“You Just Ran Into Two People From New York, Kiddo”: Rand Paul Becomes Latest Victim Of Restaurant Abuse

I have previously written about my dismay over verbal and even physical attacks on politicians, particularly conservatives, in restaurants. Liberal couples and activists believe that they have license to scream and disrupt meals of those with whom they disagree politically. The latest such abuse occurred when Sen. Rand Paul was trying to have lunch at a California restaurant with his staff when a couple began to shout profanities at them.

The woman is shown screaming “You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we’re not putting up with your Republican bullshit.” Of course, Paul was simply have a meal but the couple believed that they had the right to verbally abuse him because they do not share his politics.

I have written for years about the declining recognition of basic values like civility in dealing with people with whom we disagree. This is another such example. These people believe that they have the right to scream at people in public because they hold opposing views. So this is the society that we want as adults? Conservatives will now yell at liberal politicians at restaurants and we can live in a society where everyone believes that they have a right to stalk and abuse others during meals or shows or any public activities.

Many have rightfully asked if Trump’s abusive rhetoric is a good example for children and society. The same is true with this video. I teach my kids to respect others and not to spew profanities at people because you disagree with their political views — whether inside or outside New York City.

98 thoughts on ““You Just Ran Into Two People From New York, Kiddo”: Rand Paul Becomes Latest Victim Of Restaurant Abuse”

  1. Last time I was in New York I barely spoke to any Americans at all.

    I sometimes feel like i have more in common with foreigners —
    than I do rude “Americans” like these nasty old farts.

    Here’s what I would say to these people: “CAO NI MA!”

  2. Ha ha, this cracks me up. “You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo!” I’m from New York. Born and raised, and I live here now. What is that statement even supposed to mean?

    The woman just looks nuts to me. On a bi-polar bender from the New York CPUSA offices, maybe? A drooling Hunter College Sociology professor off on semester break? There are many foaming at the mouth radicals like her in both New York and California, and no doubt they think they look like powerful activists. And they’re so detached from reality that they don’t realize people are laughing at them.

  3. Anon1: “Given this thread and others like it, which bring to attention otherwise non-events best left with no attention…”

    This is hardly a non-event. Rand Paul is a US Senator who has previously been brutally assaulted by an angry lefty. Ugly aggressive behavior towards him is relevant and deserves attention. All aggressive behavior towards politicians warrants our attention because it is a prelude to actual violence.

    Is the old lady Natacha?

  4. This blog is a slum and it stinks of Trump.

    The same bunch of whining posters here every day and who most want to post about their imagined persecution as their cult leader – who represents only their minority opinion – continues his assault on the constitution and decency, while avoiding facts and serious issues.

    Given this thread and others like it, which bring to attention otherwise non-events best left with no attention, it is clear that JT must be doing this to boost his hits and doesn’t care what kind of hits he’s getting. His faux outrage at anti-social behavior he then does his best to publicize, helps lower the discourse, not raise it, and threads like this are prime examples.

    1. This blog is a slum and it stinks of Trump.

      Don’t let the door hit your tuchus on the way out.

    2. This blog is a slum and it stinks of Trump.
      Then only a fool would stay here unless they’re a paid shill. Bye —-or if not I’ll just consider you gone.

      1. Too much fun slapping people like you around mespo. Get out of the pity party hot tub and come on over to some serious threads.

        1. No, you are either a paid shill, or somebody who craves attention, even if it is negative. In other words, either a paid liar or somebody with mental problems.

          But you are fun to watch! Like a monkey. Because every time I think you can’t say anything stupider than the last thing you said, you do!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

    3. Nonni hon, this stinks of the same crazy as ole aunti smack waters calling down violence on Republicans, antifa calling down violence on conservatives, BLM creating mayhem against anybody not them. Face it non, y’all fecking violent, useless whackers. Time to check yourselves into a nut House and get some counseling.

    4. In case you don’t have a mirror at home: you are whining, you are being cultish, you are angry, you are a warmonger, you are acting like the old lady in the video. That is you. The stink you smell is coming from you.

    5. Golly gee whiz anon1, you make a great reply. I can’t get over how many facts & how much truth you posted in your attempt to be the TDS poster child of the month. Oh. There were no facts nor truth. Excuse the heck outta me!

      That disingenuous jive you posted is typical of the empty lies & gutter snipe verbiage that is your & the fascist left’s only weapon. You lefties need to get off the chicken coop floor & get some fresh air.

      Then again, in you & the left’s case, truth is treason in your kingdom of lies. Truth to ya’ll is a silver bullet to you weird wolves,


      1. Sam, I straightened you out on your completely false charge regarding Schiff and this is the thanks I get?

        1. Anon you should be a comedian. Except you ain’t funny. False posting doesn’t straighten out anything.


    6. I can’t wait until the imagined Barr and Durham investigation concludes and the imagined indictments come down. They’re even looking into the Ukranian Obama-Soros co-owned “think tank” NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau) that was started specifically to siphon assets from the country. Seems to me the Ukraine is singing and it’s not Obama’s song.

  5. This hysterical woman does injustice to all women. And please lady, mentioning that you’re from New York hardly justifies behavior worse than a 2 year-old.

  6. What’s the problem?
    This is what Democrats are supposed to do.
    They’re just following orders like good little brownshirting soldiers.
    “I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” – Barack Obama, President of The United States….o̶f̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶U̶n̶i̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶ ̶ The United Facist of America.

    1. I think all Americans who want to understand the psychology of people like this should read “The True Believer: Thoughts on the nature of mass movements” by Eric Hoffer. Dry title, fascinating book. Hoffer worked the docks of San Francisco from the 40’s -the 60’s as a member of the Longshoreman’s Union. He witnessed the growth of unionism, organized crime and Communism, in that city. Hoffer won the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this incredible book on moral and social philosophy. Our current political situation grew out of union organizations (especially the teachers unions, ACLU, SEIU). This is why the left is so organized politically.

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