Czech Republic Reportedly Moves To Criminalize Speech in Favor of Putin or the Russian Invasion

This week, the Supreme State Attorney Igor Striz of the Czech Republic announced that the country is moving to criminalize speech supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Russian invasion with sentences of up to three years. It is a curious way to fight tyranny . . . with tyrannical measures against free speech.

According to TN Nova, Czech police were already investigating dozens of cases.

Striz is reportedly relying on sections 365 and 405 of the Czech Criminal Code, which state that whoever publicly approves a crime or publicly praises the perpetrator can be imprisoned for up to a year, and that anyone who “publicly denies, questions, approves or seeks to justify Nazi, communist, or other genocide” can face a jail sentence of up to three years.

The laws would be unconstitutional in the United States. People often dismiss such objections as noting that other countries do not have the same commitment or protections to free speech. That is certainly true but it ignores that many of us believe that free speech is a human right. This is a denial of a right that should be protected in any country with such rights as free exercise.

The police have reportedly tweeted that “we have recorded dozens of internet comments expressing approval for the Russian invasion and the activities of the Russian army. We are closely monitoring the online sphere and apologize for not responding to every sign in the posts.”

If true, it is an affront not only to free speech but the cause of supporting Ukraine.  This is not an anti-Putin measure. It is precisely the type of measure used by Putin.

What is so striking is that this is a great example of where good speech will triumph over bad speech. The world is speaking with one voice against the war crimes being committed in Ukraine after this unprovoked and unjustified invasion. Indeed, Putin bizarre propaganda and crackdown on Russian media is only magnifying his lies and abuses. Ironically, there is no need to arrest the minority of voices supporting Putin or his war. Yet, people want the satisfaction of arresting those with opposing views. They are wrong. They degrade themselves, their country, and this cause with such anti-free speech measures.

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  1. The United States Military, “Lions led by Donkeys”. Not my quote but certainly appropriate to this present time and the biggest Donkey resides in the White House.

  2. Europe always has and always will invade Russia. They have always been considered lesser peoples. The West played Russia after communism fell like they did to Germany post WWI. Did they expect a different result?

  3. I’m willing to pay more for gas. That’s nothing compared to the kinds of sacrifices the Ukrainians are making.

    1. Funny thing your compassion for the Ukrainians only applies to those suffering at Putin’s hand while showing total callousness to those who suffered at Zelensky’s hand in the Donbas region. Hypocrisy from a leftist? Will miracles never cease!

      1. Do you feel the same way for the Confederate States that decided to leave the Union that lead to the American Civil War?

  4. The nations of Africa and South America are not in NATO, either.
    Should Putin be at liberty to bombard them, as well, so that these continents resemble the surface of the Moon?
    Why is it in America’s interest to let such a thing happen?

    1. “The nations of Africa and South America are not in NATO, either.
      Should Putin be at liberty to bombard them, “
      Sorta like “What if Napoleon had a B52 at Waterloo…. “ Preposterous questions only a room of college freshman would consider after an all-night kegger.

  5. ‘The Charter on a Distinctive Partnership’ signed July 9, 2009 between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Ukraine speaks volumes of the deceit on behalf of NATO. The specific language can be found at,

    Promises made but not kept. Our current leadership, the Administration, State, and Defense had no idea or currently have no idea how to defuse this situation. NATO (which includes America) laid hopes on sanctions and dilly dallied while Russia moved its military forces into an invasionary position, with limited counter activity from NATO until Russia actually moved against Ukraine, and then NATO’s response has been weak.

    With this display from NATO, or more specifically the European partners and their reluctance to counter militarily, or negotiate in good faith with the Russian leadership, America should sever its ties with NATO. This whole fiasco shows America to be weak and susceptible on the World Stage.

    PS: notice date Charter was signed.

  6. NATO got involved in Libya.
    If NATO can find a reason to get involved in Libya, it can find a reason to get involved in Ukraine.

    1. What happened in Libya is a good argument for NATO to stay out of the Ukraine.

      There is no problem so great that the current leaders of the West can’t make it worse.

      1. Yeah, Young. If Russia wants to steamroll over Poland and the Baltics, that’s none of ‘our’ business. That is it means nothing to stupid Trumpers in America’s boondocks.

        1. I like it when you soy boys tell other people to sacrifice for the country, as if you even had a country that you think you are a part of.

          I thought y’all just wanted to give peace a chance.

          Now it’s just give war a chance.

          Whatever you are smoking, drinking or eating, I think I will pass.

  7. Like punching a bully in the nose, Russia could back down and surrender as soon America gets involved.
    If the Russians have done this badly with the Ukrainians, they would surely do much worse with a modern, well-equipped, technlogically-advanced, and numerically superior (4x) force such as NATO.

  8. As you watch the tape going around of the Russian people who have no idea that the Russians have actually invaded Ukraine – they believe they are handing out humanitarian aid – a better column to write would be how free speech is being denied in Russia. Their people are being fed propaganda by their media, and all other media is banned.

    It sounds like the Czech Republic is banning lies, while the Russians are banning the truth. Both are problematic, but the Russian approach is way, may more problematic.

  9. To bad the Ukrainian’s can’t employ a modern day Claire Chennault and setup a 1st AVG aka “Flying Tigers”.

  10. insanity. Pure insanity. Can’t believe this is happening in the 21st century. Stop voting Dem here in America, or eventually, we will meet the same fate, I promise. Globally, 21st century ‘liberals’ are 20th century fascists and there is nothing you or I can do to change that but vote against them and remove them from power. Once again: you are NOT voting for the party of JFK, FDR, or MLK anymore. Stop voting for modern Democrats.

    1. “Stop voting Dem here in America”

      That is a suggestion that all freedom loving individuals should follow.

  11. Bring back President Trump’s energy programs. Shutdown our southern border and bring Ukrainian refugees to America like they did in Afghanistan.





    Victoria Nuland and the entire Obama Gang conduct a coup d’etat in Ukraine.

      1. At 15:50

        “The significance is what you just played. What are they doing? The highest ranking State Department official [Victoria Nuland] who, presumably, represents the Obama Administration, and the American Ambassador in Kyiv, are, to put it in blunt terms, plotting a coup d’etat against the elected president [Ukraine].”

        – Stephen Cohen (1938 – 2020)


      “We will stop him.”

      – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

      “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

      – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

  13. 2022 is turning out to be a banner year for teaching citizens the importance of the 1st and 2nd amendments, law enforcement, national sovereignty, border security, strong military and energy independence. These are all issues Democrats have been hostile to. Biden could have taken the oath and left everything to run as is and the country would have been better for it. Damn!

  14. A man who won’t put his stated principles into practice is worse than a man with no principles.

    1. I believe that’s what Hitler did.

      A lot may depend on what the principles are.

  15. Then there is the Responsibility to Protect. It’s about doing the right thing, regardless of who is a member of what alliance or who has declared war on whom. It is irresponsible to let a big piece of Western civilization go on getting pulverized day after day without doing enough to stop it.

    1. There are many wars occurring globally.

      According to you, is there “the Responsibility to Protect” in all of them, or only in the ones that you personally care about?

  16. Older Comment by Anonymous at 11.08am questioned numbers about cost to imported Russian oil and citing Google for rebuttal.

    The USA consumed 18.12+/- million barrels of oil per day in (2020). US imported 7% +/- of the 18.12 from Russia, or 1.27+/- million barrels daily. At the average price of $90+/- West Texas Intermediate on (February 21st ) per barrel would equal $114 million daily, $3.43 billion monthly, or $41.7 billion yearly. Base number of usage and average of imports from Russia come from ( oil pricing from (

    Note: usage has increased in 2022 and is estimated at 19.7 million barrels daily skewing the numbers higher and not including the current pricing of Sokol (Russian oil) at +/- $98 barrel.

  17. NATO stands with Ukraine, but now Ukraine looks like the surface of the Moon. A lot of good all that standing did. Truly standing with Ukraine would mean sending fighter jets to bomb the Russian equipment in Ukraine, while not giving a hoot how the Russians feel about this. Why should how the Russians feel about having their equipment destroyed be so much more important how the Ukrainians feel about having their country destroyed? The thoughts, opinions, feelings, and perspective of the Ukrainians should matter more than those of the Russians. After all, the Ukrainians are the ones whose country is being invaded and destroyed. If Ukrainians are not afraid of fighting Russians, then why should NATO be? NATO is more powerful than Ukraine, but all that power counts for nothing when NATO lacks the will to use it. Not having the will to use your power is practically the same as being powerless. So we have invested in a powerless defensive organization over the decades.

    1. You seem to want another World War. That is what will happen if NATO’s military forces attack Russia.

    2. It is reported that there are members of the Ukrainian military who can fly some USA aircraft that could be used against Russian military, especially that convoy near the capital. Highly unlikely that the biden/harris administration, the one that refuses to block USA purchases of oil from Russia, will do what should be done to impede the Russian military.

  18. People often dismiss such objections as noting that other countries do not have the same commitment or protections to free speech. That is certainly true but it ignores that many of us believe that free speech is a human right. This is a denial of a right that should be protected in any country with such rights as free exercise.

    I have pointed this out in comments here repeatedly.
    Free speech is a principle all used to respect. I asked yesterday of the person I replied to suppported the principle of free speech. I got snark in return and they ran away.
    Colleges or just the most visible hypocritical examples of supposedly learned people, silencing those they have no way to rebute, in a free and open exchange of ideas.

  19. Russia doesn’t attack NATO countries, so what does NATO have to fear by stopping Russia?

    1. NATO doesn’t start wars with countries that haven’t attacked NATO.

      1. NATO attacked Yugoslavia and Libya…neither attacked NATO. Your ignorance is on full display.

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