“Republicans are Just Going After Him”: The Media Starts the Spin on Possible Hunter Biden Charges

The media is reporting that the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden is at a “critical stage” with the grand jury considering an array of charges including various tax violations and possible foreign lobbying violations. I previously testified in Congress on possible criminal exposure for Hunter under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). There seems ample evidence for such charges but there remain some glaring questions in how the Biden Administration has handled the investigation of the Biden family. What is also striking is the initial response of pundits on cable channels like MSNBC that has long ignored or downplayed the allegations.

The most glaring question raised by the report is, again, the refusal of Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel despite overwhelming justification for such an appointment. For over a year, I have been writing on the obvious need for a special counsel in an investigation that not only is embarrassing for the Biden family but implicates not just Hunter but his uncle and his father.

Given this mounting evidence, the position of Attorney General Garland has gone from dubious to ridiculous in evading the issue of a special counsel appointment.  He continues to refuse to acknowledge these conflicts with the President.

Federal regulations allow the appointment of a special counsel when it is in the public interest and an “investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney’s Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances.”

It is hard to imagine a stronger case for the appointment of a special counsel. Attorney General Garland has failed in his duty to protect the Justice Department from such conflicts or the appearance of such conflicts.

There will be lingering questions over the independence of the investigation. For example, if you are investigating lobbying violations tied to Hunter’s open influence peddling, why would you not ask to question the man referred to as the “big guy” who was purportedly cut in for a ten percent share of one of the most dubious deals? He is also the same man who reportedly received money from shared accounts and was referenced by Hunter to foreign clients as part of the inducement for giving him money. He is the object of the influence peddling. He is also now the President of the United States.

Without speaking with such figures, the Justice Department could be accused of engaging in willful blindness to possible conspiracy violations involving not just Hunter but his family. If Hunter is then given a plea deal on limited charges, it will magnify those questions. That would particularly be the case if the matter is closed before Republicans take the House and start their own investigation into the matter. That danger of an appearance of a conflict could have been avoided with simply appointing a special counsel over a year ago.

What is also striking is the response in the media, which long called the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation” or fake news.  On MSNBC, Paul Begala dismissed the importance of any criminal charges of the President’s son in a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme:

“No. No. I wish the guy well. He struggled with addiction, and, you know, nobody has charged him with anything. But this has been a Republican fixation to no avail. They have got no political gain out of this. I looked up Ron Johnson, the senator from Wisconsin, a couple of months ago, was asked about mass shootings … He said, ‘Before we pass anything new on guns, let’s enforce the law we already have. Let’s start with Hunter Biden.’ What the heck? So it’s a challenge for Hunter Biden. I wish him well, but it’s not going to be a political issue.”

The response of Kasie Hunt was even more interesting: “It seems like, if anything, it probably energizes Democrats because it makes them think it’s political and that Republicans are just going after him for that reason.”

This would be an indictment under the Biden Administration but Hunt is already portraying the expected criticism as “Republicans are just going after him.” There remains no expression of concern over emails detailing millions of dollars going to Hunter as he raised access and meetings with his father. The same pundits who dismissed or downplayed the basis for the investigation are now dismissing the possible finding of probable cause of federal crimes.

As discussed earlier, it remains astonishing how successful the Biden family was making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election with the help of most of the media. It was analogous to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. The Biden trick however occurred live before an audience of millions. The media has made the story disappear except for a couple of the usual outlets.

The start of the spin shows that even criminal charges might not force the media to see the whole elephant. The key to the trick was involving the media in the original trick so that reporters were invested in the illusion. It is like calling audience members to the stage to assist in the performance. Reporters have to insist that there was nothing to see or they have to admit to being part of the original deception. The media cannot see the elephant without the public seeing something about the media in its past efforts to conceal it.

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  1. Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that the Biden family cut deals and took millions of dollars (bribes) from ‘alleged’ high level Chinese intelligence assets and bad actors. We all know you cannot take their millions the way the Biden’s did without the Chinese expecting something in return. What has Joey Big Guy given them in return? Take a look around. We can all see Biden’s policies and actions have been undermining this country since the day he took office. This is the question that must be investigated. But it won’t be. It is up to We The People to declare that sweeping this away and refusing to investigate or hold Joe Biden and his family to account is UNACCEPTABLE.

  2. ..it ‘appears’ the Left has ‘left’ Liberalism and has become a movement promoting lawlessness: destruction and upheaval (..interesting that they cover it up via red herrings like the Steele Dossier-Russia collusion affairs which consumed Trump’s tenure, or framing the J6 fringe groups Riot as an ‘insurrection..’. Prof. Turley always opens doors with great Diplomacy. It behooves us all to simply Do The Research. IN THIS CASE it shows that the Influence Peddling of ‘the Biden ‘family’ reached Epic proportions with Hunter. groomed for it The facts speak for themselves (..the Latin ‘res ipsa….’) i.e., DO the research for Clarity instead of blindly following or reacting to the Media BS’ according to ‘Political Party’ lines. One of many starting points here would be Peter Schweizer’s powerful documentary ‘Riding the Dragon’ on You Tube..’

  3. I find it rather amusing that Hunter Biden has clearly demonstrated just how utterly corrupt Garland and the DoJ have become. It’s also exposed to many on the left who ignored the history of ‘MBNA Joe’ Biden’s career accomplishments. The career where he has stabbed minorities and the middle class in the back for big business whenever he could. He really is the lying, racist, sexist, ‘Pedo Pete’ creeper he’s shown himself to be over the decades.

  4. While JT provides an argument for the appointment of a special counsel, the argument could be strengthened if he set forth directly what Garland has said publicly on the issue and explain why he think it’s wrong.

    1. If you read Turley’s post you would have clicked on the hyper link and seen what Garland said: “I’m not at liberty to talk about internal Justice Department deliberations…” Turley calls Garlands response “ridiculous.”

  5. I am going to engage in ‘wokespeak’ for the benefit of this blog.

    If you are fighting for ‘social justice’ or ‘wokeness’, anything is acceptable. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Sure, Hunter is a bit of an embarrassment to us but let us not lose site of the goal which is to remake America along a more just path. You see the important thing is not what he may have done but what side is he on and more importantly, what side is his father and his allies on.

    As as been said by many of our great leftist predecessors, “You have to break an egg to make an omelet.”

    How did I do s@@tlibs? Did I accurately describe leftist attempts to explain or excuse Hunter’s behavior?

    Please advise, I may have come up short since I am a deplorable.


  6. Today’s deflection story away from the bombshell evidence to be presented tonight by the J 6 committee: “Hunter Biden”. The disciples won’t notice, of course, that Turley terms whatever Hunter allegedly did wrong as “allegations”. He doesn’t spell out what the “mounting evidence” of alleged “crimes” consists of. Turley also claims: “There will be lingering questions over the independence of the investigation” even before there is any “investigation” because Turley knows there isn’t anything there, but hinting that there is works as a deflection. The only alleged wrongdoing is “influence peddling”, which Turley has previously admitted isn’t illegal, so now he’s claiming a violation of FARA, something Michael Flynn is guilty of. Plus, as usual, he gets in some licks at MSNBC.

    How lame, especially considering today’s REAL polticial stories: 1. The Secret Service, after being told multiple times to preserve all text messages, and being required, by law, to preserve all such communications, somehow “lost” them for Jan 5th and 6th because they were switching to a new phone vendor. The Secret Service is supposed to be the most-sophisticated agency on earth. The only way every single text could be erased without a trace wout be if some high-level person got into the Secret Service cloud account and made it happen. Such a person would have to be at the top of the food chain. It cannot be doubted that a Trump ally was involved. People will go to prison over this, but Turley wants to write about Hunter Biden. 2. the direct involvement of OAN in the fake elector plot. More people will go to prison for this, because falsifying election documents is a felony. How many people have or will go to prison and/or have criminal records because of the ego of Trump? 3. Tonight’s J6 story will be Trump sitting at our White House on his large butt, watching, mesmerized, for over 3 hours while his fans bludgeoned Capitol Police officers, broke windows and doors, invaded the Floor of the House, urinated and defecated in our temple of democracy, defaced John Lewis’s memorial, rifled offices of House members and desks of Congresspeople on the floor, all while he did absolutely nothing. Well, that’s not quite true: he did feed his sick, narcissistic ego, basking in the glory of Trump’s Last Stand and the power he wielded over the losers who fell for the Big Lie. Ah the power! Ah the glory! Here was solid proof of his validity as a powerful person. He knew, as has been proven, that they had weapons with them and more stashed across the Potomac. He knew that they not only went after Mike Pence, but that they had prepared a gallows and were chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. He didn’t care. Pence wouldn’t break the law for him, so he didn’t care. Pence, who knew exactly what he was deailing with and what he was capable of, went to a lower level at the Capitol and waited for the hubbub to be over, but refused to get into the limousine. He had made it clear to Trump that he wasn’t going to refuse the ceremonial duty of accepting the certified vote totals, and he knew that if he got in the limo, Trump would have him hauled off to some remote location to try to still get his way. Pence prevented Trump from getting his way this time. These are the BIG political stories–not Hunter Biden’s laptop. And Fox can rail all it wants about the J 6 committee being “unfair” or “biased”, but, other than the Capitol Police officer and reporter embedded with the Proud Boys, it has all come from Trump insiders–Republicans.

    1. You’re the one doing the “deflecting” as always. Does anyone actually read your useless posts?

    2. Newsflash: NONE of the obvious, relevant and important questions have been asked or answered about J6. Because it is not an “investigation.” It is a cover-up.

    3. Nutacha,

      Calling the Biden family crimes allegations is a courtesy – because our justice system purportedly presumes innocence.

      Of course the myriads of people that are accused of fake crimes by you and your ilk do not get that presumption, do not get a fair trial.

      Frankly asside from Tax evasion, sex traficing, statutory rape, drug dealing, and Gun crimes, Hunter is not guilty of anything – just as Paul Manafort was not.

      It is not, or should not be illegal to take money for promises of influence.

      The crime is selling public office – and that crime was committed by VP Joe Biden – not hunter.
      But Joe will never be tried – he is not competent to stand trial.

    4. Tonight’s J6 story was rebutted before it was offered.
      The ?J6 committee’s timeline is at odds with pretty much all other published and documented timelines.

      But what is new ? The J6 committee is a star chamber full of liars and scoundrels.

      But even more important – Trump was NOT responsible for security at the capital.
      He had offered the National Guard days before and Pelosi refused – Capital police timeline.

    5. On Jan 6. Trump told people to go home – and they listened.

      Did democrats ever tell rioters or protestors to go home ? Every ?

      Did anyone ever listen ?

      Your looking to try to make a crime out of the fact that Trump supporters actually listen to legitimate authority ?

      I did not here Nancy calling on anyone to go home ever.

    6. There are no ceremonial duties in the constitution.

      Congress has refused to accept “certified” election results – or chosen those of legislatures over those of governors before.

      The constitution gives congress as choice – and nearly every election some congressmen, demand that some or all of the election results be rejected.

      This is nothing new.,
      It is not ceremonial, it just rarely succeeds.

      Making stupid claims – makes YOU look as stupid as the J6 committee.

    1. They’re not the “media” anymore. They’ve lost most of their viewers and are losing most of their “jobs.”

  7. The Founders never imagined that a free press would be weaponized and employed illicitly.

    The Founders never imagined that every man would be allowed to vote in the American restricted-vote republic.

    The Founders never imagined that the tax code would be used for public favor and charity, and that private property would be insidiously transformed into public property.

    The Founders never imagined that “Freedom and Self-Reliance” would evolve into complete reliance on and enslavement by “government” in Karl Marx’s RECONSTRUCTED “social world.”

    The Founders never imagined that the dominion of the Constitution would have been reassigned to the Communist Manifesto.

    Whatever would happen if patriotic, actual American leaders ever opened their eyes?

    They would discover that the “American Dream” has been “…fundamentally transform[ed]…” into the “American Nightmare” by parasitic, aggressive and unrelenting “Foreign Invaders” since January 1, 1863.

  8. If Hunter did it (which he did), daddy’s guilty too and should be retired. But, not until the new Congress is seated.

    1. Anyone who thinks Hunter is going down is smoking some of Hunter’s stash.

      No DC jury will convict a democrat of anything. Much less Biden’s son.

      Do you expect Paul Pelosi to be held accountable for his DUI accident ?

      Do you expect him and Nancy to be held accountable for insider trading ?

      Do you expect ANYONE to be held accountable for the criminal conspiracy to conduct a fraudulent investigation of Trump and his campaign ?

      Do you expect anyone to be accountable for any of the misconduct of any democrat ?

  9. The media is Fake News.
    Joe Biden is the head of a corrupt, sleezebag criminal family enterrprise.
    Joe Biden sold out his country to our enemies in order to enrich his own family by tens of millions over decades.
    The media are propagandists in service to Democrat party power.
    The entire government is corrupt and in service to Democrat party power.
    The Deep State is real.
    No duly elected Republican will be able to govern at the presidential level ever again until the administrative deep state corrupt bureaucracy is dismantled and destroyed.
    Donald Trump will get a second chance to take on the Swamp.

  10. The only remaining way to get Joe Biden to publicly admit his extensive role in paving the way for his son Hunter to obtain massive financial benefits is to put Joe Biden under enhanced interrogation — up to and including water boarding if need be — and to do the same with Joe’s brother who is integral to this scheme —- perhaps even Jill, because she HAD to know what was going on —

  11. JT has provided two cases today that are a damning reflection on the state of our justice system and politics. The Hunter Biden case is everything the Trump case is not. And it’s not even close.

  12. “Given this mounting evidence, the position of Attorney General Garland has gone from dubious to ridiculous in evading the issue of a special counsel appointment. He continues to refuse to acknowledge these conflicts with the President.”
    “Justice” Garland? Everyone sane see what a joke and oximoron (emphasis on latter) that is now? Dims excluded, of course. Many of us used to think Caligula quite made for appointing his horse, Incitatus, as consul. Now after seeing the types attacted to public service like “Dooty” Garland, Bootyjudge, Camela and the Corn Pop Slayer, I’m begiing to think that move might have been the most savvy move in all of history.

    1. The AG position has been compromised for longer than I can remember, I’m 61. Merrick Garland is a puppet on a string as pendulous belly Barr was. He will not indict, period. Probably fears Arkancide.

  13. The big guy was in Somerville Massachusetts yesterday. He said he got skin cancer from living next to an oil refinery. He got skin cancer from too much expositor to sunlight. And Trump is a liar.

    1. A few years back he used the same oil slick story to say he and all the others got asthma. Where did he grow up?? Chi-NA?? Where in America back then was there oil slicks on the windshields of cars??

  14. Which is more embarrassing our ‘free’ media or Hunter Biden?

    While you ponder the question, ask yourself how Joe Biden – a decades-long Washington timeserver and mediocrity – managed to acquire multiple mansions and vast wealth on a Senator’s salary? If he’s been on the take all these years, the last ones who would ever report it are the lame-o legacy media who protect him and lie on his behalf.

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