Father Arrested After Continuing To Call His Child “She” After Court-Ordered Gender Transition Treatments

There is an extraordinary case out of British Columbia where a father referenced as CD was arrested after he continued to refer to his biological 14-year-old daughter (known as AB) as “she” and his “daughter” after he transitioned to a male gender.  The Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada ordered that the child receive testosterone injections without obtaining parental consent. CD opposed the transition as the parent but he was overruled after physicians at BC Children’s Hospital who decided the girl should receive testosterone injections. The father continued to defy gag orders, including a bar on his trying to persuade with his own child to wait before making such a change.

We have previously discussed how such pronoun disputes (called “misgendering) lead to criminal investigation in other countries like Great Britain.

The Canadian courts withheld the father’s name but he has since gone public in interview and has a GoFundMe site under his real name.

Previously, in a 2019 decision, Justice Gregory Bowden rejected the parent’s view as largely immaterial:

In view of the established law regarding the right of a mature minor to consent to medical treatment and the assessments of a number of physicians that A.B.has capacity to consent as well as the evidence of his health care providers that the proposed treatment is in A.B.’s best interests, there is no serious question to be tried.

At the second stage of the RJR test, the inquiry is whether the litigant who seeks the interlocutory injunction would, unless the injunction is granted, suffer irreparable harm. A.B.’s father has not demonstrated that a refusal to grant the injunction would adversely affect or irreparably harm him.

After that decision, there was a gag order put into place that barred the father from even trying to convince his son to change his mind:

“[1] AB, a 14 year old transgender boy, applies for a protection order to restrain his father, CD, from publishing, speaking or giving interviews about this case or about AB’s personal and medical information.

“a) CD shall be restrained from: i. attempting to persuade AB to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; ii. addressing AB by his birth name; and iii. referring to AB as a girl or with female pronouns whether to AB directly or to third parties;

“b) CD shall not directly, or indirectly through an agent or third party, publish or share information or documentation relating to AB’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical health, medical status or therapies.”

The evening of the Bowden’s decision, CD spoke to the Federalist and said “because she is a girl. Her DNA will not change through all these experiments that they do.” He added:

“I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason. She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body that she should have had. She’s going to forever have a lower voice. She’ll forever have to shave because of facial hair. She won’t be able to have children… Sometimes I just want to scream so that other parents and people will… jump in, understand what’s going on. There’s a child—and not only mine, but in my case, my child out there having her life ruined.”

That led to a conviction of the father for “family violence” in April 2019. Furthermore, Judge Francesca Marzari even issued an order authorizing Clark’s arrest “without warrant” by any police officer who might catch him referring to his daughter “as a girl or with female pronouns.”

Later YouTube interviews with the father were removed.  In addressing one of those interviews, Justice Michael Tammen of the British Columbia Supreme Court even ordered that Laura-Lynn  Thompson to pull her interview and, when she did not, he sent police to her house.

The decisions reject any substantive weight given parental rights. I have long opposed an absolutist position against parental rights in areas like abortion with minors. The use of criminal penalties against this father only magnify those concerns.

I personally disagree with the father in the use of the pronoun if his son has made this choice. I would yield to the child’s preference on how the child is referenced (as opposed to decisions on medical treatments or procedures for young children). However, the question is whether the state should play such a coercive and intrusive role in a family.  Ordering a parent not to speak to his child about the issue or arresting him for referring to the child’s biological gender raises very serious parental and free speech rights in my view.   I realize that many experts believe that opposing such gender transition is abusive and harmful. I do not discount that view. However, that is a position best left to persuasive rather than coercive means. We can debate this question and many can oppose the use of such pronouns as abusive.  Yet, arresting a parent for continuing to oppose such a transition or referring to the wrong pronoun is chilling. There is an utter disregard of the countervailing interests and rights of parents in these decisions.


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  1. Turley said, “I would yield to the child’s preference on how the child is referenced.”

    What if the child claimed they were Napoleon? A dinosaur? A tiger? A toddler? A dog? A mermaid?

    There are people who believe they are a dog trapped in a human body. There are people who believe they are vampires. Do you feed this delusion, or try to get them to accept reality?

    What we’re seeing here is individuals who want to decide how they should be perceived, and then forcing the rest of the world to comply. It’s not their own opinion they care about, but rather everyone else’s.

    Should personal opinions and beliefs be forced by rule of law?

    1. EARTH TO NAIVE US CITIZENS: This is not really news at all. Canada, same as about 17 EU nations, has long imprisoned persons who disagree with the Western narrative of the Jewish so-called “holocaust.”

      The question is which of the several alleged Jewish holocausts do these “Holocaustianity” laws refer? https://ravnagaldr.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/transcribed-six-million-jews-in-newspapers-from-the-period-1915-1938/

      I wonder what is Turley’s opinion of these Holocaustianity Crimes. Are such crimes too hot to touch?

  2. Providing a minor with treatment that castrates them, sterilizes them, removes their breasts, or provides high risk puberty blockers is medical malpractice and child abuse.

    A minor cannot consent. Their brains are not fully enough developed. They can’t get married without parental consent. Can’t self administer an aspirin or asthma medicine on school property. They can’t vote. Can’t buy a gun. Can’t get a tattoo. Can’t rent a car. Parents are supposed to protect their children, and teach them how to make good decisions as adults.

    Most children who express gender dysphoria grow out of it by the time they are 18. Sterilizing these kids or administering puberty blockers create change they will live with forever. And this was done to them by adults. They will never have children, based on a decision they made as a minor, that was taken seriously by adults. Plenty of teenagers believe drunk driving and doing drugs is a grand idea. Shall that be honored, as well?

    There are heartbreaking accounts of young men who never fully realized until it was too late that what penile inversion vaginoplasty surgery produces is a body cavity, not an actual female reproductive tract. This cavity will never function naturally like a biological females, and will require specialized care forever.

    This is a return to eunuchs. History may well judge this harshly.

    Don’t interfere with the normal physical development of children. This shouldn’t have to be said, but there it is.

    “Misgendering” laws are compelled speech. That is anathema to free speech. It is a basic human right to voice your opinion.

    Scientifically speaking, this person will always be XX. There is no chromosomal surgery. XX means a female mammal. Technically, this person is, and will always be, female. All cosmetic and sexual reassignment surgeries produce is a female who is trying to pass for male.

    So many Western countries are throwing away personal freedoms, like free speech, with both hands. The Left in the US is in a hurry to follow suit. Speak up now or just sit by and watch it happen.

    1. Right on, their brains need to develop before any life altering changes are made. If the left does not have race, gender and weather they have no issues. That is why they encourage decision over thes issues.

  3. Dr. Wallace Wong is a gender specialist doctor the girl’s school connected her with, and this doctor is on audio recommending to a roomful of parents (basically he is putting on a sales presentation) that they have their kids claim (lie) they are suicidal in order to get approved for drugs and other gender transition services. Mr. Wong also brags about having 501 orphans and foster children under his care for gender transition. That’s right, kids whose parents are not around to protect them, kids without families who could understandably have identity issues and be wondering who they are and where they fit in, kids who are searching for a magic answer to finding the acceptance and happiness Dr. Wong believes he can deliver. I believe part of Mr. Hoogland’s (“CD’s”) reasons for breaking the injunction include him wanting to expose this unscrupulous doctor who is cashing in on the transkid craze and who was recommended for his daughter by her school. Mr. Hoogland is right to be speaking out and exposing the abusive system he and his family are caught up in. More here, from nearly two years ago:


    1. Some doctors have been convicted of serial murders. Whoever these doctors are that are doing this to 14 year olds are dangerous. This is totally nuts.

      “Gender therapy” doctor admits to advising kids to fake being suicidal to get transgender “treatments”

      Earlier this year, I noted that transgender activists were going to use data on the suicide rate in the transgender community to go after schools they consider insufficiently supportive of their ideological agenda, despite the fact that there is no evidence that physical transition actually reduces suicidal ideation. As it turns out, there are some medical quacks willing to go quite a bit further in their crusade to assist young children in the transition process, including a psychologist from British Columbia, Canada:

      Dr. Wallace Wong…is facing calls for an inquiry into the conduct of his practice. On February 28…Wong spoke at an event hosted by Vancouver Public Library. In a tape of the event obtained by Canadian pro-family group Culture Guard, Wong is heard proudly describing the scope of his children-only “gender therapy” practice, noting that his youngest client is not yet three years old and that he has 501 orphans and foster kids in his local practice.

      If true, this indicates Wong has likely used his relationship with the BC Ministry of Children and Family to diagnose more than 10 to 20 percent of local children in government care as needing his “gender therapy,” according to Culture Guard President Kari Simpson.

      Continued: ttps://thebridgehead.ca/2019/04/22/gender-therapy-doctor-admits-to-advising-kids-to-fake-being-suicidal-to-get-transgender-treatments/

      1. The above was S. Meyer. Hit the wrong Key. I know everyone knows this but Anonymous the Stupid isn’t everyone and I don’t want to hear more of his Stupidity over this typo. I also don’t want to confuse Anonymous the Stupid by adding another variable.

      2. In this S Meyer I agree with you.

        Surely one should check the amount by which a doctor may have interests in making money from production line “sex” transitions.

        By the way, GENDER /= SEX. SEX is a biological fact whereas GENDER is a concept applying to nouns and pronouns in certain languages.


  4. Turley should be ashamed he supports the notion that any minor should have their “gender reassigned” and be submitted to hormone therapy, “consensual” or not

    If they can’t consent to intercourse then how can they consent to hormone therapy that will damage their body and even worse, surgical genital mutiliation.

    This left wing pandering by Turley is shocking. I am dismayed, I thought he had better judgment than that.

    I can’t understand why liberals of good will are going along with this insanity.

    For a long time homosexual activists were uniformly against “transgenderism” and even today there are prominent ones that condemn this.

    Of course the media marginalizes them. I was only able to find an article denouncing them.


  5. When the socalled “doctors” give opposite sex hormone injections to a child without a legit hormonal deficiency problem, they are harming the body of the child.

    it is the doctors who should be arrested.

    If adults want to do this sort of thing, it’s a different matter. But this is child abuse. Applause for the parent who opposes it.

    Western society is shockingly decadent, and increasingly, evil.

  6. “regarding the right of a mature minor”, A 14 year old, mature? Really? Does this judge have kids? Teenage kids?

  7. I would say that a person too young to consent to sex should be unable to undergo a sex change.
    If a child wants to cross-dress (used to be called a sissy or a tomboy) let them role play the opposite sex. But, please, no drugs nor surgery until age of consent.

    1. My children are full grown and my ex wife for all her faults would never have supported such an awful thing.

      A doctor who does this, runs the risk of vengeful retribution from a parent who puts justice above the false laws of a corrupt state.

    2. What always goes unsaid is that — if hormones are considered a treatment for “gender dysphoria” — the obviously correct treatment would be hormones appropriate to the patient’s ACTUAL sex. Male hormones for a boy. and female hormones for a girl.

      1. JD, those specialists treating gender abnormalities were traveling in untravelled roads requiring a lot of intellectual costs along with actual costs. Many of those that followed saw a significant profit in the good that was being done. They realized the market was limited and they needed a bigger marketplace in order to reap tremendous amounts of money. They, in conjunction with sociologists and crazies created that market to the disadvantage of all those children in their hands.

        1. Unscrupulous medicos are not immune from being seduced by the prospects of profits from production line implementation of short medical procedures. Consider Psychiatrist Dr Harry Bailey administering electroshock treatment to comatose patients in the Chelmsford private hospital.

          Wheel the ZAP MACHINE trolley up to the bed of the conveniently comatose patient, connect electrodes to patients head, press button, BZAAP!!!, wheel trolley to next patient, KERCHING another profitable reimbursement from the patient’s health fund.

          en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelmsford_Royal_Commission. No http: // as links don’t work to me on Turley Blog.

  8. So tell me Dr. Turley, what is your cut off age for a child to determine his or her sex. Shall we go to 13. Perhaps we should consider 10 years old. There are sex change attempts for five years olds who have said pee pee bad mommy. Please be more exact in your time table because the law demands it and it must be codified. I once met a man who said he was a dog so he barked. Who are we to say he’s not a dog? After all, he was an adult and he could decide for himself. Perhaps if we were more humane a better course would be psychological help by a doctor who didn’t believe that he himself was a dog. When Turley is asked what side are you on on this issue he blithely responds “I’m with you fellas”.

  9. These actions by the government /medical community are pure and simply child abuse and a sick reflection of the Left’s fanatical obsessions. Imagine a similar situation:

    – 14 y/o minor goes to doctor and states they see themselves as obese/fat/overweight and every time they look in the mirror they are mentally distressed at seeing themselves this way. They might even commit suicide because they are too fat and feel their body is not right at all.
    – Medical professional weighs the child who weighs 80lbs.
    – Medical professional says, “You’re right. You see yourself as fat. Let’s put you on a diet, I’ll do gastric bypass, and put you on Orlistat”.

    ———- MALPRACTICE!!! ——-

    The father is correct and any geneticist would confirm this child is an girl. Liberals, progressives and leftists deny science constantly and this is just another example of their insanity that is egregiously harmful.

  10. I recently had a surgical procedure performed. I read the peer reviewed findings about the surgery before I made the decision to go ahead. I can’t help but wonder if the 14 year old was allowed to read the peer review in the following link. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41443-020-0304-y. Of course the father would not be allowed to present this information to his child under penalty of law.

    1. This is crazy and wicked genital mutilation of a minor as despicable as East-african FGM. Full stop!

  11. What the hell is a “mature minor”?

    I’m sure there lots of money at stake in this racket for doctors and other professionals.

    1. When they are doing this to young children without a significant medical / genetic defect they should lose their licenses and be put in jail. The problems are multiplied by surgery and medication below a certain age.

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