“It Was F***ing Crazy Sh**”: Videotape Shows Hunter Biden Purportedly Admitting Russians Have Blackmail Material on Him

The media blackout on Hunter Biden’s laptop remains in force this week despite a major new development with the release of a videotape that purportedly shows Biden claiming that one of his laptops was stolen by Russians for blackmail purposes. He allegedly recorded the statement after filming having sex with an alleged prostitute in a Las Vegas hotel. This is major news from any standpoint. Either the President’s son admitted that Russians have blackmail material on him or the media (or others) have created a fake videotape and falsely framed Biden. One would expect, if it is the latter, that the Biden team will be announcing a lawsuit today.  However, like the coverage in most major news outlets, there are only the familiar sound of crickets.

On the videotape, Biden is reportedly shown having sex with a woman identified as a prostitute in the coverage. In the midst of this sordid scene, Biden describes how he went on a Vegas bender with Russians — “going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite.” He stresses that the penthouses cost $10,000 a night.

The videotape has Biden describing how he passed out in a hot tub “hangs over the edge of the f***ing top floor, with glass, it’s ridiculous.” He then says

“I wake up and the only people that are there are Miguel, the guy frantically running round gathering things up, ok – and Miguel, and Pierce, this guy, his friend.

They had kicked everybody out. And they had cleaned up the entire place, everything ok? And they were getting ready to leave, and I woke up. And there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette.

She refused to leave and they wouldn’t call an ambulance. And they didn’t know whether I was dead or not, at first.”

He then states that the Russian took the laptop filled with compromising photos and material:

“I think he’s the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere. F***ing everywhere, crazy out of your mind sh**…

They have videos of me doing this,’ he said, referring to the filmed sex he just finished. ‘They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know…

They have videos of me doing this. . .They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know.

My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that cam on. And he would always put in a passcode and all that, you know what I mean? It was f***ing crazy sh**. And somebody stole it during that period of time. He did all this kind of like pretend search and sh**.”

When the woman asks if Hunter Biden was worried the Russian alleged thieves would try to “blackmail” him, Hunter replies “Yeah in some way yeah.”

As usual, most Americans have not seen the story which is running largely on foreign media. This is likely to result in yet another run of President Biden to the nearest ice cream store.

Before the election, the national media and social media companies imposed a virtual blackout on the Hunter Biden story.  Even when Biden’s laptop emerged with highly embarrassing and incriminating emails, Democratic politicians and the media pushed a conspiracy theory that the emails might be Russian misinformation, even though the recipients of the emails confirmed their authenticity and American intelligence dismissed the theory.  Worse yet, a key business associate of the Bidens, Anthony Bobulinski, confirmed the authenticity of the emails and accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement. Bobulinski detailed meeting with Joe Biden in a hotel to go over the dealings.

Social media companies like Twitter responded by barring the original New York Post story before the election. The media (which exhaustively investigated any story involving the Trump children) simply ignored the growing evidence that Joe Biden lied repeatedly for months in claiming to have had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings. The media refused to investigate the story even after Hunter himself contradicted his father’s repeated denial.

Soon after Biden was safely elected, the media began to reluctantly acknowledge that the laptop might be authentic while avoiding the obvious questions about millions acquired from influence peddling or Joe Biden’s apparent lying to these reporters.

The laptop revealed that, while receiving millions from the Chinese and other foreign sources, Hunter was an utter mess. He admits that during this period he was a crack addict and alcoholic: “[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

The new emails contain additional information directly contradicting Joe Biden. In addition to earlier pictures from golf trips and references to his involvement or knowledge, the new material refers to an actual dinner arranged in Washington, D.C.

It would be easy to dismiss these stories as the record of a hopeless addict. However, Biden was receiving massive payments from dubious foreign figures from China to the Ukraine to Russia during these years. The claim was that they needed his guidance on issues like energy development and financial dealings. Yet, Hunter Biden says that he was a wreck dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Biden admits that he was still a crack addict running into his father’s last presidential campaign and the photos from China show him passed out and doing drugs as well as sexual trysts with various women, including possible prostitutes.  In this book, Hunter admitted that he was still a crack addict and alcoholic: “[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.” Why would these sources be forking over millions to a self-admitted hopeless addict other than buying access and influence with his father?

The irony is considerable in this latest disclosure since Hunter Biden is referring to losing a series of laptops on the laptop that he would later abandon at a computer repair shop.

Now you have the son of the president saying that he believes the Russians have blackmail material on him but the media continues to struggle to avoid the story. Imagine if a laptop contained videos of Donald Trump Jr. having sex with an alleged prostitute while talking about how Russians likely have blackmail material on him. The media would reach critical mass with wall-to-wall coverage. Yet, most major media outfits continue to minimize or ignore such stories.

If this videotape is real, it is a breathtaking admission that directly impacts the President of the United States in relations with a major hostile power. If it is fake, it is proof of a concerted conspiracy to frame Hunter Biden and spread misinformation. It is a major story either way, right? Not in the age of advocacy journalism.

Here is the transcript published on foreign news sites.

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  1. ‘Biden’s public approval will not recover from the Afghanistan debacle. Americans did not want to be there any longer, but the public will not tolerate defeat. With the southern border mess, inflation, crime, and wokeness run wild, this is quickly becoming a failed presidency’ @joelpollak

    Yes it is. Kamala is warming up in the wings. She can taste it.

    1. What happened to Turley? What to the Bad Guys have on him?
      Did his name appear next to that of fellow conservative O.J. Dershowitz in the seating chart for the ride in the jet of Epstein?

  2. This Just In-

    Donald Trump was not reinstalled as President on “Reinstatement Day.”

    Sorry Trumpists, your PillowMan did not come up with any evidence that the election was stolen.

    What is it going to take before you realize that you have been conned by Trump?

    You can deflect and talk about Biden, but the truth remains- you were had- just admit it.

    1. “What is it going to take before you realize that you have been conned”

      What is it going to take before you realize that you have been conned by your own fecklessness

    2. Almost no one expects Trump to replace Biden as president.

      The only constitutional process to do so is impeachment.

      As to evidence that the election was botched by democrats – that is available in abundance.

      Maricopa county has 72400 more votes that voters after a very careful actual audit conducted completely under public oversight by ANYONE – you could have life streamed the audit and objected had you seen anything improper.

      Almost none of the tens of thousands of Duplicate ballots – copies made of damaged ballots that would not scan, can be matched with the original damaged ballot – that is a legal requirement to assure that when a duplicate is made the original is not also counted.

      Almost nothing about Maricopa county’s count verifies – counts of ballots in each bin are wrong – often radically, intermediate counts are all wrong. This does not proof anything beyond gross incompetence.

      There are also enormous numbers of Ballots from the Maricopa county audit that were NOT printed by the state.
      Those are likely forgeries.

      Myriads of other serious problems were found, and those are only the preliminary results.

      The AZ dept of state has now publicly admitted that the voter registration database was hacked in the week immediately preceding the election.

      The security analysis of the voting machines found that they were 18 months behind on security updates on election day and could have been hacked in 10 minutes by a script kiddie and a minute or two by a competent black hat.

      Maricopa country and DVS are still refusing to honor subpeonas for the routers and router information necescary to confirm whether outsiders did actually hack those machine on or near the election.

      They are also refusing to honor subpeonas for the mailin ballot envolopes that would allow the auditors to determine the extent to which ballots by ineligable or non-existant voters were counted.

      It will take time but as all others – those subpeonas will eventually be enforced.

      Democrats have been fighting all subpeonas everywhere and they are very successfully delaying both the GA and AZ audits as well as pending audits in other states. But they have ultimately lost every single subpeona battle – as the US constitution vests all power in federal elections with state legislatures – NOT local election boards, NOT with governors or the executive.

      The Fulton County GA audit has found Actual Fraud and it is barely started.
      Of the first 60,000 of 2M ballots reviewed hundreds of duplicate ballot scans were found.

      This is PROOF that ballots were scanned more than once.

      My question for you is Why the tooth and nail battle over audits ?

      If you beleive that there was little fraud or error, then the audits should have happened months ago.

      Biden, The courts, the states, and the congress Erred in from the start first in allowing this lawless election, and then by not permitting real scrutiny.

      You have claimed that dozens of court decisions looked at the election and found no fraud, but that is FALSE.
      Prior to Biden’s inauguration there was very little real investigation of any of the claims of misconduct, any of the afffadavits alleging Fraud.

      Increasingly there has been.

      It is highly unlikely that the the outcome of the election will be altered – that is impossible.

      One of the problems with lawlessly and badly – probably deliberately badly conducted elections is that it is possible to know the extent of the fraud after the fact, it is NOT possible to know how that changes the outcome.

      The fact that more ballots were counted than people who voted, does not make it possible to determine which ballots are fraudulent.

      What the audits are already proving is that claims this election was conducted properly are gross lies.

      What we are seeing is much the same as what we saw with respect to the collusion delusion.

      The DOJ and FBI conducted illegal and unconstitutional investigations of both private individuals and opposing political campaigns, and lied to the courts, and lied to congress and wasted years of time thwarting real investigation.

      And after 4 years of prying the evidence of this malfeasance from government, we are with near certainty back to the same idiotic nonsense under Biden and Merrit Garland.

        1. Poor losers?

          Like Gore and the fat Suit-Pant Fascist and La Gorda Stacy Abrams?

          They still claim they won.

          All Gore won was a beach-front mansion to enjoy the ‘rising seas.

          Al Suit Pants won was a room stocked with chardonnay.

          Al Stacy won was pie–eating, hot dog eating, contests, both at once. And it shows.

        2. You are a mental midget. When hit with facts, you run and hide with “Give it up: You lost”…pathetic response.

        3. John, now what do you have to say? The AZ fraudit ended today! NO FRAUD FOUND. Matter of fact they found over 300 un counted votes for BIDEN. Think you need to rethink you strategy. Trump did lose! HE LIED! Made it all up. And you fell for it. Now is the time for this country to come together. You could help. ☮️

          1. Wrong! You fell for the propaganda. There sure as h*ll was massive fraud discovered. People will be going to prison for the fraud uncovered in Arizona.

          2. No one with half a brain believes Joe Biden got 80 million legit votes. They know what they did.

        1. John Solomon’s group on “Just The News” published a summary of some of the data they found through Georgia FOIA requests. On the story is a link to the actual data (1500 pages) that illustrates significant irregularities. Click on the blue links in the story and you can access the raw numbers and documents.

          The election will not be overthrown but it is clear that the process in Fulton County, Georgia (for instance) was poorly run, policy weak or non-existent. Zuckerberg infused 350,000,000 dollars into local election boards, including Georgia to “help” them with the voting process.


          This is a situation to watch carefully. If these folks have nothing to hide, then a detailed audit will serve tol reinforce their statements. If not, they the process must be changed to meet strict standards.

      1. I volunteered to be a Poll Worker this year, and found out there is no way to have a fraudulent election today.

    3. Jeff the actual truth – which gets driven home every day in myriads of ways is that the left LIES.

      We got this “Russian disinformation” nonsense about Hunters laptops early on – the Biden’s were lying. PERIOD.

      We now learn that all along they knew that another laptop with damnign and possibly criminally evidence was likely in the possession of the Russians.

      We got to listen to nonsense by You and the left over the mythical Russian Pee tape.

      The Hunter Biden laptop with innumerable videos of sexual and possibly criminal misconduct is no myth.

      It is something that the Biden’s knew about long before the election.

      It is something that a uncorrupt media would have found and reported on long ago, instead of shilling for the left.

      More Damning still is that between the new story of the likely blackmail laptop, and other pictures videos and documentary evidence as well as Hunter Biden’s confessions that throught the period he was purportedly being paid for his expertise by Russian Oligarchs, in reality he was on a years long alcohol and drug filled orgy and was almost never competent enough to do anything.

      that pretty much shreds even the weak claim that Hunter Biden was being paid for anything more than access to Joe Biden.

      It further bolsters the evidence that Joe Biden was personally selling foreign access to his public powers.
      Hunter certainly was not up to anything. We know hove lots of evidence of Joe Biden meeting with all the people purportedly paying Hunter.

      Interestingly the most honest Biden in this all is Hunter.

      Hunter is clearly an alcoholic, a drug addict leading a life at the time distinguishable only from addicts on skid row by the money that allowed him to hit rock bottom high on the hog.

      But Hunter has been honest about his failings. Even before the election Hunter himself was contradicting Joe Biden’s claims that Joe was not part of Hunters affairs.

      Though the story keeps errupting over and over because of Hunter, the core issue is NOT Hunter – it is Joe Biden.

      Hunter is just an addict. It is increasingly implausible that he played any consequential role in the influence peddling that is wrapped arround him.

      Increasingly the villian in the Hunter Biden story is Joe. It is the money funneled through Hunter because Joe was for sale that enabled the protracted destructive addictive bachanal.

      I mostly do not judge the parents of Addicts for their choices. But throwing gasoline on the fire of an addict childs lifestyle is morally wrong.

      One part of this story is that apparently atleast once – Hunter nearly killed himself with alcohol and drugs.

      Joe profited while his son imploded. I guess Joe wanted the sympathy of a 2nd dead son.

      1. “It further bolsters the evidence that Joe Biden was personally selling foreign access to his public powers.”

        That’s ALL Joe Biden has ever done. That’s all he has done for 50 years.

        That’s ALL the Biden family has ever done. That’s how the Biden family have all become filthy rich. Selling access to Joe’s “public powers” has made Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Valerie Biden, Frank Biden all filthy rich for doing nothing but selling access to Joe.

        Now Hunter is selling his art work. Starting bid is $75k for literally a piece of crap art where he blows paint through a straw onto a piece of paper. Most people call this “money laundering.”

        But they keep on getting away with it. It’s the Biden Crime Family that the media has zero interest in investigating or reporting on. Imagine that.

  3. ‘Breaking …

    Granpa Pudding Brain will be taking a 2 week vacation because he’s exhausted from 6 months of working 3 hour weeks.’

    1. That granpa is doing what we need, and the public likes it. When they have a chance to see how much has changed for the better, Republicans will once again retreat to Whigs and Know-Nothings.

      1. As Howard Stern’s father used to say to him, “don’t be stupid ya moron.’

        Name ONE thing that has “changed for the better since Joe Biden moved into the White House.

        Biden and his incompetent administration have failed more massively in six months than anyone could have predicted. The border humanitarian disaster they are intentionally creating. The economy. Inflation. Covid. The confusing NIH/CDC mixed up messaging. Afghanistan. Begging the Taliban not to attack our embassy before we can evacuate. Begging OPEC to produce more oil. Giving Russia a pipeline while shutting our energy production down. Everything is a disaster of Biden’s own making. And no, the public does not “like it.”

        And where’s Joe? Taking another long weekend? Hiding out at Camp David as Afghanistan deteriorates? Calling early press lids every other day. Taking no questions, just disappearing for another vacation “relaxing with family” at Camp David and his million dollar beach house as the country suffers from a total lack of leadership?

        1. I do not watch or listen to the crude Howard Stern. Do you?
          You can argue all you want, but The Law is closing in on TrumPutin. It looks like a RICO project to me.

          1. Try to keep up.

            Name ONE thing that has “changed for the better since Joe Biden moved into the White House.

          2. Let’s try again.

            Name ONE thing that has “changed for the better since Joe Biden moved into the White House.

                  1. You did mean to say that democrat engineered covid economic disaster meant to scuttle the roaring economy of 3+ years of Trump. Ftfy

              1. Biden owes Trump a big thank you, but no one can protect us from the economy we are starting to face. Inflation is at ~5% that means the effective take-home salary of a worker is 5% less than it was before

                You didn’t think of that, did you.

                In reality 227, our economy is in deep Sh!te.

                Ignorance is bliss, so you must be a very happy person,

              1. Decent? That’s laughable. ‘Indecent exposure’ is more like it.

                The world is watching corrupt old Joe (the Big Guy) do to America what his debauched son has been doing with hookers in hotel rooms.

                  1. Trump treated her well. She made a fortune cashing in on his name. How about that slimebag lawyer she hired who screwed her and is now in prison?

                    Trump is a lot of things, but creepy old man bizarrely fixating on sniffing and touching little girls is not one of them.

                    As he was on stage giving a speech President Biden focused on a little girl in the audience, the daughter of a veteran. Creepy Joe then says “I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I’ll tell you what, look at her she looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

                    The little girl was like 9 years old.

                    And people wonder how Hunter could be so screwed up? Like father like son.

                1. 227 must be drinking a handle of Russian vodka and smoking China crack around the clock. Wow

              2. Biden has Made America Decay Again (like it’s the 70s again)

                Putin gets a pipeline. The Taliban gets a country. You lose your job, pay twice as much for groceries and gas, and get robbed and shot walking down the street. American Decay!

                1. America has been in decline for decades.

                  And we should have known better than to ever get involved in Afghanistan.

                2. Not me. We live in a safe place and generate our own power with a solar system, which also charges the two electric cars.

                3. Did you “forget” who put us in Afghanistan? Reagan/Casey did it, organizing the rag-tag Mujahadeen into a fighting force, armed therm with sophisticated weapons to fight the Russians, them offended them and made us their enemies?

                  Then, when we were attacked by Saudis on 9/11, Dubya invaded Afghanistan (the “Graveyard of Empires”), . . for his “greatness”.

                  1. No, but Pudding Brain forgets these things, which is why they have him hiding out at Camp David for the next week completely avoiding the media while Afghanistan collapses.

              1. Trump still offers cogent and decipherable comments to the world, unlike the gibberish from old mad joe.

              2. Yes, no more tweeting.

                When Trump was president and there was peace breaking out the Middle East, border was secure, gas under $2 a gallon, and our economy was flourishing with more people working than ever before.

                How could the country, the border, the economy, consumer confidence all go to h*ll in just six months? Two words: Joe Biden.

      2. Or let’s put it in a way you can understand. Granpa Puddin’ Brain is doing to the country what his son was doing to that hooker in the hotel room.

          1. Aha, we knew you would understand what Joe Biden is doing to the country. All while his son screws hookers in hotel rooms doing drugs bought and paid for by selling access to his daddy ‘the Big Guy’ getting his 10% cut.

              1. Granpa Joe is hiding out (again) at Camp David avoiding the press as the world watches Afghanistan fall to the Taliban.

                1. Breaking….

                  News media had the opportunity to ask President Biden a couple of questions this evening at Camp David.

                  They asked him if he was enjoying the beautiful scenery there and what flavor ice-cream he had for dessert

                    1. George227…..one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy….snort snort….

                      Hello? Anyone in there?

                    2. Let’s splain to you George227…..

                      Pres. Biden has retreated to Camp David for the next five days with NO press. As Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, the president is AWOL.

                      And the media be like, “ho hum, did you get to enjoy some ice-cream today, sir?”

                    3. Yes, America is Back! Biden is AWOL and now blaming Trump for *his fiasco. Drones and armored humvees are on their way to Iran right now. Success!

  4. I was thrown in Facebook jail the other day for sharing an article from the Daily Mail about Hunter, his prostitute, the Russians and Joe Biden

    1. FB doesn’t particularly care for anything not Socialist! YouTube or google or Instagram same same

    2. Don’t let this happen again, citizen. This is a friendly warning.

      We could send men with guns…

  5. The disregard of the contents on Hunter’s laptop is a glaring example of an abuse of authority; and sadly, they know we know this but in arrogance, laugh in our faces because we can do nothing to hold them accountable.

  6. Remember when we elected Hunter Biden President of the United States? Me neither.

    1. No.

      But I do remember Hunter’s shakedown trips on Air Force Two — while his (plagiarist) father was VP. And I do remember the MSM sitting on the laptop story, to help elect his father president. And some of us have enough brains to know that if it weren’t for his father’s political pull, he’d be drooling somewhere in a gutter. And some of us still have our eyes — and use them to see a kleptocratic family.

      1. Helsinki Press Conference:

        REPORTER (Jeff Mason from Reuters): President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?

        PUTIN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the US/Russia relationship back to normal.

        1. I want to say “So what ?”

          But we have had some much fraudulent reporting that I must start with

          Provide a source.

          Short of Putin on video – nothing from the media is trustworthy.

          1. IT IS ON VIDEO ! Want references?
            Did you “forget” that was the event where Trump said he believed Putin over our own intelligence agencies, whose leaders were present?

  7. Like father like son ,liars of the best accord. Makes Satan proud of his children

  8. I admire your work but you need to be careful. Besides losing your “good liberal” card, you might also receive a visit from BLM or the Brave, Masked, Wonderful, Warriors of Antifa ™.

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