US Spy Satellite Captures Chinese Ships Illegally Selling Oil To North Korea


It has long been known that China has helped North Korea evade international sanctions while professing faithful compliance with United Nations resolutions.  Now, U.S. spy satellites reportedly captured photos of Chinese ships illegally selling oil to North Korean boats on dozens of occasions.  China has again professed innocence.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that the photos came from the West Sea.  Both natural gas and crude oil imports are under UN sanctions.

Notably, the satellite photos show the name of one of the ships — Rye Song Gang 1 — which is clearly shown tethered and transferring with a Chinese vessel.  China denies having any information on the Chosun’s report.

There is clearly ample commerce passing between China and North Korea, including guest workers (which is supposed to end in two years).  The regime is then using much of its foreign capital to fund a program of mass destruction, including possible biological weapons in addition to nuclear weapons.

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  1. Anybody read “Nothing to Envy”? I highly recommend this book, by a journalist who spent years seeking out and interviewing North Korean defectors. For anyone who thinks that The leadership in that country just wants to protect and do right by its people, hopefully this will disabuse you of those beliefs.

    1. Kathy, in 1956 Khrushchev released the “Stalin Papers. The Stalinists in this country either continued being Stalinists or became the New Left and continued to evolve but forgot they were still partly being led by the tail by Stalinists. It appears these people get great pleasure in not disabusing themselves of these facts.

    2. I can’t imagine why a gulag-torture-slave state wouldn’t want to do right by its people…

  2. so what? first of all i don’t believe these pictures but i don’t doubt that china sells/gives oil to nk…so what? why is that such a big deal. did we really need these pictures to convince us about this? didn’t we know about this … i did. so lets shut our mouths and attack nk tonight … we need another war falks…we are running out of wars, and that’s dangerous for us ….

    1. The programmers of The Collective of The Party definitely need a new USSR to call home Dough Boy would make a perfect Stalin for them. Judging by the stupidity exhibited by the ad machina parts that need maintenance in the machinery at 430 S. Capitol.

      Remember it’s not ad hominem if no human beings are involved. .

  3. Trump, “I love China.” “I don’t blame China…after all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage….” “I’ll have my treasury secretary declare China a currency manipulator.”
    Soooo, we are waiting for Mnuchin, of Goldman Sachs, to put a monkey wrench in the cheap production of international goods, which will have an adverse impact on Wall Street and the stock market?
    What would the odds be on a bet about the timing of that announcement? (sarcasm)

  4. Just to present some additional information which doesn’t normally reach the people of the US:

    “Ignoring the avalanche of evidence that prior sanctions on the DPRK are causing a devastating humanitarian crisis for the people of North Korea, especially the most vulnerable, on December 22, despite warnings of the catastrophic consequences to the people, the UN Security Council passed a new set of sanctions so draconian and inhumane that they must be compared to Hitler’s Nuremberg laws.”

    1. “Just to present some additional information which doesn’t normally reach the people of the US:”

      I think people are well aware of the situation.

      What you are doing is blaming the wrong people. In essence, you are saying that by not giving North Korea the ability (resources) to build nuclear weapons that could potentially kill millions we are responsible for the death of the people. That demonstrates a remarkable naivete. The dictator had in his power the ability to use those resources to feed his people instead of building nuclear weapons. We provided the resources of life and Kim Jong-un decided to use those resources for death.

        1. Bill H. oil and natural gas are fungible as is the currency North Korea gets elsewhere. They are all resources and because of their fungibility they can be utilized for nuclear weapons or to feed the people. We have decades of experience as to where those resources go.

          Blame Kim.

        2. Huh??? Are you a complete idiot??? Sure fossil fuels are used to build the plants which build nukes. Try building a nuclear power plant without massive inputs of fossil fuels. Sheeeesh, fossil fuels are used to build electric cars, and to supply the energy to recharge the batteries.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. BTW, Fossil fuels are used to build and sustain electric cars and their batteries, from lithium mining through manufacture to charging, repair and maintenance. Electric cars and their batteries, including Musk’s Tesla, are subsidized by taxpayers by force of law.

            1. You can’t tell some of these idiots anything. They think that mining is done by electricity, and that plants are built by electricity. Electricity is nice, but it takes massive fossil fuels to produce it. Nuclear plants would be less dependent, but it takes a ton of fossil fuel to build a nuclear plant.

              J H Kunstler wrote a book called “The Long Emergency”, and he does a great job of explaining what happen when we run out. I think he is several hundred years off on when that happens, but whenever it does, there are not really any good alternatives to replace what fossil fuels do. It is something that the human race ought to be preparing for.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

        1. Bill Clinton: “I could have killed” Osama bin Laden in 1998.

          Just imagine…

          Bill was busy with affairs other than those of a foreign nature.

        2. Partly True. As the second President to honor the War Powers Act and with the permission of Congress Bush did retaliate for 9/11 and in support of the violation of the ten or so point UN mandates Of which 9 2/3rds were accurate. Obama used that as an excuse for eight years of war after running an ad about pulling out the troops instead expanded the area of interest. Bush The First also honored the War Power Act making a total of two. Guess which Party ignored it.

    2. The left whines……. the same crap was used to stick to Obama and others and prove the NK’s could kick him around at any time and he would bend over with out checking their application for sand. So….. you want to redeem yourself as a machine part of The Collective?

      Simply do the following , Present your avalanche of information from credible verifiable sources. And what country does ‘.ca’ signify?

  5. My magic 8 ball said coming soon, soooo, its only a matter of time before “FOX NEWS” calls for a investigation of HRC and Chinese oil.

  6. Russia is the major supplier of oil to NK as Russia is a net exporter of the stuff. China, on the other hand, is a net importer. The oil comes across the 20 or so mile border.

    1. Would take considerable documentation before I would credit that. From Google Earth there are no roads in that area other than those in China.

        1. No help. From another article, Russia mainly ships coal to North Korea from the Khasan, Primorsky Krai, seaport to Raijin, North Korea. There is also a railroad between the two, just visible on the Google Earth map of Khasan.

          There is no mention of oil or petroleum products.

  7. China owns North Korea, and uses NK to divert US resources and time (focusing on NK eases focus on the South China Sea, etc.).

    Winnie the Pooh could easily dismantle NK’s nuclear and missile program. But why would he. It’s the same thing with the golfer’s tax returns. He could release them, but why would he.

    1. That’s the best your programmer could come up with. So explain in detail oh ad machina how easy it would be to dismantle NK’s nuclear and missile program….. come to think of it your programmed shucks

    2. China doesn’t own North Korea anymore than we own Canada or Mexico. North Korea is both an agitator and a pawn.

      “Winnie the Pooh could easily dismantle NK’s nuclear and missile program. ”

      That is an idiotic response of a person who wants to vent his emotions. I realize you didn’t mean that literally so I am not calling you an idiot. Tell us how we should dismantle NK’s Missile program. Under Clinton and Obama we have already taught Kim that to dismantle nukes means you are a dead man (think of Libya… a big mistake).

      Why should Trump release his tax forms. They are his private information that do not adequately represent those things related to governing the US. Those things that do have already been stated or released to NYC, NJ and Nevada in far more detail than the tax return. One of his forms was released. What did you learn from that form? What do you want to learn from his tax forms. List what you believe is a smoking gun or anything you think is important and let us see if his tax returns could make a difference.

      1. What they will show, the returns, is the use of the Clinton Deduction the 18 year spread put in place and signed by Clinton, Used by Clinton and NY Times and any others who are not brain dead. If that part is indeed on the personal return and not on the corporate filings.

        Also at that financial level remember any costs incurred by the use of additional CPAs, Attorneys, Tax Attorneys etc. and their staffs creates even more deductions.

        The same will apply to even those indicted for Mewlers Dog and Pony Show as he justifies two more years of salaries and expenses whether or not they are fined.

        Unlike the current Clinton probem(s) which are self and publicly confessed Trump has the added benefit of a 100% fine tooth combing of all business and related book keeping and taxes.

        So far? Zilch, Zero, Zip, Nada, Goose Egg, Huevos….. except the fine on the University which was paid in full.

        How much did Bubba, Bubbette or Bubbacita pay on that 500 million from Russia OR did it go the DNC,,, or somewhere…. or something?

        Pence AND Gowdy will have completed two terms each plus our leading candidate for the first female President for a total of 32 years before that one is settled or another party such as the RINO party issues a pardon.

        1. ” use of the Clinton Deduction the 18 year ”

          The discussion is Trump not Clinton.

          Don’t know where you are heading.

          1. OK school is in session. A year or so ago Trump was being dumped on for tax returns. Never mind he was already in the midst of an almost continuous IRS audit with nothing much there. One of the items that was leaked was the 18 year write off. Turns out that was voted in by a Democrat Congress, signed by Clinton himself and herself and he used it along with the NYT BEFORE Trumps tax attorneys and CPAs discovered the loop hole. So the whole issue backfired on the left. But people insist on bringing it up again because ‘stupid is as stupid does’ and attaching that and other such to any issue that comes up.

            When they do I have no problem exposing them and calling them what they are for continually picking scabs off of issues for which they are culpable. 18 year write off was one. Playing the woman card by two sex deviates is another, Belonging to an leading the war monger party is a third. But they bring it on themselves. which is why we refer to the Progressively Regressive Sociaists as the Stupid Party.

            There will not be a test but the comment will always be able next time the left decides to pick scabs off their own self inflicted wounds.

            Learned that from the Swift Boat Veterans. Notice how fast Kerry shut up on ‘running for President’ a month or so ago? And that is the reason and the tie in. People who live in shattered glass houses and that includes their right wing the RINOs should learn to ….. apply one word. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

            1. “OK school is in session. ”

              It seems, Michael you envision yourself a teacher. When teaching first understand the direction of the discussion and try and think about what people are responding to and what they are thinking.

              The question to dave137 was “Why should Trump release his tax forms. “? You responded without answering the question in context and then went off on tangential information leaving the underlying question unanswered. I don’t think you were answering for dave. I just think you wanted to talk and talk you did. Admittedly dave137 is a bit incoherent and has a loose association of ideas, but you don’t have to follow suit.

              1. Allan – he is not legally obligated to submit his tax returns to the public. That is all they need to know.

                1. Paul, that is a given. The question is whether their intellect includes new ideas and if it did they could tell us exactly what they are looking for and how the tax release would help. They complain, but I doubt any of them have looked at the release forms for the gaming applications in New Jersey and Nevada which would be much more revealing. These guys are Turkeys and so bad that they are still around even after Thanksgiving.

                1. “I think I’ll use one of the others for a change of pace.”

                  I suspect your response is to me. Are you having too much trouble staying on track? Try making your responses more understandable an on long threads try and provide some identifying information.

                1. “Next time try thinking. You were just being used. .”

                  Again I think you are responding to me, but who knows when responses are incomplete and flighty. If you were trying to use me you failed miserably. If you think otherwise let us know how you think you succeeded and I will instruct you how you can do better.

                  1. I’ve told you what three or four times the comment was not directed at you and I was just using you. to pass messages to others.How do you think in just a few months we put together a coalition that took 40% of the votes last November. Never got a mention in the polls as the two parties split 60%. We got our outsider candidate into power and the GOP RINOs still think they won on their own.

                    The left abandoned all pretense of being main stream and went whole hog left wing extremist. Minus the Greens, Browns, Blacks and now the Independent Constitutional Democrats and abandoned the center entirely. Sanders will own whats left and solidify the hard core opposition to our Constitutional Republic And all without one of us who the other is using the cell system and of course the internet blogs. Schumer and Pelosi have nowhere to go. Clinton is nowhere. the RINOS are deserting the left as well except for a few.

                    All because a few of our people still in the military decided the one party one leader we call the Government Party was wrong, Neapolitano lit the match and the rest of us who uphold our Oath of Office responded. To be honest we were surprised at the success of the outcome. Midterms are a different kettle of fish. Majority votes not required as for the two Federal Offices. Regulated by the Federal Government not by the individual Partys as is the case at the State level. You may remember the Ballots Not Bullets slogan we used. That came from our off duty active duty members. And all of us active, retired, reserve or former members were spurred by Janet Neapolitano’s remarks about us being their greatest danger. Hey Janet you were right we were the last administrations greatest danger just being good citizens.

                    But the counter revolution is not over. So it’s time to go after the far left once again. Splitting them into five or six warring factions is just a start.

                    And all it takes is being an independent thinking, reasoning, self governing citizen…..

                    and using a few tricks of the trade from the old days at Fort Bragg.

                    New target of opportunity priorities? DNC moves to first place meaning the Secular Progressive Socialists and RINOs move to second place.

                    For the other 49 States pay attention to the lessons of Alabama. Those allegations were rejected by every form of law enforcement, legal and judicial system but the massive flood of Hollyweirdos etc and the left stream media and a huge amount of money squeaked them by.

                    The Goal is having won back our representative Constitutional Republic we keep it and enlarge on last Novembers successes instead of caving left like the RINOs do in support of a single Government Party under a single leader, all of whom rejected their citizenship to our system of Government and took new allegiance to a foreign ideology. Simple as that.

                    Simple steps. If you have recall use it, If you have the Inititative use it. If you don’t have them – get it.

                    If everyone of their midterm victories comes a the price they have been paying their coffers will be dry for the next General Election and the expenditure to great to replace for too little return in the mid terms.

                    Initiatives and recalls take money to combat and very little except time, effort, and a small expense to conduct. One of the unstated goals is to drive them broke fighting a thousand little fires so they cannot finance the big ones.

                    Such as an Initiative to have None Of The Above on all ballots for all proposals and all candidate races.
                    Or to ban same day registration and voting. Or against money as free speech which ended up violating about five of our Constitutional Rights to give one new right not in accordance with the 9th and 10th Amendments .. there comment. “We have The Right without explanation to all of your rights without exception. That needs changing.

                    Or in single candidate races the ability to vote NO.

                    Or to lower state taxes or abolish the income tax at State level. Replaced with? For starteres a bankrupt progressive socialist party.

                    More to follow . Thank You Allan for the piggy back. Pass it on.

                    Remember it’s a representative Constitutional Government if you can keep it…..which means not putting up with those who ignore it in favor of a failed foreign ideology.

                    1. “I’ve told you what three or four times the comment was not directed at you and I was just using you. to pass messages to others.”

                      Obviously you weren’t clear and have to be more careful.

  8. North Korea serves a purpose for China. N. Korea is their crazy pit bull causing attention and diverting attention from their evil deeds.

  9. (MUSIC from an old Saturday Night Live song called Bomb Iran- with alterations)

    Bomb, bomb bomb…
    Bomb bomb the gooks…
    Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb the Gooks!

    Oh bomb the Gooooks. Oh bomb the Gooo oks!
    I;ll take my staaaand !

    Rockin and a rollin rockin and a reelin bomb the Gooks!

  10. This is done by all major nations on a routine basis. We are shocked and dismayed at other countries when it leaks out that they are less than morally stringent. However, when we do it-Iran/Contra, Chile, Vietnam, etc there is always a built in justification of some sort. If you have something to trade, we’ll trade.

    1. Is everything equal to you Issac? All major nations do it so there is no difference. That seems to be your logic and the logic of the Stalinists and Maoists all over. That is why 100 million were killed outside of war in the last century. That seems to be the deflection used by your type of people and then when a Pol Pot enters the picture they have to quiet down a short while until they restart their garbage.

      Just why did you leave Canada?

      1. Allan

        My type of people, those who have eyes to see and are not too ignorant to miss the reality; thank you. China sells Korea oil to keep the people from freezing to death and to keep some stability. The US sells weapons and whatnot to whomever they deem as their allies, sometimes just for money. Try and focus, Allan.

        1. Your type of people, Issac, come from the Stalinists and Maoists that attract the naive and dumb. That is why you blame America while cheering every murderous dictator that exists or existed. Rah-rah for China that is saving lives by supporting Kim’s quest for nuclear weapons. While you are at it why not give a rah-rah for Mao that saw to the death of 70 million people all in his effort to establish a country where he was the strongman. Go ahead and tell us how Noam Chomsky was a great man telling us how Pol Pot was another great leader just permitting his peasants to have more. Tell that to the 2 million dead Cambodians.

          “My type of people, those who have …” Your type of people represents a culture of death and the extinguishment of life. Rah-rah Issacbasonkavich who supports the murder of so many.

          Why is it again that you left Canada?

          1. Did he leave Canada? With no convenient escape route. Even the Clintons moved the money to Canada and other points beyon not mentioned when they emptied out the Clinton Foundation accounts None of these Platonically inclined losers who fancy themselves philospher kings would ever leave such an escape hatch closed. .

            1. Issac said at one point that he did leave Canada. It is all very hush hush and Issac stays away from discussing the circumstances. Who knows why? Could it have to do with that Russian dossier or taxes owed? Who knows, but he does act strange. Any answers?

  11. Note that the US and the Obama had been complicit with the illegal oil trade by ISIS with Turkey, until Russia started bombing the tanker trucks and oil depots that loaded them, which the US had carefully not been bombing for several years.

    But we are shocked and outraged when China provides oil to a nation which is blacked out and starving due to sanctions spearheaded by the United States. Awesome.

    1. Are you shocked an outraged? Why? Does it offend your leftist sensibilities? But not enough to do something about those people under Obama. And Not enouogh to do anything about the genocidal Saddam Hussein under Clinton. I assume ‘we’ means you and the toad in your pocket.

  12. I understand, appreciate and respect this is the season of superstitution.
    Nevertheless, one may enlighten oneself what General Eisenhower said before, during and after the “police action in South Korea.”
    After being elected President how long did it take President Eisenhower to end the “police action?”
    What was legal authority for the “police action” in Korea?
    Article 1 Section 8 and clause 11 Of the Constitution Of The United States Of America or a United Nations vote?
    Does it seem that the ones who are so sure that “we” are going to kick ass are never the one’s who ordered to “kick ass!”
    How many times since 1945 has the call to “kick ass” resulted in the intended ass kicker getting its ass kicked?
    Perhaps it’s time for those who want to “kick ass” to read a book or two by retired colonel and military historian Andrew Bracevich about the American Empire and its unConstitutional adventures and its human and monetary costs, to say of its skill and record at “ass kicking.”
    Last, but not least, one may benefit from what General Curtis Le May and General MacArthur said as to why the North Koreans hate us ( Americans ) and should hate us.
    Ignorance, prejudice, hate and murder are the values of the season of superstitution.
    Because they are the fundamental values of “Western Monotheisism.”
    America; The Will To Power cloaked in “religious” and “secular” hubris.
    Oh, I apologize.
    America; The Will To Power cloaked in “Exceptionalism.”
    The Chosen People
    The Saved People
    The Master Race
    The Exceptional People.
    Infintile fantacy(ies)
    dennis hanna

    1. So what’s the point of starting your comment by insulting most readers? We get it, you’re an atheist. I didn’t bother reading the rest of your rabble. Take that for a free lesson in life: if you want people to listen, don’t insult them first. (save it for after)

      1. Most readers? Prove it. How do you conclude atheist? Prove it? Not insult the left first and foremost? Why not? They don’t listen anyway as part of The Collective. They aren’t allowed to do so. The audience are others besides the left from RINO to DINO.

    2. The last time I heard such a disjointed, point-free, stream of consciousness, mess of a ramble I was in a theater watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nicholson’s got nothing on you, Dennis. Congrats in this “season of superstition” and , apparently nonsense, too.

      1. Mespo,…
        You must have missed some of the recent comments on the JT threads.
        You need not go back to a 1970s movie to top “Cuckoos Nest” to find recent posts that are competitive to some of today’s posts.

    3. After the Korean Peninsula had been secured to the Yalu and the Chinese ejected. But he didn’t end the conflict it’s still not ‘ended.’ Also it was the UN that decided to cease hostilities as it was a UN Police Action. What did they learn from that? Never start an action when the Soviets had absented themselves in a pique of self righteous and meaningless fury.

  13. The Kurds reported, and satellite images confirmed, that ISIS tankers laden with oil were permitted by the Turkish government into Turkey for the purposes of providing ISIS with hard cash.

    Two events add additional intrigue. Years earlier, ISIS captured numerous Turkish nationals. After negotiations, ISIS released them. This is something rarely if not ever occurring in the past as evidenced in part by what they did to a Jordanian pilot and untold others.

    Next was the fact that Syria is a foe to Ankara.

    If the Chinese stepped forward and declared that they are investigating the tanker’s owners and if found to be true severe sanctions are imposed then they might come out of this affair appearing more legitimate. Instead, it is denial at the beginning of the announcement. We will see what happens ultimately.

    1. And US bombing missions were carefully not bombing those tanker trucks as they carried that oil from Syria into Turkey. Then Russia upset the apple cart by bombing them into wreckage, along with the oil depots which loaded them, and published pictures, revealing the fact that the US and the Obama administration had been complicit in the illegal oil trade for years.

  14. This can’t be a surprise to people.

    Maybe since I onced lived in a third world socialist/communist country I expected nothing less.

    Ends-justify-the-means mentality.

    1. “Will the world allow similar numbers – or higher – of people to die in North Korea, just because the DPRK has opted to defend herself against the self-proclaimed exceptional nation that has for over 60 years refused to sign a peace agreement and instead constantly threatened North Korea with annual high-powered military war games along the Korean Peninsula?

      North Korea has done no harm to any other nation. Indeed, North Korea does not intend to start a war with anyone. North Korea has had the courage and strength to rebuild as a socialist nation in almost full isolation from a 1953 US-devastated country with the loss from then 30% of the population, about 3 million people. Does anyone wonder why North Korea has opted to defend herself – come what may?”

      1. After the split of Korea, both the north and south started equally except for the fact that the center of Korean industry lay in the north. That provides a good metric to demonstrate the difference between Stalin/ Mao communism and the west’s freer capitalistic system.

        Who should be blamed for the failure of the North Korean state? The Stalinists and the Maoists, certainly not the Americans. Some choose the reverse because of a lack of historical knowledge and common sense. It is true that few call themselves Stalinists or Maoists today. They use different monikers where one thing stands above all else, “blame America”.

      2. I’ve noticed that globalresearch is often cited as a source by some who comment here.
        Here is another sample of globalreseach’s “reporting” on North Korea:
        “North Korea, a Land of Human Achievement, Love and Joy”. -globalresearch, Aug. 03, 2013, by Andre Vltchek

    2. Squeeky – the problem was MacArthur wanted to nuke the NK and Chinese. And then he played silly airplane games with Truman, just to top things off. Because he was the Supreme Leader of Japan, he thought he had the same standing as Truman. He forgot the chain-of-command until he was out of it. Truman was right, he should have fired MacArthur, his strategy was flawed. His tactics were flawless, however.

    3. Agreed! MacArthur was right! We have been watching the NK fist moving inexorably toward our face for decades. Because the movement is slow, we are defenseless: our politicians lack balls and only “kick the can” down the road. The moment of truth is upon us. Push the button Donald! End this madness!

    4. “US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies”

      “Technology could be used to wipe out malaria carrying mosquitos or other pests but UN experts say fears over possible military uses and unintended consequences strengthen case for a ban.

      A US military agency is investing $100m in genetic extinction technologies that could wipe out malarial mosquitoes, invasive rodents or other species, emails released under freedom of information rules show.

      The documents suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research and will raise tensions ahead of a UN expert committee meeting in Montreal beginning on Tuesday.”

      – The Guardian

  15. China created North Korea. North Korea would have fallen a long time ago were it not for its overindulgent parent, China.

    Think of how many men, women, and children might not have starved to death if China had not shored up its fellow despot. The entire country is a humanitarian disaster. The country has banned any interracial relationships, and will force abortions on any woman who gets pregnant by anyone other than a Korean. China is well aware of this practice when it apprehends and hands over defectors, especially women.

    In addition to worm infestations, at least one North Korean defector has tested positive for Anthrax. He was either inoculated against Anthrax or exposed at some point. This is concerning in a country led by a savage with an emperor complex. Kim Jong Un has been threatening to bomb the West, and various other countries, for years, as his predecessors did before him. He is actually the rare great unifier, in that Democrats and Republicans have agreed North Korea was an existential threat for decades.

    My uncle fought in the Korean War. He went through so much, and yet here we are, again. We were right there, at the 38th parallel, where we could have stopped this and prevented so much misery, murder, and starvation.

    I cannot fathom why support for communism is so fashionable among academics and millennials. So many professors I have known wax poetic about communism and socialism. They should take a good, long look at how it’s worked out. The North Koreans are a very sad example.

    1. Karen

      North Korea was First occupied by Russia at the end of WWII, after Russia declared war on Japan (which ruled Korea until Japan was defeated in WWII.) Russia, more than China, “created” North Korea.

      You can read more about Russia’s role in this area of the world, including their vast amount of military and financial assistance to the Chinese Communist Party during the 1930’s and 1940’s, in the biography of Mao written by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. It is an amazing read, full of details and facts not available to the general public in the West before it was published.

      Mao was no more a real “communist” than the present ruler of Turkey or Donald Trump. Rather, he was a brutal opportunistic megalomaniac who used the CCP, Moscow, and everyone around him to further his own personal power and agenda. He sent tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of CCP troops to their deaths to further his own personal power.

      The biography is very well written and well sourced.

      1. DDD – I do understand that Russia was the initial supporter. In fact, our involvement was an effort to stop the spread of international communism. “If we let Korea down,” President Harry Truman (1884-1972) said, “the Soviets will keep right on going and swallow up one after another.” It was China, however, who poured in additional military support at the end. It’s China who keeps protecting, enabling, and supporting North Korea.

        This was an existential threat against global communism. We had the opportunity to strike a tremendous blow to the entire abusive paradigm. China suffered after stretching itself so thin. If we had won the war, instead of calling it a draw, then how would it have affected communist China? That country is currently one of the worst polluters, as well as a human rights abuser. How would millions of peoples’ fortunes have changed if the abusive economic system of communism had been stopped, dead, in Korea? Would this have hastened the fall of the USSR?

        I asked my father years ago why we get involved in foreign conflicts rather than just minding our own business behind our borders. After explaining the demands of alliances, he also explained how geopolitics affect our own nation.

        In this case, if the USSR had won the war in North Korea, with China’s help, then it could have gone on to conquer and convert nation after nation, until the globe fell and the US would be overwhelmed, and fall to communism, too. This was the same reason why we interfered in Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.

        The armistice didn’t lose the war, but it must have been difficult to lose so many Americans in what amounted to a draw. 5 million dead, 40,000 of them Americans. Truman was concerned about Russia using nuclear weapons, especially if we entered a full out war with China. MacArthur wanted victory and nothing less to stop Communism in its tracks. So Truman fired him and called a draw.

        Now, North Korea has been trying to develop nuclear weapons for many years. This may be because it was the threat of nuclear weapons which in part led the US to give up. What will the development of nukes in North Korea mean for future geopolitics? Would Kim Jong Un use them because he’s been spoiled his entire life and thinks he’s invincible? Would he invade South Korea and use nukes as his protection? We have got to squash his nuclear ambitions flat or we will rue the day we missed the opportunity.

        1. Karen S……
          -On the issue of the geopolitical implications of a nuclear-armed North Korea that you mentioned:
          It isn’t widely discussed, and Japan and South Korea aren’t currently moving in this direction, but both have the capacity and the resources to build their own nukes.
          And they could probably get there in a very short period of time.
          As North Korea ramps up its stockpile and refines its ICBMs, I think both South Korea and Japan may rethink their non-nuclear status.

    2. “I cannot fathom why support for communism is so fashionable among academics and millennials.”
      Because millennials are still children and don’t understand the world yet. The economics of academics can be summed up by their theories and publications. As with any media, the more outrageous, the more they get noticed.

      1. How correct. Before sending our children to the university we need to send them to places like Cuba and North Korea so they can understand the stupidity of the blame America crowd and recognize that the ones pulling the strings in that crowd are nasty little dictators that don’t learn from their mistakes.

        1. No.

          “Before sending our children to university,…”

          all you have to do is implement the “manifest tenor” of the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1789.

          Make it clear to all children that the Constitution provides them with FREEDOM which requires SELF-RELIANCE.

          Under the current unconstitutional communistic regime, for example, people are allowed to petition government for entitlements. The Founders omitted and, thereby, excluded the power of Congress to tax for “individual welfare” providing to Congress only the power to tax for “general Welfare;” roads, water, currency, sewers, utilities, post office, etc. The Founders established government only to facilitate freedom, not “redistribute wealth,” engage in “central planning” or conduct “social engineering.” The Founders never intended for the “poor” to vote as they would simply “sell” their votes. Tytler admonished on the subject of government largess awarded for votes revealing that one man, one vote democracy always results in dictatorship. America suffers now under the “dictatorship of the proletariat” consisting of teachers unions, public worker unions, private sector unions of the “poor,” affirmative action/welfare beneficiaries and sympathetic (i.e. bought) democrat elected officials and anti-Constitutional Supreme Court Justices.

          Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s was a restricted-vote republic in which voters were compelled to meet criteria. A republic is:

          “…government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote…”

          Under the Constitution, even if the vote is trivialized and diluted into insignificance, redistribution, central planning and social engineering are excluded, precluded and prohibited.

          1. George, you realize there was a bit of sarcasm in my remarks, right? I was trying to provide a basis for comparison since the leftist religion compares everything to something that doesn’t exist and cannot exist.

  16. Well, this will but a fly in the ointment. China has been talking tough against NK, but playing a soft game. This is not going to make Nikki happy. 😉

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