. I believe the attempt/need to define me as racist is an excuse to ignore all that I have to say.

                1. Enigma, you play the race card too often and too quickly despite your protestations. You have difficulty saying that BLM have been involved in violence that is contrary to their cause. These things are very simple, but you seem to have difficulty precisely because you have too much reliance on the race card.

                  I would have no problem with you wanting to jail white supremacists as soon as they break the law as long as you become equally clear that you would have no problem with you wanting to jail BLM persons as soon as they break the law.

                  I stand for color blindness everywhere. Alan Dershowitz who is quite attached to the Democratic Party maintains principals that he fights for on either side of the line so even though I don’t agree with him politically I respect his adherence to what he believes. When you start acting in the same manner people will listen more to what you say.

                  By the way, you can believe what you wish, but Trump is not a racist or sexist at least from what I have seen in his operations. At times publically he can appear a bit crude and is quite transparent about what he is thinking. That last item irks some people, but they should be happy for they end up knowing where he stands at that point in time. I too find some of his comments a bit unnerving, but then I look at others that say one thing and do another and find Trump’s unnerving transparency a lot better.

                  1. BLM reference is a red-herring; but you probably got it from Pravda Faux News, so I understand that you might believe the reference has any relevance at all. I’ll show you issue spotting, so you’ll be able to figure out for yourself what’s important next time.

                    A collection of self-professed hate groups gathered for some sort of torch-lit festival to revel in the public display of their hatred for their fellow man. Other groups, none of whom self-profess to hate anyone, gathered to show that Americans are not in support of hate groups. So you had on one side, groups who profess to hate (and who also seek to simulate or adopt the practices of the Nazis), and on the other side you had those who are against hate. Does that make it clearer for you? You could of course, just save a bunch of time and say you are also alt-right or whatever manifestation of nazi-wannabe you choose.

                    This is to “time to cut bait or fish” allan

                    1. Marky,this is a bit incoherent so I have to ask you about what you said: “BLM reference is a red-herring;”. Exactly which reference are you talking about?

                      In the incident that occurred in Charlottesville Nazi’s et. al. got the legal right to protest. They came armed with things that could easily injure others. They were relatively few in number since this was a combined march that doesn’t occur frequently. I don’t think anyone here disputes how ugly the Nazi’s are. Under the banner of BLM some came to protest the Nazi group and many or all were armed with similar things and ready to fight. A fight broke out. Neither side did the right thing though you Marky might wish to say its a great idea to stop a legal march with the idea of violence already in one’s head,

                      I must add that the Democratic activist mayor along with the police exist to maintain the peace. It appears, though not certain, that the mayor may have had the police stand down. Some on the left and right carry an idea in their head that they should shut down free speech not to their liking with violence. That could have been an idea carried by the mayor and perhaps the police cheif. It’s a bad idea since we have seen this type of activity spread from one place to another and lives have been lost both directly and indirectly. Maybe you are another sideliner that silently gleams with pride thinking your “side will beat the sh-t out of those bast-rds” who disagree with your opinion.

            2. Nope, just defending their right to protest without another thug group shutting them down. We might not like their message, but the message of shutting them down is worse.

              1. I think the message of acceptance and normalcy is pretty bad as well. Take a closer look at what you call the “thug group” shutting them down and they might look a lot like you.

                1. No they wouldn’t look like me since I believe that the group had a right to congregate and protest. I disagree with both sides messages and simply ignore them as tantrum throwing children.

                  1. People with different beliefs can still look like you. This “both sides” equating of the groups in my opinion is totally misleading. One side (the Neo-Nazis, KKK and White Supremacists) have a message of hate, racism, and superiority of white people. The other is saying we don’t want you here. Totally different messages.

                    1. I think you have your blinders on if you really think BLM is only about, “we don’t want you here”. And, it is besides the point. They have a right to be there protesting regardless if you, I or BLM wants them there.

                    2. What about the hate from the other side that state Kill Bush, Kill Trump, carry weapons etc. Are you unable to state their names and place them in the same violent category?

                      If you blame only one color for what two colors are doing you are a racist, unless you can provide good rationals why what they were doing was different.

      1. Ah, well there it is. Mom’s-basement-dwelling nazi-wannabes have internet.

        This is to “it’s not my fault I’m a loser” Goud

    1. “Maybe he missed it in the news?”

      Reporting honestly about right wing hate? LOL! Imagine JT is instead looking for an angle where the conservative terrorist Fields had once been told by a teacher, etc…… not to speak about his hate in a classroom, etc……. so that somehow Charlottesville’s conservative ISIS type terrorist attack can be flipped and somehow blamed on liberals. Sad! Pathetic!

    2. See fishing expedition linked in my comment (below/above/wherever). It’s no wonder Trump’s numbers are falling like a rock. It’s exactly the sort of thing, Kim Jong-un would do and is a direct attack on freedom of speech. Hopefully, Professor Turley will also address this issue.


      1. To be specific, US government demands details [your IP address] on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website. See link in my initial comment.

    3. Maybe because those who incited the incident were from BLM and ANTIFA? Kind of like the morons who toppled a statue in NC, I guess next they’ll burn books on capitalism and how to become wealthy by working hard. Please explain to me the difference between White Supremacy and only Black Lives Matter. There’s no room in America for the KKK, ANTIFA, BLM, the Commi party or any of organizations trying tear this country apart.

        1. BLM did not turn the perps car into an ISIS style murder weapon.

          Brilliant! Using that logic, every car (well maybe not the Smart car) is an ISIS style murder weapon already.

            1. It appears frankly has one or two pictures of violence not coming from the left. Frankly forgets about the violence in the major cities, at the universities, violent marches, and plain simple leftist violent attacks on freedom of speech. Every time frankly posts a repeat picture or an old one we have to realize how few of these incidents there are and how many violent leftist incidents occur all througout the nation.

            1. Ya think? They’re the McGyver of genocidal tactics. What do you think, should we ban cars, gasoline, roof tops, crosses, swimming pools? Or perhaps come to grips with the heinous ideology that would use such tactics to harm others?

            2. Com on, SWM. The rain has stopped, go take a nice walk. Lake Calhoun and Nokomis have become to of my favs.

        2. frankly, The killer was a lunatic and according to some reports schizophrenic and a danger before the incident. You can link him with white supremacists, but then you would have to link a lot of killers to the left that were likewise mentally ill which isn’t something conservatives like to do, but dumb Liberals do that all the time.

          When we look at Charlottesville we have to take note of two things. Firstly the white supremacists were legally protesting. We all hate them and almost everyone hates them as well. Take note of their paucity of numbers. Then look at the left and how fast they could organize a counter protest, also legal. But take note, the counter protest came armed knowing that a fight would ensue and the Democratic activist mayor let the mayhem begin.

          Whereas conservatives hate the white supremacists and aren’t afraid to say so note our whimpy whiny Liberals feel empowered by the actions of the leftist groups that had equally violent intent. That doesn’t speak well for those you stand by.

          1. How many BLM protests have been held in the neighborhoods of Chicago where black lives are being lost everyday? When will BLM protest the disproportionate number of black babies killed via abortion?

            1. Apparently those black lives don’t count though they count to us as killings that should be stopped. The racists keep complaining but do little in their own communities to stop such violence.

            2. Ah…So, this is what the Hannity crew is spouting today…

              This is to “I’ve got to tune in for my talking points” olly

              1. Marky, the problem under discussion is not with the messenger rather with the message.

                “Chicago where black lives are being lost everyday?”

                ” When will BLM protest the disproportionate number of black babies killed via abortion?”

                Tell us Marky, what is wrong with the message?

      1. You’ve made a claim that “those who incited the incited the incident were from BLM and ANTIFA” although you did say maybe. What would make you believe it was them and not those wearing helmets, carrying shields, sticks and guns? I certainly could tell you the difference between White Supremacy and Black Lives Matter but it would be time spent I’d never get back because you’d neither accept or understand. Total number of lynchings ever by Black Lives Matter = 0. I’m sure you’ll make some effort to connect them to violence of an individual. You then must be prepared to indict all of Christianity for the act of one Christian if you make that argument. I don’t happen to be a member of BLM, can’t rule it out in the future though. Not a huge group person.

        1. BLM has a dialogue that is important to hear when kept peaceful and accurate. Unless one is a racist WLM, PLM, HLM, CLM as does everyone elses life. BLM could promote a better world, but unfortnately they have surrounded themselves with a lot of violence. Why that has to be I don’t know except there are always those racists in any movements including BLM that discard the value of people of other races. ALM All races matter but BLM without violence and with intellectual integrity could have potentially improved the lives of BL.

          1. BLM is a non-violent response to issues affecting black lives. They are relatively decentralized and have many chapters. Whenever a statement is made that can either be truthfully represented or misrepresented that can be held up to attack, the person that said it is held up to be a “leader” of BLM which is most likely not true. It is a movement that makes many uncomfortable because it highlights events and policies many would rather not talk about or admit occur. The “intellectual integrity” could more readily be applied to those who equate them with terrorists when nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll repeat my first statement, “they are “the non-violent response.” They don’t surround themselves with a lot of violence, they react to it.

            1. “BLM is a non-violent response”

              Is this what you consider non-violence?

              At a December 2014 BLM rally in New York City, marchers chanted in unison: “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”
              At a BLM march in August 2015, protesters chanted : “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” (“Pigs” was a reference to police officers, and “blanket” was a reference to body bags.)
              On a BLM-affiliated radio program the following month, the hosts laughed at the recent assassination of a white Texas deputy; boasted that blacks were like lions who could prevail in a “race war” against whites; happily predicted that “we will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before”; and declared that “It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.”
              In November 2015, a group of approximately 150 BLM protesters shouting “Black Lives Matter,” stormed Dartmouth University’s library, screaming, “Fu** you, you filthy white fu**s!,” “Fu** you and your comfort!,” and “Fu** you, you racist sh**!”
              In July 2016, a BLM activist speaking to a CNN reporter shouted: “The less white babies on this planet, the less of you [white adults] we got! I hope they kill all the white babies! Kill ’em all right now! Kill ’em! Kill your grandkids! Kill yourself! Coffin, bitch! Go lay in a coffin! Kill yourself!”

              A co-founder of BLM’s Toronto branch is a young woman named Yusra Khogali, who in late 2015 posted the following message on Facebook: “Whiteness is not humxness. infact, white skin is sub-humxn….

              1. For all of that, deplorable as it is and not representative of the movement. Which of those things is actual violence? I can differentiate between what the co-leader of a Toronto Branch says on Facebook vs. what the movement stands for. Why can’t you?
                Please know that even including 9/11. More deaths have come at the hands of right wing terrorists in America than at the hands of Muslims. None have come at the hands of BLM. Who do you think I should be concerned about the most?

                1. Would you please define what a right-wing terrorist is? What makes it right-wing? So many labels tossed about I’m having a difficult time understanding them any longer.

                  1. I would refer you to the list provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center (which also includes Black separatists and left groups). What makes the great majority of them right as opposed to left? Common stances on issues, political alignment of its members, how they self-identify. In the case of Charlottesville, many of the participants declared they were supporting Trump, if you need quotes, google David Duke.


                    1. I believe the tendency is to describe these wings in a way that implies we have only one bird with two wings, as if the body represents the non-ideological center. The reality is that bird is ideologically progressive with two wings trying to fly it wherever it can go. It has no attachment to our constitutional rule of law. There is another bird and it too has two wings, but it is attached to our constitutional rule of law. I sincerely believe most conservatives and liberals would like to align with the latter. But in today’s climate each side is being unfairly labeled as if they are part of the former. This country can withstand the latter, but we cannot withstand both.

                    2. They are a hate group. That doesn’t mean I disagree with everything they say, but I do disagree with race politics.

                    3. They are a hate group because what? I see them point out hate wherever it occurs whatever side of the spectrum. They do their battles in court. Hate group how?

                    4. “They are a hate group because what? ”

                      Racists of your nature would never know.

                      The SPLC believes that black organizations should be judged under a different standard than white groups. Take note of how color suddenly is the determining factor. They have faked crisis’s. They don’t take aim at the left, they are biased. They want to show “hate” and to do this they counted branches rather than groups with many still on their list that no longer exist. They do what you do, they don’t confirm things before they announce them. They don’t care.

                      JoAnn Wypijewski, writer for the far-left Nation magazine: “No one has been more assiduous in inflating the profile of [hate] groups than [SPLC’s] millionaire huckster, Morris Dees, who in 1999 began a begging [fundraising] letter, ‘Dear Friend, The danger presented by the Klan is greater now than at any time in the past ten years.’”

                      In the 1920’s the KKK had 4 million members and at the time of the “begging” the Klan had 3,000 or less members.

                      Alexander Cockburn a left-wing journalist called Dees the “arch-salesman of hate-mongering,” a man who profited by “selling the notion there’s a right resurgence out there in the hinterland with massed legions of haters, ready to march down Main Street draped in Klan robes, a copy of Mein Kampf tucked under one arm and a Bible under the other.”

                      Now it is time for you to prove your case about BLM, change your argument or live with you are.

                    5. ““selling the notion there’s a right resurgence out there in the hinterland with massed legions of haters, ready to march down Main Street draped in Klan robes, a copy of Mein Kampf tucked under one arm and a Bible under the other.”
                      Isn’t that pretty much what we just witnessed in Charlottesville? Except instead of bibles they had shields with crosses on them.
                      SPLC calls out people regardless of color. There just happens to almost all be white.
                      My “argument” about BLM doesn’t need to change because you have a wrong opinion.
                      Have a wonderful day. I note you didn’t provide any instance of violence from BLM. Is that true of the groups you’re defending?

                    6. ““selling the notion ”

                      Enigma, The one that incentivizes killing is a killer himself. These two pretty much are promoting a violent path for others. I never said they engaged in violence rather BLM engages in violence and as one can see they don’t seem to be asking that violence stop.

                      Have you demonstrated proof that BLM distance themselves from violence? You said you heard them do so, but are unable to provide proof. Their own words call you a liar.

                      Yes, we had people from the Klan and people from BLM and people from Antifa violently opposing one another. They are all one and the same violent people where many on both sides are racists.

                    7. “As we have done for decades, we marched and protested to highlight the urgent need to transform policing in America, to call for justice, transparency and accountability and to demand that Black Lives Matter,” the statement reads. “In Dallas, many gathered to do the same, joining in a day of action with friends, family and co-workers.
                      BLM called the attack a “tragedy — both for those who have been impacted by yesterday’s attack and for our democracy.”

                      There are some who would use these events to stifle a movement for change and quicken the demise of a vibrant discourse on the human rights of Black Americans. We should reject all of this.

                      Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.”

                    8. “Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence”

                      I am sure many have, but the founders of BLM have not and you close your eyes while you play the race card almost in every argument. I don’t believe Martin Luther King would look at you proudly. He was a great man.

                      I think he was a Republican when I was a Democrat, but that didn’t matter for he led a peaceful movement that united people instead of dividing them. He was there at the most difficult times and now racists destroy what he accomplished.

                    9. 1. That statement was from the founders in their official publication.
                      2. Martin Luther King, Jr was not a Republican
                      3. Racists were working hard to destroy what he was doing at the time. He was not nearly as beloved then as now. J. Edgar Hoover used all the power of the FBI against him. He was jailed, stabbed and of course assassinated. Among his words you might not be familiar with were, “Riots are the language of the unheard.” That’s really when you’ve reached the last straw in your argument when you try to use your love and understanding of MLK against me. #Sad

                    10. “2. Martin Luther King, Jr was not a Republican”

                      You say that with emphasis, but that only means that you have found some rationale to prove to yourself he was never a Republican. The left practices revisionist history, and you don’t seem to practice history at all. I looked it up and in recent years all the leftist sites are suddenly saying he wasn’t a Republican, but I haven’t seen any proof. Other sites say he was, but in a short look, no proof either.

                      Most blacks from the founding of the Republican Party, the party that championed civil rights for blacks while the Democrats were practicing segregation, were Republicans. Dr. King fought the Democrats to open the school doors for blacks. Eisenhower in the 50’s, a Republican president, helped to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and appointed Earl Warren to the Supreme Court leading to the Brown Vs, Board of Education. Truman desegregated the army, but it was Eisenhower’s actions that ended segregation in the military. (Truman was great)

                      King attempted to be neutral on the subject of the political parties so we might never have proof that he was ever a member of either party which I find quite suitable, but based upon history it strikes me unlikely that he was not, at least initially, a Republican. (notable Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil Rights act as a Senator as did Al Gore Sr. Senator Byrd a former member of the KKK called King a “trouble maker”. The Republicans founded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities) King died in 1968 so in all likelihood if he chose a political party he chose the Republican Party (which I believe further searching might prove.)

                      As far as Kings “Riots are the language of the unheard”, I think we can conclude that the unheard black was in the time of King and the black voice is much greater today, but take note, King marched peacefully during the worst of times while you gleam with the violence of today and close your eyes. There are no words of encouragement that leave your mouth criticizing those black leaders that engage in violence and are leaders of violent organizations.

                      I don’t use MLK against you as you say. You do it all by yourself. You are a sad memory for Dr. King who would tell you violence and tribal warfare is not the way to live.

                    11. You made the untrue statement that King was a Republican. It’s up to you to prove your assertion, back it up!
                      You have no reaction to anything I say but to call me a racist. #Sad

                    12. Enigma writes: “1. That statement was from the founders in their official publication.”

                      You talk a good story and so do the BLM leaders and other leaders of violent groups (note I don’t limit that to blacks)

                      With all the violence and killing what is needed is calm voices that actually believe violence and killing is not the answer, nor is the attempt to restrict the speech of those one opposes. Keep pretending that you are on the peaceful side. You are not. You sit on the sidelines and watch.

                    13. Every time I disprove any of your assertions you move right along to the next thing on your list. BLM leaders have spoken out against violence which you denied. They are non-violent which you also deny although you can’t find any act of violence. I don’t know how old you are but I suspect your love of MLK is a rather recent decision. He was the BLM of his day and responded to in almost the exact manner as you treat BLM.

                    14. “Every time I disprove any of your assertions …”

                      That is a lie. I even numbered your assertions and quoted directly from them in two separate postings. Then I provided you with my reply.

                      Their BLM platform at the beginning of the movement by what you now call leaders of the movement may have said precisely what you said. But, what has happened afterwards when their name is misused based upon their platform?

                      Non violence means one doesn’t promote violence in their speeches and I think I quoted you what they said and that wasn’t exactly using non violent images.

                      I know MLK a little better than you think. You, however, do not seem to know his soul at all. You are a tremendous disappointment.

                    15. “ It’s up to you to prove your assertion, back it up!”

                      Enigma, Your education is incomplete. There seems to be a void in your ability to debate facts and emotions.

                      I have already admitted I cannot prove MLK was a Republican at this time, but I provided you with a lot of information that would make it seem likely that he was. You contend he was a Democrat so now you can prove it or say you have no evidence and then provide a similar rationale as to why one should believe you while at the same time you should demonstrate where my logic failed.

                      You can’t do it so you will lie again and say I didn’t answer the question. The truth is you cannot recognize your basic beliefs are faulty and untrue so you simply dismiss the facts.

                    16. My education is incomplete. You made the statement you can’t hope to document. I never said he was a Democrat, you made that up too. Facts have no meaning to you. Keep standing with your people but you’ll have more credibility by remaining silent.

                2. You, enigma, say it is not representative of the BLM, but the three leaders of the BLM are responsible for much of that. While you say they didn’t kill anyone, their actions led to the deaths of others just like the Nazi actions led to the deaths of so many without the state even being involved. I am also not sure they didn’t kill anyone, but that’s ok we won’t look for more deaths.

                  I think we all understand that when BLM says: “It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.”, that isn’t causing any deaths even though in close proximity police officers were murdered. What would happen if in the name of a conservative group someone were to say ‘it’s open season on killing black people and n…’s”? You would look at that differently wouldn’t you? That makes you a racist.

                  Let me provide you a secret my mom taught my friend when we were in the fourth grade. Don’t say something about another race just because they aren’t around and when you are thinking of something that divides the races simple replace your race with the race being demeaned and then see how you feel about it. He told me that story decades later when we met again after many years of not seeing one another. I remember driving in the south and seeing a line at the white water fountain so I drank at the black water fountain. The eyes of some stared evily so my father instead of telling me what I did wrong, even though he wasn’t thirsty, went ahead and drank from the black fountain as well. Then he told me what I did was absolutely correct and that racism should never be permitted. I wasn’t taught like you to preach race hatred and the use of race in argument unless a person was absolutely a racist.

                  Let’s here the list of deaths comming from the lunatic right. I think you may have mentioned David Duke and yes if he, and the KKK disappeared we would all be better off. Start with post 2,000 and let’s here the list.

                  1. You keep attributing things to BLM without any basis. You want something said by any possible member, even local leader to reflect the ideals of the whole. If I applied that to Republicans, where would we be. As far as numbers. My experience is that nay numbers I provide will be immediately discounted as “fake.” I’ll give you a head start if you really want to know. Each February the SPLC publishes “The Year in Hate and Extremism” which is a good summary and in many years includes numbers of murders. I’ll give you a jump start by giving you 2017, feel free to google each individual year if you have any real interest in knowing.

                    1. “You keep attributing things to BLM without any basis. ”

                      Of course I have a basis. They don’t distance themselves from such activities. That is what you want to hear from white people, but not blacks. That is racism.

                      I don’t know what is so hard to understand unless you are a racist and done like the sound of it.

                    2. Maybe you haven’t heard them distance themselves from any acts of violence. I certainly have. Is calling me a racist your go to response? I haven’t used it on you.

                    3. I provided you wisth several instances show me where the founders of BLM tried to distance themselves from what happened. Saying we didn’t approve or disapprove is meaningless. They have to distance themselves and say their group doesn’t condone such violent activities.

                      Two of the women founders are avowed Marxists which is their right. Quite different than distancing themselves from the Baltimore riots they likened the riots to the Arab Spring a comparison which doesn’t reduce violence but approves of it.

                    1. frankly, not all member of organizations that have permitted violence in their name are bad people. In fact in some areas I believe that BLM groups might be good groups. The question is should the BLM community distance themselves from violence. The BLM where you live might hate that violence, but I haven’t heard BLM or its founders saying that the violence shouldn’t occur in their name.

                      The problem with enigma is that he believes the BLM group has no responsibility to society or people that are killed or injured. He likes to close his eyes if people are of the same color as him. The leaders can advocate revolution and violence in their statements and that is fine with enigma. When people get hurt because of some BLM activities that is fine with enigma. Change the name to WLM and suddenly you will hear from enigma about the racist whites violently attacking people and he will extend that to those people that were non violent as long as they were members of the group or a vaguely associated group.

                      To me it doesn’t matter BLM or WLM. Violence is unexceptable and something one must distance themselves from.

      1. Elaine, We all saw this when you posted it twice yesterday. There are some very effective therapies for OCD. JT will eventually post it. He sometime delays in posting op-eds. Maybe it’s not OCD just that helicopter grammar school marm controlling nature.

      2. @enigmainblackcom

        You asked:

        “I wonder how many more posts Turley will make without mentioning Charlottesville? He mentions Venezuela as a contributing factor but forgets Nazis and White Supremacists? Maybe he missed it in the news?” (August 15, 2017 at 6:11 AM)

        Posted yesterday to “The Hill”, but not here on his blog (as you may already know):

        OPINION | With Charlottesville, Jeff Sessions boldly moves on terrorism


      3. He re-posts damn near everything here he contributes to The Hill but not this? I wonder why? I disagree with his assessment that Sessions “acted quickly” when his initial response until pressured was to allow local and State law enforcement to handle things. His emphasis has been on not involving the Fed in supervising local law enforcement, disbanding local consent decrees and entering into no more. He was only responding to pressure from the people.
        As for the rest of his piece, he effectively mirrored Trump with his both sides rhetoric. Not surprising.
        Thank you Anonymous for sharing.

        1. enigma, There is often a delay between his op-ed and posting. It’s not uncommon for there to be several days between the op-ed and it appearing here. You can research this if you wish. I have always surmised he has an agreement w/ The Hill and USA Today that they wiil be exclusive for a certain amount of time. Don’t go paranoid on us enigma. You have enough issues. And that is a good natured ball bust. Honest.

          1. The delay you’ve described has not been my observation. His postings here are typically almost concurrent, especially those on The Hill. I’m sure I could provide an example within a few minutes but that would be time I’d never get back

                1. You’re right about his USA Today postings, as evidenced by today’s articles, both here and there. (Still waiting on on the other one — the Hill’s recent piece. : ))

                    1. Yes. IMHO, he has aspirations beyond his current position at GW, and is being very, very careful. (He may still post The Hill piece, but one would think that he would have posted it first, so I’m guessing you’re right.)

  9. Not to burst your liberal bubble , but I’m so amused that liberals continue to pay so much attention to fake things , I guess fake people find fake poles worthy of commenting on !

    1. As long as liberals don’t get anywhere near catching up to right wingers in their attention ti fake things, everything will be all right. No matter what right wingers say about liberals, Trump will still be a laughingstock and an ass.

      1. Louise, we pay attention to ‘fake things’ more because we are not the source. Most of it is aimed at deceiving We the People so the left can continue taking US down so their NWO handlers can hand US over to the one world government they wet dream over. First of course they want to put US into a North American Union where the US is outvoted by Canada & Mexico. The left prog Dimms & the 0blameUSHillarySuperPAC fake stream media are most to blame for ‘fake stuff;. One example, “HRC won the popular vote.” Ohhh?

        LOL!! @ Your last sentence.

        0blameUS was so bad that no one is laughing. People are too busy searching for new doctors or jobs to laugh I guess. HRC would have been just as bad, though she’d most likely try to be worse that 0.

        Continue down the rabbit hole. I doubt though, that you will like where it ends.


        1. Please post more of this type entertaining and informative material. But next time don’t forget the “Black Helicopters”, “Trilateral Commission”, “child vaccines” or this “flouridation” thingy.

          This is to “Only I’m in the know” sammy

  10. I, as well as many other people, cannot be bothered with these pollsters anymore. If I don’t recognize the caller ID number I don’t answer the phone!

  11. BFD he is exactly where he was when Hillary was at 98 percent and the polls still haven’t frigured out where they went wrong. Easy answer there are not two parties. There are three. Remember two of them split 60%
    of the vote and the other one took the largest share of 40%. Can you name that party? No? Good. It’s still operational and expanding.

    1. Actually all the polls that predicted Hillary would win the popular vote were accurate. She won by 3 million… No one was polling for the electoral college element of our Republic.

      1. Take out the fake votes of CA and see who won the popular vote , as well !

        1. Ya, if you don’t like the facts, just call them fake and tell everyone how deeply informed you are.

          This is to “safe and snug in my cocoon pointy

  12. Uh huh…’Polls’ also told us that HRC would win in a landslide. Polls. Lies. Fake News. What do you expect from a nervous NWO? The truth?

    They are also trying to sell the narrative that N Korea & the fat inbred & his nukes & threats are all Mr. T’s fault as well. Suuuurre they are.


    1. She did , the polls were measuring the popular vote. They were all correct, it was the electoral college that was not measured

      1. LittleW–You might want to research how many US counties have more ‘registered voters’ than residents. As well as the ‘what election fraud?’ meme the cry baby Dimms whine about.

        So if there is no vote fraud in the USA, why the Dimms who profit most from it, object to proof of that claim? Mr. Trumps vote investigation commission will prove them right if they are correct, so why the objection? What do they have to hide underneath their spurious claim?


        1. Pro tip: if your news source is a “sovereign citizen”, a member of some sort of “militia”, the disguised guy at you last tinfoil hat convention, or someone who lives in a camper, you need to sit down, because I have something to tell you that’s going to make you very sad….

          This is to “what, no easter bunny!” sammy

  13. Fake news, Hillary Clinton, tremendous success, Obama Iran deal. Just fantastic.

    Now back to promoting my tacky brand via the federal government, drain the swamp but not me.

  14. ” Regardless of how you read the poll, these numbers are not good and show a hardening opposition to Trump. ”

    Nevertheless, I would be very interested in how Trump is trending among is core supporters.

    I am going to guess that Trump will only change, if ever, when those numbers change.

    1. Guess you haven’t been paying attention. You must belong to one of the two minor factions in USA politics. Nice for you. Better for us.

      1. BFM: ” I would be very interested in how Trump is trending among is core supporters. … I am going to guess that Trump will only change, if ever, when those numbers change.”

        Michael Aarethun: “Guess you haven’t been paying attention.”

        Now I am confused.

        Are you claiming that Trump’s poll numbers are changing among his core group and declining?

        Or are you claiming that Trump is changing in response to poll numbers that are not based on his core supporters.

        Please clarify so we can all know what you are trying to say.

        1. I can clarify the general attitude of the portion of the 34% who actually support Trump, although this is a generalization. (Results may vary depending on your driving conditions). Here goes:

          1) Hillary is guilty of many crimes because she has never been tried in a court of law. Trump is innocent of any crimes because he has not yet been properly investigated.

          2) All of Obama’s faults mean that Trump bears no blame for anything. If Trump has done anything bad, Obama started it, or continued doing it, so Trump should be able to do it too without being criticized. (Since Obama was never criticized by anyone who was not a Republican.)

          3) If Obama did not do something bad, then Hillary did, so Trump should be able to do it too without being criticized. (Since Hillary was never criticized by anyone who was not a Republican.)

          1. Thank you for your illuminating remarks.

            But you will have to excuse me now. I have to go take an Excedrin – or several.

    1. mespo, did you hear what Isaac said. We are only permitted to use polls that reflect well on the left. Hillary used that type of poll and she lost. That is frying issac’sbacon.

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