Hunter Biden Is Under Federal Investigation

Hunter Biden confirmed yesterday that he is indeed under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware for possible tax violations.  For years, the media has maintained a virtual blackout on Hunter Biden stories even as some of us noted that a 2019 subpoena indicated an active criminal investigation. Apparently, there was no way to “say this nicely” so the media said virtually nothing at all. The son of the incoming president will now be investigated by his father’s Justice Department. In the meantime, many in the media are still struggling with the journalistic version of the denial stage in the KüblerRoss stages of grieving.  The move during the lame duck period could reflect a desire to iron plate the investigation before the arrival of a Biden Justice Department. It will certainly add a new complication to any already difficult situation with a pending Special Counsel investigation.

Reports indicate that Joe Biden is not implicated and that Hunter Biden may be either a “target” or a “subject.”

Hunter Biden stated “I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors.”

Weirdly, he insisted that he only learned of the investigation on Tuesday when his lawyer was advised of the investigation by federal prosecutors.  He was aware of a subpoena in 2019 over his laptop.  Before the election, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden would admit that the laptop and its emails were authentic.  In the meantime, most media refused to seriously cover the story and NBC actually debunked different documents shortly before the election.  Some of us noted at the time that such subpoenas are not issued for recreation and that Biden could be implicated in a federal criminal investigation.

It is not known what or who is the focus of investigation beyond Hunter Biden being either a target or a subject.  What was striking about the laptop emails was the discussion of millions in fees or payments with a dangerous level of informality and fluidity.  It is not clear if those transactions occurred and whether some of the referenced payments or gifts (including a diamond from a Chinese source) are being examined by the federal investigators.  It appears that this investigation has been going on for at least two years.

Notably, in October, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) joined Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) in asking the FBI to resist pressure to investigate Hunter Biden.

The Justice Department ordinarily waits until after election for major indictments or moves that might impact the election. The move this week is consistent with the lame duck strategy that I discussed after the election where prosecutors need to move before a Biden Justice Department take hold of such pending cases:

The danger for prosecutors is greater because the Biden administration can rely on a supportive media. The only people more embarrassed by allegations of criminal conduct in the Hunter Biden investigation would be media members who have repeatedly assured the public that there is nothing to investigate.

If these investigations move forward with possible criminal charges related to Biden or his family, there may even be a question of whether the current or next attorney general should establish a special counsel.

After that column, Durham was made a special counsel and now Delaware is formally moving to cement its own investigation during the lame duck period.  Both investigation now leave the incoming Biden Administration in a muddle.


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  1. Add a bunch more Democrats and their supporters from Wall Street and Social Media.

    McCarthy: Swalwell ‘Should Be Removed from Congress,’ When Did Pelosi, Schiff Know about China Spy Issue?

    On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee and Congress and wondered if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) knew about Swalwell being targeted by a suspected Chinese spy.

    1. Why should a target be removed from Congress?

      He cooperated with the FBI in their investigation, which ended years ago.

      1. This jerk swallowed the Steele Dossier and now actually sleeping with a Chinese spy doesn’t raise his suspicions. What a dummy.

          1. Swalwell slept with the spy and the FBI instead of dealing with the spy as usual they dealt with the one embarrassed by sleeping with the spy. Swalwell told the spy and she left for China. Very convenient.

            Trump didn’t sleep with a spy. You probably listen to Swalwell. Democrats that have sold America out to China accuse Trump of everything because they have a lot to hide. That includes the Biden family.

            You are one sick dude.

            1. I sometimes laugh at your fevered imaginings, Allan. Then I get more serious and feel sorry for you and your family.

  2. I guess that it is official: Prof. Turley has been made an “enemy of the people” for pointing out the truth.

    The Pinkos are shriller than usual in their denunciations of Turley.

    What is sad, is that they substitute venom and discourtesy for either wit or analysis.

    And almost all of them hide behind anonymous names.

    Doesn’t require a lot of courage to insult while anonymous.

    Steve Fleischer

    1. They haven’t even gotten started. The Democrats are unravelling and Biden hasn’t even been elected President yet by the Electoral College. If you thought the Democrats screaming for 4 years was ghastly while parading with pink hats on their tin foil craniums, wait and see what happens when COVID-19 vaccines fail (Pfizer’s vaccine in the US is a bust), Biden will left on the hook to “save America” from a flu-like virus, his son Hunter is charged by the Feds, Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell is removed from the US House for compromising US intelligence with the Chinese (and compromised his wife/children too but he’s a Democrat so there is that), and more

      Then there is SCOTUS and multiple states joining Texas to stop the Electoral College. Even if Trump loses, he wins because half of America will believe the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged…..which is what Hillary supporters have been saying for 4 years. Oy vey

      fun times.

    2. Monument, you’re hiding under a phony name. In fact, your name changes with every post.

  3. I am going to assume that everyone who is cheering Hunter Biden being investigated for tax issues will equally cheer Trump being investigated for the same issue.

    1. I have no problem with Trump being investigated for tax issues. Now dear Molly, please tell us it is okay for Hunter to be investigated. We wait patiently for your pigs to fly.

      1. Everyone should be subject to the same laws and same risk of investigation. I am just peachy with Hunter being investigated if it is an honest investigation.

  4. Marc Elias: “BREAKING: Arizona Federal Court DISMISSES Kraken conspiracy lawsuit. ‘Allegations that find favor in the public sphere of gossip and innuendo cannot be a substitute for earnest pleadings’
    “Trump and his allies are now 1-54 in post-election litigation.”

    Trump has now moved to intervene in his personal capacity in the TX v. PA et al. suit and 17 states (all won by Trump) have filed a brief in support of Texas’s motion for leave to file. They say “The allegations in the Bill of Complaint raise important constitutional issues under the Electors Clause of Article II, § 1. They also raise serious concerns relating to election integrity and public confidence in elections. These are questions of great public importance that warrant this Court’s attention. The Court should grant the Plaintiff’s Motion for Leave to File Bill of Complaint.”
    Docket files:
    Additional responses due by tomorrow afternoon.

    1. Isn’t that odd?

      The plaintiffs drive 100 supertankers full of evidence (and “thumb drives”) and testimony into court and the court dismisses.

      That dang democrat corruption is strong stuff; strong stuff.

      The democrats say, “If we keep cheating, republicans will never win again.”

      The court says, “We just hate laws, truth, facts and evidence, and we don’t want anything to do with it; don’t want to be anywhere near it.”

  5. This is par for the course. JB’s supporting staff need HB story to go away so JB doesn’t have to go under oath. Just like he “never spoke with his son about his business dealings” and “he separates his public life from his private life” it was a lie. Then they hid JB so he didn’t trip himself up and say things they didn’t want him to say solely to get him blind the American public from JBs corrupt practices through his family. There is absolutely no way JB didn’t profit from all HBs shady dealings. We’ll never know because now JB is part of the protected class. HB will come away with a slap on the wrist. IB would have enabled his diseased son (narcotics addiction) with influence to get HB millions to continue his addiction. JB is part of the establishment and will conduct his foreign policy in the same way he, through his family, profited from foreign sources. He’ll be back in bed with a terrorist regime (Iran), that continued to kill our soldiers as JBs administration (Obama’s) paid them 1.7 billion in cash. Even after giving them all the cash they never stopped killing our soldiers. If JB gets into office the “JV” teams will continue their deadly ways and nothing will be done. I quote JB before the Bin Laden raid, “We need to give it more time”. Absolutely risk adverse, a true politician, and a individual that will get more people killed. JB is the alternative to mastery.

  6. President Trump took his son to China. On the visit his son signed a 1.5 billion dollar deal. Oh wait!! It was VP Biden who took his son to China. My bad.

  7. This should be interesting. Let it runs its course and see if there is anything there at all. there will be or not. I do think Biden will be forced to allow a special council. I am betting Burr appoints one.

  8. How Joe can be let off the hook for this scandal is beyond me. China pays off relatives so this is definitely quid pro quo.

    1. Unless Joe Biden is directly found to benefit, then it is tawdry, but legal. This is something all political families do. the children trade on the family name. Both Republicans and Democrats benefit from this maneuver.

      1. “tawdry”?!

        If a CEO’s subordinate engaged in that degree of corruption — right under his nose — the CEO would be looking for a job as a janitor.

        “but legal.”

        That is not accurate. Money laundering (which is a crime) is reportedly part of the existing investigation. That, among other alleged crimes, opens the door to a conspiracy charge (which could net Joe Biden, among others).

    2. Because that scum bag AG Barr prohibited the DOJ from investigating Joe Biden and the Jesus Obama.

  9. Is paying taxes still a thing? I mean, I thought Trump outlawed taxes. He certainly doesn’t pay any himself.

  10. Geez, all those people who voted for Hunter Biden are going to be regretting their vote now, big time!

    1. You, as a demonkrap, are perfectly fine with Joe’s son being in bed with the CCP, and you’re similarly fine with the DOJ and deep state making up lies to destroy anyone associated with Trump and President Trump himself. And no, I’m not a Trump apologist. He’s one of the dumbest people to ever hold the office, and his own worst enemy. And he positively lies constantly. And as JT has said for 4 years, the only reason he won is because the Dems corruptly installed HRC as the nominee, the only person Americans hated more than Trump.

  11. Turley says “a 2019 subpoena indicated an active criminal investigation” and “Weirdly, he insisted that he only learned of the investigation on Tuesday when his lawyer was advised of the investigation by federal prosecutors. He was aware of a subpoena in 2019 over his laptop.”

    AFAIK, there still hasn’t been any confirmation from law enforcement that it was Hunter Biden’s laptop (and hard drive, also on the subpoena).

    Even if it was HB’s laptop (which hasn’t been established):
    a) The info that’s been made public has never specified who the target(s) of the laptop investigation were, so that doesn’t imply that he was the target; the target could have been the shop owner or someone else.
    b) HB is apparently under investigation for tax fraud. Turley makes no connection between the laptop and the tax fraud investigation, so there’s no reason to think that the knowing about the laptop subpoena would give HB a head’s up about the tax fraud investigation.

    If HB is likely guilty of a crime, I hope he’s indicted. None of them (Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Eric Trump, …) should be above the law.

    1. @CTHD … You are the most poorly informed idiot on this site, or you’re lying through your teeth. None of what you said is true. Hunter and his lawyer both acknowledge the laptop as being his. There’s considerable knowledge of what was on that laptop. I couldn’t bother reading the rest of your BS because… That’s what it is, BS.

      1. I’m not lying, and if you think I’m poorly informed, then present evidence for me to learn from instead of insults.

        You say “Hunter and his lawyer both acknowledge the laptop as being his.” Please link to their confirmation.

        1. CTHD:
          What or who do we cite if we just think you’re dumb? Or disingenuous?

          1. Mesopotamian hippo, is your confusion about a citation for your opinion due to you being dumb? Or disingenuous?

            1. Aninny:

              I was kinda hoping you were at least middle school age but this level of dirt throwing lumps you purely in the pre-school crowd. Please keep it up, I enjoy the support for my firmly held faith in your infantilism.

              1. Mesblow, you like to throw dirt at others but object when it’s thrown back at you. Repeating your own words back to you is the best way to get you to say how childish they are.

                1. You are a jerk and you demonstrate it every time you open your mouth. Take not how little you actually say. You are dumb as well.

                  1. Gosh Allan, this level of dirt throwing lumps you purely in the pre-school crowd too.

                    1. Gosh Anonymous, the other anonymous pointed out the truth. “You are a jerk… You are dumb as well.

                      When you reached 12 you should have spent more time in the library and less in the bathroom.

                    2. Ha Ha. You IQ seems to match seems to match the number of letters in your response. You are a fool.

                2. Aninny:
                  “Repeating your own words back to you is the best way to get you to say how childish they are.”
                  Sort of the old “I know you are but what am I” reply. Typical and conclusive on your status around here. You guys\gals\its make me chuckle all the time.

    2. Commited. During the election you did nothing but protect Joe Biden and now you say that if he’s found to have committed a crime he should be prosecuted. At the same time you say the Hunter investigation has no merit to begin with even before the investigation has finished. You write that Trump conspired with the Russians even after the Mueller Report said it did not happen. Thank you. You have raised us all to your higher level of Nirvana. We know that your desire for equal justice is deeply felt in some deep down tiny recess of your heart.

    3. Liars like you just sit here and type all day, positing that everything about HB’s and JB’s dealings with China and several other foreign nations were above board, which they were not. If they were Joe would not have had to lie so much about it all. He’d be transparent which he is the opposite. He acts like Trump and attacks the media when they bring up the subject.

  12. Ivanka Trump had a deposition today regarding a criminal investigation into self-dealing of the Trump Organization and the Trump inaugural.

    It was a one day story. Really buried down there. And she holds a job in the government.

    Donald Trump pays $750 per year on a claimed billion dollars or more of income. He is the President and therefore has a job in government. There are likely several criminal investigations of this. Again, bogus payments to Ivanka for consulting seems to be at issue in his tax returns too.

    Now, if there is a Hunter Biden investigation, it is not surprising because Trump tried to get Ukraine to announce a Hunter Biden investigation, and his own Justice Department would be easier to convince.

    I have no idea if he has paid all the taxes that are due. He should do so. I would be very surprised, though, if he has cheated on his taxes to the extent Trump has. In any event, he is a private citizen and not a part of our government or even the incoming administration. His business affairs are his own.

  13. Turley seems a bit forgetful. During the 2016 campaign, Trump faced multiple lawsuits from hundreds of Americans who were conned by his Trump University business scam. Trump publicly attacked the judge. 2 weeks after the election, Trump agreed to pay $25 million to those hundreds of Americans who in some cases lost their entire life savings to Trump’s corrupt business scam.

    Turley insists the Durham investigation leaves the Biden administration in a muddle. Does JT also believe the Trump administration was in a muddle with the Mueller investigation? 8 Trump campaign associates were indicted. 7 were convicted. Roger Stone was convicted on multiple counts of lying to Congress & obstruction of Congress. Trump reacted by commuting Stone’s prison sentence. Hardly a muddled reaction.

    Turley claims there was virtually a media blackout on Hunter Biden. CNN, the Washington Post, the NY Times, NBC, CBS & ABC all reported the New York Post story about Hunter Biden. Turley is well aware none of them, including Fox News & the Wall Street Journal, were able to confirm the New York Post story.

    Apparently Turley is unhappy the media didn’t publicly convict Hunter. But at least we can all agree Mueller convicted 7 Trump campaign associates & Trump forked over $25 million to hundreds of innocent Americans who he scammed.

  14. If Biden fires all the U.S. Attorneys, which he can do, will this be viewed similarly to the Comey firing with an Special Counsel, etc.?

  15. “For years, the media has maintained a virtual blackout on Hunter Biden stories…” No Jonny, in your biased and bigoted way you seem to have missed the stories They are not big stories, after all. Hunter is not running for anything nor should his activities even be the subject of you biased rag.

    1. Hunter flew with his father to China on Air Force Two and left with a 1.5 billion dollar deal. Did he get the deal because of his expertise or because of his father? These are facts that the Biden’s have not disputed. Please help us make some sense of such an occurrence. We are waiting for your reasonable explanation. We are sure that you can pick it out of the thin air.

      1. WTH is wrong with you??? Do you NOT realize the wonderful business track record of coke heads like Hunter Biden??? Does he not have a long track record of success, turning pennies into billions of dollars as if by magic??? Everything that coke head touches turns to gold!!!

    2. If you were the Chinese and you could make a 1.5 billion dollar deal with the son (private citizen) of the Vice President of The United States what would you do? If you were the Chinese you would have many trillions of dollars worth of trade at stake. 1.5 billion would be a drop in the bucket. You would make that deal in a New York minute. They did.

  16. If Joe Biden were to become President, who doubts that he would pardon Hunter and the entire Biden crime family?

    And we all know that Joe Biden would resign shortly after inauguration to open the door for a President Harris, who wasn’t even liked by Democrat voters during the Democrat primary campaign. And would then become the new Vice-President (AOC, Sanders, etc.)?

    God help us!

  17. No wonder Biden Senior is trying for self pardoning which doesn’t exist for a president. I wonder if Harris would he’p them out and for what cost?

    It’s no fun when pay for play uses tables that turn.

  18. If there even is a Biden administration I assume Hunter investigations will be stopped.

    I imagine that is what Barr and Durham and the rest were hoping for. Running the clock down pretending to do something while making sure nothing is ever done.

      1. I’m still waiting for the prosecution of the destroyed hillary emails and the computers she wiped clean, “How do you wipe a computer clean, with a cloth?”
        Nothing will be done.

    1. The “investigation” must have moved well beyond the investigatory stage at this point. The normal process is that the IRS begins an audit; if their agents detect possible criminal activity the case is transferred to the IRS Criminal Div. Special Agents with IRS-CID then complete the investigation and make a referral to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. If DOJ accepts the case, it means they are going to prosecute for tax evasion – never a good sign. At that point, it’s usually best to work out a plea agreement for your client, because cases referred by IRS -CID are iron-clad, and have a 99% conviction rate.

    2. Mueller was appointed a special prosecutor so that he could not be controlled by Trump. Attorney General Barr has appointed Durham as a special prosecutor to protect him from Biden. It’s going to be fun watching the orificical eruption hit the spinning blades of the room cooling utensil. The FBI and the Democrats will soon feel the splatter.

    3. Barr seems truly corrupt. What else would cause him to prohibit the DOJ from investigating Obombya and Joe Biden?

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