He Who Must Not Be Heard: YouTube Censors Jan. 6th Committee for Including Video Clip of President Donald Trump

We have previously discussed the increasing censorship at YouTube where conservative and dissenting viewpoints are now increasingly blocked, including U.S. senators and physicians with opposing views of Covid.  It has also banned videotapes of former President Don Trump. Other social media companies have banned others from posting the voice of Trump. The problem with censorship is that it becomes an insatiable appetite. As you censor opposing views, it demands more and more censorship. It becomes increasingly ridiculous as was the case this week. According to a New York Post report YouTube censored the Democratic-controlled Select Committee for a video that included a clip of Trump. It was being posted to implicate Trump in the January 6th riot but YouTube has continued to blindly follow its “he-who-must-not-be-heard” policy.

The clip also featured testimony from former Attorney General William Barr, which the company suggests violated its terms of service relating to misinformation. YouTube has no problem with posting proven false allegations against Barr like the claim that he cleared Lafayette Park for a photo op.

In the latest absurd removal, the company explained:

Our election integrity policy prohibits content advancing false claims that widespread fraud, errors or glitches changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, if it does not provide sufficient context.

We enforce our policies equally for everyone, and have removed the video uploaded by the Jan. 6 committee channel.

However, Barr’s testimony has never been shown to be false. While people can disagree, YouTube is barring people from being able to watch the testimony and reach their own conclusions. It is simply enforcing the view of one side in this public controversy.

Accordingly, even critics of Trump are barred from showing his words. It is the ludicrous license of those who claim the right to control what people can say or see on such sites. There is no stopping once you put yourself on this slippery slope of censorship.

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  1. YouTube: “We enforce our policies equally for everyone. . ,”

    That is cap. That has not happened since 2016. But it’s very telling when YouTube *now* decides to strike down a video from the Demobrat-run Deselect Committee.

    Therefore, I say this act is not ludicrous or absurd. I want to see more of this. I want to see Soylicon Valley antisocial media companies attack Demobrat-controlled Capitol Hill and vice versa. I want the circular firing squad to continue doing its work. I want more people to see what they voted for two years ago and the consequences of their actions. They were all for censorship until it came to them. No, they need to stay in that corner over and take the big L like all of us conservatives have been. They built that bed, they can sleep in it.

  2. This isn’t about misinformation, or good or bad people posting videos. After all, mass murdering dictators still have their YouTube accounts.

    This is about Democrats controlling public communications and access to information to the voting public, in order to hinder Republicans from getting elected, and help Democrats. It’s Fascist behavior against Free Speech. After all, the Fascist movement undermined individual rights for the “Common Good.” Anything that prompted the Fascist cause was “good”, including murder, and anything that hindered their cause was “bad”. Thus, good and bad were no longer defined by Judeo Cristian values.

    It’s the totalitarian, force aspect of the Left with which conservatives take most issue. It’s not just people having their own beliefs; they have to force it on you. This is how corporations and public schools across America forced people to pledge a BLM loyalty oath, but punished people who backed cops. This is how kids get in trouble at school for using grammatically correct pronouns on people who are confused, and who insist everyone support that delusion or suffer the consequences. This is how you get branded a racist if you point out the 1619 Project was debunked.

    And before anyone claims that abortion restrictions are forcing a belief on everyone…laws define assault, murder, and other harm on an unwilling individual. There are already abortion restrictions. Most Americans support limiting abortion, while very few support no restrictions whatsoever. Abortion involves an unwilling, totally different human being than the mother who wants that person dead. Determining at what gestation unborn life has a right not to be deliberately killed should be left up to the people. By contrast to the totalitarian Left, no one is getting punished or prevented for stating their opposition to abortion Iimits, or for their support of Roe v Wade. People aren’t getting fired from most corporations if they openly voice support for abortion.

    1. That “totally different human being than the mother” isn’t a person. And even if it were a person, in NO other situation, do we allow person A or the state to legally require that person B donate anything from person B’s body to save person A’s life. You cannot even demand that someone do something as simple as donate a pint of blood to save someone else’s life.

      “Determining at what gestation unborn life has a right not to be deliberately killed should be left up to the people.”

      In a constitutional democracy, ultimately all rights are “left up to the people” — as the Founders noted: “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

      But that does not mean that constitutional civil rights should be left to the states. Rather, it means that all states are constrained from infringing on civil rights to a significant extent, as the people have ratified the Constitution.

      “There are already abortion restrictions.”

      And more people agree with leaving Roe in place than abandoning it. Roe and Casey allow some restrictions and make other restrictions unconstitutional.

      1. Anonymous:

        Of course there is no other situation in which it would apply. That’s because an injury is not a pregnancy. Forcing someone to donate blood or a kidney is not a natural process. Pregnancy is how we reproduce.

        There are already restrictions on abortion. For instance, once the baby becomes viable, the mother is prevented from having the baby killed.

        When it comes to viability, no one is forcing the mother to donate an organ, blood, or anything else. Abortion laws after viability prevents the mother from killing her viable child. There certainly are women who would do so, as Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial proved. There was a long line of women with healthy, viable pregnancies who would rather than child were dead than born and adopted.

        Once you pass viability, there’s no getting out of child birth. That baby will be born. If it’s aborted, it will be stillborn.

        One of the questions about abortion is whether it’s morally right or wrong to kill a human prior to birth, and if so, at which gestational age is it OK? Once the morality of the question is determined, then the legality comes into play. There are plenty of things that are legal, but many consider immoral. Sleeping with your best friend’s husband or wife, for example, is legal, but immoral.

        If a woman is raped, why does the baby get capital punishment, but not the rapist? The baby is innocent. For consensual acts, a woman willingly engages in the act of reproduction, but finds the subsequent pregnancy unfair, and wishes to kill the child before it’s born. That is what all the euphemisms about freedom of choice of consensual sex that results in pregnancy means. Pregnancy is inconvenient, so kill the child. Now, there are plenty of arguments about the legality or illegality of limiting abortion at any gestation. However, in a nutshell, abortion is killing your child before he or she is born because you don’t want the baby. There might be many reasons they don’t want the baby – loss of job, loss of relationship, stress, not ready for children, not married, married to another man than the father, or something might be wrong with the baby. The abnormality might be cosmetic, intellectual but not life threatening, such as many Downs Syndrome children, or it might be life threatening or incompatible with life. Some women just want a perfect child, and if anything at all is wrong, they don’t want the baby. Some women have casual sex with men they would never, ever want to be the father of their children. So they just kill any children produced prior to birth. Sex has been totally divested of responsibility and in many cases, emotional investment. Perhaps that’s another reason why STDs are skyrocketing.

        Perhaps the most fair way would be that the woman has the right to evict a fetus at any stage, but not the right to request it killed. Prior to viability, the poor child would die. After viability, the child would live. That wouldn’t please everyone, and it still might be immoral, but it’s the only way I can think of that protects women’s autonomy as well as preserves some of the baby’s rights. That would be far more permissive than many current abortion laws.

        I find abortion to be tragic. I think if our bellies were transparent, there would be far less abortions in the world. It would be impossible to dismiss a baby as a ball of cells or piece of tissue if you could see him or her nestled in there, sleeping in your womb. Not even an ultrasound can show the clear face of your child, although it does show how they move and stretch. One would think a woman would be less likely to kill their own baby after 12 weeks, when they could see them sucking on their tiny little thumbs.

        It seems horrible to think of a mother killing her own child. When we read about women pushing them in the family car into a lake, we think of how it’s contrary to every maternal instinct. A woman should fight grizzlies to protect her child. There’s a wrongness. Yet abortion means a mother orders her unborn son or daughter killed. What would it be like for future children to learn their mother aborted their sibling? That if they’d been conceived at a different time, that could have been them their mother killed.

        1. “Pregnancy is how we reproduce.”

          Sometimes, but even with no elective abortions, the majority of conceptions do not result in birth. They either fail to implant (most of the time) or are miscarried. Elective abortions are another alternative for pregnant women who do not wish to bring the pregnancy to term, as well as for wanted pregnancies where something goes seriously wrong, as here: https://twitter.com/wtadler/status/1521167627833552899

          “Once you pass viability, there’s no getting out of child birth”

          With exceptions, such as when the pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk.

          Moreover, if Roe is overturned, MANY states have laws that would make abortion illegal long before viability.

          “If it’s aborted, it will be stillborn.”

          No, stillbirth is the word for a natural fetal death after the gestational age when a fetus is normally viable. It’s not the same as an elective abortion later in pregnancy.

          “Once the morality of the question is determined …”

          The answers to moral questions are a matter of opinion. Sometimes moral opinions are widely shared, and other times they aren’t. People sometimes feel very strongly about moral questions and pretend that their preferred answer is fact, but they’re opinions, not facts.

          “If a woman is raped, why does the baby get capital punishment, but not the rapist?”

          Elective abortions aren’t capital punishment. (Capital punishment is carried out by the state after a trial.) A pregnant woman should not be forced to carry her rapist’s baby to term against her will, and abortion is the only alternative. If you dislike that, invent an artificial womb and a means of transplantation.

          “I think if our bellies were transparent, there would be far less abortions in the world.”

          The uterus is not the belly. As for your claim, there’s no way to know.

          “One would think a woman would be less likely to kill their own baby after 12 weeks…”

          Most abortions already do occur before 12 weeks.

          “That if they’d been conceived at a different time, that could have been them their mother killed.”

          Fine with me if my mother had chosen to have an abortion when pregnant with me. I’m old enough that that wasn’t a legal choice for her. I wish it had been a legal choice.

          I still wish you’d replied:

      2. The polling on people leaving Roe v Wade in place is usually based on misinformation. People are under the impression that all abortion would be illegal if Roe v Wade were repealed, not that they would be responsible for voting on it.

        Most people polled support certain abortion restrictions that are currently prohibited by Roe v Wade.

    2. If there are men left in the world today, I think they should stop being selfish with just pleasures of the world & attempt build a family unit & nurture the next generation.

      Decades later, what’s left with their personal selflessness, no grandkids, no next generation, no goals?

      Attempt to be a responsible male guys, get a real wife, explain to her the plan & get busy slackers even if it takes working a few side jobs after hours.

      1. Oky1:

        Abortion allows a man to have casual sex without responsibility. They get the milk, and sometimes the STD, for free without having to buy the cow. A man no longer has to court a woman, pledge to take care of her and the resulting children, and share all his assets in a committed, responsible relationship for sex. He just has to open an app or text someone. Women become nothing more than receptacles unworthy of respect, and immediately forgotten.

        I don’t think feminists think about this aspect of widespread, common abortion.

    3. “Thus, good and bad were no longer defined by Judeo Cristian values.”

      Name a single theocracy in history that defended individual rights and individual freedom. Name one that did not cause mass slavery, ignorance, destitution.

      1. Judea Christian values created the concept of equal individual worth. A rich man’s soul is not worth more than a poor man’s. It did not cause slavery, which was omnipresent in all human societies. Rather, it ended slavery in the West. It was Christian majority nations that finally ended this evil practice. it was Christians by whose faith ran the Underground Railroad. And it was her Christian faith in God which Harriet Tubman credited with leading her to become the most successful Conductor ever.

        This was contrary to the prior pagan religions, especially those that employed human sacrifice. The men, women, and children captives tortured and eaten by the Maori tribes, or killed by the Aztecs tearing out their beating hearts, certainly were not viewed as equal in value to their murderers.

        The Vatican is the only modern day Judeo Christian theocracy I can think of, and it is not engaging in slavery. Muslim theocracies are the most common. Lacking Judea Christian values, they engage in human rights violations encoded into their jurisprudence with some regularity.

        The benefit of defining good and bad by Judeo Christian values is that it is based off of equal rights. Murder and theft are considered bad. Atheistic movements, such as Communism and Socialism, defined “good” as whatever promoted the cause, and “bad” as whatever hindered the cause. Thus, the CCP consider the genocide of the Uighur to be “good”. Stalin killed millions and it was “good.” Hitler thought his mass murder was “good”, and he loathed Christianity.

        When humans define good or bad and divest it from Judeo Christian values, it can be defined in ways totally alien to the modern West.

        1. “Judea Christian values . . . did not cause slavery . . .”

          You are either ignorant of, or are whitewashing, basic world history. During the period dominated by a religious ideology (the Dark/Middle Ages), the individual was a serf. His mind and body were owned by a combined power of the church and state. He had no rights, no freedom — he was a *slave*. He was impoverished, ignorant (kept intentionally so), riddled with diseases, and subject to constant, bloody religious wars.

          During the rise of the Renaissance — with its independent thinkers, scientists, writers, artists — everywhere the Church stomped its ideological foot, the Renaissance fled. That is a religious ideology versus man’s mind, writ large.

          “The whole group of believers was of one mind and one heart. No one claimed any of his possessions as his own, but everything was held in common.” (from the “Rule of St. Augustine,” *the* Church father)

          That collectivist premise is the root of socialism, not of an individualistic capitalism.

          “The benefit of defining good and bad by Judeo Christian values is that it is based off of equal rights.”

          Galileo could not be reached for comment.

  3. Matt Gaetz
    Honestly, who let Joe Biden on a bicycle?

    They don’t even let him in the real Oval Office.

    Next time put him on a Peloton and tell him he’s riding a bike.

    1. At least give the poor man some training wheels. Maybe a helmet and knee and elbow pads wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  4. Personally, I’d rather Trump was a kingmaker than a king in 2024, I hope he doesn’t run.

    But another part of me wants him to run to watch these censoring creeps censor a Presidential candidate throughout his campaign, hoping their anti-American/anti-freedom choices destroy them.

    Sure, they have the right as a private company. But they should not have special protections to do this. They are preventing, or at least, making it difficult, shaping what me and you can hear, what can be heard in the world, and I deeply resent it.

    1. I hope he doesn’t run. But another part of me wants him to run…

      Trump is an abomination, succeeding a long list of abominations prior to him, i.e. elected presidents and failed presidential candidates, Members of Congress, et al. Trump is the Newtonian response vis a vis Newton’s 3rd law of motion

      To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction; or, the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts – Wiki

      The Left loathes him (much as they loathe anyone that challenges them) because Trump stooped to their level. It is understandable that some Americans want to get down to their level, to fight an eye for an eye, but alas that results in everyone being blind, like today. His running would be the end of America as we know it. However, The Left (e.g. Pro-Aborts, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Biden’s handlers, etc) will never, ever back down. Never. They lack the classic Catholic learned discipline of introspection followed by the striking of their chest and saying aloud, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. This is what atheism has produced, e.g. jeffsilberman, eb, natacha, dennis, et al, all consuming entropy, random disorder. The Left does not subscribe to boundaries, see Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. To them the rules apply to others but certainly not them. Thus Trump’s foolish, idiotic, reckless January 6 riot is merely a natural response to the infamous ANTIFA BLM Anarchy that everyone discusses ….except the Left. So since there definitely wont be a meeting of the minds, there is only one option that nature will present with or without our consent. Entropy leads to more entropy until collapse. A house divided….

      Better would be for everyone to lay down their life for their friend, to quote the New Testament. Better to return to the Golden Rule, a culture that subscribes to a moral life, a consensus, as Father John Courtney Murray SJ articulated, to enjoy e pluribus unum. Since that is not likely, I would prefer a natural disaster to hit America hard to limit the damage of civil war, e.g. a massive plague, a colossal meteor hitting CONUS. Then, and only then, upon hitting rock bottom, will people possibly come together. But man is proud, the first and worst deadly sin. So their hearts likely wont budge even after a catastrophe of national stature. Consequently, the laws of natural selection and evolutionary principles will proceed, anarchy, bloodshed, mutual assured destruction, and a bleakness that will dwarf the US Civil War. Sad that it has come to this, but those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

      So let Trump run, stock up on resources, and let her rip.


      1. Estovir, not much time now.

        The Globalist Banking trash have been screw up Nation States for more then 300 years. Just look around the world at all the 3rd world sh*tholes. How did they become like that? The leaders weren’t stupid they were threatened & bought off. (Confessions of an economic Hitman) (Rothchild/etc.)

        All Trump did was stall them off a couple years.

        Look at it like this There are the nice hunter guys here, they put out feeders for the pretty deer. The deer show up & the deer are think: Wow! what a nice guy that’s helping us!

        Aren’t you/me, just the Deer like the people in Argentina in their early 2000’s economic planned collapse by the Globalist Banking Trash, Central Bankers, JPM, GS, CITI, George Soros, etc…….?

        And please, stop pissing in people;s boot about how great the mRNA death/clots are, the stats are coming out & they are Horrible. I have to be try nice but it’s not fun thing to point out certain problems, but we have to face reality.

        BTW: It’s not that I don’t have plenty of problems with Trump, but whats the problem with him? People Pissed because he was have the Pedos round up?

        D they hate $2.39 Gas & low Taxes & having Job with a raise & no war. Just what the hell kind of Dope are those people?

      2. Estovir,

        One of things that caught my ear was the mRNA ….. Lipaniod Nanotech?, causing among other things Prion Diseases, AKA: MadCow Disease among others.

        I can’t say, but recently a short distance from here, Collinsvile Ok there was a young teenager was reported with a Prion Disease, Madcow type disease. That’s Odd.

        Anyway, the issues also may involve people like may wife’s cancer treatment & Lipaniod Nanotech.

        Also Odd was the 10000 dead cows west of here in Western Kansas. Related. hell if I know for sure. I don’t recall anything like that before?

      3. At the risk of going all No True Scotsman, but real atheists don’t replace one god with the god of government and absolute power.

        1. “[R]eal atheists don’t replace one god with the god of government and absolute power.”

          Well said.

      4. I read more references about where you attained your theories and your views than I actually got to read about what you really think. I can listen to someone or study their actions for a few minutes, and come to my own determination deciding what they are and how solid they happen to be in their reasoning without having to base what I think on the theories of others. To let someone else provide just how secure my stand on an issue is going to be is a nonstarter. Going this route everytime for understanding people and world viewpoints tends to lead people to believe irrational things concerning rational people. Mr. Trump requires no etiquette to succeed in any field, lead in any field, or let the opposition know that they are the losers that they really are.
        And I am very proud of him…

  5. “He Who Must Not Be Heard: YouTube Censors Jan. 6th Committee for Including Video Clip of President Donald Trump”

    – Professor Turley


    “Crazy Abe” Lincoln illegally and unconstitutionally imposed martial law, seized power, denied constitutional secession, commenced an unconstitutional war, suspended habeas corpus, denied the freedom of speech, denied freedom of the press, smashed printing presses, imprisoned political opponents, confiscated private property, facilitated illegal immigration, facilitated an invasion by 4 million non-citizens, failed his duty to enforce the border and immigration law, facilitated his successors’ contamination of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by imposing by force and improperly ratifying Karl Marx’s unconstitutional “Reconstruction * Amendments” under the duress of brutal post-war military occupation.

    * https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/iwma/documents/1864/lincoln-letter.htm

    The Ten Commandments have never required and have never been “amended.”

    The American Founders and Framers ratified the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand in perpetuity.

    “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s nugatory America is putrefied, illicit, unconstitutional and illegitimate to this day.

  6. The Left fall for their own propaganda….by thinking we are going to be roused by a Lie….when it is the truth that is going to move us to take action.

  7. I always wonder whether YouTube really got its viewers’ opinions on the issue of censorship, regarding the issue of properly forming their community guidelines.

  8. Just as an aside, JeffSilberman is starting to ruin the comments section. It used to be just one particular guy named “Anonymous” that was dominating the section but Jeff has increased his commenting to an absurd, obsessive level and I think he needs a Wellness Check.

    Jeff, stop trying to ruin the site.

    1. Darren in his post this morning, described our resident retard with clarity and specificity. The lack of self awareness is a great indicator of retardation

      “Far too many individuals today spend a full day acting as trolls; spewing out dozens of ephemeral insults as tweets and web log comments that in sum serve only to dilute their significance due to their volume and rather boring repetition.”

      1. When it comes to people who repeat themselves, George is the most voluminous and boring of all.

        1. Keep reading, oh, courageous comrade Anony-Mouse, someday you’ll be able to handle the truth of the American Founders and Framers, and, trust me, that truth is not the current, invaded American welfare state, or anything close to it.

  9. They are so stupid that they are censoring people like Bill Barr, a guy who is supporting the very argument they want to make. They are little children with too much power. Think about Scarry Poppins, Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post’s Felicia Sonmez running all social media and that is where we are heading. Don’t think so? Well look at Canada and Britain and the direction we are headed.

  10. Communist show trial.

    Kabuki Theater won’t save the Communist.

    Inflation, GAS, groceries are directly from Biden’s Marxist policies.

    I’ve heard rumors of price controls and Nationalization the Oil Companies. It’s NEVER worked any where anytime in history.

    1. “Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: US may act against airlines on consumers’ behalf.”

      – ABC News

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

      – Karl Marx

      It is illegal and unconstitutional to implement the Communist Manifesto in America.

      Peter Buttgauge says he’s going to seize power and private property, and takeover the airline industry.

      Peter Buttgauge doesn’t cite the Constitution for related power or authority to commandeer private enterprise and private property…

      because he can’t, because there is no constitutional authority for communists to seize private property or to create and assume unenumerated powers.

      These communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) are out of their ——- minds – drunk with the desire for power not provided by the Constitution.

      Peter Buttgauge and his communist ilk are direct and mortal enemies of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Americans and America.

      Peter Buttgauge should have been arrested days ago for conspiracy to commit the crimes of high office of unconstitutional regulation, and unconstitutional confiscation of private property.

      Where is the [constitutional] Department of Justice?

      Where is the [constitutional] Judicial Branch?

      Where is the [constitutional] Supreme Court?

      “[Private property is] that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

      – James Madison

      Article 1, Section 8

      (There exists a complete and total dearth of enumerated power to regulate the transportation industry or otherwise control private property, which is distinctly not public property)

  11. Are they that afraid they will not even allow a video of the Jan6 Committee being critical of Trump to be posted?

    Somewhere Orwell is looking on in horror and whispering in shock,
    “It (1984) was supposed to be a warning . . . not a playbook . . . “

  12. I am very much against censorship but in this case I may have to lend my support. The Democrats want this testimony to be spread far and wide but because Trump Derangement Syndrome is so rampant on the left the wokesters at Youtube wont let the message of the Democrats be exposed to the public. Mr. Whirlwind, Chuckie Schumer needs to have a talk with these wokesters to show them how to get their propaganda in order. Chuckie should give them instructions on how to stop stepping on their own reproductive member. Dave Chappelle couldn’t have said it any better.

  13. Without an honest media, censorship will win. The winners never complain.

  14. Apparently Secundinus’ personality traits have carried on in a direct line for 1,700 years.

    Secundinus is reportedly an ancestor of Jeff Silberman (see Darren’s column for an explanation).

  15. What they don’t realize is that more and more people are just ignoring the way too often edited tapes they show. Some place you can find the complete dialogue and take that information and process it through your own mind. Television and the internet need to be careful that they don’t spend all of this energy simply decreasing the public’s interest in what often is only manipulated propaganda.

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