Czech Republic Reportedly Moves To Criminalize Speech in Favor of Putin or the Russian Invasion

This week, the Supreme State Attorney Igor Striz of the Czech Republic announced that the country is moving to criminalize speech supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Russian invasion with sentences of up to three years. It is a curious way to fight tyranny . . . with tyrannical measures against free speech.

According to TN Nova, Czech police were already investigating dozens of cases.

Striz is reportedly relying on sections 365 and 405 of the Czech Criminal Code, which state that whoever publicly approves a crime or publicly praises the perpetrator can be imprisoned for up to a year, and that anyone who “publicly denies, questions, approves or seeks to justify Nazi, communist, or other genocide” can face a jail sentence of up to three years.

The laws would be unconstitutional in the United States. People often dismiss such objections as noting that other countries do not have the same commitment or protections to free speech. That is certainly true but it ignores that many of us believe that free speech is a human right. This is a denial of a right that should be protected in any country with such rights as free exercise.

The police have reportedly tweeted that “we have recorded dozens of internet comments expressing approval for the Russian invasion and the activities of the Russian army. We are closely monitoring the online sphere and apologize for not responding to every sign in the posts.”

If true, it is an affront not only to free speech but the cause of supporting Ukraine.  This is not an anti-Putin measure. It is precisely the type of measure used by Putin.

What is so striking is that this is a great example of where good speech will triumph over bad speech. The world is speaking with one voice against the war crimes being committed in Ukraine after this unprovoked and unjustified invasion. Indeed, Putin bizarre propaganda and crackdown on Russian media is only magnifying his lies and abuses. Ironically, there is no need to arrest the minority of voices supporting Putin or his war. Yet, people want the satisfaction of arresting those with opposing views. They are wrong. They degrade themselves, their country, and this cause with such anti-free speech measures.

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  1. Ukraine should sue the United States for breach of contract . Under the Budapest Memorandum, the U.S. promised to defend Ukraine if attacked by Russia.

  2. Putin doesn’t fret about escalating the conflict, so why should NATO?
    How is it in NATO”s interest to have a moonscape on its borders?

  3. Good prevailng over evil. That’s the theme of a lof of movies that people go to see. That’s the kind of world most normal people want to live in, and they do what they can, what they must, to make it so.

  4. Trump and Putin sitting in a tree.
    K I s s I n g.
    First came love.
    Then came marriage.
    Then came Putin with a baby carriage!

    1. Please name one time Trump criminalized speech? Lets see actual examples

  5. So are we to acquiesce to anyone who has a lot of weapons? That’s no way to live. The guys at Valley Forge were willing to lose their toes to frostbite
    for their freedom. To them, it was the lesser of two evils.

    1. There are multiple wars going on in the world. Which ones do you want us to join and why?

    2. Aninny:
      “So are we to acquiesce to anyone who has a lot of weapons? That’s no way to live.”
      Ah yes that is the way power and hence the world works. It’s why we do and need to have “ a lot of weapons.” It is also most assuredly the “way to live.” Literally. Didn’t you have teachers, parents or friends who explained to you how the world works? It’s like you’re from another planet.

  6. Okay! Thanks for the constructive criticism! I’ll do better! 🙂

  7. The guerrillas can have generators and lots of cans of tuna. It’s the chicken of the sea, ya know.

    1. Ever used a generator? They use lots of petrol and make a lot of noise…easier to find…and those frequent trips to the gas station might give something away. You have never really been in the woods, have you?

  8. If NATO won’t stop Russia from pulverizing Ukraine, then NATO won’t help Brazil, either, because Brazil is also not a member of NATO. So Putin is free to pulverize Brazil if he wants to, and nobody will do anything about it. He could go on a “shooting spree”, of sorts, against all non-NATO countries in South America, Africa, and Asia, by launching SLBMs willy-nilly at their capitols, and NATO would just let it happen because Brazil and all of these countries are not NATO members. So the only countries left that won’t look like the surface of the Moon will be NATO countries. How is this in anyone’s interest?

    1. Only an ignoramus or a troll pretends that if you change the conditions, you can predict with certainty that absolutely nothing will change in the response.

      Only an ignoramus or a troll pretends that NATO hasn’t responded. Both NATO and non-NATO countries have already done many things in response (sanctions, weapons, etc.) that you ignore.

    2. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The nations of the Americas, likewise, are free to decide Russia poses an existential threat to them; to agree that the US is a reliable ally and supporter of their freedom; and form an Americas Treaty Organization. And our Congress would then need to decide it was in our national interests to band with these North, Central and South American nations and commit American lives and our military resources to their defense. Ditto for Africa and Asia. Let’s not hold our breath.

  9. I have a simple question…..why are we content to stand aside and let Russia invade Ukraine….but have pledged to go to War should it be Poland….right next door to Ukraine?

    I can agree with the NATO Alliance…but I fail to see where a Piece of Paper should make such a difference when the same enemy attacks a neighbor?

    Why are we not flying Drones and attacking Russian assets inside Ukraine… American boots on the ground that way….and no aircrew to lose in the process.

    The Biden Administration is catering to Russia and China rather than taking a proper moral and strategic stand against evil.

    At least Chamberlain and Roosevelt used what time they. had before the War to begin to ramp up our strategic forces….enlarging the military, building ships and aircraft….gearing up for the War that was coming.

    If we do not stop Putin and the Russians in Ukraine….where and when will we have to confront his next invasion?

    History does repeat itself if we do not learn from it.

    1. Oh i do. I surely do. It’s right next to Stalin and Hitler. You still make me chuckle.

  10. Why don’t the Russian people start a guerrilla war against Putin? There are lots of mountains in Russia where the guerrillas can have bases of operations.

    1. Ever been in the mountains in the winter with no electricity or food?

      1. Yes. I didn’t like it and left. You don’t stay long unless you want to stay a very long time like Otzi the Iceman.

        Mespo, Does it seem that the current ATS is a bit off, a sudden drop in IQ, or perhaps a fall hitting his head?

        1. I’m with Ynot on this one. ATS is more deranged but equally oblivious.

  11. Fighting Russians in Ukraine would make it harder for the Russians to advance into NATO countries. Russia is getting a beachhead in Europe from which they can launch even more attacks farther West. Why does that tank column still exist? Does NATO want it to encircle Kyiv? NATO providing Ukrainians with ammunition and anti-tank missiles hasn’t caused war, so maybe providing airstrikes won’t, either.

  12. Here’s something you can think about, 4 days ago the Ukrainian’s reported 94 people killed, more then 376 injured in course of a war.
    In 2021 Chicago reported 3,561 people were shot in the course of everyday life there.

    1. Margot, tells us what the NRA is doing to stem gun violence in Chicago.

      1. They ought to arm the projects and even up the odds for the 80% good people.

    2. Margot, I heard that the US has sent some of our border patrol people to Europe to help with refuges. How does that set with you.

      1. Bob – they might as well the administration won’t let Border Patrol do their jobs here.
        Do you think you can get them to send transports and bring the refugees here like they did in Afghanistan? When they get here maybe they can treat them like the illegals on our southern border? I’ll bet Ukrainian refugees will show for future immigration court hearings. I’ll bet you they will even study for legal citizenship. How does that set with you, Bob?

    3. Margot is also, Ralph, James, Feldman, Giocon1 and many, many more.

  13. So, an organization created to fight the Russians is afraid to fight the Russians???

  14. Having lived for a year in Brno, Czech Republic, this is understandable. I find it difficult to implore.

    Why doesn’t Jonathan Turley blog about the Russian “illiberal democracy”, as Vlad the Mad calls it?

  15. Another blow to free speech:

    “RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff”

    This happenstance was all too predictable given Little Brother’s censorship of RT America:

    “DirecTV Drops Russia-Backed RT Channel “Effective Immediately”

    It’s ironic that Turley remained silent as the human rights of the RT propagandists were being violated. Will Turley condemn the world’s broadcasters for censoring RT America NOW that it has been CANCELLED?

    I say he won’t.

    1. Jeff, RT America specialized in soft, understated Pro-Putin propaganda. Good riddance!

      1. Turley would absolutely reject your censorship of RT America, for he has stated on numerous times that free speech is a *human right* which very applies to Russians. How many times must he advocate that the ONLY recourse to bad speech is good speech?

        It’s simply mystifying that Turley has not criticized the cancellation of RT America. Again, his hypocrisy is on display.

  16. So if fire fighters are killed in a burning building, all firefighters should stay out of all burning buildings? Each burning building is a unique situation.

  17. Why can’t Putin just cultivate his garden like any normal, decent person?

    1. Because Putin’s a malignant narcissist like Trump and Kim Jong Un.

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