Applebaum’s Apathy: Writer Declares the Hunter Biden Laptop Story to be “Totally Irrelevant”

It appears that some media have a new narrative after admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is legitimate after all. According to Atlantic Magazine writer and Pulitzer Prize winner Anne Applebaum, the story never did matter because it was just not interesting and “totally irrelevant” to her. Strangely, however, it once did. Applebaum pushed the false narrative as she was slamming others for publishing “Russian disinformation” and using the Hunter Biden story as an example. It only became uninteresting when it turned out to be true. The one convincing assertion, however, is that it was simply not viewed as “relevant.” What was clearly relevant for Twitter and most media outlets was the election of Joe Biden. Otherwise, as captured by Gaston de La Touche, it is a matter of sheer boredom.

Applebaum was at my alma mater, The University of Chicago, for the Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy conference on Wednesday.  The conference appeared largely an echo-chamber, a disappointing lineup for UChicago which is known to value a diversity of opinion. Applebaum slammed Fox and its viewers: “Those who live outside the Fox News bubble and intend to remain there do not, of course, need to learn any of this stuff.” (For the record, I work as a legal analyst at Fox).

That is when University of Chicago Student Daniel Schmidt delivered a haymaker after citing her dig:

“A poll, later after that, found that if voters knew about the content of the laptop, 16% of Joe Biden voters would have acted differently. ‘Do you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation, and what can we learn from that in ensuring that what we label as disinformation is truly disinformation, and not reality?”

Applebaum responded by saying that she really did not care if the laptop was legitimate because she did not find it interesting.

“My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is I think it’s totally irrelevant,” she said. “I mean, it’s not whether it’s disinformation… I didn’t think Hunter Biden’s business relationships have anything to do with who should be President of the United States.”

So, if the Biden family was engaged in selling access to foreign interests, it really has nothing to do with the President of the United States. It is not interesting that there are references to Joe Biden’s knowledge or involvement and possible benefitting from the millions passing through his son. It does not matter that Hunter is shown telling his daughter Naomi: “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

It is all just so uninteresting.

Nevertheless, Applebaum did find it interesting that others are pushing “disinformation.” Russian disinformation has been a focus of her work and she has called for Facebook to stop those who “spread lies” and work to “undo the terrible damage done by Facebook and other forms of social media” by allowing people to speak freely on their sites.  Applebaum repeatedly objected to how “extreme-right television channels, then repeated and amplified in cyberspace, creating an alternative reality.” However, when the left killed a legitimate story before an election, that alternative reality is just not interesting.

It turns out, however, that there was relevance to the Hunter Biden scandal when the media was dismissing it as Russian disinformation. For example, in a column titled “The Science of Making Americans Hurt Their Own Country,” Applebaum was fixated on how everyone had to work to kill such stories like the Hunter Biden “saga.” Indeed, Applebaum chastised Americans for not being interested enough:

“Russian disinformation works because Americans allow it to work-and because those same Americans don’t care anymore about the harm they do to their country.

You can argue, of course, that these 2020 efforts don’t need to be taken so seriously, because they failed. Biden won. At least half the population did not believe the false accusations, or weren’t swayed by them. The Hunter Biden saga faded. But that misses the more insidious, longer-term effect of these kinds of games-or rather, the insidious, long-term effect of the behavior of the Americans who play them.”

Applebaum now insists that she never really “cared” about the story or whether a true story was suppressed by the media before the election. It seems that that is not disinformation. It is just uninteresting information.

I previously wrote a column on the one year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop story that marveled at the success of the Biden family in making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election. It was analogized to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. The Biden trick, however, occurred live before an audience of millions.

The elephant was not hard to see. The trick worked because he knew people did not want to see it.

The key to the trick was involving the media in the original act so that reporters became invested in the illusion. It is like calling audience members to the stage to assist in the performance. Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the original deception. Indeed, previously writers like Applebaum accused those who saw an elephant of being dupes and liars.

Well now the elephant is back, Applebaum wants everyone to know that she was never really interested in elephants in the first place.

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  1. My local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, is a Gannet publication. Gannet and it’s associates control around 1000 publications. There has not been a mention on the NYT or Wapo change of position in the Dispatch. What else does anyone need to know? However, if you are the least bit curious there plenty of well researched, documented facts about the Biden family’s “business” interests. If you find no problem with the facts that’s an entirely different issue.

    1. Applebaum is a traitor to the very real and distinct values making up the core principles of America. She accepts criminality & a lifetime of lies as not relevant to her. She is the worst of the USA.

  2. Russian disinformation and active measures do work quite well.

    Russia funneled money to extreme environmental organizations that opposed oil and gas, and nuclear energy, in the US and Western Europe. This gave Russia and the Middle East more market share, and gave Putin more leverage over Europe. This is why the EU did not extend sanctions to Russian oil. It does not want to punish its own citizens with high energy costs or shortages. It gets cold in winter in Europe. They need to be able to heat their homes.

    Russia and Communist China funneled money to activist organizations that claimed the US was irredeemably racist, colonial, etc. This weakened our country, and gave Russia and China more clout.

    Russia pushed anti-semitic content against Israel, boosting the message. This is part of the reason why pro-Palestine, anti-Israeli messaging is the acceptable line on college campuses.

      1. Hey Anonymous, thanks for putting your hatred and bigotry towards Jews right up front, it makes it easier to know who you really are.

      2. Which Anonymous is this? I don’t know. I hope Anonymous the Stupid lets us know that he didn’t write this because otherwise, ATS gets linked with this type of nonsense.

        Whoever you are, you seem to be very ignorant. Israel is a sovereign democratic nation. The US doesn’t cater to Israel, though Israel is one of the best and most productive countries today. If you doubt that, tell us why. The Biden administration is one of the most, if not the most, anti-Israel administrations the US has seen. The Biden administration makes deals with the largest state sponsor of terrorism. His policies are pushing the Middle East toward a nuclear confrontation. If you think not, debate it instead of being a coward that can only provide ignorant comments. Better yet, go live in one of these despotic countries and see how you fare.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid didn’t let us know that he didn’t say thins, so one has to guess he did.

    1. Ah Yes. “active measures” a la Yuri Bezmenov or Tomas David Schuman. Good commentary Karen.

    2. Karen, your point about Russia and China being behind the asinine climate movement is so on point as to be perfect! This is the exact same concept that the Soviets used in getting the fools (leftists) to DEMAND that the US get rid of nuclear weapons in the 80s and to abandon nuclear power as well. Thankfully we had Reagan and his amazing bully pulpit to defeat the anti-nuke movement and get the Soviets to the table to have both sides disarm. Guys like Ed Markey were DEMANDING that the US NOt deploy nukes in Western Europe and when Reagan was done he got it so that BOTH SIDES did not put the new systems in Europe. But it was no thanks to Markey, the fools on the left and our leftist media.

      The climate issue is a scam, the Russians and the CCP are behind it which explains why China, Russia, India and a few there states don’t have to obey the mandates, only the western states have to ruin our economies.

      As for Anonymous, the jerk is getting worse by the minute.

      1. This is ignorant, foolish and wrong.

        Did commenter hullbobby actually go to school?

    3. “Russia funneled money to extreme environmental organizations “

      Russia has been doing this for decades. They wish to tear America apart and the leftists are their willing helpers that understand nothing about international gamesmanship.They are the fools that fascists use to gain power.

    4. Karen+S,
      I read a few articles about lobbying for opposition to fossil fuels/nuclear, IIRC about a week or two after the Ukraine/Russian war broke out.
      Go long on Merino wool!

  3. Applebaum is a 5 star hypocrite. Nope. She’s not referring to Joe Biden and Company. This is from 2019.

    Anne Applebaum: “Am getting tired of hearing about how “corrupt” Ukraine is. You know which country is corrupt? The United States. We have a president who is using the White House to make money, presidential children who are using their father’s prestige to make money.”

    1. …but she’s perfectly ok with lufetime grifter Biden. Brainwashed!

  4. It’s not journalism, but political activism.

    The Left controls Hollywood, most of the media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (until Elon Musk cleans house), Youtube, Google, and all the search sites that use Google algorithms. The Left controls the public education system from pre-K through 12 grade, and most universities in the US.

    The Left controls what information you can find, what’s taught in the classroom. The Left has shaped public opinion through propaganda and proselytizing in schools for decades. Behold, the rotten fruits.

  5. Applebaum has called for the limiting of speech in social media. The people of the left are always telling us that they are fighting for the oppressed. They just can’t put it together that all the oppressed have that’s going in their favor is the freedom of speech. With the use of simple logic it should be understood that they really don’t give a damn about the oppressed and they just want them to keep their mouths shut.

    1. Bill Barr discussed several topics with Larry Kudlow today. One was the laptop and the pre-election suppression of the information on it by the mainstream and social media.

      He said that polls show that one out of every six Biden voters would not have voted for Biden had they known about this information.

      Putting aside potential criminality, the information on the laptop that has been released thus far involves ethics, susceptibility to foreign influence and potentially other issues.

  6. Thank you Professor Turley for reviewing Applebaum’s answer to the question. She found the Hunter laptop very interesting when it was declared to be Russian disinformation but now when it is revealed that the laptop is not Russian disinformation but is authentic she no longer finds the laptop interesting. The laptop just doesn’t fit in the little niche in her brain so she no longer finds it of any importance. It’s like the shorts that occur in the brain when amnesia is present. Rather than the short being involuntary as in the amnesia patient Ms. Applebaum’s amnesia is selective. Somebody pays her to write???

  7. Ms Applebaum is a historian, but apparently she lies and misleads her audience.

    Bye bye Ms Applebaum.

    1. Stephen Kotkin is a fine historian on a period of russian history on a guy who held a strong grip there at one time. Ms. Appledaum is interesting, but hard to say if she got her information from a blend of first person accounts and 3rd person accounts to support her conclusions. Hard to say without looking into her research method.

  8. To those communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) and hyphenates who desire the total conquest of America, the abrogation of the Constitution, and the full implementation of the principles of communism, the Hunter Biden laptop story IS totally irrelevant.

    They are the acquisition of its national treasure, the destruction of America, and the elimination of actual Americans that matter.

    “Veni, vidi, vici.”

    – Julius Caesar, 46 BC

    “We came, we saw, we conquered.”

    – Global Parasites and Dependents in America, 1964 – 2022 AD

    $25+ Trillion confiscated from actual American taxpayers to fund the War on Poverty’s Great Society since 1964.

  9. “[The laptop story] only became uninteresting when it turned out to be true.”

    This is a problem.

    It is a problem when so many cultural leaders are unmoved by the truth. It is a problem when they are not motivated by facts, evidence, reality, reason. It is a problem when they are motivated by their wishes and feelings. It is a problem when they start with a desire (an end), then do anything necessary to satisfy that desire.

    One consequence of this problem is that the American public does not know who to believe any more.

    P.S. Great commentary, JT.

    1. Sam, your comments apply equally to what is called Climate Science™ by the same people.

      1. “[Y]our comments apply equally . . .

        Yes, if by that you mean the doomsayers and destroyers promoting the fraud called “climate change.”

        It’s remarkable that those frauds claim to predict the climate over the next decades, but can’t even accurately predict the weather next *week*. And since the 60’s, their doomsaying predictions have been laughingly wrong. Yet nobody seems to care about their history of utter failure. If 90% of an investment advisor’s clients had gone bankrupt, I certainly would not trust his financial advice.

        In addition, they are virtually ignorant about the effect of the oceans on the climate. Yet they pretend to be able to understand the casual mechanisms of the entire globe’s climate.

        You probably know this: Their entire fraud, along with their destructive policies, is built on a fiction — global climate “models” made up mostly out of whole cloth.

        Want to experience the effect of their destructive policies? Look at your skyrocketing gas, utility, and food bills. Theirs is “science” used to destroy industrialization, wealth, happiness.

    2. A more important consequence is that the portion of the American public who’ve been paying attention now knows who NOT TO BELIEVE.

  10. Anne Appelbaum purports to be an expert on Putin and Russia’s disinformation campaigns. She claimed the Hunter saga was Russian disinformation. Either she got this one 100% wrong or she made this claim for political reasons. Whichever is true, she has lost whatever credibility she may have had as an expert.

    It’s also not clear why she finds the information uninteresting.

    Is it because she believes Joe Biden’s assertions that he never discussed business with his son and that his son never made money from China? Hard to imagine, given what is known.

    Is it because she believes that Joe Biden derived no benefit from Hunter’s earnings? Also unlikely based on what is said in emails and texts.

    Is it because even if Joe Biden was involved, this had nothing to do with influence peddling? Hard to see what else Hunter and Jim Biden brought to the table.

    Is it because even if there was influence peddling there was nothing unlawful about Joe Biden’s involvement because there was no quid pro quo involving US policy? Maybe, but that remains to be seen. In any event, the influence peddling itself, given Joe Biden’s denials, might be considered interesting on its own, if only as an example of what families of Washington politicians do.

    Even if Ms Appelbaum finds it uninteresting, many Biden voters think it interesting enough that polls show the suppression of the story affected their votes. This alone may have cost Trump the election.

    1. Cite the poll, please. EVERY single pre-election poll found Trump losing. Trump NEVER broke a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time and most Americans did NOT vote for him in 2016. He was NEVER going to win ANY election without cheating, in 2016 or 2020. You claim that “suppression of the story affected (Biden) voters”. WHAT STORY? Regardless of what Hunter Biden did or didn’t do, THERE IS STILL NO PROOF THAT JOE BIDEN DID ANYTHING WRONG, even now, 2 years later. The sudden appearance of the hard drive, obtained by now-disgraced, proven liar and former attorney, Giuliani, who copied it and distributed copies to Republican members of Congress BEFORE turning it over to the FBI, stinks to high heaven, and this is the reason why there was always skepticism. It would be unreasonable not to doubt it. In addition. Giuliani bragged that he was going to feed innuendoes about Hunter engaging in crimes for Trump to spring on Biden in the debates because Trump flopped so badly in the first debate. They believed this would throw off Biden, who beat Trump in the first debate. So much for Biden being senile or demented.

      This is just more of the fantasy-world bullsh*t put out by alt-right news. Before the 2020 election, I recall some of you Trump dreamers fantasizing about the fat one winning in 2020, his bleached daughter in 2024-2028, then his sons, one by one, including the youngest, for a decades-long Trump dynasty. Most Americans have always been repulsed by his arrogance, ignorance, reputation for being unethical in business and incompetence. Trump was never going to win, and, on that note, in today’s news, Republicans in Arizona announced the results of their extensive investigation into the 2020 election: there was NO fraud. Biden won fair and square. Fox probably won’t report this, either.

      1. Of course the polling was reported as bad, that was the result of suppressing the truth about the biden crime family and over critical press coverage of mostly here say nonsense about Trump. Don’t continue to attempt to polish this turd of an administration and the unethical, it would appear at this juncture, means by which the left leaning media strove to turn an election by subversion.

        1. I saw an interesting interview by an investigative reporter about the Hunter Biden “scandal”. She explained how the alt-right took the laptop story, morphed it into actual crimes having been committed by Hunter Biden based on nothing but innuendo and outright lies, and the extended the nonexistent criminality to Joe Biden and the rest of his family. So, morons like you, Alma, believe there is a “Biden crime family”, all without any proof. Of course, all of this is a deflection away from Trump, who has been seen by the world inciting a riot, lying about his “landslide victory’ being “stolen”, the Mueller investigation and Republican Senatorial investigation both of which proved Russia helped him cheat, and his effort to gin up fake evidence against Biden by an attempted quid pro quo for money appropriated by Congress for Ukraine.

          OK, here goes, Alma: what “crimes” did any of the Bidens commit, and specify for me, if you can, the proof thereof. What has Joe Biden done that is “unethical” and what proof do you have? In responding, instead of attacking me, cite me some proof, or just admit this is some rhetoric you saw on one of your alt-right news outlets.

          1. The crimesw ill be delineated by a criminal justice operative if they are what they appear to be, that is not my job. Please explain the monies received by hunter biden for doing squat except offer access to The Big Guy.

          2. You blew it with the “unethical” tease. Haven’t heard of Tony Bobolinski? Haven’t seen the pictures of Biden with Hunters business associates? The Big Guy’s 10%? The letter to the president of Brown U? The white house log showing the meeting with Devan Archer days before he went Soprano on Ukraine??? This and much, much more are all evidence of influence peddling. Taken together, a lot of evidence constitutes proof, for a rational person. And the “I won’t make you give me half like Pop” means he personally benefitted. You don’t have to admit we would be better off with Trump in office right now, but refusing to admit Joe is crooked just really dismantles your credibility. Just because Fox is the only ones willing to cover it, doesn’t make it not so. They had guests on their shows for 2 years saying the Russian dossier was a hoax that Clinton paid for. Now we know its true. FEC

          3. Mike Davis sums up the Dem playbook:

            “Left’s god/goal = Power

            Religion/strategy = Marxism

            Sects/tactics = Chaos

            1. #MeToo / Abortion / Birthing Persons / Pronouns / Groomers (sex & gender division)

            2. “Racist!” (BLM, equity, CRT, racial division)

            3. “Democracy!” (make it easier to steal elections, obtain power)

            4. Covidians (#StayHome, COVID controls, mask mandates, vaccine passports, social credit)

            5. “Misinformation!”/“Disinformation!” (censor, silence, de-platform, even cancel dissent)

            6. “Climate Change” (next religious sect, after they burnsd out everyone on COVID)”

          4. Really? Then why is Hunter Biden under FBI investigation?
            Yesterday CBS News reported that Hunter’s and Jim Biden’s bank accounts were flagged 150 times for suspicious transactions activity. I’m pretty sure the investigators will find a crime or two in there.

      2. That Trump even got close to a 50% approval rating is a miracle considering the unrepresented concerted COLLUSION of the democrat establishment, the media, big tech and pandering fortune 500 companies to spread lies, hoaxe, disinformation and misinformation before and after he was elected.

      3. “EVERY single pre-election poll found Trump losing.”

        Trafalgar Group: Polls Predict Trump Victory in Election 2020

        Why is that getting attention? Because Trafalgar is a pollster that correctly predicted Trump would win the Electoral College in 2016.

        Americans Increasingly Predicting Trump 2020 Victory: CNN Poll

        The percentage of Americans who believe President Donald Trump will win a second term is increasing, a new CNN poll finds.

        https://www.huffpost .com/entry/cnn-poll-americans-predict-trump-2020-win_n_5bc3666be4b0bd9ed55b1766

      4. Natacha, we are not going to let you off easy. You were one of the ones who screamed the loudest that the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation. As a source you parroted at a high squawk The New York Times stories about the laptop being Russian disinformation. Now that the Times has admitted that they got the story wrong and that the laptop is authentic you no longer know what the Times is. Now that the Times has admitted that RussiaGate and Alpha Bank were a hoax you no longer quote it’s pages. You have written that Trump Derangement Syndrome when used by the right is just a distraction. When you wont even admit that you as The New York Times has admitted are wrong you have become a living example verifying that TDS is a very serious malady that should be treated by a psychological expert. This psychological expert should be required to also have had a minor in the treatment of the Loon.

      5. The poll mentioned by the questioner said that 16% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if they had known of the laptop story. The poll was conducted by Media Research Center.

      6. The poll mentioned by the student showed that 16% of Biden voters would not have voted for Biden if they had known about the laptop story. The poll was conducted by Media Research Center.

      7. I don’t know what article you are referring to, but I have heard that in Arizona, it’s been determined that tens of thousands of ballots went ‘outside’ the proper chain of custody before those ballots ended up back in the ‘counting’ mix. No fraud? How can you be sure — if Trump had won the state this would be headline news.

      8. Media Research Center conducted the poll cited by the student Turley quoted. The poll showed that 16% of Biden voters who had not heard of the laptop would not have voted for him if they had known of the story.

      9. Nat THERE IS STILL NO PROOF THAT JOE BIDEN DID ANYTHING WRONG, even now, 2 years later.
        Comw out from under the rock. You are either ignorant, stupid or just flat out ignoring the data. Joe Bide committed quid pro quo for his own benefit by withholding funds from Ukrain Unless they fire the prosecutor.The coming deretcho nof disclosures will render Biden out of office before 12-31-2022. Youn can laugh, hew haw, snozzel all you care to,hoss fly, but truths will be coming forth. Better pull your Depends up real high.

      10. Natacha,

        81 Million people did not vote for the senile corpse now occupying the White House. Joe and JIll know it, too. So does Kamala. So do all the Fake News media.

    2. It is blatantly pushed as unimportant and irrelevant in the hopes that the brainwashed dem masses will believe that nonsense and forget that they helped elect a grifter and his family with a VP totally incompetent at all but one thing – and that has little use as a skill after she achieves the political position to which she aspired.

  11. It’s a shame that Trump has debased himself turning into a political operative. Turley ignores anything and everything about the coup attempt or ongoing investigations. And what does Turley do? he feeds the deplorables, and sock puppets that now fill his blog with his new chase of his white whale, Hunter Biden. If Hunter Biden has done wrong by the law, so be it and prosecute. But to ignore all together the crimes of those who have been found guilty and that are charged, makes it clear Turley is acting as a political operative and not a lawyer nor teacher.

    1. That’s frankly just silly. Turley was writing about one of today’s headline stories and he is a lawyer and a teacher as well. If you don’t understand what he does here, maybe just move on. Most of us are grateful for his clear writing combined with one hell of an educated mind.

    2. “But to ignore all together the crimes of those ” are we talking about hillary, swalwell, bill, and many many more here? How is it that the mass media seems to sweep all thqt so quickly under the rug? hmmmm???

    3. Fishwings,

      The fact that Turley is not calling the 1/6 investigation a “witch-hunt” is positive! He ignores its progress because he does not object to it. He is on the record criticizing Trump’s 1/6 speech as “reckless” and calling for his Congressional censure. The Trumpists here ignore these FACTS because they cannot accept that Turley is a NeverTrumper.

      The fact that Turley NEVER praises or otherwise endorses the opinions of his Fox brethren demonstrates that he is too embarrassed to publicly associate himself with them! He knows that their opinions are contemptible which explains why he NEVER even mentions them by name. It’s degrading that Turley works for Fox; so we know where his allegiance lies. Even so, he will not lie on its behalf unlike his Fox colleagues who employ such phrases as “hoax,” Deep State,” or “rigged.” These are words of LIARS.

      If Hunter is guilty, so be it and prosecute, as you say. I agree wholeheartedly. No one is above the law, not even Presidents. Rest assured that Turley will stand with us on the side of the law if and when Trump and his followers are brought to justice. Turley will ignore their howls then as now about the legitimacy of the 1/6 committee and the state investigations into Trump.

      1. Jeff,

        “The fact that Turley NEVER praises or otherwise endorses the opinions of his Fox brethren demonstrates that he is too embarrassed to publicly associate himself with them!”

        Please reconcile this statement with the fact that Turley routinely appears on Fox with the people that you claim he does not want to be publicly associated with.

        1. Ray in SC,

          Turley will appear with them on a broadcast, sure, but he does not share their opinions. If he did share their opinions and wished to ENDORSE them he would call them out by name in his articles. But he does not.

          I defy you to cite me an article where Turley states that he believes the election was stolen or that the Mueller investigation was a “witch-hunt.”

          1. Turley defended Trump using a fine legal mind. He defended Trump because he felt it was correct. He would not have wanted the Mueller witch-hunt and disapproves of the Mueller teams way of acting such as wiping out their cell phones.

          2. Jeff.

            What exactly is it that you think Turley does when he appears on Fox? To hear you talk, it must be one or both of the first two choices below.

            1) He sits there stoically, refusing to speak lest any viewer believe that he shares the host’s opinion. If necessary, you know how pushy Tucker can be, he covers his ears and says ‘lalalalalala I can’t hear you’.

            2) He states that the host and his audience are lying Trumpist, that Trump is a carnival snake charmer, that the stolen election is ‘the big lie’, and that he wishes that more people were like his good buddy Jeff Silberman because nobody understands Turley like Jeff does.

            3) He offers his objective legal opinion on the topic of the day, sometimes agreeing with the host and sometimes disagreeing but at all times being very friendly and cordial with his Fox ‘brethren’.

            1. Ray in SC,

              1) Were Turley asked whether he would appear on Infowars with Alex Jones to render his legal opinions, is there any doubt that he would refuse? For the same reason, he should not appear with Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham. I know you don’t agree that they are as malicious as Jones. But the point is that even Turley would acknowledge that there are lines of decency which should not be crossed. I simply disagree where he draws the line. It’s that simple.

              2) I search Turley’s archive to back-up my claims about his attitudes and statements and post the relevant article for you to check for yourself.

              3) Turley never disagrees with the Fox host when called upon. He was asked by his Fox hosts about election fraud. He said that it remains to be seen, but Trump’s attorneys should be able to make their case in court. At no time did he state on-the-air that he believed the election was rigged or stolen unlike all the other guests presented by the Fox hosts. When Turley cannot support the Fox narrative, he is not called upon. Turley is free to state his contrary opinion here though he NEVER criticizes Fox or his colleagues on-air or off-air. Prove me wrong.

              1. Jeff,

                When challenged, your argument has gone from “[Turley] is too embarrassed to publicly associate himself with them!” to “Turley will appear with them on a broadcast, sure, but he does not share their opinions.” to “Turley never disagrees with the Fox host when called upon.”

                The truth is that it became clear long ago that your supposed insights into what Turley believes are just as credible as those offered by the man on the moon. You are a sad little man who is desperately seeking relevance and us badly failing at it.

                1. Ray,

                  I am sad. I am little. I am irrelevant. I am a failure.


  12. There is no doubt that Hunter Biden has led a a disappointing and sad life. Yes, he’s a hot mess.
    This has been known by the DC insiders for years, known to be a political liability and yet, the push to get Biden to run overruled all sensibility.
    This was all bound to be made public, at some point – that time has arrived.
    Don’t know the family dynamics that perhaps led or contributed to Hunters problems ( death of mother, head injury in car crash, older brother “ the golden child” etc) and parents will try to shield their child to make up for the past .

    It all has to come out now – the dots still need to be connected to show that the President knowingly benefited from his sons activities ( influence peddling ) and whether that has any bearing on his governmental activities , decision making.

    I recall reading a Peggy Noonan column during the last election advising Biden not to run, that his legacy , up to that point was good, that if he ran ( and won) that legacy was up for grabs .

    So be it.

    1. Peggy Noonan wrote a column last September titled, ‘Will Biden’s Fall Be Worse Than His Summer?’

      At first glance I thought she was using the word ‘fall’ as a verb, not a noun.

      So now we can wonder, will Biden’s fall be coming this summer?

      Or will Biden’s fall be in the Fall?

      1. I expect the Dems to come up with their October Surprise by invoking the 25th Amendment thus moving Willie Brown’s mistress into the White House. at We voters are then supposed to be so grateful that we now have a POC who identifies as a “female” as president that we voters will give the Dems an overwhelming win in November.

        1. Ray Nope. They will move Kam out, slide in Hillary or Moochell O, and then remove JB out under th 25th. Selah

  13. Daniel Schmidt, the student who asked Applebaum the question tweeted this:

    “@AnneApplebaum, who we are supposed to believe is some esteemed and highly intelligent journalist, cannot even answer a basic question posed by me, a college freshman. @DavidAxelrod proceeds to quickly end the session.”

    Good going Daniel!

  14. Just another left wing elitist, if it works for our narrative it’s OK.

    1. There was never a pee tape of Trump. There was never a video or audio recording, photos, written communications of anything that any Republican or conservative Supreme Court nominee has done involving sex, drugs, rape or prostitution, only “reports” by anonymous sources. the Left vilifies anyone whom they see fit with sordid, unverified tales. And yet, there exists a fully loaded laptop and also 450 GB of data, in emails, photos, videos, implicating both Joe and Hunter Biden in coverups. Jill Biden is likely also lying, given her plagiarized EdD degree dissertation. Coverups are the worst crime any politician can commit.

      Resolved: it appears that Hunter and Joe Biden might be guilty of the worst crime a politician can commit: coverup.
      To think of the circus Democrats organized against Justice Kavanaugh. Their silence on Hunter’s laptop is all the proof one needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the current occupant of the White House. Biden picked a hell of a way to end his life, in utter disgrace, alone, confused, looking pathetic ….just like meth mouth Hunter Biden

      “Whistleblower who handed Hunter’s abandoned laptop to congressmen reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos – and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House”

      A shocking photo obtained from Hunter’s laptop shows his badly damaged and worn down teeth – also known as ‘meth mouth’ – as he sits in a dentist chair

      1. I have seen a few others and that one is nothing compared to what may only come out with fuzzed up faces. I take it Ms. Applebaum has not had children.

    2. Margot,

      Turley holds “the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.”

      Sounds rather elitist to me! It’s the Shapiro Chair!

  15. I love to refer to movie themes and scenes and apply them to real life. I have difficulty with this particular lady. Should this be “The Wizard of Oz” and “don’t pay attention to that man (elephant) behind the curtain”. Or should we apply this to many scenes where the peasants with their pitchforks and torches make their way up the winding road to the Castle to the Baron (Baroness) to suggest he(she) change their ways and quit covering for the monster he (she) has helped create. I think I stand with the peasants. Burn down that castle!

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