Joe Biden and the Disappearing Elephant: How to Make a Full-Sized Scandal Vanish in Front of an Audience of Millions

This week marked the anniversary of one of the greatest political tricks in history: the disappearance of Hunter Biden scandal. New emails were released that added new details to what was a raw influence peddling operation that netted millions from foreign sources. A new tranche of emails connecting President Joe Biden to key accounts proves just how this political sleight of hand was worthy of Houdini. After all, Houdini only made an elephant disappear. The Bidens made the equivalent to an entire circus disappear in front of an audience of millions.

How Houdini made his 10,000 pound elephant Jennie disappear every night in New York’s Hippodrome remains a matter of some debate. There are no good pictures of his famous cabinet and Houdini later threatened to sue those featuring acts with “disappearing elephants.”  What is clear is that the sheer size and audacity of the act (like that of the Bidens) contributed to the trick. The fact is that Jennie never left the large cabinet, people just didn’t see it.

The Bidens achieved the same effect. They made a full-sized scandal disappear with the help of media and members who did not want the public to see it.  Twitter banned postings about the laptop until after Biden was elected. The media dismissed the story as a conspiracy theory with some mocking the “New York Post and everyone else who got suckered into the ridiculous Hunter Biden Laptop story. Take a bow.”

Committee Chairman Adam Schiff assured that public that “this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.” Some 50 former intelligence officials, including Obama’s CIA directors John Brennan and Leon Panetta, also insisted the laptop story was likely the work of Russian intelligence.

The laptop is, of course, now recognized as genuine even by some of the early deniers. Hunter remains under criminal investigation for possible tax and money laundering violations. But the greatest “reveal” is the person referred to as “the Big Guy” and “Celtic” in these emails: President Biden.

Recently released emails reference payments to President Biden from his son’s accounts and indicate the possible commingling of funds.  Even more embarrassing, the shared account may have been used to pay a Russian prostitute named “Yanna.” In one text, a former secret service agent warns Hunter (who was holed up with a prostitute in an expensive hotel) “Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account.”

The question is whether prosecutors will continue to act like they do not see the elephant. Consider these established facts:

First, it is widely believed that Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden, received millions in influence peddling. For his part, Hunter only had influence and access to sell. He admits that he was a crack addict and alcoholic all the way up to the start of his father’s presidential campaign — in his words, “Drinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating,” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

Second, Joe Biden has continued to deny knowledge or involvement in these foreign dealings and those denials are now directly contradicted by emails and witnesses. Hunter himself contradicted his father’s repeated denials. Likewise, a key business associate of Hunter Biden, Anthony Bobulinski, directly accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement. Bobulinski has detailed a meeting with Joe Biden in a hotel to go over the dealings. Past emails included discussions of offering access to then-Vice President Biden. They also include alleged payments to Joe Biden. In one email, there is a discussion of a proposed equity split of “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” Bobulinski confirmed that “H” was used for Hunter Biden and that his father was routinely called “the big guy” in these discussions.

Third, while he was vice president, Joe Biden allowed Hunter to fly on Air Force 2 to countries like China where he was seeking millions. He also met with Hunter’s foreign business associates. In 2015, a State Department official flagged the possible conflicts from Hunter’s dealings during the Obama Administration.

Fourth, new emails suggest a commingling of funds between Hunter and his father. Emails from Eric Schwerin, his business partner at the Rosemont Seneca consultancy, refer to the payment of household bills for both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. He also notes that he was transferring money from Joe Biden. Rosemont Seneca is directly involved in the alleged influence peddling schemes and questionable money transfers from Chinese and Russian sources.

Finally, Hunter himself admitted that his missing computers files may have been stolen by foreign agents for blackmail purposes. Hunter’s emails claim one of his laptops may have been stolen by Russian agents after a drug and alcohol binge with prostitutes.

Given the ongoing criminal prosecution, that would seem an ample basis for the appointment of a special counsel. The President is mentioned repeatedly in emails and by witnesses in relation to influence peddling schemes and even receiving funds from shared accounts. He has also denied knowledge that key witnesses refute, including his son.

Influence peddling is common in Washington and can be done legally. Yet, it has also been the subject of intense criminal investigations. For example, the FBI raided the home of Trump counsel Rudolph Giuliani and others based on allegations of influence peddling in an ongoing criminal investigation. The Justice Department wants to know if Giuliani secured contracts in exchange for access or influence. The media gleefully recounted the raids and how Giuliani may have cashed in on his access.

Yet, an influence peddling scheme that directly impacts the President and his family continues to be officially unseen. Indeed, the value of involving the media in the original trick is that it invests reporters in the illusion. It is like calling audience members to the stage to assist in the performance. Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the deception.

This is why, in Washington, the illusion depends on the specific elephant.

Houdini once said that “It is still an open question . . . as to what extent exposure really injures a performer.” The same question can be asked about a politician. President Biden is in full display in these emails. The question is whether the public – or the prosecutors – want to see him.

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  1. Turley: “Mainstream Media Must Carry Rightwing Media Stories”

    Professor Turley has made it clear he wants no excerpts from mainstream media posted on these comment threads. The last thing Turley wants is well-written, fact-based coverage contradicting his columns. In this regard Turley seeks to keep these comment threads a no-go zone that seals out mainstream media.

    Most Rightwing media sources shun mainstream narratives. ‘They’ will decide, on any given day, ‘what’ is really news. Fox News, for instance, feels no obligation whatsoever, to follow-up on stories broken by The New York Times. And arguably they have no obligation. Fox News is targeting different demographics than the New York Times.

    Why then is the New York Times, or ‘any’ mainstream source, obligated to honor stories broken by rightwing media?? No such obligation exists! And the very idea that such an obligation exists reflects a jaded sense of both-sidism that grips Johnathan Turley. Mainstream media does not have to play by rightwing media rules.

    1. Turley is a law professor. He has Darren delete comments when they quote too much from copyrighted articles, because he is not the copyright owner. Often your excerpts are just too long — they’re in excess of fair use. You should try including only a link and 1 paragraph. Summarize the rest in your own words, and you should be OK.

      1. Anonymous, if I had the talent to summarize long, complicated stories into single paragraphs, I would be a high-paid news professional.

        1. Then don’t summarize. Just include the first paragraph and the link, and if someone is interested, they’ll click to read the rest.

          Bottom line: Turley and Darren are legally justified in deleting comments where someone posts copyrighted material in excess off fair use.

          1. Anonymous, they don’t want well-written, fact-based based sources penetrating this bubble. And neither do ‘you’.

            1. They don’t want to host comments that break the law, and they’ll also delete comments with too-long excerpts from conservative sources.

              I link to well-written fact-based sources while making sure not to quote so much that it exceeds fair use. You can learn to do that too.

              1. 400 words is the gold standard. But more to the point, lawyers are used to using expert testimony to make their point.

            2. “. . . they don’t want . . .”

              Copyright protects the creator of the work. The only “bubble” being penetrated here is your desire to treat that author as a means to your ends.

  2. The same thoughts occurred to me as well. Whatever the endgame is here, they have to do it quickly.
    They pulled off an elaborate Oceans Eleven style heist in getting Trump out of office do a 180 and install a socialist minded government — they cashed in all their markers, spent exorbitant amounts of money from a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires, pressed in service administrators in key positions to simultaneously create, bend if not break the laws on the gamble it would not be provably discoverable, made backroom assurances that they would cover each other’s backs as the SHTF, established a plethora of NGOs to accomplish ground level grunt work and manipulation, and made sure above anything else that this baton made it past the finish line.
    It is impressive as to its audacity, peddling of influence and bribes being paid in plain sight, public crimes being ignored by those who have a monopoly in prosecuting them, and the newsmedia in collusion to keep it greased up and patched together.
    But the scam has a time limit, they could suppress and reframe reality only for so long, as all their machinations would eventually catch up with reality, and all would be discovered and stopped.
    The time window is essentially the next Congressional election cycle, and they know it.
    They blew the bank and all political/media credibility to get this thing propped up, and while it manages to teeter in place, they must rush through whatever they can during this time.
    The big questions, will it work in any lasting way, and who/what is coordinating it (if any). It seems like a concerted effort to take down the American system and replace it with a European, possibly Asian, style oligarchic system of social and political control.

    1. Very good post Gary. I’m still (probably naively) holding out hope that we have people in very powerful positions that don’t want their legacy to be that they took down the American system. Maybe they entered public service for honorable reasons. Maybe they got caught up in what they believed was a noble cause. And maybe they they want an honorable out. Whatever is going to happen next, it will be before the 2022 election and it will change everything.

      1. Half of that statement is fact but without “forensic audits” to prove Biden won the evidence and the resistance to “forensic audits” by all and sundry makes the “voted Out” part probably false.

        1. Probably false, or reasonably unproven. Now does the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill include provisions to secure our voting system?

          1. The voting rights bill does. It’s one of the bills that the Senate Republicans have filibustered.

        2. Since when are the state’s own audits not sufficient? Do you also demand forensic audits to prove that Trump won the 2016 election? that Obama won in 2012? …

      2. Election fraud, vote tampering, ballot harvesting, totally corrupt and unconstitutional vote-by-mail, etc., all started when liberals failed to enforce the law and deport illegal alien, freed slaves, per contemporary immigration law, subsequent to the issuance of the emancipation proclamation.

        The consequences of that derelict, illegal and unconstitutional act have persisted and resulted in illegitimate amnesties for subsequent waves of illegal aliens, as a self-replicating, self-perpetuating cycle of illegal immigration, leading to the theft of elections.

        America has gone from an 11.6% turnout, by design of the Founders in 1788, to overwhelming, unintelligible and incalculable ballot totals, vote counts and completely intractable elections.

        “I’ll have those ——s voting democrat for the next two-hundred years.”

        – Lyndon Baines Johnson

        The entire American welfare state is unconstitutional, including the illegitimate and unconstitutional illegal alien, foreign invader, hyphenate population segment. The disastrous, nay, catastrophic effects of the “Reign of Terror” of “Crazy Abe” Lincoln reverberate throughout what was once America, and free, to this day.

        1. Technically, it is not. We’re signatories to treaties obligating us to provide a large portion of the social safety net you John Birchers despise and yes, the scope of laws which can be enacted pursuant to the treaty power is limited only by the BoR.

    2. It’s truly sad how delusional you Trumpsters can be, how gullible, how willing to believe conspiracy theories and especially The Big Lie. The constant drumbeat pounding of lies every single night by Fox, News Max, OAN and the others apparently works, but only for true believers. You Trumpsters are blind to reality. Each of the following is FACTUAL, not theoretical, proven by solid evidence: 1. Trump needed to cheat to get into America’s White House because all polls predicted his loss, and he did lose the popular vote. He only won the Electoral College with the help of Russian hackers who attacked Hillary Clinton by spreading lies about her on social media in key districts that insider polling showed could make the difference; 2. The majority of Americans never approved of Trump in 4 years’ time, and he set a record in the history of presidential polling for consistently below-50% approval ratings; 3. Every single poll for the 2020 election predicted Trump’s loss, including Fox’s polling; 4. Trump lost the election in 2020. The results were certified by all 50 Secretaries of State, the majority of whom are Republican. There were multiple recounts, re-recounts, and even a “forensic” examination in Arizona that did not change the results. Dozens of court challenges failed because, despite there being irregularities, like extending the hours for polling and allowing more mail and absentee voting, or not purging dead voters’ names (when there were no votes attached to these names) there is simply no proof that any of the things complained of by Trump or his surrogates could have changed the outcome. This is why 60+ lawsuits were dismissed: no proof that there was or could have been a different outcome.As a last-ditch desperate move, Trump riled his faithful to “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more”. So, the faithful stormed the Capitol, erected a gallows and hunted for Pence, trying to kill him because he wouldn’t overturn certified election results, even though there is no law allowing him to do that. And, morons like you complain that Democrats are engaging in a “concerted effort to take down the American system”? What the hell is wrong with you? Just how blind and ignorant to reality can you be?

      You Trumpsters STILL BELIEVE the Big Lie. You speak of scams and “suppressing and reframing reality”, which is what they do on the alt-right media you rely on by continuing to indoctrinate you believers into falling for lies put out by Trump and the Republicans, including the constant attacks on Biden, shifting blame to him for problems readjusting after our economy and our health were torched by Trump’s incompetence, like the withdrawal from Afghanistan: after Trump made a deal with the Taliban to release 5,000 prisoners and draw down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500 and didn’t include the Afghan government in negotiations, and he held up SIV visas because Afghanis are Muslim, did you expect things to go smoothly? Trump didn’t even allow for a continuing presence or air base in Afghanistan, but this is all Biden’s fault? The economy was mostly shut down for a full year, and now we have supply chain problems–and, this is all Joe Biden’s fault? The only “machinations” out there to affect elections are the efforts by Republicans to rig the next election, by allowing a committee to overturn valid election results with no evidence, which is what Trump tried to do in Georgia, by bulling Brad Raffensberger into “finding” him more votes.

      Riddle me this: where is the PROOF for the Big Lie? Where is it? It’s been almost a full year since the election, so where is the proof?

    3. Whatever the endgame is here, they have to do it quickly.

      Good post Gary but it appears the endgame is closer than any of us realize. China and Russia could literally annihilate us any time they wish, way before Nov 2022. Taiwan invasion could prove to be our end. Biden and Democrats would likely welcome that. We are in sad shape militarily as a nation, a truly third rate military power.

      How the US faces catastrophic defeat by China or Russia in a hypersonic Third World War

      US is lagging in the ‘hypersonic race’ as rival superpowers develop game-changing weapons including AI ‘drone swarms’ and autonomous rockets

      It is fair to say there is some paranoia at the Pentagon about America’s current predicament.

      Officials even recently entertained the possibility that UFO sightings over the US could be hypersonic Chinese or Russian drones.

      In particular, the need to do something about China’s hypersonic lead has been given huge urgency by the results of classified Pentagon war games set in 2030.

      US officials believe the likeliest flashpoint for a Third World War is Taiwan, where a Chinese invasion would trigger an armed conflict between the world’s two mightiest powers.

      In a large scale war game last October the US found itself crushed.

      According to General John Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US information systems were knocked out immediately, and its strategy of massing forces in one place then left them a sitting target for the Chinese.

    4. As opposed to a tight coalition of billionaires, headed by the Kochs? tax-cut-badly/oUJ2VvCU0GAIT7cbdZfIXL/story.html tax cut bribe

      After passing a $3 trillion tax cut for his corporate masters adding $3 trillion to the debt, #MoscowMitchMcConnell now says the only way to lower the federal deficit is to cut Medicare and Social Security, which millions earned and depend on.

      Tell the truth. We have the tape.

      1. Law Dog says:

        “Unlike Turley, Schiff has retained a large portion of his integrity and dignity.”

        True. Jonathan “Fox News” Turley- the name says it all.

  3. To borrow a quote from Ronald Reagan: “there he goes again”: trying to breathe life into the Fox News/Giuliani ginned up “Hunter Biden scandal”. The reason NO outlet other than pro-Trump media carry the “scandal” is because there IS no scandal. Tell us, Turley, where did the laptop and where do the latest “revelations” come from? According to recent books, after Trump flopped badly in the first debate, proving himself to be nothing more than an ignorant bully, Giuliani came up with the idea that Biden could be derailed in the second debate by Trump confronting him with salacious material that came from the alleged “Hunter laptop”. That failed. There is NO “Hunter Biden scandal”.

      1. Here is Natacha telling AOC that even if we were to bomb Russia, there is too much CO2, and that we need to “eat the babies”.

        1. Now you know why the American Founders:

          – required Justices to swear an oath to support the Constitution

          – restricted immigration to “…free white person(s)…”

          – required voters to be male, European, 21 with 50 lbs.

          – designed and engineered a turnout of 11.6% in 1788

          “It’s the [Constitution], stupid!”

          – James Carville

        2. Not “eat” per se. Abort the babies for social progress, cannibalize their profitable parts for medical progress, and sequester their carbon pollutants for climate mitigation.

        3. This is so blatantly goofy, and the way she ‘revealed’ the T-shirt message with such a crazy slogan that is sure to become a right wing meme, it almost seems like a trolling of the left.
          What could be better to counter and discredit the political left efforts than to propose we that “Eat the Babies”

      2. I think she is already institutionalized. She writes her claptrap while out of her straight-jacket while on bathroom breaks.

    1. About half the country are, apparently, Mr. Biden’s co-conspirators, and you, “Natacha”, are one of them. The issue here is not whether either or both of the Bidens engaged in unethical, possibly criminal, activities. It’s whether the justice system is prepared to prosecute.

      1. With the obvious exception of his patron Vlad Putin, every world leader recognized that Donald Trump was a moron at best, and in the pocket of Xi, Putin, Erdogan, Bibi, and Mister Bone Saw. At any number of points, Trump acted in their interest, at cross-purpose with our national interest.

        Trump was for sale, and it was not subtle. Qatar rented out two floors in his SF property, which were empty BEFORE the pandemic. Following Donald Trump’s trail of dirty money, Just after he was elected, $17M was transferred from a ChiCom-controlled company to a rarely-used Trump bank account; he skimmed over $15M off the top almost immediately. Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits, See also, And where there is graft, you will find the Saudis. Saudi Arabia Is Making Trump Hotels Profitable Again, The easiest way to bribe Donald Trump (even domestic companies did it) was to over-spend at his hotels.

        What did his patrons get for their largesse? MBS literally got away with the murder of Khashoggi. Bibi got the Iran deal blown up — essential to his political survival. Putin got his foothold in Syria, as Trump betrayed our Kurdish allies, who cost a pittance to support. ‘Trump betrayed us’: Fleeing Kurds condemn U.S. decision to leave Syria, Xi got a muted reaction to his advance on Hong Kong. Trump promised Xi US silence on Hong Kong democracy protests as trade talks stalled, And God only knows what Trump said to his real boss from Moscow.

        And you are worried about Biden?

        1. Law Dog,

          You might not be aware but this site only permits two or fewer hyperlinks per comment. It is an anti-spam measure, if you would like for the readership to review more than two links, this may be accomplished in the use of multiple comments of two or fewer links each.

          I edited the above comment so that it would post.

        2. “With the obvious exception of his patron Vlad Putin, every world leader recognized that Donald Trump was a moron at best,”

          You ought to look in a mirror because that comment makes you sound like one By the way a lot of people evaluating Trump’s finances are coming to the conclusion that as President he lost in the vicinity of a billion dollars.

          You can continue to be ignorant for as long as you please. Some others have been ignorant as well and they come back and forth onto this blog just as you do.

          1. The American Founders did not require Americans to be smart, they required Americans to be free…free of the dictatorship of the monarchy, the proletariat and every other form of ostensibly intellectual totalitarianism.

            Congress has no power to tax for anything other than “…general Welfare…” and no power to regulate anything other than the value of money, the “flow” of commerce and land and naval Forces.

            The entire welfare state is unconstitutional and the IRS is unnecessary and unjustifiable – taxation should be so simple it becomes a simple local law enforcement matter.

            The Founders gave Americans the one and only thing they could: Freedom.

            Americans rejected it.

        3. Trump has enough money to cover himself and his family.
          One of the selling points of Trump is that he never had to kowtow to monied interests, so he does what he does shooting from the hip and from he thinks is the right way to get things done, and without the usual decorum “polite” people demand. He had no sacred cows to protect, not Russia, not China, not the American Elite.
          That is the reason why he is superficially so distasteful to so many — annoying tweets and boorish behavior — enough to want him out office at the expense of the whole nation going to sheet.
          From the high end, channeled through pundits and influencers down to the Karens of the world, the Elite created a narrative of his unacceptability so as to protect their own interests as well.

    2. Sorry Natacha but judgment day is coming.

      Miranda Devine’s book. “Laptop From Hell, Hunter Biden, BigTech and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide” will be out November 30. Devine is the journalist who brought the story out in the New York Post. Devine said in a recent interview that her book will present the unvarnished truth “documented” from the laptop information. She also said there is some new never released information on the Biden family that will be in the book.

      1. Sorry, Gabby, but The New York Post is a tabloid, like the “National Enquirer”, so the people who work there aren’t “journalists”. Just like Fox, it is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Just like Fox, it is an alt-right pro-Trump media maven with no general credibility.

    3. Natacha — you just keep telling yourself that. And keep telling yourself that there definitely was Trump-Russia collusion, and tons of WMDs in Iraq.

      1. One out of two ain’t bad, gio.

        According to the Senate Intel Committee, the “Russian hoax” was not fabricated. According to their report, our spooks were able to do what Mueller was not: trace Manafort’s confidential polling books from him to confirmed FSB agent Konstantin Kilimnik to Russian troll farms, where that information was weaponized in the 2016 election.

        It was further alleged in indictments that Wikileaks was provided HRC’s e-mails by the Russians. They were released within hours of the release of the Billy’s Bang Bus tape, in an attempt to reclaim the news cycle. Mueller Missed the Crime: Trumpʼs Campaign Coordinated With Russia,

        It is one thing to say that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians, and another to say that HE did. On the facts that we have, Trump himself appears to have plausible deniability, as Nixon did in Watergate. But it is usually not the crime that gets you into trouble; it’s the cover-up.

        We catch most criminals because they are really stupid, and Trump is no exception. If that moron had just fired James Comey and hired one of his criminal henchmen to take his place, no one would have noticed. But he confessed to Lester Holt. THAT is what triggered the Mueller inquiry. So, stop it with this “Deep State plot” nonsense.

        This was Nixon 2.0, without the tapes. Trump started obstructing justice almost immediately. He even gave Javelin missiles to Ukraine for a little favor. Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation And as we saw with the shakedown of President Zelenskyy, this was how Trump did bid’ness. They got the Javelins they so desperately needed, and Kilimnik got to scurry back to Moscow.

        Why aren’t you upset about that?

        1. Law Dog says:

          “It is one thing to say that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians….”

          Regrettably, even Turley has blurred the distinction between not sufficient evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and collusion with Russian backed operatives. The former is one thing and he latter is another. Turley has stated the Mueller Report found no collusion which he knows is a flat out lie.

      1. You spend a lot of time thinking that the dem’s are doing what they say the GOP is doing only to follow the facts and see that Dem’s are actually doing whatever they accuse the GOP of doing. Follow the money, follow the facts, and look below the bullet points / one liners for your information

        1. I’ve followed the facts. And I suspect that you got your “facts” from the Faux Propaganda Network, OAN, or worse.

    1. Liberals will never do that. They are already overwhelmed just trying to circumvent every law they can find on immigration and elections. Don’t hold your breath.

  4. What could possibly be leveraged from having evidence of the Biden’s corruption?
    – Although he’s obviously suffering mental decline, make him run for president.
    – Run his entire campaign from his basement to protect him.
    – Use the media and big tech to run cover on negative stories.
    – Blame Russia. Blame Russia. Blame Russia.
    – Blame Trump. Blame Trump. Blame Trump.
    – Use the mail-in voting (Covid) scam to fix the election.

    Most important and most devastating is the demand that Biden implement the Leftist agenda as rapidly as possible. He’s on the clock. They can’t hide his corruption forever and his dementia might take him out first. Either way, this is do or die for the Leftists running this presidency and their compliant members in congress. Speaking of others willing to go along with this plan; what Kompromat is held against them?

    I know, crazy conspiracy theories. But if men can have babies, and porn can be in our school libraries…well

    1. He’s always stuttered, and has found ways to cope. But mental decline? Not from what I’ve seen. But let’s look at your Orange Julius Caesar.

      Trump’s own people called his intelligence into question. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said in November 2017 that Trump was “like an 11-year-old child.” At a dinner in July 2017, McMaster mocked Trump, also calling him an “idiot,” BuzzFeed News reported. At the dinner, which was with Oracle CEO Safra Catz, McMaster also said Trump was a “dope” with the intelligence of a “kindergartner,” according to that report. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in July 2017 called Trump a “moron.” Both Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and former chief of staff Reince Priebus called Trump an “idiot,” Wolff wrote. Former economic adviser Gary Cohn said Trump was “dumb as shit.” Defense Secretary Mattis said Trump had the understanding of “a fifth- or sixth-grader.”

      Trump wasn’t always this way. As Howard Stern fans know well, he used to be articulate and urbane. E.g., But something happened. Specifically, dementia.

      “One of the cardinal features of semantic dementia (SD) is a steady reduction in expressive vocabulary. … Relative to healthy controls, patients were less likely to produce low-frequency, high-imageability words, and more likely to produce highly frequent, abstract words. … As conceptual knowledge degrades, speech increasingly consists of general terms that can be applied in a broad range of linguistic contexts and convey less specific information.“ P. Hoffman, et al., Broadly speaking: vocabulary in semantic dementia shifts towards general, semantically diverse words, “TRUMP’S COGNITIVE DECLINE” – Dr. Gartner: “He’s showing signs of dementia.”:

      1. Maybe they can their cult to storm the capital again. Oh, thats right, the GOP were hiding in closets and barricading doors.

        1. Where was AOC?

          Did ya see the videos of the officers waving the protestors into the Capitol building? Or the video footage of the protestors walking within the velvet ropes looking around like curious tourists? Or how about the FBI undercover ‘protestors’ dressed in black and leading the charge to climb walls, break windows and cause damage? Yep, a real insurrection alright. The entire thing was a setup. Pelosi should be questioned under OATH.

          Keep eating up the lies and disinformation they are feeding you, Fishy.

            1. Are they serious? Do they think that was just a peaceful protest? Well, I just answered myself I wrote “Do they Think”

              1. Your name is apt. Fish swim well but aren’t very smart. Every time the left sends down a lie with a lie attached you bite and get hooked. Not bright.

            2. Trump first. In the meantime, listen to the law enforcement officers testifying about it under oath:

              I watched that live.
              It was not testimony. It was theater. They read from a script they did not write themselves.

              It provided no information, and was slathered is thick syrupy emotional appeals.

              1. The officers weren’t reading from a script.
                You simply dislike what they said and are comfortable lying about them.

                1. You don’t have the slightest idea of how the officers were prompted or otherwise incentivized to testify as they did. If things were honest all the recordings and transcripts would have been released, not just the handful that suited the

                  Of course you are happy with the fascist way of doing business. After all, according to you, fascism is good for the little guy.

                  1. You’re the only one here saying “fascism is good for the little guy.” It’s too bad that you believe that. Fascism isn’t good for people.

                    The officers were under oath, and the video of their entire testimony is available online, along with a complete transcript. Except for their opening statements, they were not reading anything, much less reading a script.

                    1. As was said, “You don’t have the slightest idea of how the officers were prompted or otherwise incentivized to testify as they did. If things were honest all the recordings and transcripts would have been released, not just the handful that suited the”

                      You are an admitted fascist. Live with it.

            3. The Capitol Police were allowed to repeat the lie that officer Brian Sicknick was killed by protesters. If they were under oath that is provable perjury. Once one lie is allowed to stand as truth how can anything else they said be trusted?

  5. Republicans and Libertarians tend to be ineffective and lack unity.

    All they do is complain, but nothing comes of it.

    They’d better use both hands to find their backbone, come together, and fight the far Left. We’re already seeing a lawless Leftist ruling class, supply problems that could lead to shortages of critical supplies like food, businesses are folding, people are becoming impoverished, parents are seriously pushing back on schools who push far Left agendas, our energy supply is destabilized, CA can’t keep the lights on but Newsome has banned gas powered generators and lawnmowers, and criminals can steal up to $950 with impunity.

    We’re rapidly throwing away our security and blessings with both hands.

    Are we going to just stand there and complain about it, or are we going to be effective in fighting it?

    Until and unless we can get the message out to those who don’t watch or listen to conservative or libertarian, then the masses rely upon far Left propaganda from the media, Big Tech, and Hollywood.

    Although the “I Told You So Dance” is certainly enjoyable, as the Hunter Biden scandal gains ground and Biden plows the country into the ground just like we warned he would, it doesn’t change anything.

    To start, I recommend, as well as Dave Reuben’s and Prager U’s Youtube channels. For review of police incidents, check out Brandon Tatum’s channel. Take the free Constitution 101 class from Hillsdale. You can’t fight against a problem you don’t know exists, so get informed.

    1. More of Karen’s arrogant “Us vs. the Left” bull. Karen: you pro-Trumpers and Republicans, for that matter, are in the distinct minority in this country, so you don’t speak for most Americans at all. It’s truly laughable every time you try to school people about what they need to learn, given how factually and scientifically wrong most of what you post is, which is nothing more than the blather and garbage you heard on Fox the night before. And, Fox isn’t “conservative”, either: it is pro-Trump. Trump is not a conservative, either. He is a wannabe dictator, reveling in the power, glory, and adulation associated with the Office of the President of the United States. Why not read what the Lincoln Project has to say about Trump? They are all Republicans who find Trump repulsive. Why not school yourself on the reasons why?

    2. Prager? Follow him, and you will never want for moonshine.

      World petroleum and other liquid fuels consumption will increase 38% by 2040, spurred by increased demand in the developing Asia and Middle East, according to projections in International Energy Outlook 2014 (IEO2014), released today by the U.S.Energy Information Administration (EIA).”The growth outlook for liquid fuels use will be largely driven by demand in the developing world, especially in Asia and the Middle East,”  “Those two regions combined account for 85% of the total increase in liquid fuels used worldwide over that period.”

      Renewables are way cheaper. We need to transition, and yesterday.

    3. Politically, Libertarians have dropped the ball. A lot of infighting and jockeying for position; that and an infiltration of lefty philosophy couched in terms so as not to directly offend clear libertarian precepts, but getting very close.
      That kind of behavior alienates practical libertarians from associating and backing what should be a strong Libertarian Party that currently has the best chances of success in these times of turmoil and government socialist overreach.
      Instead we have to rely on libertarian leaning Republicans and Conservatives to do the heavy lifting of fighting back and shouting to the public what is going on, and instituting institutional/legal reforms that won’t let this insanity happen again.

  6. This is more of the lawless behavior that we conservatives have been complaining about.

    The media and Big Tech and in some cases the FBI are coordinating with the Democrats to create a ruling class, protected from criticism and immune from laws.

    You know what this means, don’t you? The next time “50 former intelligence officials” and the mainstream media try to deny a story damaging to a major Democrat political figure, don’t believe them.

    1. Karen: you’re not a conservative. You’re a Trump disciple. Real conservatives abhor the object of your devotion because he is the antithesis of conservative priciples. And, you believe there is a “Hunter Biden scandal” because that’s what you heard on Hannity.

    2. Karen,
      Natacha and others on this blog make the claim that you, I and others are not conservative. This short article from Russell Kirk titled The Essence of Conservatism provides a very good description of what it means to truly be conservative. While we may fall short of this essence, I believe it describes many of us on this blog.

      Conservatism, then, is not simply the concern of the people who have much property and influence; it is not simply the defense of privilege and status. Most conservatives are neither rich nor powerful. But they do, even the most humble of them, derive great benefits from our established Republic. They have liberty, security of person and home, equal protection of the laws, the right to the fruits of their industry, and opportunity to do the best that is in them. They have a right to personality in life, and a right to consolation in death. Conservative principles shelter the hopes of everyone in society. And conservatism is a social concept important to everyone who desires equal justice and personal freedom and all the lovable old ways of humanity. Conservatism is not simply a defense of “capitalism.” (“Capitalism,” indeed, is a word coined by Karl Marx, intended from the beginning to imply that the only thing conservatives defend is vast accumulations of private capital.) But the true conservative does stoutly defend private property and a free economy, both for their own sake and because these are means to great ends.

      1. You have to admit that Natacha, Jeff, Fishwrap, Paintchips/Anonymous, et al, provide us ample opportunity, gratis, to laugh, forget about our problems and otherwise make us feel completely nurmul. As former frequent commenter from Arizona, Paul S. Schulte, used to say, “Thank you Professor Turley, for allowing us to play in your sandbox”


        1. When they claim you’re not conservative, what they are admitting is Conservatism is fundamentally a great philosophy. Notice they don’t ever say Progressivism is a great philosophy. They don’t say Marxism is a great philosophy. To do that they would be inclined to provide evidence of it working to do those things that conservatism desires to conserve. They can’t. The only thing left for them to do is to try and disassociate people from the conservative philosophy by applying labels like Trumpists, Republicans, etc. What they don’t realize is conservatism is not a political party, nor is it a person; it’s a philosophy and a great one at that.

        2. Estovir,
          I see it as insight into their minds.
          Truly amazing how they project their insecurities on others, their mental gymnastics to twist everything into whataboutism, Trump, and Fox, and ignore the obvious elephant in the room, the 2020 election went to a mentally incompetent senior citizen.
          They believe their own propaganda and lies.

          1. I am likely the only one on here who sees them as sadists and psychopaths, which is why I opt not to feed them. The sadists enjoy disparaging others…it is their oxygen. I have posted the research literature on trolls as sadists in the past, and believe the literature explains perfectly what we see here.

            These findings provide a preliminary glimpse into the mechanism by which sadism fosters trolling behavior. Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun . . . and the Internet is their playground!

            Buckels, E. E., Trapnell, P. D., & Paulhus, D. L. (2014). Trolls just want to have fun. Personality and Individual Differences, 67, 97–102.

            Specifically, this study explored how the personality traits of outspokenness and the dark triad (narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy) predicted trolling behaviors. The results of this study revealed that the dark triad’s influence on trolling is mediated by malicious motives, particularly schadenfreude.

            Pamela Jo Brubaker, D. M. (2021). The power of schadenfreude: Predicting behaviors and perceptions of trolling among reddit users – Pamela Jo Brubaker, Daniel Montez, Scott Haden Church, SAGE Journals
            DOI 10.1177/20563051211021382

            1. I am likely the only one on here who sees them as sadists and psychopaths, which is why I opt not to feed them.

              Actually, those are likely two of many reasons many of us opt not to feed them.

            2. Estovir, you engage in the behavior you condemn, for example, in your homophobic and transphobic comments.

              That article describes a number of the conservative commenters here.

            3. “. . . who sees them as sadists and psychopaths . . .”

              So instead of engaging their arguments, you resort to armchair psychopathology. That is not only a fallacy (ad hominem, psychologizing) — it is a vicious one.

  7. As a former Federal Criminal Investigator….this investigation would be a slam dunk….a simple matter of Rule One in such matters….”FOLLOW THE MONEY!”.

    Rule Two….there are no coincidences in life….they are all explainable.

    Rule Three….If it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, Waddles like a Duck….it might just be a Duck.

    Peddling access is not a Federal Crime per se….taking money for doing so and then making an overt act to do so with t he intent of subverting any Official Act IS a Federal Crime.

    Passing proceeds from those payoffs along to the Principle darn tooting is a Federal Crime for all involved…to include the Principle… this Case Joe Biden the Big Guy.

    The Republicans should make this affair the whole cornerstone of 2022….and again in 2024.

    They should daily go on any outlet they can and demand a Special Counsel be named to investigate it.

    They should also go after the AG for his Conflict of Interest and demand (at the minimum) he recuse himself and name a Special Counsel.

    But…we know how Democrats are….they never go after their own no matter what crimes are committed.

    That shall change with the 2022 Election when the Republicans take control of Congress.

    1. “They should also go after the AG for his Conflict of Interest ”

      What conflict of interest?

      “Rule Two….there are no coincidences in life”

      Don’t be silly.

      1. “What conflict of interest?”

        One has to laugh that anonymous doesn’t know of the strong potential for a conflict of interest. How uninformed.

  8. There is an elephant in the Room and his name is Trump! Good grief. Trump incited an insurrection and continues to sell the big lie. The Kushners raked in over $134 million using the president as a sweetener. Barr’s son worked in the White House. McConnell and his wife raked in millions. That’s just a few. But as usual you want to talk about Hunter. When it comes to cover up the Republicans win the prize but I know you want to talk about Hunter Biden. Nothing covered up there; it’s been all over the press, truth and lies. The grid failed in Texas ..good olde Texas. But you want to talk about Hunter Biden. The professor of distraction. It used to be Law.

    1. Justice Holmes,

      Are you kidding? Trump has absolutely zero to do with the criminal activities of Hunter and Joe Biden. Trump was investigated the entire time he was in office, and is still being investigated by activists abusing their positions of authority trying to find something, anything, as evidence of a crime.

      Perhaps “Justice” is a misnomer in your avatar.

      As for the “big lie”:

      The original lawsuit was based upon the widely disparate legal standards for ballots in Pennsylvania. They sued the state for violating the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. This was the basis of the Bush v Gore suit that was found to have merit, and it affected all 6.1 million Pennsylvania voters.

      Rudy Giuliani muscled his way into the case, and completely changed its focus. While purging the voter rolls of deceased voters is indeed a necessary part of vote security, that wasn’t the basis of the case, and only a few hundred “dead people” had been found to have risen from the grave and voted in PA. Such phenomenon are evidence that the rolls should be periodically audited, but it was immaterial to the PA case. Giuliani focused on both non provable, and immaterial allegations. The original lawyers were upset and wanted nothing to do with the new direction the case was taking. All of them were excused from the case, although one of them had to repeatedly petition the judge for permission to leave.

      Giuliani tanked a strong case that had affected 6.1 million voters, and that was in no way whatsoever a “big lie”, instead focusing on a side issue that only affected a few hundred.

      When this lawsuit went off the rails and tanked, attorneys shied away from involvement on the downstream cases.

      The media covers for Joe Biden, so it deliberately misled the public on the strong merits of the case. Does this sound familiar? It should, if you actually read Turley’s blog. Instead, it touted this failure of Giuliani’s as a “Big Lie”, and naive people like you bought it.

      Honestly, this story about Hunter Biden should bother you. If it doesn’t, then perhaps change your name.

    2. Isn’t it interesting Justice Holmes that out of the blue, Turley is so worried that crimes might be committed by the POTUS family. He had no such concerns about Trump and his family. NONE.

        1. Yes, let justice prevail and thoroughly look into it. Any real lawyer would tell you that the Trump crime family has more to worry about.

          1. Hahahaa. Really now?

            You know they have looked at the Trump family with a fine tooth comb for YEARS now and come up with what? Zilch, nada, zippo. Trump is about as clean as it gets at his level.

            If they did the same scrutiny for the Biden Crime Family? Holy corruption! For certain they would come up with numerous crimes and ethics violations right there in the Biden cartel. Most of it is now in plain sight.

            They only go after Republicans silly.

            1. Oh, they found nothing in his foundations, and Trump University, because they paid a lot of money for doing nothing. Not to mention the payoffs, Shall I go on?

              1. Yes, go on.

                And then go on and call for multiple serious investigations into the entire Biden family ‘business’ going back decades, looking over all their finances and going through every transaction, every deposit, every dollar — and not just relying on old Joe’s laundered tax returns.

                Scrutinze decades of Biden family ‘business’ with a fine tooth comb. Then give it nonstop media sensationalized coverage.

                Then let’s see how the Biden family holds up to that kind of investigation.

                Here’s a hint: it will never happen. Not because the Bidens are innocent, but because they are Democrats.

              2. Start by asking if Joe Biden has paid HIS fair share of taxes.

                Here’s another hint: he has not.

          2. “Any real lawyer would tell you…”


            How about this…..

            A real lawyer would tell any Trump supporting Republican, not to say a word to the FBI….or any Republican for that matter… not ever speak to the FBI other than to say “lawyer”….”I want my lawyer”…..the FBI is not to be trusted. They will frame you, lie about it, and set you up to take a fall. It’s all the FBI does these days: frame Republicans and Trump supporters.

            And make sure you get a *real lawyer….as opposed to a nutcase Public Defender who then makes you apologize to the court for your white privilege as we have seen happening to some of the J6 detainees.

    3. “Trump incited an insurrection”

      Provide the words that prove your case. You are short on facts and memory. Perhaps you are short on some other vital things as well.

    4. Trump incited nothing. There was no “insurrection.” Turn off the crap you watch on TV. Your brain has been thoroughly washed.

      1. Merriam-Webster defines an insurrection as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” That occurred at the Capitol on January 6.

        – They were there at Trump’s behest: he chose the date/time/place to coincide with Congress’s certification of the Electoral College vote, he falsely told them that the election had been stolen and they needed to “stop the steal,” he falsely told them that Mike Pence could stop the certification, he encouraged them to go to the Capitol and falsely told them he’d go with them, he told them in advance that it would be “wild” and on 1/6 told them that they needed to “fight like hell.” He was explicit about wanting to prevent the certification, and many of those arrested have stated that they believed they were doing Trump’s bidding in attempting that. They were trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.
        – Some of the protesters brought weapons and wore body armor, some were coordinating with each other during the insurrection, some were literally wearing shirts that said “MAGA Civil War, January 6, 2021.” I excerpted some of the relevant testimony about weapons in my 5:27pm comment.
        – Some of the people built a gallows outside the Capitol, looking for Mike Pence and saying things like:
        “Mike Pence, we’re coming for you too, f—ing traitor.”
        “Hang Mike Pence. Hang Mike Pence. Hang Mike Pence. Hang Mike Pence.”
        “They’ve got the gallows set up outside the Capitol Building. It’s time to start f—ing using them.”
        “Start making a list. Put all those names down, and we start hunting them down one by one.”
        A number also bragged on social media that they would kill liberal members of Congress. Although I don’t think most of the protesters were there to murder anyone, I believe that if some of them had captured Pence, Pelosi, and some others, that subset of protesters would have tried to kill Pence and those members of Congress. You may believe differently.
        – If you didn’t watch the testimony of four of the LE officers under oath before Congress, I encourage you to watch it on Cspan. Those officers referred to the violent protesters as “terrorists.” When asked why, Officer Hodges said “I came prepared: U.S. Code, Title 18, part one, chapter 113B (as in brown), section 2331. ‘The term domestic terrorism means (A) activities that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, and (B) appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.'” Would you agree that there was a subset of protesters there who were engaged in acts that endangered officers’ lives and appeared intended to coerce Congress into refusing to certify the EC vote?

        1. “Merriam-Webster defines an insurrection as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” That occurred at the Capitol on January 6.”

          By those rules the left and perhaps the Democrat Party has intermittently been nothing more than a force for insurrection since the 60’s.

          When he is not lying, ATS likes to make up stories.

    5. You best start watching Fox News so you can learn what’s really going on and deprogram all the lies and misinformation you’ve been fed. You are gobbling up all the Democrat/media okie doke.

      1. You are aware that studies have been done by universities that watching FOX make you know less of what is happening in the world. And no, I will not do your homework for you.

        1. Fishy, you think Joe Biden is doing a good job. Tell us again who knows what is happening in the world and who doesn’t.

        2. You are aware that studies have been done by universities that watching FOX make you know less of what is happening in the world.

          By universities, you say. Yuri Bezmenov couldn’t be reached for comment. But he did have something to say about the likes of FishWings:

          So, basically, America is stuck with the demoralization unless, even if you start right now here this minute, you start educating huge generation of Americans, it will still take you fifteen to twenty years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism.

          The result? The result you can see. Most of the people who were educated in the sixties, drop outs or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the Government, civil service, business, mass media, educational system. You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated, They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black you still cannot change the basic perception and illogical behavior. In other words, these people, the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. To get society rid of these people you need another twenty or fifteen years to educate a new generation of patriotically-minded and common-sense people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of the United States society.

  9. Influence peddling is common in Washington. The Biden Crime Family has made it a lucrative family business for 50 years.

    Can anyone imagine ever seeing these news headlines —–>

    “In early morning, guns drawn, the FBI raided the homes of James Biden….. Hunter Biden…. and their legal counsel….based on credible evidence and allegations of influence peddling, fraud, and money laundering…in an ongoing criminal investigation. CNN cameras were there to capture the early morning raids showing both James Biden and Hunter Biden being escorted out in handcuffs.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As if. Not because they are *innocent, mind you, but because they are a protected class called: Democrats.

  10. Just look at the Righty posters on this site.

    Think that these people want the truth?

    No, they are complicit in their own larceny and happy to cover it up.

    1. “ust look at the Righty posters on this site.
      Think that these people want the truth?”

      Most of them do, but liars generally believe everyone else lies as well. That isn’t true either.

  11. This scandal will not end well for Biden. When the Republicans take the House next year, a first order of business will be to have public hearings into this scandal. Expect Hunter, Bobulinski, and Frank and James Biden to be subpoenaed. Unlike other scandals of this magnitude, there are no disputed facts. The evidence is in the open and cannot be disputed. The Bidens will all take the 5th but Joe will have to answer questions that will be impossible for him to avoid. Even the corrupt media will not be able to protect him.

    1. Should Biden follow Trump’s lead?

      Trump is suing to stop the Jan. 6 Select Committee from getting documents. Using the courts to slow walk accountability has been his M.O. for years. If Trump is subpoenaed, expect him to fight that too and then plead the 5th.

      1. Anonymous:

        Democrat voters looted, burned, and even seized entire city blocks for “autonomous zones.” They burned down entire police precincts. They stormed the Senate hearing of Kavanaugh. The media couched it as fighting the good fight.

        If you watch the surveillance footage of 1/6, it mostly shows people laughing and joking, strolling around and taking selfies. Most participants were charged with trespassing and illegally parading. They didn’t kill anyone, and in fact one of them, an unarmed woman, was shot and killed by Capitol police. More information has unfolded in which other police have admitted they never saw anything in her hand.

        It was quite literally a mostly peaceful protest. There were many thousands of people outside, far away, hearing Trump speak who neither knew nor participated in trespassing on the Capitol building. Those who did trespass were also mostly peaceful, with many of them on camera enjoining others to remain peaceful and not to break anything.

        There were only a few who actually broke anything, such as windows, or who were more pushy.

        Of course any trespassers should be charged, but it is unethical and unjust that they were kept in solitary confinement for 8 months. Most simple trespass cases are dismissed. Instead, these people were thrown into the hole for about 3/4 of a year.

        That’s not equal justice. The charges and the punishment should fit the crime.

        Jan 6 is in no way comparable to the Democrat riots who cost millions of dollars, led to many deaths and even rapes (see CHOP/CHAZ), and will blight the neighborhoods involved for generations.

        Trump specifically told his followers to peacefully protest. Compare and contrast with the rhetoric of Maxine Waters enjoining mob behavior.

        1. Karen,

          You are pretty biased in your descriptions.

          For example, you claim “They [Democrat voters] stormed the Senate hearing of Kavanaugh.” But you do not say “Republican voters stormed the Senate and House joint session to certify the EC vote,” even though more voters disrupted the latter than the former, and the latter were more violent, and the latter committed more crimes.

          VP Pence was in the Senate when it occurred, and the Secret Service had to take him away to be kept safe. No elected politician had to be removed from the Kavanaugh hearings to be kept safe. Members of Congress were calling the WH during the insurrection to ask for additional law enforcement, but no member of Congress felt the need for additional law enforcement during the Kavanaugh hearings. The protesters at the Kavanaugh hearings did not injure any Capitol police. The insurrectionists injured over a 100 Capitol police. The protesters at the Kavanaugh hearings were arrested and charged that day. Law enforcement were unable to arrest many of the insurrectionists on Jan. 6; instead, their identities had to be determined after the fact so that they could be arrested. You are silent about the main focus of my comment: Trump is suing to stop the Jan. 6 Select Committee from obtaining documents via subpoena.

          I dare you to listen to the testimony of several law enforcement officers about the Jan. 6 insurrection. (I doubt you can bring yourself to listen to them, but I’d be happy for you to surprise me):

            1. At the Kavanaugh hearing, people were clamoring to be heard about someone proposed for a lifetime appointment to the court of last resort in this country. These people were in the right: they had every right to have their voices heard, but Republicans blocked them so they could shove someone onto the Court because the Federalist Society wanted him there for political reasons. The Capitol Insurrectionists were in the wrong: they were misled by a lying narcissist who can’t accept the will of the American people. They were there to stop the peaceful transfer of power after 60+ lawsuits failed, after all 50 Secretaries of State certified Biden’s victory, and despite multiple recounts. That’s only all of the difference in the world.

              1. Democrats wanted to shove Merrick Garland onto the Court!

                The country owes Mitch McConnell a lifetime of gratitude for making sure that disaster did not happen.

              2. “They were there to stop the peaceful transfer of power….”

                With what? Flag poles?

                Just stop with the lies.

                1. Stop with the lies yourself. Whose word should we take, yours? Or the officers who were there and testified about it under oath? I’ll take their word over yours any day.

                  An excerpt from LE officers testifying before Congress under oath:

                  Rep. Aguilar: “What types of weapons did you see used against your fellow officers?”
                  Officer Gonell: “Police shields, police baton, the hammer, sledgehammer that you saw on that video, flagpoles, tasers, pepper spray, bear spray, – bats, PVC pipes, copper pipes, rocks, table legs breaking – broken down, furniture broken down, the guardrails for the inauguration stage, cones 4/4. Any weapons, any item so they could get their hands on it …”

                  Officer Gonell:
                  “In Iraq, we expected armed violence because we were in a war zone, but nothing my experience in the army or as a law enforcement officer prepared me for what we confronted on January 6th. The verbal assaults and disrespect we endured from the rioters were bad enough. I was falsely accused of betraying my oath, of choosing my paycheck over my loyalty to the US Constitution, even as I defended the very democratic process that protected everyone in the hostile crowd. While I was at the lower west terrace of the Capitol working with my fellow officers to prevent the breach and restore order, the rioters called me traitor, a disgrace and that I, an Army veteran and a police officer, should be executed.
                  “Some of the rioters had the audacity to tell me there was nothing personal, that they would go through me, through us police officers to achieve their goal, as they were breaking metal barriers to use as a weapon against us. Others used more menacing language. “If you shoot us, we all have weapons, we will shoot back, or we’ll get our guns. We outnumber you,” they say, “Join us.” I heard specific threats to the lives of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then also Vice President Mike Pence. But the physical violence we experienced was horrific and devastating. My fellow officers and I were punched, kicked, shoved, sprayed with chemical irritants. And he’d been blinded with eye damaging lasers by a violent mob, who apparently saw us law enforcement officer dedicated to ironically protecting them as US citizens as an impediment to their attempted insurrection. The mob brought weapons to try to accomplish their insurrectionist objectives, and used them against us. These weapons included hammers, rebars, knives, baton and police shields taken by force, as well as bear spray and pepper spray.
                  “Some of the rioters wore tactical gear, including bulletproof vests in gas masks. A rioter also forcibly took out batons and shields to use them against us. I was particularly shocked at the scene, the insurrectionist violently attacked us with the very American flag that they claimed to serve to protect. Based on the coordinated attacks that we observed and the verbal commands we heard, it appears that many of these attackers had law enforcement or military experience. The rioters were vicious and relentless. …”

                  Officer Fanone: “What I witnessed and experienced on January 6th, 2021 was unlike anything I had ever seen, anything I had ever experienced or could have imagined in my country. On that day, I participated in the defense of the United States Capitol from an armed mob, an armed mob of thousands, determined to get inside. Because I was among the vastly outnumbered group of law enforcement officers protecting the Capitol and the people inside it, I was grabbed, beaten, tased, all while being called a traitor to my country. I was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm, as I heard chants of, ” Kill him with his own gun.” I could still hear those words in my head today. …”

                  Officer Hodges:
                  “My particular station was in front of 1111 Constitution Avenue, where I stood on foot as the crowd poured down the street and into the park. There were a significant number of men dressed in tactical gear attending the gathering, wearing ballistic vests, helmets, goggles, military face masks, backpacks, and without identifiable visible law enforcement or military patches, they appeared to be prepared for much more than listening to politicians speak in a park. Two of my colleagues were approached by a group of three to four such men. They were white men in good shape with load bearing vests equipped with MOLLE pouches. They were wearing BDUs, or battle dress uniform pants, tactical boots, black sunglasses, and short haircuts. They had radios and one was equipped with an earpiece. After a bit of small talk, one of them asked my colleagues something to the effect of, is this all the manpower you have? Do you really think you’re going to be able to stop all these people? Dumbfounded, my colleagues simply expressed they didn’t understand what the speaker meant, and the group continued on. As the day went on and speakers in the park said their peace, I monitored the crowd and the radio. Over the radio, I heard our gun recovery unit working constantly, monitoring those in the crowds suspected of carrying firearms and making arrests and seizures when possible. Multiple gun arrests were made from January 5th through the 7th against those attending and likely had attended or planned to attend Donald Trump’s gathering. Unfortunately, due to the course of events that day, we will never know exactly how many were carrying firearms and other lethal weapons. …”

                  Officer Fanone:
                  “That initial period of time where I was pulled of that line was kind of a blur. I just remember getting violently assaulted from every direction and eventually found myself out, probably about 250, maybe 300 feet away from the mouth of the tunnel where the other officers were at. And I knew I was in -, I was up sh*t creek without a paddle.
                  “I was trying to push guys off of me, create some space. All the while, I recognized the fact that there were individuals that were trying to grab a hold of my gun. I remember one of them distinctly lunging at me, time and time again, trying to grab my gun. And I heard people in the crowd yelling, “Get his gun, kill him with his own gun,” and words to that effect.
                  “I thought about using my weapon. I believe that there were individuals in the crowd whose intentions were to kill me. And I came to that conclusion because of the fact that separated from these other officers, who are only trying to defend the Capitol, I no longer posed any type of threat, nor was I an impediment to them going inside of the building. But yet they tortured me. They beat me. I was struck with a taser device at the base of my skull numerous times, and they continued to do so until I yelled out that I have kids. And I said that hoping to appeal to some of those individuals’ humanity. And fortunately, a few did step in and intervene on my behalf. …”

                  Rep. Mr. Kinzinger:
                  “If in the middle of all that melee, you see somebody with a gun in that crowd, would you be able to go out, apprehend, arrest them, read them their rights, and go through that process? Or was the mission at the moment survival and defense of the capitol? So I’m asking, is it possible that people maybe had guns -, and we’ve seen that actually there were -, but this idea that wow, people weren’t arrested with guns, at the time, it was raw survival. I’ll start with -, we can just start on the left. Let me ask you, what’s your response to that?
                  Officer Gonell:
                  “For those people who continue to downplay this violent attack on our democracy and officers, I suggest them to look at the videos and the footage because common things were used as a weapons, like a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a rebar, a flagpole, including the American flag, pepper spray, bear spray. So you name it, you have all these items and things that were thrown at us and used to attack us. Those are weapons. No matter if it is a pen, the way they were using these items, it was to hurt officers. It was to hurt police officers. …”

                  Officer Dunn:
                  “… So I looked -, we look on their hips, you see a print. I didn’t see that it was a gun, but a reasonable police officer would believe that that’s a gun on their hip.”
                  Mr. Kinzinger:
                  “And just to quickly be specific, a print is basically what looks like the outline of a gun.”
                  Officer Dunn:
                  “That’s correct.”

                  Officer Hodges: “You know, once we got to the Capitol, and we were fighting, I was, I was wondering, you know, how many more bombs are there? [a reference to the pipe bombs that had been found at the RNC and DNC] How -, what’s the trigger? Is it, is it going to be a cell phone? Is it, is it a timer?
                  “Well, how many guns are there in this crowd? If we start firing is that the signal of them to set off the explosives? However many there are in the city? Is that the signal for them to break out their firearms and shoot back?
                  “So that’s the reason you know, why I didn’t shoot anyone. And I imagine why many others didn’t because, like I said, before, there were over 9000 of the terrorists out there with an unknown number of firearms and a couple 100 of us maybe, so we could not. If that turned into a firefight, we would have lost and this was a fight we couldn’t afford to lose.”

                  And that’s only a sample of what they said about it.

                  1. “And that’s only a sample of what they said about it.“

                    If ATS’s case were strong virtually all the footage would have been released along with all the testimony.

                    It wasn’t released. This is known as selectively choosing what you want others to hear. It is a good plan when what you are trying to say is a lie.

                    1. “The officers weren’t lying. You just dislike what they said.”

                      When releasing information one can be selective in their choices and choose only those things that back up their narrative which can be helped by the carrot or the stick.

                      You don’t understand those things. That is why you think fascism is good for the little people and cheered Cuomo when he killed all those people.

                  2. Release all 14,000 hours of video footage from that day. They won’t, why not? There is video of officers waving the protestors INTO the building. The doors were opened for them to go in. The whole thing was a setup with FBI undercover and Antifa infiltrating the crowd. Put Pelosi under oath. Put the Mayor of DC under oath.

              3. How about this Natacha?

                They were there on January 6 just “clamoring to be heard about someone” who cheated his way into office.

                Where have we thought THAT was justified protest before??

                It’s only okay when Democrats do it, right?

                Please stop with the lies.

              4. “Clamoring to be heard” is only okay when Democrats/Antifa/BLM do it. Burn it! Loot it! Shoot it! Destroy it!

                It’s always okay when they do it.

          1. ATS is playing his selection games again. Take note, how the FBI withheld the vast majority of the footage. They didn’t want to know, or you to know,, that police were letting visitors in.

            We still don’t know how much of the violent activity was caused by the left or by people working directly or indirectly for the FBI and the capital police.

            We still do not know if the Democrat politician had anything to do with the way the police organize themselves.

            We do know an innocent person was killed by the capital police and the name along with the incident has been withheld by the ones in control of the capital.

            Anonymous the stupid doesn’t know much of anything or he is a liar by omission.

      2. Biden is the outlier and doing things no other President has done before.

        He is promoting the death of America, though he thinks that death is just a decline.

    2. Hunter Biden should be prosecuted. But he won’t be. James Biden should be prosecuted. But he won’t be. Joe Biden should be impeached. But he won’t be.

      The Republicans will do nothing but their usual tough talk on TV.

      Democrat politicians are ruthless, dishonorable, unscrupulous liars (see Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, et al) who never hesitate to destroy a Republican by any means necessary.

      But the weak and feckless GOP do not respond in kind. The GOP will do their usual sound and fury political theater that amounts to nothing.

      Joe Biden has been part of their club for 50 years. Joe will be treated with kid gloves and a gentle push off the stage when his time comes.

  12. Much of the left have become liars and tricksters. We see that performed by some of our most prolific leftist bloggers. Washington DC Dems have better liars and a vast bureaucracy along with the media to help them out. However, we are starting to note some kickback by some of the lefts comedians. We are already laughing at some of the lefties here and they don’t seem to like it.

    Do not vote for any Democrat no matter how good they seem unless the party returns to lawful activity.

  13. The Bidens made the equivalent to an entire America’s global relevance disappear in front of an audience of millions.


  14. Bi high den…
    Rides upon a Schwen…
    He lived in France.
    Where people where no pants!

    The time for him to bike around ..
    Has met it’s dumb past.
    Joey Biden is a fool and has no paradise.

    1. Given his penchant for circumventing the law and the constitution, that provision is just a speed bump to democrats. I lost count on how many other laws they’ve broken.

  15. The Bidens are lucky that the press will cover for them in every which way. It requires no special talent to hide something when you have a complicit press.

  16. Just look at the Lefty posters on this site.

    Think that these people want the truth?

    No, they are complicit in this larceny and happy to cover it up.

    Anonymous, Natacha, Fishbreath, et al are all complicit in dishonesty and the damaging of our country.

    Their excuse: “But Trump…”.

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