ABC-Washington Post Poll: Biden Supported By Bare Majority Of Americans

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that President Joe Biden has thus far failed in unifying the nation. His approval level stands at just 52 percent, one of the lowest polling results for a president since 1945. An NBC poll shows 80 percent of Americans view the country as still deeply divided. The result reflects not just our hardened politics but also the decision of Biden to move forward with a hard-left agenda as well as legislation that is muscled through on a handful of votes.  There has been little evidence of an effort to reach consensus or compromise. Nevertheless, the poll is surprising. After all, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is polling at 56 percent and would still win reelection despite allegations that he engaged in rampant sexual harassment, bungled the pandemic, and hid embarrassing data on deaths from Covid-19.

Biden’s popularity is lower than any modern president except for Gerald Ford in 1974 at 48% and Donald Trump at 42% in 2017. ABC reports that “[f]or the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden, the 100-day average is 66%.”

I have been disappointed in Biden’s failure to lead from the middle.  I did not have the same expectations for Trump to change his divisive style or policies.  However, Biden was once known as a moderate who could make tough calls.  I had occasion to meet with Biden as a senator and liked him. I was hoping that that Biden would reappear after the election despite disappointing moments on the campaign trial.

Biden pledged after the election to be honest with the public and make tough calls. He has not fulfilled that pledge.  On issues from the effort to end the filibuster to a raw effort to pack the Supreme Court, Biden has remained silent. He has repeatedly shown an unwillingness to confront the far left of his party that seems to be driving legislative and policy initiatives. He has not made the tough calls and that failure of leadership on issues like court packing has put the party at odds with the majority of voters in some areas.

I never understood why Trump did not moderate his rhetoric or politics as every poll showed that he was continuing to lose critical women and suburban voters.  Biden seems equally blind to the costs of pursuing the same strategy from the left. He is still doing ten points better than Trump but that is still barely a majority of voters in support of his new presidency.  Given his more presidential demeanor and moderate language, Biden should be doing much better. However, his party has gone “all in” on an agenda that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has acknowledged exceeded the expectations of her allies on the far left.

The statement of AOC seems to echo in this poll which found that 40 percent of voters were concerned that Biden was too liberal — the highest of recent Democratic presidents.  Another 53 percent were worried that he was expanding the government too much.  Only 52 percent favored his handling of the economy and only 37 percent approved of his work on immigration.  (He received strong marks for his pandemic relief efforts and move to increase corporate taxes).

The poll also shows a sharp partisan divide with only 13 percent of Republicans supporting Biden (another departure from past modern presidents who generally saw greater support from the opposing party, except for Trump).  What may be a greater concern is Independents usually offer sizable majorities for a new president at 100 days — 75% for Reagan and 67% for Obama. Only 47% of independents approve of Biden’s work. Again, he is closer to Trump who saw only 38% support at the same point.

The polling may also reflect the declining trust in the media. The media has been largely in the tank for Biden in refusing to run certain stories, running hit pieces against his opponents, and downplaying controversies. Despite overwhelmingly favorable news coverage, it has not translated into overwhelming polling numbers. That may reflect how the public is now either distrustful from the media or self-contained in siloed news chambers. Many news outlets now tailor their coverage to viewers from the left or right — reaffirming preexisting bias and avoiding conflicting stories. Thus, most of the media may follow the same narratives on stories but they are largely reaching the same audience — the classic problem of singing to the choir.  

There was a time (not long ago) when the media was viewed as left-leaning but still trustworthy on basic stories.  Polling shows that such trust is now gone.  The result is that there is no trusted and shared source for information. Our divisions remains unchanged and only deepened by both our politics and press.

Biden will have to decide if he wants to continue to cater to the extreme of his party or whether he will belatedly tack toward the center. Trump refused to moderate his statements or his policies. Biden is better on the rhetoric but he has continued the same divisional politics. Indeed, at least Trump was honest about his inflexibility and defiance. Biden continues to voice the sentiments of compromise but there has been little evidence of a willingness to compromise on many issues.  That may succeed if the Democrats can hold their slim lead in both houses. However, like Trump, his first 100 days has been tailored to satisfy the far extreme of his voting base rather than seek broader support through a more moderate agenda.



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  1. The whole world can see it is Bizarro world going on in Biden’s head. “Waa waa. Let my wife come home” he cries to world leaders on Zoom.

    He tells the climate change zoom gathering that he *needs* his wife to come home. Docta Jill apparently spent a couple days doing something or other out in New Mexico and the demented one couldn’t function so well with Docta J gone for two days.

    It’s unsettling and stressful when you are old and going senile and the one person you depend on is away for a couple days. For real. Joe let the rest of the world leaders see just how weak and feeble he really is.

    Who is at the helm? It ain’t Joe. Scary time for America. And the world.

    1. After 4 years of Trump, everyone is used to awkward and bizarre tangents.

    2. Yes, this is true. It’s elder abuse. Shows her degree of love and concern for him that she would subject him to this. And it is a very scary time for America and the world. The Europeans (never mind the rest of the world) have no clue about what’s going on in America because the press continues to shill for Biden.

  2. Biden and Cuomo could be caught on video molesting children and liberals would still support and vote for them… seriously.

    1. Trump admitted on tape to sexual assaulting women and the Rs still bow to him.

      1. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

        – Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton

        “Bill Clinton raped me.”

        – Juanita Broaddrick

      2. “Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Recalls Him as Gay, Cocaine-Smoking Dishonest Hustler”

        – Mia Marie Pope

  3. I’m always harping about how if you can’t acknowledge that a President from another party accomplished anything, then you’re a brainwashed partisan.

    I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

    Biden publicly acknowledged that Turkey committed the Armenian Genocide.

    This is tremendous. We finally called Turkey to task in spite of the military advantages the country brings to the US. He found a way to do so diplomatically, calling it an “Ottoman-era” genocide to distance the current Turkish regime.

    I have known many Armenians, and I can tell you, they will never heal as long as the world denies their ancestors were raped and slaughtered en masse. The Genocide is taught in Armenian private schools here.

    Since the Armenian word for “thank you” is really long, I’ll stick with the traditional “merci”.

  4. I have concerns about the judgement of 52% of the people. Are we sure all of these people are actually alive?

  5. “the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    America doesn’t need polls and America doesn’t need Hamilton’s beast.

    One man, one vote democracy released Hamilton’s great, voracious and insatiable beast.

    The American republic was designed and established by geniuses to provide the best possible government.

    Government under the dominion of the Consitituon and Bill of Rights is not monarchy and it is not ochlocracy – it is a satisfactory, nay, perfect medium.

    The American republic enjoys “…a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote…,” by definition in Merriam-Webster.

    Turnout in the 1788 election was 11.6% because states rationally, coherently and appropriately limited voting to male Europeans who were 21 and possessed 50 lbs Sterling or 50 acres.

    To perpetuate a republic, the vote must, at least, be restricted to the age of cognitive and financial maturity and vesting, denying the vote to beneficiaries of government largesse – public workers and recipeints of government assistance – as it is known and not variable how they will vote.

    States have foolishly failed to severely restrict the vote and they have bought the votes of those who populate Hamilton’s beast.

    The vote is nealy moot, in any case, as American government was created to function under severe limitations and restrictions enumerated by the Constitution and Bill of Rights not subject to the vote, while the people were allowed maximal freedom in their lives and enterprises.

    The Supreme Court and judicial branch have failed to support the clear and obvious meaning and intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which severely limit and restrict the powers of government.

    The sole control by the people on the Supreme Court and judicial branch is, not a vote, but impeachment and conviction, the process of which must be enhanced, streamlined and accelerated.

  6. Somehow Congress’ approval rating is around 30%. Something is definitely wonky about the polling.

    1. People generally approve of their own members of Congress but disapprove of Congress as a whole.

      1. 30% is unusually high. It has been in the teens and single digits for a long time.
        For example:

        With all the rotten legislation out there, hard to imagine the approval rating would essentially double. They aren’t even close to acting like they are working together in the best interest of America as a whole. If that happened, then I’d consider 30% approval rating (or higher) would be even remotely accurate.

  7. Good old Joe calls himself a bonehead when he said packing the court would be a bonehead idea. Biden to himself, Biden 1 to Biden 2: you lie. Biden 2 to Biden 1: no I don’t. Yes you do. No I don’t. Yes you do. No I don’t. Give the guy a break. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it because he can’t remember the things he’s said in the past. On the other hand, he may know exactly what he said in the past and he knows the sheep commenting on the Turley forum won’t care. They just collectively wipe his very own words from their sheep memory. Especially the Republicans and Libertarians who voted for him.

  8. Awwww turn that frown upside down, JT! That’s about the margin of victory for Biden in the general election. Maybe you’re upset that, despite the core principle of your employer being to damage dems enough to take them down, that it has so far not managed to dirty up Biden’s polling numbers? I love it…, you guys are going to have work harder to justify the money you’re taking from Empire Murdoch! Awesome.

    On another note: “On issues from the effort to end the filibuster to a raw effort to pack the Supreme Court, Biden has remained silent. “…

    I will never get tired of your railing on about court expansion when all Biden has been doing is advocating a more conservative plan than the one you advocated way back when during repub control of the executive branch. It makes me LMAO every time I see you lamely attempt to pull off that particular criticism. I get a visual of a disappointed and embarassed you sitting in on a Hunger Games council meeting with a truly perturbed and disappointed expression on your face as your handiwork is being called into public view. I won’t lie though, it does remind me of what happened to one Mitt Romney as he was forced to repeatedly condemn his best accomplishment as Massachusetts governor around health care in order to hold the place of repub nominee for president. He probably thought the convention theme of ‘We Built This’ was racist enough…, and then along came trumpy bear to pee on his gardenias and take the party into full on George Wallace territory. Enjoy your place amongst your party’s talking heads, Jon. You’ve earned it.


    1. Has anyone noticed how Anonymous Elvis Bug never provides a link to support any of his statements. Maybe it’s because he thinks we might not respect a link to The Young Turks. His buddy Cenk does a wonderful job of providing him with all his talking points. That way he doesn’t have to think for himself.

          1. I’ve never said anything about JT analogous to TIT’s insult “His buddy [fill in a name] does a wonderful job of providing him with all his talking points. That way he doesn’t have to think for himself.”

            1. Still waiting for Elvis Bug to provide a link to support any of his statements. I am trying to understand how asking for conformation of his points of view constitutes a smear. His talking points directly reflect the opinions of The Young Turks. How is pointing out a truth equal to a smear. Grow a thicker skin EB.

              1. I am not EB. Which accounts for the lack of an “EB” at the end of my comments. If you think it’s not an insult to say that someone doesn’t think for himself, TIT, then I’ll conclude that you don’t think for yourself either.

                1. Funny how that works, isn’t it? People signifying identity through things like letters and words. Staggering.


              2. Oh gee, since I live for placating trump ass eaters so I literally can’t wait to post links they could easily look up themselves, I’ll get right on that. Hint…, you don’t have to look far for Turley’s position on expanding the court, there are multiple references right here on the blog. He was in favor of going to 19 over some time. Biden is looking at 13.

                TIT, since you’re such a scurvy old dog,, why would you think I owe you anything?


      1. Why no! I’ve just noticed there’s been a whole lotta shakin goin round!


        1. fredwriter, I take it now that the Russian mole has left the oval office to golf in Florida until indictment that Russian moles are no longer in favor?


          1. Always good to stay gramatically on point when insinuating people are insane, Dog man. I’m always impressed with how many times I’ve had to point that out to the honors students that slither through these environs.


    2. “It’s the [Constitution], stupid!”

      – James Carville

      Polls and the vote are almost entirely moot. The Constitution is that which holds dominion in America, and government, no matter which party populates it, is severely limited and restricted to taxing merely for “…general Welfare…,” regulating only the value of money, the “flow” of commerce among states, and land and naval Forces, and not claiming or exercising any dominion over private property, the right to which is not qualified by the Constitution and is, therefore, absolute.

      You’re a communist parasite, illegally feeding on other people’s capacity, acumen, ambition, success and money. The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not allow that. It’s merit that matters under the Constitution. What are you communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) so afraid of, your own failure?

      If your concern is the welfare of others, the Constitution allows you to establish and operate charitable organizations to your heart’s desire, all in the free markets of the private sector.


      1. I do always enjoy, George. Especially when a circus freak such as yourself shows up to the party.


  9. JT, why do you use the word “liberals” to describe the leftists or Marxists. Call them by the correct name. True liberals, such as JFK, would be extremely distressed by what’s happened to their party and to the liberal cause.

  10. This is a truth that almost singularly difficult for the democrat-leaning (not necessarily ‘liberals’,per say, though, that takes too many forms to be labeled): when people such as Biden seemed like stand up folks it’s because they were LYING to you. Full stop. I’m guessing for many, that timeframe spans decades. Excepting perhaps the Professor: these people aren’t even the peers you seem to regard them as; though they LOVE your dollars and votes, they do not know your name, and they do not intend to find out. They simply don’t care. The hero worship from grown adults is embarrassing.

  11. I forget who it was but some bigshot in the Obama-Biden administration said that Biden has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue for the last 40 years. Biden continues to extend that championship streak every time he opens his mouth on the subject.

  12. NEWS ALERT: After four years of an extreme right wing administration JT is not happy that Biden is not trying to placate the Trump supporters and ignore his base. Lets also note that Americans almost across the board support the Biden.

    1. Lets also note that South and Central Americans almost across the board support the Biden.

      FIFY. Biden’s at 52% with overwhelming support from MSM and Big Tech. Trump was at 43% with overwhelming opposition from MSM and Big Tech.

    2. “Lets also note that Americans almost across the board support the Biden.”

      “Almost” don’t feed the bulldog. Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index gives Joe a rating of -7. That’s MINUS SEVEN. Joe is divisive.

      1. That poll is paid for by a strong Trump supporter. And also it is not surprising nor means anything that Trump ass eaters really don’t like Biden.

  13. “I have been disappointed in Biden’s failure to lead from the middle. I did not have the same expectations for Trump to change his divisive style or policies.”

    Why not? Why weren’t you also disappointed in Trump’s failure to lead from the middle?

    “On issues from the effort to end the filibuster to a raw effort to pack the Supreme Court, Biden has remained silent.”

    That’s false. He’s said a bit about both. Perhaps you just don’t like what he’s said.

    “The polling may also reflect the declining trust in the media. ”

    Or perhaps it reflects increased polarization that was only exacerbated under Trump and the continued lies by many on the right that Biden stole the election.

    1. “Why weren’t you also disappointed in Trump’s failure to lead from the middle?” JT said exactly that. Did you bother to read it??

      “That’s false. He’s said a bit about both. Perhaps you just don’t like what he’s said.” No, Joe dithered about both. Still dithering.

      “Or perhaps it reflects increased polarization that was only exacerbated under Trump blah blah blah.” I don’t know how you get around with two left feet.

      1. “JT said exactly that. Did you bother to read it??”

        I did read it, as should be obvious from the fact that I quoted some of it.

        I don’t see anywhere that JT said that he was also disappointed in Trump’s failure to lead from the middle. Please do quote where he said it. I’d be happy to be corrected. JT acknowledged that Trump failed to lead from the middle, but if he was disappointed by it, he didn’t say so.

        1. “I never understood why Trump did not moderate his rhetoric or politics as every poll showed that he was continuing to lose critical women and suburban voters.” Jonathan Turley, scholar and gentleman.

          1. Yes, that’s JT acknowledging that Trump failed to lead from the middle too.

            But he’s not expressing disappointment, only puzzlement.

            1. Because he was not a Trump voter. Prof Turley voted for Biden, hence his disappointment. I an astonished that he expected anything different from Joe.

              1. If Turley actually voted for Biden he’d be more than a repub party/fox news talking point broadcaster on this blog. Turley’s branding claim that he doesn’t vote republican doesn’t mean he voted for Biden. I’ve not read where he says he voted for any particular candidate, actually.


    2. Biden has not remained silent. He’s looking for cover to do what his leftist party wants him to do. I can envision the title of the next chapter. “Blue Ribbon Panel says packing the court is a wonderful direction to take”. Joe says. “See, it’s not me, it’s the highly respected members of the Blue Ribbon Panel who are showing us the way. Aside by Joe. They better come up with the right answer if they know what’s good for them. Don’t worry Joe they all have their marching orders memorized to a “T”.

  14. If we can fund other vital constitutional services, maybe we need to help fund a free and independent press? Maybe allow Press/Media organizations to easily convert to non-profit status? Maybe that is the bigger problem, investigative journalism requires funding.

    1. I think it’s possible to do excellent reporting. Roone Arledge (ABC, a long time ago) was the best news director ever. Maybe another Roone Arledge will come along and create a cable-news network with editorial balance, but Fox already tried to shift to the center and got their heads handed to them on ratings.

      Being conservative, I’m not afraid of opposing viewpoints (I want to know what the black leotards are thinking), and I’m sure that as a liberal, you aren’t either, but ultimately, more people than you and I need to demand editorial balance.

      1. Except they used to say that Reagan’s chief of staff should get executive producer credit every night for how much control he had over the evening news. So there’s that.


  15. Polling has become so discredited that this poll is meaningless.
    I see the polling on vaccine hesitancy being broadcast as showing that white Republican men are rejecting the vaccine yet the areas where supply outstrips demand, are almost always Democrat strongholds.

    1. Rasmussen is the only one I trust at all. The rest are shameless push polls.

  16. Righty…Lefty…each are hefty.
    One punch good…the other one’s bad!
    If your left cheek gets might be mad.

  17. You really are pathetic! DONALD Trump never made it above 50% but hey he’s your guy!

    1. And like clockwork, Justice Holmes comes out to insult our host.

      Typical Lefty, long on opinion, short on courtesy.

    2. No Republican would ever come out ahead if the Poll was taken by ABC News and the Washington Post. That’s the source of bias and no, I am not a Republican but am tired of the politicized news we get day after day. Professor Turley does try to find the middle ground and gives you both sides of most stories and then lets you comment. Too many people here are unaware of how fortunate we are to have access to the thoughts of a well educated and middle-of-the-road writer.

  18. Are these the same pollsters who have been wrong so often (always favoring the Left)?

    If anywhere close to accurate, the poll is a damning indictment of Americans. How can 52% still support the leftist agenda?

    1. I agree. I am certain it’s lower, perhaps considerably. 52 is the number they were comfortable sharing. I’ll bet it’s closer to the high 30s.

      Also, Prof: I am not one to be rude, but come on. ‘Hope he decides’? That decision was made before he took office, and likely not even by Biden.

    2. The “polls” had Biden winning Florida by 3-8 points. He lost by 4. This was the 2nd biggest defeat for a Democrat in Florida in over 30 years.

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